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Simple Professional Website Style With Database

I need a site that is simple and professional. I have a few sites for references.
Also, the site needs to have a data base that allows people to create simple profile.
Finally, users need to be able to send those people in the database, emails of pictures they designed.

Its going to be a cool site and I can give more details to see if you can finish the job.

Also, I would like to see your portfolio.


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Hotel Style Website With Booking Capability And E-commerce

To design and build my homestay website to accommodate 1-5 people per stay. When client visits the booking page they can see a yearly calender style layout with available dates shaded in a white circle or box and already taken/booked dates in green and there chosen bookings once selected to show in orange on clients machine.

Any dates which are not bookable I would need the access to go into the system and shade in a Grey colour, also with a note tag to contact Homestay (ie me).

On my system the availble dates can also be shown in white, the booked dates can alternate between confirmed bookings/clents by colour (lets say green and yellow) for example john smith books from July 5 – July 12 that shows in Green, then Susan Jenkins books from July 13 – July 16 then that can show in Yellow, then Jo Bloggs books from July 16 – July 20 then that shows in Green again.

Where the leaving date of Susan clashes with the Arrival date of Jo then the chosen date would share both green and yellow, of course Yellow being the 1st colour in half the box/circle.

The check-in times would be from 1400hrs and Check out at 11am, all this will be in the text i send for the site.

Some pictures will be added of the property ie: Facade and Bedrooms immediately with Bathrooms and garden pictures added after the Summer.

There will be an Airport pick up service with prices. So this will need to be added to the e-commerce list in a drop down and click on menu style or just click on, i am flexibe as long as its easy for client

There will also be a deposit payment system via Paypal to keep things simple.

I think thats about it. Some examples of sites are,, especially the 1st sites booking section.

It is preffered that designer has a good command of English Language both Orally and Written.

Kind Regards L Beckford

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Web Designing

We (ChemTrack) newly started company, serving for the field of Chemicals. We are the provider of
b2b Market place,
Chemical directory,
Market Rea search Analysis,
Supply Chain Management.
Data mining and Data Analysis.

We are in the way of developing our new website. We required people who are experienced in web designing and SEO.

Freshers also shall bit for proven their skill shots.

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Need Ringtone Service Tester!

Hello. Im searching for Mobile Ringtone application tester. I pay $10 USD Each successfull test. Im making ringtone website and I need regular tester for it.

Contact me for more information!

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Web Desinng

I want to make a bidding website asap.

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Website Style Changes / Gallery Pages

I need to have some website work done.

-Setup fabric gallery. We have all the thumbnail and full size image. The gallery should like all the tumbnails in a a grid, and upon clicking bring up a full size image. PM me for details.

-Style changes (some stylistic changes to make our website pop!).

I am NOT looking to have my website redone, however I am looking for a few upgrades to the about us pages etc.

I need a fast turn around time (48 hours max)

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Redbubble, Threadless Tees Style Web Site Gallery..

Looking for a site along the lines of and a comunity based web gallery for people to submit artwork that we can print onto t-shirts and hoodies or any other promotional murchandise and sell..Our brief will be to help new designers get their ideas out there in a retail enviroment and help establish new brandswho feel they have the ideas but not the sourcing knowledge..

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Twitter Style Web2 Site Required

We require a website designing, this site should not use a template or be a simple re-design. This needs to be a quality web2.0 site. The site is for a website design company. We will require you to provide all artwork in PSD format. You must offer us unlimited redesigns of the site until we are happy with it.

The overall colour scheme should also be like twitter: blue/white/gray. Top blue, middle white, bottom gray.


Will be promoting a website design service which has no upfront fees, just a £10/$15 per month standard charge.

It needs to clearly state web design for "£10/$15 per month! No setup fees, no design fees, just a simple monthly payment for a quality website" The page should automatically show $/£ depening on which country the user is from. £ for UK, $ for all other countries.

There should be one entry box which says

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Need A+++ Hard Working Programmer (web 2.0 Style)

My website could improve functionality to be more like the web 2.0 sites today. I need someone who is excellent in english so i can go through my website sharing my desktop. We make DETAILED notes on what needs to be done.

Im a friendly guy. But i also work hard… And Im looking for someone who wants to work during the day, weekends maybe and late night.

Requirements: You must speak A+++ English on skype with a solid internet connection. Read in write English mandatory. Let me say just one more time. You must be able to read and write PROPER English.

Budget: $1000 +

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Require PSD Designer For Website Layout . Web 2.0 Style.

I need a high quality designer to design a layout in psd format .

i have bulk work for quality designers. i need it in web 2.0 style.

i will pay $50 for home page + 5 inner pages ( only PSD)

will get more work in future.

