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Graphic Design For Maps

I need two simple maps done for a website – in the firms colours and using a unique design.

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Custom Google Maps/location Feature For My WordPress Site

I am looking for a Google Maps and WordPress expert to create a custom Google Maps feature for my WordPress site.

This feature will take user submitted data from a form (which you will also create or I am open to using a ready-made form solution) and plot this data on a google map based on the users location. I will need to display the form and map in each WordPress post, so I need the ability to generate multiple forms and maps unique to each post. In addition, there is a main "Maps" page of my site which will aggregate all of the data from the individual forms/maps and allow the user to filter map data by posts.

Please PM me with examples of your Google Maps and WordPress work.


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CKEditor Google Maps Plug-in


Im looking for a coder to develop a plug-in for CKEditor to insert Google Maps in websites.

You need to get the Google Maps Plug-in and add the following features:

– In address user will be able to enter the address or GPS coordinates.
– Type of map (image or Javascript Google Maps)
– Custom pin-point
– Type of view (Satellite or Map)
– Preview

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will be.

When bidding please include your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Thank you

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Ranking Analysis

Google Maps:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=sacramento+plumber&fb=1&gl=us&hq=plumber&hnear=Sacramento,+CA&cid=4309311621928915166&ei=lwySTfTSFpO4sQPK4amyDg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=placepage-link&resnum=1&ved=0CDkQ4gkwAA

I want to know why this company shows up number 1 for the following search terms:
sacramento plumber
plumber in sacramento
plumber sacramento

I want to know why it ranks so well and all links it has pointing to the website and the Google places account.



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110327 – IPod Touch – Block Google Maps On I-phone



I am looking for someone who can provide a program or procedure or script and/or step-by-step instructions on how to remove, block or disable Google Maps on an iPod touch. I realize if the iPod is updated it may restore Google Maps. Thats fine. I just need a procedure or program or script that can be used whenever needed to disable or remove Google Maps. It doesnt have to be pretty or elegant. Perhaps there is a way to modify the OS or extend the Parental Controls. I am already blocking the Internet using the Parental Controls, but there is no option for blocking Google Maps. Specifically I would like to block Street View in Google Maps. But completely blocking or removing Google Maps would be fine too.

My last project was canceled by Admins because I used a word that starts with an "h" rhymes with backer. 😉 I want to make it clear that I am not interested in doing anything illegal. I just want to find a way to modify my sons ipod touch to make it more "child friendly." There is actually some crummy content visible in Street View. So, the goal is to, at minimum, block Street View.

I have also learned that there is a practice called "jail breaking." I would rather not resort to that. It would be *better* if the goal could be accomplished without "jail breaking." Tell me what is possible and what you can do to help.

I am thinking this is an easy $30 for a good programmer. 🙂 Maybe that is you!

Thank you for considering my project. I look forward to your bid.

Regarding payment. I propose that when you have a solution, I will put money in escrow. And once the solution works on my end, I will release the funds to your account. Please see my feedback and you will see that I am trustworthy. If you do not like these terms, please propose your alternative.

Kindest Regards,



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Illustration Graphic Maps

Based on drawing borders and google sattelite images, add a few symbols with related text.
Goal is to recreate fast a serie of 100 maps based on existing illustration maps.
Nice design skills a must. Look should be professional.

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Contact Us Form Change And Google Maps Location Change

Change contact us form slightly and change location inside displayed Google Maps on the contact us page.

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G P S Navigation System For Apple Iphone / Ipad

Hello Everyone

I need a GPS Navigation System for the Apple iphone / Ipad .

I would like application to be almost exactly with the Tom Tom application on the iphone.

I would need Maps also and updates to be done bugs and fixes ect.

Maps would be USA Canada and also Australia at this stage then more later down the track.

I would prefer a person who has done this sort of work before in the past or present time.

You must be creative also and need to upload the application on the Itunes and right a desciption for me also if possible.

There will be a 30 or 60 day free trial then if they decide to upgrade there will be a yearly price.

You must be confident and experience in the mobile application industry and must be done professionaly.

So basically i need a GPS Navigation system with bells and wistles e.g all maps store in the iphone, speedalert, turn by turn aasistance, maybe a google results such as petrol staions, atm, shopping centre ect.

Must be compatible with iphone 3/ 3g and 4 supports ios.

