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Market Research (Australia)

This project requires the collection of market research data.

The data needed is for applications for the follwoing services made by Australians to Australian businesses only:
– average number fo credit card application made per month
– average number fo home lona applications made per month
– avergae number of superannuation applications made per month
– average number of life insurance policies applications made per month
– average number of private health care applications made per month
– average number of investment fund (i.e unit trusts, etc.) applications made per month
– average number of residential lease applcaitions made per month

The candidate will need to present a strategy and sound methodolgy on how this data is to be collected before succesfully being awarded the project. Strong knowledge of the main players in the Australian Financial sector and Real Estate market is absolutely necessary!

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Mobile Application To Run Internet Radio

I need you to write an application for the cheap phones, I mean the cheapest phone around the market ie China phone, Nokia C1 to support internet radio. I do not require for andriod, Iphone and other more sophiscated platform because it is alreacy available in the market.
Examples of internet radio

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AdBook Sample Shopper & Report

We are doing a market study of printers, pricing and product for charity / group "ad books".
Seeking a test-market shopper to go contact printers, price and report on the market for charity ad-book / event program from printers and report on the pricing, process – gather sample ad-books and report.

After an getting a basic script, context and an NDA, we expect to get 8 to 10 examples of printers for ad-books.
Some in Chicagoland and some in several other states.

May include contacting other groups to request a copy of their ad-book and printer information.

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Betting Exchange Arbitrage

I am looking for a prog to uncover arbitrage opportunities.

I want the prog to run on multiple exchanges, i.e. betfair & bedaq.

The prog must search for standard arbs, i.e. over under / back & Lay

The prog must also search for and uncover more complex arb opportunities using multiple markets, i.e. for soccer : match odds market, correct score market, asian handicap market Etc both back and lay.

The prog should operate on ganes where there are 2 results i.e. Win or Lose and also games where there are 3 results, i.e. Win, Lose, Draw.

The prog should automatically or with a click confirm, place all of the required bets in the exchange, and the amount to be placed will be filtered by the lowest liquidity / amount available for any paticular leg of the arb.

I am happy to place the payment into escrow but will not finalize payment until the prog has been tested by me.

If you have already built an arb prog for betfair etc, I will be happy to test this.

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10,000 Targeted Facebook Likes

I need 10,000 Facebook likes for my facebook page.

The likes must be from real accounts, not fake accounts.

My Facebook Page:

Our target market includes all types of small business owners and professionals. EX: Doctors, Lawyers, Realtors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Pain Therapists, Plumbers, Electricians, Contractors, Car Dealerships, etc. The target market is in the United States ONLY.

Thats basically it, any questions feel free to ask.


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Talented & Motivated Account Executive – Long-Term Potential

We are looking for ambitious, energetic individuals to join our Inside Sales Team.
Headquartered in New York City, we are a fast growing start-up company (similar to livingsocial) in the emerging daily deals market.

This role is all about building a market by identifying and calling on the top local merchants in New York City, negotiating irresistible offers on behalf of our subscribers and local consumers.
We are looking to find highly motivated, engaging individuals that have clear reasons why they are driven to sell for our company.

This role calls for individuals who are: (1) comfortable selling over the phone, cold-calling into various types of local businesses; and (2) confident as they prospect and close leads in their assigned market.

As part of our team, youll:
Make a high volume of outbound sales calls to an assortment of local business owners daily
Manage your own leads and drive the full sales cycle from prospecting to closing
Educate your prospects on the power of online advertising with our company
Produce better, long-term business results for your clients as you take them beyond traditional methods of advertising through our solution

Qualifications & Characteristics:
Bachelors Degree
Exceptional phone skills and professionalism
Unwavering work ethics
Outgoing and personable
1+ years sales experience in a professional environment
Comfortable working from home
Native English-speaking individuals only

Project Requirements:
We will provide you with a list of leads. You may also be asked to gather your own leads. Each lead will be a restaurant, spa or similar type of local business that has ran a deal-of-the-day campaign in the past with a provider such as livingsocial or groupon. The problem were looking to address is that their last daily deal provider may not have been able to get the business enough pre-paid customers. We want to help fill-in the gap and get them some more. So were offering to re-run their last deal with our company in order to get them closer to the results they were looking for. Your job is to consult with and close as many leads as you can. Closing each lead should be relatively easy since the businesses that you contact will likely have been under-served by their last provider (i.e., livingsocial or a similar but smaller version of livingsocial).