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3D Icons For The Website

Need about 40 3D icons in three sizes.

Icon theme is Web hosting, servers and domains.
Icon size 24x24px, 48x48px, 96x96px
Icon format .png with transparent background

Icons must be in the same style (glossy), preferred icon colors are (but not limited to) : aqua blue, grey and white, and with some detail in any other colors.

Icons for:
– Web servers
– Shared hosting
– Reseller hosting
– VPS hosting
– Dedicated server
– Domain register
– Domain renew
– Domain transfer
– Domain checker
– Datacanter
– cPanel/WHM
– Security
– About us
– Network issues
– Servers status
– Uptime
– Client area
– News
– Announcements
– Technology
– FAQ – Knowledgebase
– Forum
– Blog
– Live Chat
– Contact us
– Newsletter
– Clients testimonials
– Privacy Policy
– Affiliates
– Banners
– Downloads
– New order
– Invoices
– Login
– Logout
– E-mails
– Support tickets
– Submit ticket
– Search
– Web page logo icon

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Require PSD Designer For Website Layout . Web 2.0 Style

I need a high quality designer to design a layout in psd format .

i have bulk work for quality designers. i need it in web 2.0 style.

i will pay $50 for home page + 5 inner pages ( only PSD)

will get more work in future.

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Icons And Central Image For Web

Please pm for details

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Need A Website For A New Web Host Company


We need someone who has experience with web design and knows how to make a website in php.
We are looking for someone to make us a website for our new hosting company. We need everything from start to finish:
Logo design, website style, and other function features.

Here is more details. We need a backend panel to add hosting packages to our website. Also in the backend panel we would like to create additional pages for the website like about us, terms of service and etc…. One important thing is that when we add a hosting package we need to be able to make the package redirect to a certain url when a customer clicks on "order now button". We do not want the website to be plain and boring, we want a lot of action going on like nice graphics, pictures, logos, colors etc. We need it be similar to, just to give you an idea.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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{Template} DATA LIFE ENGINE – TPL Required!

Template for DLE (DataLifeEngine) is required.

I need a very Unique Template but with Similar concept as of Following example sites:

I need a template for similar category website. Template must have same categories and concept design, but must be Web 2.0 style and up-to-date Design.

To Bid, you must be familiar with DLE (Data Life Engine) and must have worked in past.

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Making A Web Like Or

I want to make a website entertainment portal like or if any one do it… for me.

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200+ Emoticons Required In Different Styles


I need 200+ emoticons for different kinds of emotional expressions. I need them to be in the following 2 sizes 75×75 and 400×400. I need someone who is very creative in designing of emoticons or similar type of designs. I will be providing with the descriptions for all the 100+ icons in terms of for what emotions and in what style and color I need it.

For the right experienced person, I will be giving lot more work in this area of designing in the near future.


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Graphics Upgrade To Make A Website Look More Web 2.0

I need a creative, very creative indeed, graphic designer to make some changes to my existing website, which I have designed myself, to make it look and feel more like web 2.0 ..

the website is

I dont have a specific image for the end result in my mind.. but I expect it to be WOW! .. as in when you see the website, you would never wanna leave because it just looks so damn good!

things you could possibly do:

1- Rearrange the menus and the buttons to make them more organized.
2- Change the header
3- Change some icons
4- Implement some AJAX elements ( Only if it will make a difference )
5- Suggest and use a new color scheme or maybe just change some colors ( I like the current colors )

You may use some of the above suggestions .. you may use them all .. it all depends on you and your vision for the website.

Unfortunately, Im not easily impressed, so if youre confident that youre creative enough, you could bid this and take it as a challenge as well.

The website is basically a classifieds website for mobile phones and phone numbers.

It is in Arabic but that shouldnt be a problem as I can translate anything..

I also could help in the design if needed, as I mentioned before, I designed everything in the website using photoshop CS3 and illustrator CS3 .. and the website is based on a classifieds script called NohasClassifieds.

I need something new, something fresh, an eye-candy, simple, organized, modern and web 2.0

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WHMCS Custom PDF Invoice


I need someone who can customize the PDF invoice in WHMCS. I want it in the style of the website.



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Nordene Musician Website Redesign For Web 2.0

I am looking at converting this site to Joomla/drupal. I need it to have a music section, photo section, events listing, contact us, about page and some widget/area to accept paypal payments to purchase her music. It should also be expandable to allow future widgets to be added on. Let me know your bid and what you can offer and hopefully we can connect. thnx

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F my life style

I am looking to make an f my life style website. that would allow users to post stories, pictures and videos

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