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Customized Map Based On Google Map API

This project is to develop a Map similar to the interactive maps used by ( with a designed map overlayed ontop of the google map.

We also need to be able to change way points, add categories etc. Potenial uses of JSON or XML would be sufficient.

The CMS this module will "run" on will be DoteNetNuke

You must provide proof of similar project work with Google Maps API and/or web service to be considered.

More Detailed requirements will follow.

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20110314 – Google Maps Web Form

I need a developer for a very small project to develop a HTML form that will post to Google Maps using their API set. The web form will take a starting address (street address, city, state and zip code). The to address will be a hard coded value. When posting form, it will present driving directions in a new page.

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Google Maps And Places Registration

We have two websites that require multiple entries for various UK locations on Google Maps.

These sites are…

[Removed by Admin]

We need around 100 entries on Google Maps for each, so its an going project. The text and images are all done for each Google Map listing, the obvious problem to get around is the verification issue. So one one who knows how to get around this is ideal.

Please let me know your best price per entry on Google Maps based on a test volume of 50.

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XML Parsing Project – PHP Script

Visit the XML feed located at:

For each record in the XML feed, read it into a mySQL table:
ID (INT 11) – should be simply an autoincremented number
VENDOR_NAME (VARCHAR 255) – maps to <advertisername>
URL (VARCHAR 255) – maps to <clickurl>
DESCRIPTION (VARCHAR255) – maps to <offerdescription>
START_DATE (DATETIME) – maps to <offerstartdate>
EXP_DATE (DATETIME) – maps to <offerenddate>.  If offerenddate is "ongoing", the field should be set to 0000-00-00 00:00:00
PROMO_TYPE – maps to <promotiontype>

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Google Maps – Geocoder & Zip/Postcode Search

I want someone who understands the Google Maps/Geocoder (Javascript version) to add a Zip/Postcode check to my site, with the following functionality –

1) checks that the zip/postcode supplied by visitors are genuine during Registration.
2) calculates the distance between selected zip/postcodes during Search & when displaying users profile.
3) preferably, displays a small Google map on users profiles (based on their zip/postcode) – this is NOT vital but would be nice.

I recall that one version of the API places a small limit such as 250 calls per day on the Geocoder – that is not sufficient – I want the other API – I think the other API is still free but registration is required. I do not have time to check what Im writing right now but if you know Google Maps API, then youll understand what I mean.

Ill provide existing page code & copy of database for easy integration. If you prefer, you can have ftp access.

Only bid if you know how to do the project.

This is a small project, and I will pay a fair price for it – bid what you need to earn from this project and perhaps you will win it.

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XML / PHP / Maps Specialist

I am looking for somebody who is extremely proficient in all map APIs to finish a website job for us.
Must be skilled in XML / PHP / Javascript etc.

A true maps expert wanted. Also we are working on a mobile website also, it would be good if you had skills in this also.

Portfolio essential.

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Esyndicat Directory Customisation

We already have esyndicat installed and the site is 80-90 % completed. It was stopped as the last person was unable to complete in a sensible timescale and it has been left for a short period. It was not as straight forward as hoped as the person did not have experience with esyndicat

The directory needs a custom template designing, to match the rest of the site – I do not wanting it looking like a default spammy directory. The site is
frontend – sympfony php.
blog – WP
forum – phbb3

The site and esyndicat has most functionality we need already though we did encounter some bugs when it was first being worked on. I believe most have been removed and fixed but there are still some outstanding problems with some features which need addressing.

The site will need full testing to make sure it is 100% working.

We need:

-Expandable categories/sub catergories. So for eg

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Map Image Upload Mod

I need someone to create a map image upload mod for my tournament/ladder site. The image upload portion will take place via the admin panel. We must be able to upload up to 25 images/maps per ladder/tournament – with image names and brief descriptions for each.

Additionally, I would like to add a Youtube URL for each image/map also with name and brief description.

On the user-end members should be able to set either randomized maps or custom maps when creating a challenge. If they select custom maps the following should take place:

The system sends a "You have been challenged" Private Message to the other teams leader(s). In that PM I would like it to say something like: [challenger name] would like to play custom maps. As the challenged team you have the option of first and third maps (this number may be higher if the challenge is set to a higher number of rounds)

Make map selection: (either thumbnails are displayed or this would be a link to open map images) the Youtube link would also appear (as a thumbnail) but is NOT selectable ( it will be for map demonstrations)

The challenged team would then select map 1, map 3, etc.