This project requires the closing of at least 40 leads. Youll have access to a high volume of leads. For each lead that you successfully close you will receive compensation. You will get a fixed amount of money for each deal that you close plus a fixed commission for each sale the deal attracts. So, the sweeter the deal you negotiate for our subscribers, the higher your pay will be. This project provides the potential for a long-term relationship with our company.

Send us your resume and a brief message explaining why you would be a good fit for this project.

Thanks in advance for considering this project. We look forward to a great, collaborative working relationship!

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Appartment & Job Page

I need a Joomla professional for a relaunch of an existing page in Joomla.

The page (portal) will include a real estate market (appartments), Job market, market for furniture,
Event Lists, News lists etc.. all of that have to be realized in Joomla with the CCK Might Ressources.

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Supermarket Market Share Of Retail Food Sales By Country

I would like a report on the market share of supermarkets for a few key countries around the world such as Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and Japan. In Australia Coles and Woolworths dominate, but what is the situation in these other countries?

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Real Estate Property Analysis Report

I am an appraiser and I am looking to create a short program that would enable me to print a custom report of market data.

I need a windows program, excel spreadsheet, or access database that will import an .XLS file containing an exported set of data from the local MLS. The data will be imported to a printable-legal size or letter size-report that shows: a long list of all the data, a more detailed short list of data consisting 3-5 of the records, and a statistical analysis of all the records and trends. The analysis will include: market trend, total number of listings, total number for sale, total number under contract, total number expired, median price, median days on market, and possibly graphing with linear regressions. The reports will be saved in a file or database that will allow them to be re-opened for edit or review.

The finished report will have fields that are dynamic to each report and property that is being analysed and fields that are static with general disclaimers and information that will always be the same. This does not have to be super complicated. Just a straight forward document that shows data in a specific format.

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Download Andoird Application

I am looking for someone which will download and install an android application from android market 1,000 times from different accounts
The expected result is that in the page on the application in the android market the number f install will be increase by 1,000.
It is preferred that it will be from European or American accounts (but not mandatory).

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Download Andoird Application

I am looking for someone which will download and install an android application from android market 1,000 times from different accounts
The expected result is that in the page on the application in the android market the number f install will be increase by 1,000.
It is preferred that it will be from European or American accounts (but not mandatory).

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Need A Good Marketer To Market Gift Website

I have a gift website. I do a great retail business so it is a product that sells well. I just need to drive my tarket market to the site.

I currently have some traffic coming to my site but I do not think it is my target market. My goal is to get my tarket market to the site. If I do this the product will sell itself. So I need someone who is good with demographic marketing.

I need someone who has creative ways and ideas to advertise my site and someone to help set up the social networks to drive traffic to the site as well. If this is successful I will consider longterm.

I just need a good internet marketer……….If you are interested please place a bid

Thank you for your assistance in advance

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Detailed Comparison Between Moodle And Chamilo

I need a comparison between two learning management systems: Moodle and Chamilo.
Need to cover (at least) – market penetration, and features.

I will give some guidance regarding our needs around LMS, describe the environment where the LMS will be used and what is important for us.

Urgency is more important than detail, so I will want a highlevel result in a day or two.

This may be follows by more work to get more details, but if needed I will post this separately.
This bid is for what can be done over a day or two, so if you are already familiar with one of apps (or both!) that would be great.

03/22/2011 at 8:00 EDT:

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A SEO Specialist For The Dutch Market

We are looking for someone who specializes in creating traffic to websites. We want to use SEO/ Link building software tools to automate certain SEO processes and for the well-known search engine sites, we want to do this process manually. We are only looking for highly skilled SEO specialists with a lot of experiences who can show us a proven track record. You also need to be able to give us advice for using the best available software tools.

