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Magento Zip Code Per Manufacturer

I need a simple customization for Magento 1.5:

I have an extension called "PagSeguro", a brazilian payment company. They have a field called "ZIP CODE FROM". The problem is that it is just one filed with only one ZIP CODE.

I have several manufacturers and the shipping it is their job. Since they are on separate zip codes, I need to set the FROM ZIP CODE dinamically. That means, the shipping taxes must be calculated per manufacturer.


– Create a table for Manufacturers instead of attribute Set. The table must contain address and zip code fields.
– Create a custom page on back end for managing Manufacturers.
– Add the manufacturer field as required when adding a new product.
– When the user checks out, use the zip code per manufacturer to calculate the shipping.

Must work with PagSeguro.

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Configure 500 Spreadsheets + Supplier Images For Magento

Formatting Spreadsheets

Step 1. Review supplier file and make sure that minimum information is there to configure

At minimum from supplier we need:
SKU, Name, Cost, Weight, description,

Step 2. Add Headers
Qty, manufacturer, manufacturedetails, type, associated, visibility, config_attributes

Step 3. Rename Product Images to match SKU Formula

Use Bulk Rename Utility to Match SKU formula is images are not already in SKU formula
A. 1st image sku.jpg
B. 2nd image sku-1 or sku

Step 4. Identify if there are any products that need to be setup as configurable products and configure

For this step you will fill in type, associated, visibility, config_attributes

Step 5. Add manufacturer name to manufacturer header

Step 6. Add manufacturer information from net and paste into manufacturedetails header

This is the procedure that needs to be followed to be able to import products into my magento website using my script. Ideally, you will be familiar with the magento system and the process for importing products into Magento. You will be needing to download and upload many image files from and to my FTP so you must have a fast internet connection. I estimate that this is about 800-1000 hours worth of work. I must only award this project to a company with a dedicated team that is working together from a single location. I am hoping to find a company with a 15-20 person team so that this job can be done quickly.

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Searching For A V-Belt Manufacturer


We are searching for a V-Belt manufacturer.
Currently we carry about 500 different belts for a small engines.
We have been in this business for many years, and we have decided
that it is time to research outsourcing manufacturing of our own products
which is belts for different small engine applications. There are many other
companies competing in our field, many of them are manufacturing their own
products already. We have been dealing with this for some time now and have
been had a few times, so we are not fresh off the banana boat.
We are looking for a long term business relationship.
I can give the perspective company samples, and measurements.

Kind Regards

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Data Entry For E-commerce Site

I need to transfer all the products from this site: to my e-commerce system by manufacturer and category.

All product images and descriptions will need to be put in the proper fields and placed into the correct manufacturer and categories in my database. Also, all retail prices must be reduced by 20%.

I will provide admin login rights to my CMS to enter all the data.

Please provide an estimated timeline for completion.

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Assist Me In Finding A Chinese Manufacturer

I am looking for someone to assist me in finding a suitable manufacturer of a product. I work in the metal business specifically tungsten and I am looking for a tungsten parts manufacturer. The right manufacturer will be able to either fabricate my specific design or use a current design. I would imagine most would have knowledge of the product type.

I will hire someone who can clearly and efficiently communicate the findings with me. You will need to create a spreadsheet of the costs of each manufacturer you find. I will need a report that includes their contact information. The breakdown must include minimum order quantities, cost of samples, estimated cost of shipping, time needed to fulfill order, names and contact information of the person I would speak with. I may need continued support between myself and the manufacturer and I will pay you if that should occur.

I need a minimum of 4 manufacturers of tungsten products to compare. They must be the original manufacturer and not a third party buyer. There are additional details I will save for the hired party, but please use this as a guide for whether or not you can complete this task.

Thank you

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Custom Order Handling Application For Furniture Manufacturer

I am building a browser based order handling application for a Custom solid-wood table manufacturer. This app runs on an apache webserver using PHP/mysql on the server, HTML/Javascript/AJAX in the browser, and JSON to communicate between the browser and the server. The database development is nearly finished and the basic framework for the app is done. What we need to do yet is to write some reports.
The way it works is: The orders come in and get entered into the system, the workers in the shop get a list of jobs to work on, they select a job and work on it, the system tracks how long they worked on the job, and when they are done the job is moved to the next step, where the process is repeated with the next worker.

