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Google Map

This is my website:

It is a google map with diving positions in Croatia.

I would like my map to be organized with its own sub-menu like this: , when you click on menu to go to the particular position.

Thank you for your bids.


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Adding Google Map Feature To Existing ASP Site

Hello freelancers!

I have a fully functional asp site containing a parts database. (see attached zip file for all source code)

All of the data is stored in XML files.

The existing functionality will be self-explanatory.
Basically, you browse the navigation tree and select a product line and the parts are displayed from the xml file.

For this project, I would like to add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file. one for latitude and one for longitude.

Then, on the main page, add 2 radio buttons that allow you to select "Parts List" or "Locations".

When "Parts List" is selected, the parts list will be shown just as it is currently.

But, when "Locations" is selected, the lat, long coordinates from the XML file are used to map all the corresponding parts on a Google map.

Requirement 1
Add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file, one for latitude and one for longitude.

Requirement 2
Populate lat and long with random US locations.

Requirement 3
Radio button functionality on main page which switches website function from parts list to location on google map.

Requirement 4
Map multiple parts locations on Google map when selected from Menu in "Locations" mode.

Thats it!

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JQuery Interactable Map


I am in need of a map like the browsergame Tribalwars has.

The map should show 8×8 in the Y and X line with 56×56 images.

I want to have the interactive map and a sort of mini-map on the right side. Users can hold down the mouse in the mini-map and scroll faster over the map. There must be an animation that shows the scrolling on the real map.
Data must be loaded from MySQL out from a table of 100.000 rows.

The map must be exact the same as It must have a slide effect when users goes to another section.

Screen of the map: – or take a look at the map.

Map must be made with plain JavaScript or jQuery framework.

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Google Map Integration

I need someone to migrate my google map api v2 into v3.

After that I need some more functionality added. i.e. Geolocation.

I built the v2 version but dont have time now to migrate it to v3.

Please come back to me with your initial approx quote, both time and money.

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IPhone Application

I need a iPhone application that will open and show your location on a scrollable, zoom-able Google map (just like the Maps application on the iPhone)
In place of the Directions button I want the graphic for the iPhone camera.
When clicked it will open the camera interface to take a picture. When the camera is closed I want the focus to come back to the map with the number of pictures take in a small balloon window.
I would prefer someone that has experience publishing an application to the iPhone Store.

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Motorcycle Project

Im wanting to trial run a project to see how much money it will cost.

1) Full Website Design (PSD)
2) Full Coding.

Can use existing CMS such as WordPress.

Looking for a website similar to http://www. bike radar .com/mtb/ but for motorcycles instead.


Blog – A kind of motorcycle diaries, can have multiple users through wordpress who can submit articles.
Integration with Twitter and Facebook
Google Maps – Allow people to add their own motorcycle routes.
Allow people to rate motorcycle routes.
Using a recommended wordpress plugin Id like the option in the future to have a small store where I can add up to 50 products.
On the map pages, Id like local businesses to be able to purchase advertisements along routes… pointers on the google map but also the ability to purchase a banner or small add somewhere on the page.

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Joomla – Modules – Google Map & Job Recruitment.

Ok Guys…. The design is all done, All you have to do is take it to Joomla and install google map module ( and a job module. I can give u a psd, html or ai file for the joomla. Design attach.

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Flash For Search Website

For looking to break down and Orlando Fl Map into set areas and have them highlight on mouse over and follow to link on click.

Example woudl be like for Denver. Would like a little more color eye appeal than that though. Only one map needed for now, even though example breaks it down to more areas. May add on nieghborhood maps later as an option, so future work possible.

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Simple GPS App

The app I need made should be fairly simple. what I need it to do is use some form of mapping ability google maps or whatever, and I need the app to pull location constantly or at intervals of every 5 min. the reason for the intervals is because i believe it would help save battery life and give user option to choose. pls correct me if im wrong on the battery life. On the map i need it to have lines mapping the route if setting is on constant, and if it is set on 5 min intervals, it needs to have dots to show where they were at that time) when user presses one of the dots it needs to show the time that the location was pulled and the address of where user was. (address can be an aproximate range of number like on standard map app. for example: 100-200 4th ave south)

so there needs to be 2 pages. 1 with the settings and another with the map and route.

also. user needs to be able to save logs and refer back at later times.

i believe this is all I need for the app. but some small changes to above description may occur.

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CKEditor Google Maps Plug-in


Im looking for a coder to develop a plug-in for CKEditor to insert Google Maps in websites.

