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Complete Virtuemart / Joomla Clothes Store

Looking to build a complete ecommerce website using Virtuemart / Joomla from scratch

– Clothes store
– Will need some graphic design to make it look appealing
– User will add / manage store items, categories, sub-categories, prices etc -> so you just need to build the framework
– Credit Card processing, Fedex, UPS shipping, discount coupons
– User accounts
– Integrated email newsletter sending (with template)
– some way to track all users by email address
– so if customer buys items in physical store, some way to enter that information on the users account in Virtuemart so the data can be tracked -> the online store does not "process" the transaction, but the persons user account should be such that we can track online order, newsletters, and brick and motar store orders (which would be entered manually by us)
– user should be able to login and see everything they have bought in the past whether online or in store.
– transaction email sent to buyer after they buy something online (and perhaps at the store)
– transaction alert sent to users email address (store owner)

Front page
– Top Banner and then images of "latest addition" to the store (hand picked by us). These would need to be changeable by us.

Some link on this page wil take customer to ecommerce page where they can see items organized by categories
There should be someway to manage same items coming in different sizes and colors.
So every item will have either S,M,L,XL etc but for every item "colors" would be custom and not predetermined like sizes.

– A login page and account managent page for customers

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Virtuemart + Joomla – Quick Simple Tweaks.

I will award and pay today if youll give me a good price and tell me that youll finish it in just a few hours.

1) not all producers show because the articles height determine the length of the column, and if the article is too short, not all producers show in the module (they get cut out). Can you make the virtuemart modules effect the length of the page as well?

2) product buy page ==> remove thumbnail where it says image unavailable.

3) in some pages all producers dont show, all producers must show in all pages.

4) While checking out from the store : remove UPS processing, and just use the shipping rates I entered in VirtueMart – just make it process the shipping with the rates that were set within virtuemart rather then calculating with UPS.

5) It looks like VirtueMart tries to process the order.. please make it so it just sends an email to the site admin with the order info rather then trying to process it automatically?)

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