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Prestashop Automatic CSV Product Import From FTP

I have a customer who receives there product feed via a CSV file uploaded daily to there FTP server

I require a module or script to process the CSV file and populate a prestashop database daily, this script will have to be automated



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TOTP OATH Authentication Form

We just got several TOTP (OATH standard) tokens and we are looking to implement two way authentication for our backoffice.

The TOTP token manufacturer already provided with the seeds and token ids.

We already have a form for standard login: username and password, now we are looking to ask for the OTP as another security measure to prevent unauthorized accesses.


(we have a PHP sample sent by the manufacturer but it is just for Joomla).

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Website Needed For Garment Manufacturer

I currently have launched my own garment business and would like a website and online store to launch in the near future. I have pulled up a few websites that I have found appealing, but would need a bit of a mix of the two:

The site would need some functionality to let people input their measurements through drop down menues one website that I have seen that does this well is here:

However, I would not need that much detail or steps as that is too much. I have had websites built before but not with a customizable feature. Please let me know your thoughts!

Thank you

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Data Processing: Web Collection And Sorting

We need somebody to work on a database we have of our products which we sell online. Please read this fully including the payment details below.

You will be supplied with the following:

1. A CSV file with three columns: EAN, manufacturer and name.

The manufacturer fields will be empty. 2951 EAN fields will be empty (ie, 201 will be filled). The name fields will all be filled with product name and manufacturer.

2. A CSV file with two columns: a list of manufacturer names and their code


1. Go through each product and remove the manufacturer from the name but add in the manufacturer code in the manufacturer column. If the manufacturer does not exist in the other list, add it in and create a code for it.

2. Go through each product that does not have an EAN-13 code and find one online and add it in. Sources include Google product search, Amazon and other EAN-13 databases. You wont find all of them, but a lot will be easy to get.


Your bid should be $30 – $75, but we will pay you much more than your bid.

For task 1 (sorting out the manufacturers) you will be paid your bid
For task 2, (finding the EANs) you will be paid your bid for every 500 EANs you find or part thereof.

Eg, if you bid $40 and do task 2 fully and then find 1350 EANs for task 2 you will be paid $40 + $40 + $40 + (350/500)*$40 = $148

If you have any questions please ask. Please also send a PM with your bid explaining how you will find the EANs and confirming you understand the payment structure. Further guidance (eg, specific examples from our data) will be provided to the winner.

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Herbal Incense Manufacturer

We are looking for person or company that is capable of manufacturing a steady flow herbal incense products.
We are looking to produce 2000 + pieces per week.

the process will include
Treating Raw material evenly with chemical

and shipping to us

We are looking for consistency, and experience in this field.

Please supply your bids based on Us supplying the material to be used, If you are currently in this field and get better prices, we will use your sources.

Thank You

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Volusion Product Entry

We need one dedicated assistant to maintain product info integrity on our volusion website.
Whomever we hire needs to have Volusion experience in spades.
Examples of volusion data entry work will be needed from prospects.

*****Job RESPONSIBILITY #1*****
You must be able to cull high res pics, description text and all item attributes from the manufacturers website and enter them in our volusion database.
You must be able to understand the difference between US List price, MAP price, Dealer cost, and our companys sale price which is derived from these prices.
You must adhere to SEO product naming policies- Product titles must include Manufacturer, Product Name, and Type (which are derived from product price lists and manufacturers website).

Please give us your Price Per Product added.

*****Job Responsibility #2*******
We receive product price sheets and special Manufacturer promotions every month.
Our prospect must maintain correct pricing and implement any monthly SALE pricing through volusion.
Prospect must remove any products which are no longer offered.

Please give us your Price Per Product price change or product deleted.

*******Job Responsibility #3**********
Every month we offer special sales, manufacturer deals/incentives, or promotions. On average it will be 4 separate promos a month. For each promotion we will need a banner designed and placed on our homepage linking to a description of the promotion and all products involved. The promotion may be "buy one item" get the second at half off" etc. Our prospect must be able to implement any array or multitude of sales or promotions including "promocodes" etc.

Please give us your price per Banner/Promotion

We cannot stress enough how important volusion experience is needed.

To verify that you have read this description in its entirety please reply in PMB with the word "volusionpro" and your 3 requested rates.

