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Upgrade Magento Site

Something wrong with my site after installed a mod..The Shopping cart page is blank.

* I needs the newest magento version install
* All my products and categories be move without problem.
* Have this new theme install with a classic logo.

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Update Product Useng Excell

We are looking for someone to import stock status in magento. Stock status will be in excell format. programer write php file that can be reached by user name and password to do this work

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Magento SSL Install

Hi, Im looking for someone to install SSL properly in Magento to secure the order page and the admin area. I have the SSL certificate installed on the server. Please only bid if you have experience in setting up secure pages in Magento. Thank you.

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Magento Expert To Repair A Template After Upgrade

After magento upgrade (from quite old version to the template displays errors, front page is distorted and there are problems with some characters.

The site should be repaired today, max. about 10 hours.

I need somebody serious with magento experience who wont let me down.

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Install&solve Problem With Payment-Extension For Mageto-Shop

We have a problem with installing an extension in our magento-shop for payment.
This extension was already uploaded and shows up in backend – but it`s not shown during checkout on frontend.
We use a custom design.

Even the company which is reponsible for this extension couldn`t find the problem.

Your task:

Check the installation and find the error thats causing the problem and fix the problem so that the payment-type is shown during checkout.

Only bidders with experience and references with magento. All other will be ignored.
Bidders from EU are preferred. Invoice is needed!

Skype for fast communication is required.

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Magento Configurable Products

Magento Configurable Products Setup

Private project for Martin

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Magento Invoice

I need a custom invoice for magento. I have attached a copy of how it should look. We want to be able to change the logo, the address at the text/address, message title, message, and the image at the bottom from the admin.

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Basic SEO Services Required

Hello, I need an SEO expert to do a basic strategy on one of my websites.

Website is an Organic Yoga Fashion business.

– Keyword Research (i will provide a basic list, you need to build and refine it)
– (Re)Submission to Major Search Engines
– Submission to related Directories
– Link-Building on related websites
– Modification of Main Pages in Magento Site (optional!)
– Anything else that will help, within the budget
– You must provide a list of directories/sites/submission on competition of project.

Budget: ca. $80 – $120 plus $40 – $80 for modification of Magento Site Pages (optional!)
Deadline: 1 Week

IMPORTANT: Please make a bid and also list exactly what you are offering, eg. how many directories and their PR etc.

The winner will not be the cheapest, but will be the person that offers the best proposal!

I will require services like this all the time so repeat work is guaranteed for high performers.

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Magento Checkout Problem And Menu Fix

I have a website that needs some help. I am having issues with my shopping cart. Everything gets added but you cant checkout, and in the admin panel you cant adjust the payment or shipping methods. Also I need someone to fix the contact us part of our navigation bar to go to our contact us page.

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Magento XML Import

Looking for a Magento guru to develop and implement a XML product importation schema. I will provide a sample XML, but the real implementation will need to be pulled from an FTP site at least once per day. Some fields from the XML will go unused, but require the ability to edit the products after they are imported into the store.

Will also require the store to be skinned via a provided template.

Requirements may change as the project takes form, so some flexibility is appreciated. This will also lead to future support with regard to the Magento Store, such as upgrading and module install, etc.

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Magento Product Config Onto CSV

Have products on word document with all detials of sizes and prices but they neeed to be put into csv doc for upload to Magento and just dont have time.

So you need to read word doc and put together in XL doc ready for uplaod.

Need to itemise category, type of product (simple, config) , colour, price etcetc

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Magento Template/Theme Install

I need a Magento expert to:
a)Install the Acumen template onto an existing Magento store. There are also minor CSS changes that need to be done on the template.
b)Include Paypal Standard, Paypal Express, Google checkout, Western Union/Bank Transfer payment methods at checkout.
c)Upload content onto static pages
d)Offer post installation support directly related to the install
Work should be done preferably with 2-3days.

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Configure Magento Domains

I am looking for an expert in the domain configuration and Magento.

I have a Magento website (multi store with two stores)

and a website design tool

We also have domain which is currently running.

Your job is to help me configure a subdomain of to point to the Magento website so that users see in the url instead of

The server we use is Goddady.
** you may not use iframes

I will provide more if you have questions.

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Setup Google Base Product-feed For 2 Magento Store

We want a magento professional to complete the following task

– Work for 2 websites, same duties
– setup the google api for our magento store (google base product search, google analytics)
– the google base product feed must be posted and be searched in google product search
– Please provide a 2 new google accounts for each websites

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Magento Fitness Shop Redesign

I got a fitness webshop based on magento.
The shop is selling anything for people to do fitness at home,

The current design of the shop is old, and dosent look very clean and make people come back.
Therefore Im looking for someone to redesign my magento shop with a functional and uptodate design.

Features I want on the frontpage including the design is:
A functional Big image slider just like on
A Box with best selling products

I want a preview of the design before you start changing the design on the shop.
More details will be releashed, just PM me.

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Magento Developmer

Magento Developer wanted.

Converting existing HTML/CSS into Magento template

Send us some of your work if you interested.

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Magento Custom Options With Different Tax Rate


Loking for magento to add custom options with different tax rate.

product: Flower (6%)vat
custom options : wine(19%)vat
This in one product page

Maybe another solution to make this possible.

