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Enhancements To Previous Project

Some new features for previous application.

1. Russian language support for list (input works, but encoding breaks after synchronizing with server and item is displayed incorrectly).
2. Entering a letter I filter the menu. If I delete this letter, Id like to see default menu. In details: I push "Post", next the menu appears. I started to enter the description. Lets say I entered letter "p". The menu bacame filtered (all string contained letter "p"). Next I delete letter "p". Menu should return to default view (no filtering, all items in alphabetical order).
3. Button "left" should return focus to input, and the cursor should be at the end of string.
4. Application writes "OK" after successfull connection with server. "OK" is visible just for a second or even less. I think it would be much more informative if application shows the number of sent POIs for current session – user will be able to see how many POIs are reported.

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Picking Appraisal Order Advertised On Appraisalport

I am looking for someone to help me pick orders advertised on appraisalport.

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