Please provide us a proposal for at least 1500 new visitors per month. We want quantitative traffic and more important qualitative traffic.

The complexity is that our customers are located in The Netherlands. These customers are focusing only on the Dutch market. Weve tried to work with a SEO specialist from abroad before, who absolutely did not understand the Dutch market. He supplied us Dutch SEO texts for forums, news, blogs, etcetera which were written very unprofessionally, because he used Google translate. Also, the links he registered within search engines and link pages are located in parts of the world Ive never heard of. We need traffic from Dutch based Search engine and link pages. We want to try once more to work with an abroad SEO specialist. This time we deliver the SEO optimized Dutch text for forums, blogs, Social media sites, news sites etc.

We have approx. 4 new SEO customers per month. The goals is to achieve a long term cooperation.

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Real Estate Agent Writer

We are an email marketing firm specializing in real estate. We require an experienced real estate agent who can create compelling ad copy for our real estate clients and prospects on an ongoing basis. Our target audience is usually real estate agents or real estate investors so your experience with either of these types of professionals is highly valuable. You will create ad copy for any of the following:

– market real estate agents services to our residential and commercial For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or For Rent By Owner email databases
– market real estate agents services to local renters seeking a new rental property
– market real estate agents

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Market My Australian MOTEL Business For Sale

I need help to sell my Motel business ( in Australia.

I need you to decide the best way to do this and suggest possible advertising to people who wish to immigrate to Australia who need to purchase a business to do so.

I need an experienced marketing person for this and suggest writing articles on internet for inbound marketing, contacting bloggers to blog about the Motel, submit the info to various review websites, market on facebook, twitter and other social groups basically anything possible to increase the awareness about the motel for sale locally

I am looking for someone to help put together a plan as well as be able to EXECUTE this plan effectively. I am only interested in bidders who have a proven track record of past marketing and promotions.

Must be able to show previous success.

Message me what you plan to do and how you plan to advertise to sell

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Pharmaceutical Market Research LATAM

I am looking for experienced Market Researchers with a background in Pharmaceuticals to assist with a regional LATAM project for a major pharmaceutical company. The ideal candidates will be experienced interviewers and have good knowledge of branding and key sales messages. Native level Portuguese or Spanish will be required as well as a good command of English. The project will involve a series of face-to-face interviews with members of a brand team and regional business managers, as well as developing business insight from findings. The project will cover up to 8 countries in Latin America so some travel will be necessary – all travel and accommodation costs will be covered. If you are looking for an interesting challenge and believe you have the right skills please apply or contact me through Freelancer.

Thank you.

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Brief Company And Stock Market Analysis

Looking for someone to write a description and macro-economic analysis of my chosen company, as well as a general analysis of stock market conditions and returns on market indices. Should be a simple job, around 6-7 pages total. More info will be given to bidders.

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Looking For A Website Developer

Good day,

I am in need of a freelance website developer. This is the first time Im going to put up a website but I have a broad experience in the online market as I have been active in the market for 5 year now.

I am in need of a developer who has also knowledgde of SEO. Developers from Asia are prefered as I have a low budget to offer. But I can assure you that this is not my website so this is really a project for long term.

Happy bidding.

Kindly show me some website you have done

Kind regards

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Marketing Consultation

Hello all,

Looking for a marketing consultation with an expert. I have identified my target market, and Im looking for someone that can help me outline some good advertisements and make some suggestions. I basically need to know what to put in my banners to get people to click, possibly some design suggestions. I can provide the exact scenario, who my target market is, my product benefits and features, and what Ive come up with so far for my banner sales pitch.

Payment via GAF escrow.

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We need help with lead generation we sell Canadian night-crawlers in bulk 500 worms to a flat $35 a flat we need 2000 good leads that are willing to buy at that price plus whats needed to pay you which will be determined after proposal. we also would like some market research done with the sales leads we will provide a script and call list.

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Estate Agent Website Needed

I have a property web site suited to the USA market , i want to change it so it mainly deals with the United Kingdom Market .

