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50 * 200 – 250 Word Summary Required On Martial Arts

I have list of 50 Martial Arts and I need somebody to write a 200 – 250 word summary about each one.

This will involve a re-write of a Wiki page or searching on Google to find the information that needs to be re-written.

Here is an example for "Wing Chun"

Wing-Chun (also referred to as

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1000 Unique Visitors Need To Be USA And Canada


1000 unique visitors need to be USA and Canada from martial arts related sites- general martial arts, mixed martial arts, MMA, UFC, grappling etc.can offer $50 for the first 1000 visitors to test the store, and if the test is successful i can offer a lot more next time.If you expected more so Do not bid.


Happy bidding

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1-25-11 Edits To Martial Arts Site

This is a project for Antony to re-design a Martial Arts website.

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Google Maps SEO (local Traffic)

I need to get a business to rank well in Google maps,27731,27955,28010,28060&sugexp=gsih&xhr=t&q=crossfit+breaking+point&cp=23&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

in either position A,B,C,D or E for the following keywords
crossfit burlington
mma burlington
children martial arts
mixed martial arts burlington
personal trainer burlington
(and preferably for many more)

I will provide any required info for the listing. The client has other Google Maps listing for other areas that will need this service also, in future.

Payment will be put into Freelancer Escrow and 50% delivered upon the listings appearance in A-G and the other 50% when you get the listing as high as is possible.

I am quite familiar with SEO processes and know the three keys to ranking Maps listing (proper registrations on all IYPs, reviews & citations) but want to see if any of you know of an easier & quicker way.

If this job is successful, there will be many more clients also needing this service.

Thank you for bidding, and I look forward to working together with the winner(s) of the project.

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35 Articles About Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art)

I need 35 articles written on all different aspects of the brazilian martial art, Capoeira. I do not want any how tos or reviews of anything. I am looking for articles that have well thought-out content.

Each article needs to be about 400-500 words. If you feel you can write these, send me a message and Ill send you some keywords. Look them over and respond to me with your ideas for an article title (must include at least one keyword) and a brief summary of what the article would be about. Be creative!

If your title and summary sound good, Ill give you the go ahead to write it. I pay $7.00 flat rate per article, plus $1.00 for each relevant capoeira picture you submit along with it up to 3 pictures per article.

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English To Japanese Translation

We need someone to translate a Japanese book about Martial Arts. It is 80 pages long and the title page and first page are attached as a sample.

The successful candidate may require some knowledge of martial arts or older style Japanese to translate this document – this will become clear when the sample is viewed.

Applicants should submit a translation of the title page as evidence that they can translate and understand the material.

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Articles Blog Posts For Martial Art Site

I am looking for a serious writer preferably Australian or UK to write 20 articles about martial art training and equipment to be used on a blog. I would like to check the first three articles to confirm they are on track before proceeding with the rest.
Topics and notes will be provided so the writer is aware of the direction I would like the articles to take and to aid the writer

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Custom Social Network Site Needed

I am either thinking a customized

dolphin or joomla modified website. The website will be geared for martial arts. It will be a martial arts social network. Please show me custom work you have done for a social networking website.

I would like to customize the site to make it completely martial arts related.

Being good in graphics is a must as I would like the website to be martial arts vibe with a nice banner

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Martial Art Supplies Site

I need a page similar to this {} or this {} that will allow my customer to sell martial art supplies online.

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Martial Arts Joomla Template

Note: This does not need to be a ground-up new template – we are ok with you using an existing free template to save time and money on this project. is the site that needs to run the new Joomla Template.

Use something like: as an example.

We want to have the rotating image gallery in the top like this site, as well as a video iframe (or however you want to do it) for posting our "Technique of the Week".

We will provide the graphics that are to be used in the building of the template.

Any questions will be answered quickly. I am fine with working with people in various countries and timezones.

There is no rush on this, Id like to see it within 7-10 days.

Thank you.

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Law Related Writter Wanted

I need someone to write 250-350 word article per day.


– Good English writing skills.
– Commitment to provide 30 article per month.
– Basic SEO knowledge will be preferred.
– Must pass CopyScape.
– Only original work accepted. I will check the articles for plagiarism.
– Article must be attractive.
– Keywords will be given. Topic : Law, court martial. Basic knowledge on Law will be proffered.
– I will give you some sample so you may get some idea about that.