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Make Magento Website Faster

I am looking for a expert in magneto and databases who can make my magento store faster. Also I need to Install three extension to my magento store. The work is urgent and need to be completed fast. Please bid only is you are a expert.


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Add Magento Products

I am new to Magento, and for the past day Ive been trying to import a CSV file with over 3,000 products to my Magento store.

To cut a long story short, the file keeps coming up with errors, so I need someone experienced in importing CSV files to Magento to view the CSV file, make the necessary adjustments for it to work, and upload it.

I have images corresponding to the images numbers in the CSV file, which I can send too.

*The products are all adult products*

Im looking for this to be completed inside a day.

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Magento Booking & Reservation Modulte

We require a booking and reservation module for a Magento webshop. The shop will rent out appartments by the week. The week will start on a on the product configured start and endday in the week. The user must be given the opportunity to select a period via a calendar. Based on the startday in the week, the calendar must show the user which weeks will be booked. Key is that both the selected dates from the user and the generated dates based on startday are stored in the database for future use.
1 Configure bookable products via product type
2 Display calender in product list to indicate available dates
3 Display calender in product view for period selection
4 Calendar appearance via css
5 Display period in quote and order items
6 Robust double booking prevention
7 Multilingual
8 Reserve items after successful MultiSafePay payment

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Magento Development

Looking for a Magento expert who has immediate availability for this project.

Details will be provided to selected providers. Overview:

1. Ability to offer products with start/end date/time (e.g. for 24 hours only, or for 7 days, etc.)

2. Ability to offer products shipped and sold by others (multi-vendor, see:

3. Integration with affiliate program (I will provide program and it is built to integrate with Magento).

4. Clean layout/navigation like

5. Ability to display blog posts where they have the Shop Together bar (

The project would require excellent knowledge of customizing Magento. Longer term opportunity available. Please respond with examples of what you have already developed, specifically anything which required extensive modifications. No fee paid upfront. Work needs to be completed within 7 days.

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Import Stock Updates Into Magento 1.5

We are looking for a PHP script that will update stock levels in Magento by directly writing updates to the MySQL database. The information is provides as a CVS file (two columns SKU and stock level) sitting on a local file system. The script iterates through the Magento product table using the SKU (the SKU in the Magento is prefixed – so the prefix needs to be stripped of; only two letters) to look up stock values in the provided CVS file and updates Magento with this value. If the value is Zero that that product has to be set to out of stock in the database as well and if the value is greater than Zero it needs to be verified that the product is set to in stock. If a Magento product (SKU) is not in the provide CVS file an Email should be send with that SKU.

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Customize The Magento Form & Sms Intergaration ! Very Urgent

Hi there,

I need to customize the magento customer registration form :

1. Need to add some field Like mobile number and remove some field.
2. Same to add in the Billing address and shipping address.

and need to add and sms api on order & registration.

i can provide the api code if need or you could also suggest the sms provider

it is very urgent need to start by monday.


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Kayaoke 4 Intregration In Magento

I have a kayako 4 installed on my mail server for handling email tickets, knowlodge base and troubleshooting. I would like to have kayako 4 intregrated in Magento with following options

– Use magento login for access to ticket system.
– Have ticket system under user profile.
– Submit ticket from contact page ( not email parsing )
– Submit ticket from profilepage ( not email parsing )
– Intregrate knowledgebase in magento
– intregrate troubleshooter in magento
– intregrate livechat in magento

I would appriciate a good solution where the kayako is not loaded though an iframe or similair.
Please only bid if you are experienced developer with good feedback.

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Magento Web Template Customization And Flash Intro Design

Customized a ready magento template ( and add more 3 languages and put the edit the content , design a flash intro ( jewelry)

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Magento Custom Product Copy To Existing Products

we have a customized product with customized options. Those extra options we need to copied/add into other existing products.
We pay when the job is ready.

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Magento Export – Problem With Completing Orders

I have some issues with magento – it sometimes has problems completing orders. When I press complete order in onestepcheckout it thinks for 15-20 sec before completing the order. Sometimes it also times out if more than 30 sec.
I am running a dedicated nginx server with mysql. It also takes a long time to save edited products, I need to have an true mysql / magento expert to look at this problem asap.


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Looking 4 Expert Help Doc On Magento Or LA-Socal Tutor

Ive had a module/extension made. I will send you some of the files and would like you to create a PDF or a powerpoint presentation with some expert advice broken down to a very easy guide of whats happening and what the code is doing and also what is happening in the backend of Magento to change configuration of the module. Also, would be great if you could step by step a guide for themeing and skinning of a Magento theme

Im not looking for someone to Google any information, please only Magento experts and good english is a plus… that have created modules and extentions.

Im looking for a budget of $30. I have alot of work coming to freelancer as well.

Also if you live in LOS ANGELES or the surrounding area. Im looking to drive to a face-to-face tutoring. Please send me an hr rate. willing to pay per hour.

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Magento Developer Needed In SYDNEY

We are looking for a Magento developer based in SYDNEY, Australia. Please do not bid on this job unless you are based in SYDNEY and have experience with Magento.

Successful applicant will be required to work from our office in Alexandria

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Turn PSD To Magento

We need assistance taking a .PSD and turning it into the proper code for a Magento store. You will work with our developer via Skype. PSD already exists and Magento server is configured. Needs to be completed asap.

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