I want a new front for this site with added features
Look at this site has all the features i need to be added built into my current website.

Also their will be a property Auction section/link look at this site has all the links features I need , you can built into my site ,
And to have admin panels for Agents/Administer etc

My budget is very low around £40-50 so hope you bid a good price for me!


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Market Research On Apples And Pears

We are seeking someone who can undertake desk based research into the apple and pear market globally and provide us with raw data, sources and very brief précis of each source. The output will be data (zip file for data and reports or links to data) and a summary table with these three elements. We DO NOT require analysis into this information.

The areas we require information initially and which should serve as the summary table structure are:

Documents providing an overview on the market

Global supply by country, year, varietal in tonnes both historical (10 years) and forecasts if available
Summary information or reports on supply countries
Information on companies within the five largest producing countries (name, size, location)
Land use information e.g. Amount in apples and pears
Yield per land area current and trend

Global demand by country, year, varietal in tonnes both historical (10 years) and forecasts if available
Demand per consumer per country
Retail prices per tonne (or equivalent, 10 years)
Wholesale prices per tone (or equivalent, 10 years)

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Sale Of Welding Wire In Canada And US

Title Page and Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Overview of Company, Industry,
Products, and Services
3. Market Analysis

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Market Research Analysis

Request for Proposal: Market Research Analysis

RFP Responses: Please send responses in electronic format no later than March 31, 2011. Only complete responses will be considered.

Background: We are preparing to launch an array of telecommunication services through a new company brand.

Objectives: The goal is to identify the target markets most receptive to products/services on offer and how to combine/price packages that will meet the targets

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Rum Bottle Label

I am a rum maker in Haiti but i only sell a generic made rum by the bulk in 55gallon barrel. I just decided to label and bottle my rum. My product is ready but i dont have a label yet.

i will put five different product on the market. I need to design four labels for 750cl bottles. Being from a french speaking country and targeting an international market i will consider the possibility of having front and back labels.

Also thinking of adding a small squared tagged style label attached to the neck of the bottle for one of the lines.

One of the label will be duplicated in a smaller size in order to fit a pint bottle of 175ml

I have absolutely no art skills nor acces to anyone to make me a rough draft, therefore i can only by email tell the designer what i want. at most i can scratch something up on microsoft publisher and email it to you.

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Target Marketing And Advertising

We are a growing information security compnay and are currently looking at conducting a targeted marketing and advertising campaign to reach out a new product and service to the Australian market place. Initially the campaign will be ttargested to CIOs in the Sydney and Melbourne regions.

Details of the product and serviecs:
1. Network Penetration Testing
2. Application Penetration Testing
3. Network Vulnerability Assessments

The above 3 products and services that we inten to launch are quite uniqe from our offering and we would like to reach out to a mass market.

Essentially we are looking at someone who can build us a marketing plan and advertising plan that will be very focused and targeted to the audience we want to reach out to.

Will share more details if required.

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Sales Agent Required – US MARKET


im here to find experienced and reliable Sales Agent that have good knowledge with e-marketing,
and know to use all Social media marketing tools.

Im selling different products, but I dont have many marketing experiencess.

My products are for US and UK market.

Please let me know your expertise and why you are right for this project. This is a one-time project.

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Medical Tourism Business Plan

Title Page and Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Overview of Company, Industry,
Products, and Services
3. Market Analysis

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Easy Data Entry ((((( 7ocr Back Again ))))))

((((((((((( Hello every new freelancers and team leader, )))))))))))))))))))))))

==>> The fastest and greatest simple data entry project is back again with reconstructed mode.

==>>All individual and team leaders are asked to place bid but place bid if you only really interested to do this project.

==>> Need good typing speed in average 30wpm

***** Have to work daily night time specially 10pm to 8am( Need daily minimum 4-6 hours support)

**** Students also can do this as part time job to make some extra cash

*** I am always trying and preferring new freelancers to help them to build good career in online job market such freelancer market place

**** So new freelancers are most welcome and good team leaders are also invited to join this data entry feast

Happy bidding
ITplanet1530 🙂

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