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Changing Some Rss In WordPress

Hi all,

I want to change my rss feed. But cant get it done.
I have an idea to implement this, just modify the <description> tag and make it as follows:

<description><![CDATA[<img src="×40.jpg"/> Lorem Ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem ipsum]]>

This will solve the snippet text issue and the thumbnail issue. Major differences:

1. No other HTML tags in the text. I can just find the index of the string /> to get the content.
2. Image tag with no other formatting so that I can parse it easily.

Hope you get it.

Maby there is an plugin for?

Please help me out.

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2 Simple Landing Page Templates

Looking for someone 2 design 2 very basic landing page templates for auto insurance & make money online offers. The landing pages will be very simple and will also include visual elements I will choose. The most important part will be the call-to-action button. We want a visually VERY appealing call-to-action button to ensure a very high CTR.

A simple yet vert efficient work to be done.

wont pay over $25 for both landing pages so if you are looking for more please dont apply. Im also looking for someone who has some experience designing lps for affiliate marketers so that we can build a long-term professional relationship.



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Mission Statement, Vision Statement & Core Values Statement

We are a new natural skincare company marketing our products through a multi-level system.

We require assistance to complete our Mission Statement, Vision Statement & Core Values Statement. We will provide you with our internal draft of these statements. You will need to use your creative skills to improve, refine and complete the statements.

The statements will need to be directed to our key stateholders who are:-

– shareholders
– distributors
– end users
– employees

Please note that we do not require a business plan.

You will need to have previous experience in this field and you will need to provide documentary evidence of your claims for any claims you make in your bid.

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Freight Calculator For Magneto Using API

Need a custom fright integration of API using frieghtcenter.coms API. They provide all the raw XML data and I need it converted to the user in a format and I also need to apply a surcharge and have control from the backend to add,delete fields based the XML data that will be sending. Can some please give me bids on having this done and a time frame to get it done. If you know of any already existing extension for Magneto that does this I would greatly appreciate being pointed int eh right direction. I will still need someone to install and set it up. The company that designed our website has quoted us $9800 to build the application for us and I need to see if this is correct or if they are just trying to get over on me because they already have their foot in the door. If I can find someone to do it for a little cheaper I may consider using them however I have to make sure that I get several bids within the same realm on price. I will run away If I get 8 bids and they range from $500 to $10,000 make me think that 1/2 the developers that claim to be are not what they claim to be and thats what happened when we finally chose a web design company. We were getting prices from $1000 to $20,000 for the same thing and we did not understand why it was so extreme. So the industry is very unstable and not very well organized and I know im speaking for many when I say trying to find someone to do business with in this industry is very scary. Anyway I look forward to your proposals and bids and may the best "COMPANY" win. We will not do business with a freelancer or someone working from their home. Thank you for taking the time to read or requirements.

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Simple One Page Design In 5 Different Versions

I need 5 different designs for a search portal,
most of the page are links and ads, so there is not much
graphic work involved, just a nice menu and good layouts
to make 5 different looking designs of the same page content.

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Make Yoo Carousel Work In Ie6/7

We have created a Joomla template and have utilised the Yoo Carousel Module.
However it does not show properley in ie6/7
Shows fine in ie8, Firefox, Safari
The content is pushed down on the page.


This is urgent.

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Design The Website And Put In SEO

I need some one who can make website and put in all search engin, website needs to design according to SEO
its come up 1st page.
I have 45 domain names as well I want to run same web site all domain names.I need websit similar to this website
Need audio and slide show but make sure no copy writes use your own contants and pic.

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10ish Flash Banners From Existing .fla File Various Sizes

I require 3 x 468 x 60

And then 1 swf and static banner for EACH of the EXACT sizes at:

To make it cheaper I have a 468 x 60 banner in .fla with all the moving stars.

I just want my banners to be a little more modern than my existing one, and to be of same quality as these banners at:

All swf banners must have click actions attached:
getURL("javascript: document.shareasale.submit();");

Example of the required code inside of your flash object:
myBtn_btn.onRelease = function(){
getURL("javascript: document.shareasale.submit();"); };

Please let me know the best prices

I had previously paid for this to be done by GraphixStudios, and they only provided 1 banner and ripped me off and I had stupidly paid, so please GraphixStudios DO NOT BID and I would recommend never using their company even though their portfolio is very enticing.