You need to get the Google Maps Plug-in and add the following features:

– In address user will be able to enter the address or GPS coordinates.
– Type of map (image or Javascript Google Maps)
– Custom pin-point
– Type of view (Satellite or Map)
– Preview

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will be.

When bidding please include your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Thank you

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A Tourist Map For The City Of Cairns In Queensland Australia

This project is to design an original map of the City of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. The map is designed for independant travellers and backpackers under the name Cocky Guides – a relevant, quirky and humourous map that can be relied upon by travellers. The style is to be fun but functional.

I envisage an A3 size map with room for 25 advertisement spots categorised into 5 groups of 5, within the A3 size. The groups with be Eat, Sleep, Party, Thrills, & Adventure. Each group will have a unique colour and a reference to the map (ie grid location and colour coded spot). Up to 15 major landmarks are to be portrayed in the map as a mini cartoon/caricture image.

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College Parties/events Website And Mobile App

I am looking for a team to build an online/mobile application that allows college students to post and view parties on a map-based interface.

The website should allow users to view a map and accompanying list of parties/events in their area. Users should be able to indicate that they plan on attending certain parties (list should be sorted by how many users plan to attend). Users can click parties to get additional information (cost, address, updates). Last, users should be able to add new parties.

The iPhone app is similar but needs to incorporate the users location in a few ways. First, users map should indicate his/her current location. Second, parties can be sorted by distance. Third, when a user is at a party as indicated by coinciding locations, the user can leave an update (e.g., "Lots of dancing").

Each user belongs to one college, which determines the users map/list of parties. In this initial stage, only 5-10 college campuses will be tested.

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WordPress/Buddypress And MapPress

I have WordPress, Buddyprss and MapPress installed — working correctly. Now need support creating a google /map page that includes a mash up of members whove added their addresses. Map popup profile should include their avatar images as well as a link to their member profile.

Thanks for bidding,

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Automatic "check In" App

Im looking to use the automatic check in feature thats used in apps like Loopt and foursquare. This check in is obviously only used in certain locations on that map that we chose. I want people to be able to see who is currently checked in at these locations at the current moment.

Obviously more details will follow but the main focus is being able to use an automatic check in with a map feature.

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Interactive Map For Customers To Schedule Appointments

It needs to have a map of the continental USA and a zip code field. Users can either type in their zip/address or click on a state and zoom in. The interface would allow me to add the google "places" dots to indicate where our current locations are even after you have finished the project. The customer would select the location they want service from and type in their contact information, notes etc. It would be sent to the locations email address as I have defined in the location profile. I would also be CCed on the email. This would need to be a good looking project that could fit on my website and be accessible by every customer. Simplicity and beauty is key. The online database of locations would also need to be editable by me easily.

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Google Maps | Design & Build | Similar Site Provided

New web design and build with Google Maps as the main focus.

User functions will include: The ability to search map graphically to find Poster inputted pinpoints and data. The ability to search entire map with a search function based on Posters data. The ability to print map and data with or without directions.

Poster functions will include: The ability to quickly create a basic account with bot poster protection. The ability to enter pre-filled and custom form options to be placed as a pinpoint on the map. The ability to use a simple payment solution such as PayPal. The Poster will also have the same abilities as the User.

There will be an admin control panel with all basic functions needed for operations.

Facebook page integration required.

Similar website feel and function is – – but will carry a different niche.

The poster feature is requested but not required. There will not be Adsense. Twitter will not be used. Banner display advertising will need to be incorporated.

Breakout position would lead to offer of partial revenue stream in lieu of greater one time payment.

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Need To Complete Google Maps API Project!


Need to complete Google Maps API project! This project was almost completed then our programmer disappeared. The functionality we are trying to accomplish is so our guests can go to: and enter their information. That information is then sent to the WordPress database as a new post with "Draft" status. Then the admin can review the post, make any needed corrections in WordPress and publish the post so it goes to the site. Once published the information needs to display on our Google Map API on the homepage: The map as been integrated already into the site already but its not connected with out custom plugin.

What we need done:
When a post is "Published" the point need to go to the correct COORDINATES on the Google Map API
When the user uses the drop downs above the map:
Continent dropdown should zoom in on the continent (already functioning)
Country dropdown should zoom in on the country within the continent selected (not working)
Company dropdown should zoom in on the companies point on the map (and ideally reset the other dropdowns to default)
Popup on the Google Map for each point needs to be redesigned
We dont need anything sophisticated you can look at this site for an example:
When a point is clicked a box opens with two tabs of information. Information is grabbed from the post. Thats it.