After completing the challenged response PM another PM would be sent to the challenger. This would be a "Your challenge has been accepted" message.

The challenging team would then choose map #2, map #4, etc. (If they select the same map as the challenged team then they would receive a "Map is already selected, please choose another" message)

Once they complete the response then another PM should be sent to BOTH teams, with the selected maps displayed.


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Web Design With Google Maps

Taking psd and transfering to html

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IPhone Application For City Directory Portal

We are building city directory portal, and we need mobile app for our portal. The app will exchange data using XML to main server. All business process will be processed at main server. Mobile app just act as "VIEW" in MVC. This project will include a GPS and MAPS feature. So we need developer who familiar with it. (The GPS/Maps is for searching nearby place from users position; while the searching algorithm is processed at server – so mobile app just send current coordinate to server and receive list of item, its position, etc etc ; in xml format). We wants world class user interface and possible long term cooperation (in case we create new feature for our mobile apps). Generally, mobile apps will contain home, member home, news, review, images, maps. please check (iPhone app), Love Indonesia (blackberry app) for similar app.

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Travel Planning Website, UI & APP

Project specs
Travel Planning website, UI &amp; APP

We are developing an online travel portal aiming to enable people to travel smarter, cheaper and easier.

Our site will feature a hierarchy of regions (Global &gt; Country &gt; State &gt; City &gt; Region) with content, images, video, comments for each region.

Site overview

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Drupal Module Development

We would like to get a quote for a module to add on for the existing SOLAR-TEC website. We are in the process of developing it right now

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Google Maps API Fix Needed

We need immediate help fixing our google maps api site (built in php)
The site: (zip: 33601) is showing incorrectly.

To see how it *should* work, please enter the zip: 91505

Help needed immediately, must have experience and solid feedback.

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Put Data In Database

I have the following requirement: I have a database with all the Italian municipalities
(8094 municipalities) and each municipality has 5 categories of shops. I
need to populate this database with information taken
by google maps.

So for example the common "Rome" and the category "Restaurants"
you are going to do the following query:
f = q & source = s_q & hl = en & geocode = & q = restaurant + close + to + Rome & aq = 0 & sll = 4
17.251665,35.551758 & sspn = 2.163403,12.392578 & ie = UTF8 & hq = h & Restaurant
= near Rome, Lazio + & t = h & z = 14

It is part of the database the first three useful results
To useful results mean that the results after a
control is effective in the municipality of Rome.

In this case we will take the following premises:
"Ristorante Vecchia Roma
"Agata e Romeo"
"Camponeschi Antonio Trattoria Tritone"

Refrain wasters, its a really easy job to do, but some

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Adobe Flex And Google Maps Interface For Website

Looking for a developer that can create an interface similar to

We would provide the address database for the properties and points of interest and you would create the ability to enter and update the address and description information and then display all the points on the map and do the same kinds of searches as shown at the above URL.

Notice how the above site provide options to search by type of home, lifestyle, etc., and also provides for saving your searches. (Note: Make sure you are not having problems with displaying Flash or running ActionScript on your browser; otherwise you will not see the full functionality of the site.)

We would like to provide the same abilities and the same "glossy" and polished interface. Mainly, you would need to be proficient in the use of the Google Maps API and Adobe Flex. We would also need to be able to offer this functionality available on smartphones and the iPad.

Please provide me your best estimate of price and time and completion for this project and a some description of your proficiency in the required technologies.

Thanks for bidding.

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Need 3d Animated & Google Mashup Maps

I need 3d Animated maps that end up being Google Mashup Maps using data from our DB

More info by PMB

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Looking For Expert Of Google Maps API & XML

I am looking for a talented coder to help develop an application using the Google Maps API and javascript, coupled with XML to allow the map to read XML and plot the areas on the map and connect to a server.

If you have previous skills in this area then we want to hear from you! If you have developed android applications then you will always be of interest to this project.

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Google Maps – WordPress


We have a website which we are building with WordPress.
The website will have several pages, including a Google map that will have a list of infomration about particulare areas etc.
We have downloaded and added the plugin XML Google maps. Which we are hoping to use

But we are open to suggestion for other pluging.