Many Thanks
All the best

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Expert Advisor DLL Protection

We need a DLL to protect an Expert Advisor. The contents of the file are 3 or 4 functions with simple mathematical operations inside.
We need a freelancer who has previous experience in this type of development and integration with mq4. Document NC/ND agreement needed.

We need to make this asap.
Also appreciate suggestions to improve the protection.

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Netbeans Simple Java Crystal XI

Hi all, have built a small Java app that displays a Crystal Reports XI
and compiles and runs with no problem in netbeans IDE.

When try and build Java APP (to run from DOS prompt) it is unable
to find log4j, and crconfig.xml

so basically it runs in the netbeans IDE and fails when netbeans
tries to make it a stand-alone application!

anyone who can solve this !?

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Dolphin Video Chat Website

I am looking a using dolphin for a community translation website, with video chat facility. Basically site to be used as a place where those looking for translation help and those offering translation help can meet up and chat by video and make pre arranged appointments for conferencing.
I want the finished product to look non dolphin generic, and have sections for sign up with options to select various languages where the help is required. Primarily help will be provided to non eu language speakers. Site to be english.
I want to customise all the usual kind of dolphin generic options to cater for a specialised site.
Option for CMS required so that front page, and other pages can be updated as necessary by admin.
I want someone creative who can come up with ideas and concepts and dont want to spec out every step and desiign. I have selected dolphin as this seems the most reasonable type of cms system around for video chat. Basic site is already set up with video conferencing in dolphin shell.
Looking for basic work to be done in a short time span, but there is scope to further improve the site over a period of time if all goes well.
The site is purely for volunteers and will be non profit making.

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Who Can Make This Game Look On For Me? –

Hi you all,
software-based online war game to encode the webpage I have been searching process. design and software can do a complete and are referenced between friends.
system requirements
php code
flash visuals should
be uyelik gold (gold or additional receivables facilities)
possibility of transfer payments and can pay with paypal.
Must be able to add multiple foreign languages.
the game will be the same following the game.
price: should be all inclusive.
Waiting for your bid price and detailed.

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Iphone App For

We are interested in developing an application for iphone that will make the shopping experience on easier and user friendly.

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Website Redesign / Seo

We need a website updated on its design template to look better than it currently does. The site is coded in PHP, Javascript, mysql and CSS. The site will need to be updated on its look and on its SEO capabilities. We will have you address ideas on what we can do to better the design template and what is needed to make the site fully SEO compliant, possibly adding a RSS feed to help drive results.

More information will be revealed upon bids and information relating to your past projects and how they can help us succeed with our current project.

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Social Engine Avatar/Profile Pic Approver From Admin Panel

We are looking for a developer that can make a plugin or code that enables so that the admins have the right to approve or dissaprove newly uploaded avatar/profilepictures.

Scenario, * = new steps:

1: User uploads profile pic.
2: User gets the choice to crop picture.
* 3: Instead of displaying picture right away, the user now gets a temporary avatar saying avatar awaiting approval
* 4: In the admin panel administrators now see how many pictures is awaiting approval. (just like View Reports but for profile pictures)
* 5: Admin now can approve or dissaprove picture.
If approved, users now have the newly uploaded picture as avatar.
If dissaproved, admin will type some text with reason, users will have no avatar (back to initial pic), and a message is generated to the user with the reason.

Estimate hours and cost, and show portfolio with previous SE related work.


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Need A Website Like

Need a website in PHP with same functionality as + the ability to save profiles to mysql and view them via short permalinks, and several other minor features.

Need someone experienced with php/css who can nicely design it and make it work fast and flawless.

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Easy Data Entry


I have 3 data entry projects you can just spend few hours and make more money. more details in PMB.


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Website Design And Development For A ForEx Company

We are looking for a team of people who are interested in re-designing the website of a ForEx company. Simply visit any website of such a company and you can see the scope of the job. All content is mostly ready from the existing one. We need to find a completely new and fresh look to differentiate from competition.

We do not need development, we will need .psd files so that we develop the design ourselves.
The design should make forex a seemingly complex business to look simple friendly and straightforward.

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Simple Ad Posting Job!

i am in need of a people who can do ad posting at a very Quick rate and with dedication.

after registration you will be told all the work to be done.
you will get RS 100/- or $2.15 for each ad you addition to this you will be given many software that you can sell at your own price and use them also. there are about 150 free softwares.
there is no fixed income, the more you work the more you earn.
only join if you can work hard and are ready to register yourself.
let me make it clear that this is long term project so you should have patience.

no need to bid on this, just register yourself on the site and you can earn hard cash there itself.

happy working.