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Integrate Google Map Into Data

We are looking to integrate Google Maps API with the results of our data.

We want our event listing to show a map with the "Location" on the google map.
We want it to be picked up by google map API as we have name of location example "new delhi, India", "Los angeles, California" in our data.
Whereas when we click on an entry on map, it shows data of it.
If you have prior experience, please bid, we will then show the site, and the data. Thanks. Bids only under 100 USD.

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WordPress – Integrate Google Dealer Map

Simple project to integrate exisiting google map code into wordpress. The custom javascript to call the google dealer map based on the code here
needs to be integrated in the wordpress 3.1 website using the vigilance theme. I dont quite get how to do this. You will get ftp access to the site and the exisiting working code – I just need you to slot them together. Simple project if you know your stuff. Need this asap.

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Scraper For Map Database On Web

Write a scraper to get all data in projects from and post it all as a CSV file. Instructions on accessing the data are at

The CSV should contain all the output values of their getProject function.

The code should come in a form so that a guy who knows nothing about Java (me) can retrieve the CSV file in his browser.

This is a clear no-brainer for anybody who knows Java etc.

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Create A Interactive Flash / XML Map

Create a interactive flash map like this example at the bottom


same animations like on the sample map (mouse over)

by click on a field open a popup like in this example (click a point) (original source available)

it need be possible to define the content from this popup in a xml file

also it need be possible define the color of the fields in xml (when a land is saled the field will have a other color defined in xml)

this is the first of a serie similar maps we need

add a realistic time to finish this project to your bid !!

no placeholder bids (will be ignored)

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Customized Map Based On Google Map API

This project is to develop a Map similar to the interactive maps used by ( with a designed map overlayed ontop of the google map.

We also need to be able to change way points, add categories etc. Potenial uses of JSON or XML would be sufficient.

The CMS this module will "run" on will be DoteNetNuke

You must provide proof of similar project work with Google Maps API and/or web service to be considered.

More Detailed requirements will follow.

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Joomla Google Maps Website

This is a joomla and google maps project:

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Counterstrike (Source And 1.6) EXPERT Server Admin, Urgently


I need an EXPERT Counterstrike server admin to fix some things in a server

What I need is pretty simple:

1) There is a cycle of maps. Actually if a team is killed the map change – I need the map change ONLY at the determined time (say 5 minutes), not when a team is killed
2) Some minor setup and check to do with both CSSS and 1.6 servers
3) There are a total of 16 servers (8 CSS and 8 1.6) on the same physical server, but all setup are the same, so you have just to setup one ond copy all to the other servers

Est-europen and Chineese freelancers would be preferred

IMPORTANT: Ive hired already an Indian freelancer that after weeks shows him was not able to do the task, and keep delaying and lying to get money and feedback before complete

So: No escrow nor milestones nor anything else will be provided, sorry. I will pay you all only after a day or two of testing. If you are not agree with this just dont bid

Max budget $30. There will be another step after, adding maps to the server that will be discusse as a separate project after this is done, but due to the previous experience before talking about this I need you proof you are really able to work with this task

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Word Press Blog Set Up Need Urgent

Ok Guys We need a Blog For The following Niche. (Hairstylist).

My Client Is a Hair stylist and need a blog set up fast.

The theme color is base on Blue(0033FF) color , to follow his business style .adds .

Here are some the must have points to his blog.

A Video
Picture slide at the front page.

About us
Contact page must have a plug-in with calendar schedule where his clients can see when is available or not .(got it?)
Testimonial page.
Schedule your Appointment

The theme must be a seo friendly .
You also will to install all the must have plugins such as.

Site map
Contact us
Google map on contact page.
Automate post.
Ping automate and so for.

Please send your samples with your best cote. So you can start working right the way .

Please Note We at Fabio

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Google Map – Heat Map With Animation