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Research Contract Manufacturer For Health Supplement


We are looking for help finding a supplement contract manufacturer that meets our requirements. We will need 4 manufacturers in total and ALL manufacturers must meet ALL the following criteria;

1. Be from Australia, New Zealand or America
2. Be gmp certified by the appropriate agency
3. Have a minimum supply capacity of 100 bottles or less (60 capsules each)
4. Have custom label designing and printing services
5. Have ready to ship energy supplements in capsule or tablet that is primarily herbal based.
6. Be able to provide a completely vegetarian product (natural sources for ingredients, vegicaps, etc)
7. Capable of handling international orders (from Singapore)

We will not wait till bidding ends to select provider.
Experience with similar projects in the past will be an advantage for selection of provider.
We need this project finished soonest possible.

Please feel free to ask questions and clarify any doubts first.
Thank you for reading, and good luck!

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Source For Supplement Contract Manufacturer

We are looking for help finding a supplement contract manufacturer that meets our requirements. We will need 5 manufacturers in total and ALL manufacturers must meet ALL the following criteria;

1. Be from Australia, New Zealand or America
2. Be gmp certified by the appropriate agency
3. Have a minimum supply capacity of 100 bottles or less (60 capsules each)
4. Have custom label designing and printing services
5. Have ready to ship energy supplements in capsule or tablet that is primarily herbal based.
6. Be able to provide a completely vegetarian product (natural sources for ingredients, vegicaps, etc)
7. Capable of handling international orders (from Singapore)

***** We will not wait till bidding ends to select provider. **********
We need this information within 2 days of winning the bid.
Only bids of $30 will be considered.

Please do not bid if you are not in agreement with these terms.

Please feel free to ask questions and clarify any doubts first.
Thank you for reading, and good luck!

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Easy Populate Oscommerce Custom

Our clothing store is powered by oscommerce cre loaded. All of our items have many product attributes. We need easy populate to generate item name, item number, price, and three or four specific product attributes that are most important for product updating monthly.

Example 1: We sell dresses, shirts, pants, purses all from one manufacturer that come in the colors Purple, Black, Red, White, Blue, Green. If our manufacturer discontinues Red, and Blue, we need to generate easy populate tab deliminated so we can delete Red, and Blue from the excel file for all of these items and re-upload so changes can take effect in database.

Example 2: We sell 100 different shoes from one manufacturer. They come in size 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. If manufacturer no longer makes size 5, we need to edit and delete size 5 in easy populate for 100 different shoes, upload so changes can take effect in the database.

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Researcher Needed In India For Aftermarket Car Products

I need someone to do some market research in India and find out some information about the aftermarket windshield wiper blade market, then report the findings back to me asap. Here are the questions I need answers to;

1) What are the retails for wiper blades?
a. Traditional blades with metal frames>
b. Frameless?

2) What are the required margins for the retailers?

3) How do they currently buy blades at the retailers?

4) Who are the major retailers in India (e.g. Wal-Mart)
a. General Merchandise
b. Automotive Aftermarket
c. C-Store
d. Lube Centers (oil change)
e. Service stations

5) What are the brands in the current market?
a. Low end (low price)
b. Mid grade
c. Premium

6) Who are the current suppliers in the market?
a. By market segment

7) What are the prices at retail in india for wiperblades? (by brand and model: good, better, best)

The more details, the better!!

Also, Im interested in finding a distributor for wiper blades, and possibly a manufacturer as well depending on the costs.

Lets assume I have the ability to place wiper blades in all of the Speed Petrol stores in India (8,500 locations) but I need a company to deliver the products to each store.

I have a manufacturer currently that can provide exactly what I need and at a reasonable price however, they are based outside of India and my preference would be to partner with an Indian manufacturer.

We may even need someone to act as a project manager for this venture for the next 3-5 years so this could easily become a full-time position for the right person.

If you can provide this information within the next 24-48 hours, the job is yours.

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Zen Cart Simple Filter


I want to make a simple filter in my zen cart.
I have many categories and i want to make for one of them a filter in product listing like "please select manufacturer" than "please select model" and than the product to be displayed.
Manufacturer is also use as the subcategory name within that specific category.
The same manufacturer it can be use also in other categories and the filter should only apply for this category.

Please reply if any further info is needed.