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Looking For Full-Time Article Writer (Filipinos Only!)

S | Reviews


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function updateStatus()
var updateOnlinePeriod = 300; //60 secs in all
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Affiliate Program



Howtos & Articles
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function ask(msg,url)
if (window.confirm(msg))
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var cur_url = aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mcmVlbGFuY2VyLmNvbS9wcm9qZWN0cy9rZXJiZXJ1c182MjE0MTEuaHRtbA,,;

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document.getElementById(topheader).innerHTML=”Project Details”;

Looking For Full-Time Article Writer (Filipinos Only!)  

Looking For Full-Time Article Writer (Filipinos Only!) is project number 621411
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $250-750
Created: 02/25/2010 at 2:41 EST

Bid Count: 0
Average Bid:

03/02/2010 at 2:41 EST
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



Philippine Article Writer Needed – Reliable, Hard Working, Self-Organized

I am looking for a full-time article writer from the Philippines.


* Excellent English in writing and speaking. This is an absolute must.

* Be able to do research independently on topics that are unfamiliar

* Able to write on a variety of topics

* Youll work from home. You need to be able to skype/gtalk/msn and sometimes make internet calls if needed to speed up things.

* Youll need to at least hold a bachelor degree.

* Full time availability

* Be able to work independently

* Be able to commit 8 hours daily

* IMPORTANT: You must be a smart, self-organized and self-contained worker. A quick learner. I dont have the time to explain to you every detail. I give you general guidelines about the work and you must figure out yourself how things work and how to solve a problem. This is very important. If I give you work, then I expect that it gets done so I dont have to worry about it anymore.

* Previous experience welcome but not mandatory in the fields: keyword research, online marketing, SEO, article writing

Payment: This is a full time job. This means I expect that you dont have any other jobs beside this one. I expect 100% commitment. The monthly payment in the beginning is US$ 300 (~13,890.00 PHP). If things work as expected, I will increase your payment up to $500 (~24k PHP) a month within 6 months. Another increase is possible after a year.

Please reply (PMB) with your full resume, previous experience and why you want this job.

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StackOverflow Functional Clone


I would like a Q&A site like

Chances are youve already done a similar job so can make an attractive bid. I dont mind an 80/20 solution where 80% of the functionality is done for 20% of the full-functionality cost. Let me know what can be done for under $US200.

Gregg Cleland

P.S. So I know youve actually read the post, please start any replies or PMs with "Re: StackOverflow". I WILL reply to such messages. Thank you!

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Marketing / Landing Page Design Needed

Hi Guys.

Another pretty simple designing tasks, we are searching a a company/person who are expert in designing html based marketing/landing pages that the main idea behind them is giving the user who access them a little bit of information about the product/s and get him to click soon as possible on the the links to the store/affiliate.

Here are some examples:

Please note that the level of design needed is pretty high and it must look good are better than the examples provided.

When placing your bid please make sure to add 2-3 examples of your previous work, we are searching only for designer that have a lot of experience in designing marketing/landing pages.


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Marketing / Landing Page Design Needed

Hi Guys.

Another pretty simple designing tasks, we are searching a a company/person who are expert in designing html based marketing/landing pages that the main idea behind them is giving the user who access them a little bit of information about the product/s and get him to click soon as possible on the the links to the store/affiliate.

Here are some examples:

Please note that the level of design needed is pretty high and it must look good are better than the examples provided.

When placing your bid please make sure to add 2-3 examples of your previous work, we are searching only for designer that have a lot of experience in designing marketing/landing pages.


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Help With OsCommerce Store Checkout & Payment System

I have an oscommerce store which is customized with roughly 20-25 contributions.

Im having problems getting the PayPal Direct Payments module (,22 ) to work with the One Page Checkout module (,22 ).

Im also using the Gift Voucher module (,22 ) which is working fine with the checkout.

I dont mind if the person that does this job for me wants to make this work from scratch if they can do it cheap enough but im guessing it may be easier and cheaper to just use the contributions listed above that are already installed but just need customizing.

Heres what the checkout looks like –
add a product to the cart then click on checkout
you can also use 15OFF as a coupon code to see how it works

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I need to make a design for my product.

I have a few drafts already. I am looking for a professionals touch. Plus it needs to be in french as well, for Canada. I would like to work via phone and emails, to make the work understandable.

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I Need KIJIJI Autoposter – Crack-howto Info- Whatever- KIJIJ

I need kijiji autoposter – crack-howto info- whatever

before i release escrow I will need to be able to check the software u give me or the code or the how to process and make sure it works.