1) You should have experience with Google maps or heat maps that you can show me.
2) I have files on my server and I want to be able to generate graphs from them. (My scripts generate new files and then I want to make heat maps based on these new files.) The program should allow the user to choose a file and then create the heat map. The graphs should allow for the user to visualize different variables. The model for the map tool should be
3) So the map should be annimated and show allow for the user to show "heat" for different variables. There should be a pulldown menu that will display all the variables. This will be the first step (after selection of the file to be used). The user can then select 4 different variables. This will be the four colored buttons that you can see at the top right of So they choose 4 variables to visualize simultaneously and then they can play the automation as shown on that site ( The size of the actually google map should be somewhat adjustable. The color of the background of the application does not need to be the (ugly) blue at
4) There should also be a "ALL Time" button that shows the heat for any of the selected variables summarized over the entire time frame. The user would select a single variable for this and then the could see a heat map for just that variable over the entire time frame. In this case the size of the map could be larger since the graphs wont be present. Ajax should be used on this map so that when the user clicks on an area the closest record to that location should display the "Text" field of that record. Actually it should display the Text field of the 3 closest records.
5) There should also be the option to have two instances of the google map shown next to each other. This would not be in the case of the animated map (not like #3 above) but two instances of the case #4 above. This is so that the user can visualize two different variables (in the ALL TIME mode) next to each other.
6) The files are csv files. However I want to have a script that will make a temporary table in a mysql database (made specifically for this application). The script would simply (?) read the file and based on the number of columns and the column names create a table with these fields and then upload the csv as the records for this table.

Maybe there could be a "loading indicator" until the graph is ready.
The steps would be something like this
1. User navigates to a file on the server.
2. there is button that says something like, graph this file.
3. user presses that button
4. a script is run that creates a table (this table will later be
deleted but you dont have to worry about that) with the fields coming
from the file column names and the records being the rows of the file.
5. Then you do the normal graph sets to create the graphs based on
calls to this table.
The code should be modular enough so that if I decide to just access database data (instead of starting with the csv files) that it should not be hard to chop the code and do this.
Here is a nice beginning but not exactly what I am after.

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Flash State Selector (into Brazil Map)

We need a simple flash that allows to select some states in a Brazilian Map (map like the link below)

After selected, the flash will just call a URL.

It should highlight the states able to be selected, specially when "mouseover".
It should use the same style of this site (buttons, etc)

Fade and animations during the selection are welcome.
Object (swf) and Source code delivery is mandatory.

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CSS Image Map Of The USA With Rollover (2)

Image map of USA as discussed…

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Modify Or Redo Simple Classified Site

Needing to upgrade a new website ( that I would like modified to be search engine friendly, listings to have a USA Google API map (free and available from version 3). Posting an ad will require a start point (city, state) and end point (city, state) for the map, poster has choice to post contact information or not. Design a simple but nice theme whereby each pages header and footer can incorporate logo and banner ad(s), maybe rotating. Utilizing the existing script or starting from scratch with the current info is at your descretion. Being able to complete this task in a relatively short period of time and with a very reasonable price will be a great reference to one of my other (reverse auction) job posted on this site. Thank you

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Need Competitive Analysis Of 5 Websites & New Site Map

Hello Bidders,
A client who makes small industrial parts for automotive and other industries, requires a website. They currently dont have one. I need to provide some basic website comparison of their competitors.

I will provide the URLs of their 5 competitors. What is required is a clear and concise report in powerpoint:

The key results that we need to derive out from this research are the following things;

– What is the common element in all these websites?
– What are the components of all of these websites?
– What is unique for each of these websites?
– What is the market message on these websites?

In addition, i would like to get a "proposed" site map, based on the market research, for my clients new website.
I will share the industry and the competitors in PM.

For the experienced researcher, this should be a quick project so please keep the price reasonable.
Please bid reasonably as I will assign this project before it ends.



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Edit Problem In Joomla Site

Last week I added a image to one page of my site. Now when I first open a page that image is appearing in the background of all the pages. I am using a Rocket Theme and the problem appears to have something to do with Gantry (something Im not familiar with).

To view the problem go here:

Youll notice that each page has a background of a map while the top image is loading. This is what I want to remove. The map should only be on the "locations map" page.

please contact me if you have any questions about the project.

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USA Map Graphicically Displayed

We are looking to upgrade our current map technology on the front of our homepage ( It is currently flash based which uses xml that allows me to customize the following items:

-Color of rollover
-Color of state
-Hover text
-Acronym of state

Two major changes need to occur in this upgrade – I need the entire US Continental Map with state outlines and I am thinking of getting away from flash. Since flash doesnt work on iphones and ipads I would like to use something that would be compatiible with those devices (e.g AJAX).

I also need something to look fresh, modern and crisp – I am not interested in any old looking maps. I am also up for a new idea of graphically displaying the states. The purpose of this graphic is to allow the users to select the state to veiw golf courses in that particular state.

I am also looking for a way to do the graphical display on each state page ( as a follow on job.

Let me know if you have any questions – I am looking for sample of something you have done similar before or a mock up of an idea.

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