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Looking For Manufacturer To Fix Broken Cell Phones

I am in need of a manufacturer that is able to fix broken cell phones from the US.
Also need a manufacturer that can fix Nintendo games such as DSI.

I am looking for a someone that can do this at a very competitive rage and that has a history or can provide great references.
This would be a potential long term relationship.
Please PM me with your rates and any additional information.


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CAD Design And Manufacturer

Draw cad designs and Manufacturer a consumer product. Product is smaller than a micowave in size. Its currently on the market already, but I need enhancements added and Manufacturer to make and supply me.

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Help Finding Manufacturer/wholesaler

I have an online store that I need help locating a manufacturer or wholesaler for. It is an ebay store, so there is no business license, so i cannot go to trade shows or anything of that nature to look for one.

My main market is climbing goods (cams, carabiners, ropes, harnesses, etc.) and outdoor goods in general. I try to focus on bigger ticket items, not items like pocket knives or wool socks.

I am looking for 1-2 people for this project.

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Micro SD (Mobile Memory Card) Manufacturer/Supplier Needed

We are looking for a reliable product sourcing agent who can find us a manufacturer or supplier of Micro SD Cards (Mobile Memory Cards) on regular basis from China or India.
We need 5000 PCS to 10000 PCS every month. Any Brand or None-Brand.
Full Capacity 2GB.
We dont need adapter, we need loose/bulk packing.
Supplier must be able to provide us with few samples for quality evaluation before we place the final order.
Our budget is $2.00-$2.50/PC for 2GB.
Please contact us for more detail.

Note: Payment Would Be Only Via Freelancer Escrow. We will bear the escrow charges.


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Database Tire Manufacturers

We search a database in Excel (ideally).
This database should contain a tire size approved by the manufacturers of vehicles by brand. It is necessary that in this database are all the size options.
For example:
Audi A3 (year …)
Approval standard: 205 55 16
Option authorized in 17 inch: 225 45 17
Authorized optional 18 ": 225 40 18.

We need this file to manufacturer standards, approval manufacturer is essential.
On all vehicles in accordance with all existing finishes and years of vehicles.

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OsCommerce PHP Work

I would like to change the way the standard oscommerce outputs the product URL on the manufacturer listing (with the manufacturer_id appended). I would like it to be the same as the product URL when retrieved from the category listing.

No FTP access will be gven for this, as the change required involves modifying the standard oscommerce behaviour.

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Mobile Memory Card Supplier/Manufacturer Needed

We are looking for a reliable product sourcing agent or manufacturer to supply us Micro SD Cards (Mobile Memory Cards) on regular basis.
We need 500 PCS to 5000 PCS every month. Brand could be Kingston or SanDisk.
Capacity 1GB to 8GB but we will start with 2GB.
Supplier must be able to provide us with few samples for evaluation. All the Payment would be done via elance escrow.
Our budget is $2.00/PC for 2GB.
Please contact us for more detail.


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WildCat 100819

Gift Voucher listing
navigation changes
arp email, sales report
report: manufacturer sales
GV: not redeem send
affiliate report
Discount Coupon parameters
coupon admin
newsletter sign-up on home page
manufacturer sales report
usps module check
report: manufacturer sales
gv redeem send
price list
bread crumbs, remarkable site, cms page
report, articles
os ticket, report
FAQ – help desk

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Project For Pinky – POS Box Design

Design of a Point Of Sale display box for

The design should include everything required so I can send it to a manufacturer to produce. The project completion will be when the manufacturer agrees that there are no changes required (I can provide manufacturers details if it would be easier to talk direct). The logo and colour schemes should match those that you have already designed.

The box should house between 6-9 bottles and make it obvious 1 of the bottles can be used as a tester.

It should briefly explain what the product does. Game Grip is a brand new liquid sports spray, that offers one of the strongest grips in sport. After a few sprays on each hand, the incredible formula begins working immediately and within 30 seconds, you have a secure grip that also prevents any loss of grip through perspiration.

However, please shorten if needed.



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Supplier/Manufacturer Of Custom/tailor Made Dress Shirts

Need a supplier of tailor and custom specific made business shirts, simular as www . blank – label . com sells it. It does not mater where the suppllier/manufacturer comes from, europe (slowakia, polen, turkey …) is prefered, but it can also be asia. We pay a single fee too find a list of about 10 adresses

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