I need to post ads in kijiji automatically hands free on a schedule. there is software out there for this around 100-200 but can u get for me for less?

Let me know

thank you,

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Make A Spanish Clone Of My English Language Website

The site is

I am looking for someone who can create a Spanish language version of the site (will be under different domain).

Everything must be translated. posts, image tags, categories, tags, permalinks, EVERYTHING. Final Spanish language website must be as if it were originally created in Spanish

Translation engines ok for bulk text.

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URGENT – Need 5000+ Facebook Fans

Im attempting to make a Facebook page viral, and as a result I am looking to buy some fans for my page. It is a reasonably easy job, as the page is one that appeals to most Facebook users.

Fans must:

* be English-speaking and from UK, US, Canada or Europe
* have at least 30 friends and be active (have photos uploaded, a status update in last 2 weeks, etc.)
* fans must remain active for 10 days

Due to the nature of the page it may be hard to tell whether the 5000 fans are of your own doing or have been invited by other fans, etc.


That means if you get good fans who invite their friends, it will be easy for you.

I need the fans within a week to make sure the page goes viral.

Also, no bots/fake profiles will be accepted, nor will blackhat methods that lead to the page being taken down.

V. small budget, looking for bids of $30-50, obviously $30 bids will be preferred.

Include the word "EASY" to show me that you have read the whole project. Bids without "EASY" will not be considered.

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Hiring Webcam Recruiters – 1000$ A Week Long Term Revenue.

We recruit, place, and promote webcam models on the largest network of adult websites with over 5 million visitors per day. Our models make more while working less because there is never a shortage of customers who are willing to spend money. Some models on our network have made as much as $2,000 in a single day. On average, our webcam models make between $500 and $1,000 per week working 20 to 25 hours, with some models making much more. Based on that average, our agents make $50 to $100 per week for each active model. Recruit 10 active models, and you could make $500 to $1,000 or more each week. If you recruit 50 working models, you could earn $100,000 or more per year.

We provide the most complete tracking and statistics available with any affiliate program. Our real time traffic stats provide more data so you can track your campaigns more effectively, such as daily unique visitors, detailed referrers, and signups by referrer.

Being an agent with Internet Modeling provides a recurring revenue stream from models and agents you recruit without having to run your own studio.

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Need Mass Forum Pm Sender

In need of a software or php script to send mass pm to forum members Here is my specifics

Mass PM to forum members
Should be compatible to work with todays forum boards such as vbulletin, phpbb etc.
Ability to use proxies by importing as text.
Ability to test proxies.
Multiple threads for fast sending.
Ability to save settings, projects, logins and more.
Able to set users access to the software.
Able to search forums by keywords.
Able to search a forum if new users could pm members instantly and not wait.
And automatically create users for forums, verify emails and login.

Just note that this has to be the most powerful mass pm sender. 🙂

Bidders have more than 10 pssitive reviews to bid.
At least 3 years coding experience. And BH knowledge.
Must have Instant Message Usage time.
Basicly I am looking for the pros to make this.
PM me for more details.

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Need A Network Like Xing (clone?)

I am looking for a person, team or company, who is able to create a fully working and stable xing clone.
it should be safe and provide the most important features as possible that can be found on the original xing platform and that make the xing platform as unique as it is.

Some features are not needed at the moment or even at all.
The platform should also be constructed, that other features and extension could be programmed and implemented in the future.

The project should not only be possible to be extended in its features, but also in its languages. we want to start with 2-3 languages first and extend those after a while if necesseary.

I really want to have that project online without any financial thinking. i want to help the multinational community to stick together, as they are just staying in contact with guys from their own country.
It would help everybody t find new friends and partners of any country.

In the future we would also want to use premium memberships

New Members
New Contacts of my Contacts
My Contacts=Friends
Next Birthdays of my Contacts
Connection to Contact
Member Search
Extended Member Search
Pre-Defined Searches (safed searches)
Search Agent (sends an email)
News (Homepage after Login)
Homepage (before Login)
Contact Statistics (confirmed/unconf./2.Level)
Invitation Status (total/succesful/Premium)
Invite a contact=friend
Visit Statistics (see

These would be some features just to name a few.
Also the special offer for xing members from different business and providers would what is needed
A job board could be useful in the future.

The structure of the website and the pages itself should be like xing.

Please just bid if you are able to fullfil my needs

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