We want to produce a map with simular features to these sites.

we are looking for help in getting this set-up and insturction on how to use it going forward.
the instruction we will pass onto our client.

Please show example of previous work, thanks

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Google Maps Mashup Upgrade

We run a Google Maps mashup site, The site is built using the Google Maps V2 api and we would now like to migrate to V3. Looking to upgrade the version, apply improved marker clustering system and other apply small tweaks to the homepage design. Would also like to add Facebook Like button into markers and some other minor changes. Looking for a Google Maps api specialist, preferably based in the UK.

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110215 – IPod Touch Hack – Google Maps Removal


I am looking for someone who can provide a program or procedure or script and/or step-by-step instructions on how to remove or disable Google Maps on an iPod touch. I realize if the iPod is updated it may restore Google Maps. Thats fine. I just need a procedure or program or script that can be used whenever needed to disable or remove Google Maps. It doesnt have to be pretty or elegant. It might be just hacking into the OS of the device and sabotaging a line of code so the program doesnt work. In fact, what I would really like to do is just disable Street View. But if that is too complicated, then just disabling or completely removing Google Maps will be fine too.

I am thinking this is an easy $30 for a hacker worth his or her salt. 🙂

Thank you for considering my project. I look forward to your bid.

Regarding payment. I propose that when you have a solution, I will put money in escrow. And once the solution works on my end, I will release the funds to your account. Please see my feedback and you will see that I am trustworthy. If you do not like these terms, please propose your alternative.

Kindest Regards,



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Google’s Maps API

Our website teem needs a Google Maps API expert to create an interactive map page on our PHP site that ties into their property database. Preferable Certified or very experienced Google Maps developer that can work with our websites team to create this map.

1. The HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create a map similar to the map at
2. Using AJAX to tap into multiple dynamic PHP pages created by our website to show map markers, marker popup info, paginated sidebar list of properties to the side of the map, and more, based on passed in parameters. Data will be returned as JSON, KML, XML, and/or CSV as needed.
3. Marker clustering will be coded for showing many markers at once on the map, using Google

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WordPress Maps Ip Log Country Location Log Private

As agreed – map lp log to country location log

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On-Site Maps Integration (PHP & JavaScript)


Form submissions should be displayed on an Australian map based on post code looking similar to this:


– Site is built in PHP.
– Solution needs to be in PHP+JavaScript or similar possibly using Google Maps API (
– Post code is given by PHP form submission ($_POST[PostCode]).
– Post code can lookup map co-ordinates long/lat in CSV (file available here:



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Manual Organize Images Into Folders And XL Table By Subjects

We provide you with:

(a) several hundred JPEGs of maps of different areas (Example: Europe, Asia, United States, etc)
each map is either an old map or a map about a subject regarding the area (transportation, demographics, etc.)
these maps are grouped right now only by area (Europe, Asia, United States, etc.)
(b) an excel spreadsheet (example of what we need)
it is formatted to organize the maps into categories by theme and date


within each area,
(a) ORGANIZE the maps into categories
– 5-10 categories BY YEAR
Example: Years 1801-1900, Years 1901-2000
– 5-10 categories BY THEME
examples of CATEGORIES are Languages, Commerce, Demographics, Religion, Humor, Cultural, Ethnic, Geography, Military
YOU decide on the categories based on the Maps
no category can have less than 5 maps in it. If you need to group 2 categories to have enough Maps thats ok
ideally balance of maps across all the categories
it is OK if a map is in a BY DATE category and a BY THEME category
(b) ORDER them inside the categories
– for example within years from oldest to newest
(b) SAVE the maps jpeg files INTO FOLDERS by category, one subfolder per category created
(c) RENAME the filenames to ADD A NUMBER at the front in order to reflect the ORDER you created inside the categories
and RENAME the filenames with the SUBJECT of the map (no spaces)
Example: From xyz.jpg —> 02-europe-languages-spoken.jpg
(d) ENTER the information about the organization into the EXCEL spreadsheet
– Subject of the Map
– File Name

for each area
(a) One excel Spreadsheet per AREA formatted as described (example provided)
(b) Folder with subfolders of images organized by category with map image jpegs in each subfolder

We are looking for someone who will do this on an ongoing basis

To start with
3 areas (United Kingdom, World, France)
about 100 Maps each area areas
France is already 1/2 done to give you an example to follow/learn from

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