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Ecommerce Call To Action Marketing Copy Writer

Need someone who can translate into simple terms the passion that I feel for educational toys. I believe learning style educational toys establish a learning foundation for the future by making the child more self-aware. They make learning less stressful and enjoyable in the present by engaging the child through their primary learning sense which makes them more receptive to learning without a mismatched communication filter.
I am looking for a person who is passionate about education and understands the buying patterns of parents/guardians who want their children to receive extra help for advancement or challenges, professional educators, and proactive educators who believe in learning for learning

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Rewrite A Website Sales Copy (native English Only)

I need someone to rewrite my Website Sales Copy


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Researcher, Writer, & Backlinker Who Knows English Well


– EXPERT comprehension in reading and writing in English

– Writer that can write and build links for hours on end, for as long as he/she can but no less than 15-20 hours per week MINIMUM

– Someone who LOVES to research, write, and building backlinks


– You will be writing and building links on topics within the clothing industry, specifically accessories. We will provide you a list of words to go do research on and write articles about.

– The articles will be around 400 words

– You will be posting each article on 10-20 different article directories (directories will be provided and the article will be the same across all directories), which is the link building process. In a 20 hour work week, probably 12-15 hours of it will be this step right here. This step is also very specific and somewhat complex, but I will teach it thoroughly to the point where it will become automatic and quick.

– We are currently focusing on one site of ours that will be focusing on about 30 keywords. You would write 1 or 2 articles for each keyword, and then build 10-30 links per keyword per month.

– Our ultimate goal is to have 30 links per month per keyword, but well start out at 10 links per month to see the workload.

– To see a sample of the kind of articles you will be writing please take a look at and

If you think you can currently write as good as these articles or could get close and improve over time, then you should definitely apply for this job.


Please make us an offer with what you feel is fair, although we will not accept anything over $200 USD per month. We can negotiate on a starting salary per month. We also will be offering bonuses based on the quality of work you do as we work well together and build a relationship. The first two months of employment will be paid on a weekly basis.


Please respond to this post if you feel you would like to write for us. As part of the application process we will be giving you a sample article of 200 words to write and that will play a part in our decision. You will own the rights to this article and can keep it. It is only for the purpose of us evaluating your work. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to talking to you. Please Respond with the following information 1.) When you can start 2.) What you would like to be paid per month.

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Article Writer Wanted English Speaking Only

Absolutely MUST BE and Engish speaking writer. I need someone with writing skills. Excellent grammar and spelling. Please DO NOT bid if English is not your native tongue. I want high quality here.

Rewrites may NOT be created by any type of spinning software. You must manually rewrite these articles. I will NOT accept crappy work. I will NOT pay for spun content. Ill be supplying the articles which will save you research time.

I will be providing you with press releases that need to be rewritten into 150 word posts. Each post must contain the who, what, where, when and how of the press release it was rewritten from. The posts need to be written like a reporter would write them. They are going into a News blog.

I have about 15 press releases that you can start on right away. Please bid on the cost to rewrite 15 press releases. I will try you out on the first 15 rewrites. I need to know how long it will take you to rewrite these posts. If I like your writing style I will have more work for you. I will have a total of about 45 of these press releases that need to be rewritten.

If we work well together I will have weekly work for you. I will need 3 press releases rewritten daily. So, do a good job, turn in your work on time, and Ill give you more work.


Price to rewrite 15 press releases into 150 word posts.

Please also estimate how long it will take from the time I accept your bid until the project is done.

I am looking for prices around $1.00 to $1.50 per rewrite. People that write for me get raises when they have quality work. Im very good to my writers. This is a starting pay per article price. I guarantee if you are a quality writer I will be one of your favorite people to write for. Im easy going and offer training for those wanting to increase their skills.

Thank you,

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Seo Writer – Fluent English

I need someone with flawless English to write creative and engaging articles for websites and directories.

Content has to be original and between 400-500 words with creative Titles. (must pass Copyscape in order for payment to be released)

I need someone that has a fast turn-around but quality is high priority. Article are to be writen from keywords and topic given. (NO FLUFF) Needs to be quality content!

The keyword density needs to be around 1.5%, keeping the article natural sounding. Further instructions will be given on placement.

Please bid on 15 articles. As soon as you finish a batch they are checked and when passed you will get the keywords and topic for a further 15 articles.

Please send a sample of your writing.

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Msc in innovation technology project related to IT sector
Total word count 8000 words and it is final project.I will decide pay after checking sample work and accept winner if he or she agree on rate.

I want you submit 700 to 1000 words sample so I can check your grip on Subject and level of understanding regarding topic. I want error free English and sample should pass from copy scape otherwise I will not accept copied sample, and also add that which technology is being used in Biometric passports.

I will ignore all Bids which are without sample because I do not want to waste time.Must mention * that shows you read project detail

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Sites Review For Alexa: Writer Needed (English)


I need an experienced writer to write review articles of about 300-350 word each, one article for each of the following sites:

These 20 review articles must be placed at by you. Articles mus be positive.
Review author names must be English and different.

American English is required.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Need An Experienced Ebay Sales Page Copy Writer

I am looking for an experienced sales page copywriter for my Ebay sales Page. I will provide you the sales page copy to be referred but it should be referred in such a way that it should not violate ebay

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Copy Writer

Native English Speaking Writers ONLY!! (US,UK,AUS,CAN…)
I can provide you with a steady flow of work but I expect professionalism from my writers.

The faster you deliver, the more work you get from me! I honor hard working and reliable writers by sending them more work.

Your work shall always be 100% original, means no plagiarism, no cut and paste from other sources. Always your own words. I will check this with

Payment per article:
300+500 words: $5.00

Rates for rewrites are a bit lower, will send you details.

Payment is every Saturday!

Please just place the minimum bid, I need up to 3 writers

Thank You!

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Copy Writing – 1

Copy writing – 1
Copy Writer Wanted.
Bid for 50,000 words.
Pm me your past work sample.

To Apply

Thank you

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