Im on a low budget. This is a long term project. Successful writer will be hired for more project.

When you apply, the first word in your application must be "Court Martial" .

Happy Bidding!

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Martial Arts Video Website

I want to create a Website that post videos of martial art tutorials. I want it to not have embedded youtube clips, because in the future I would like to have a private section. The videos do not have to be automatically converted because users will not be able to upload them. I do however want the videos to be sortable by categories, keywords, date and views.

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SEO For Martial Arts Site

I have a new small website for a martial arts club based in the UK. Id like it to rank first for several phrases on

Initial search keywords/phrases to optimise for are:

birmingham martial arts
birmingham jeet kune do
birmingham jkd
birmingham mixed martial arts
birmingham mma

and variations (e.g. martial arts birmingham). You should also generate relevant keywords for the site.

You will need to do on-site and off-site SEO work as is required.

The site is running on Joomla.

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Martial Arts E-Book Re-Writer

I have two crude translations of an 80 year old martial arts book. Both are quite similar (hence accurate) and I can also supply an extensive research document on the topic and a further book also on the topic, all in English.

I want the book re-written into a finished product that I can sell in Click bank and as a hard copy book.

The finished book will be approximately 50 pages. Illustration is not required.

The finished book must be completed to a very high standard in terms of comprehension / grammar and over all quality of information. Must be submitted in doc format not PDF so I can edit it.

Please provide proof of your skills at E-book writing.

Translated files will only be made available to the winning bidder & must be destroyed after project completion.

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MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) Writer Wanted

We are looking for someone with good knowledge of MMA, we are looking for a set of 20-30 articles on the topic.

If you know the sport please leave a bid.

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Flash Animation For A Mixed Martial Art Website

I am in need for a splash page style flash animation for my web site that is targeted towards Mixed Martial Arts. I needs this animation for my website but also want to be able to add it to videos I make from events we go to. This needs to be an animation that is typical for this type of genre with sound and music (typically hardcore). I will supply images video material and graphics as needed.

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Link Building & Contact Development To Martial Arts Website

Hello, I have a martial arts school related website. I am looking for someone to contact small martial arts school around the country and invite them to be "links" with my site. In return I will offer them a listing as well.

I ONLY want martial arts schools, not other websites, not supply companies, but martial art schools with websites. I can also provide you with a list of some martial arts schools and email addresses of these schools to start with.

Basically I want you to develop the contacts (get the lead) and manage the link building process. After you have established and verified the link with the school, I will handle the rest. I am using the link as lead to establish further communication.

I will provide you with an email address to use in order to contact these schools. Professionalism is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

For every email you send out, I would like to CCd. I will also provide you with a sample email that you may modify.

In your quote, please provide or estimate the number of links you will acquire.

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Martial Arts Website

Website to sell martial arts instructional video downloads. Would prefer WordPress platform so I can update. Seeking recommendations as to shopping cart or other tools to facilitate the download sales. Ongoing SEO and marketing consulting can be discussed. Only need a sales page leading to shopping cart.

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English To Japanese Translation: Martial Arts Flyer And Card

This project is to take an existing flyer for a Japanese Jujutsu school and translate it into Hiragana. The flyer is composed of 205 words.

If possible, Kanji for the following would be appreciated as well:

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20 Urgent Articles!!!!


I need 20 articles in 3 days max.

500+ words
1) Judo
2) Kick-boxing
3) Tae Kwon Do
4) Muay Thai
5) Kung-Fu
6) Copera
7) Ancient Self-Defense Arts
8) Japanese Martial Arts
9) Martial Arts in modern world
10) Jeet Kune Do

400+ words
Rewrites of the above!

Payment: $2.5 for 500 words each, $1.5 for 400 words each

I need excellent writers!!!

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Need 10 PR3 Permanent Links For Two Martial Arts Sites (must be martial arts related)

No more than 25 outbound links on the pages where my
link is placed
– I will provide an anchor text for the links, and they must
have that anchor text. We are open for suggestions on text
but there are a few lines we must have.
– The page should obviously be indexed by google and
have a pagerank of at least 4, this means THE PAGE THE
LINK IS ACTUALLY ON (which means I wont accept links
on any page just because that sites homepage is a PR4, I
only care about the actual page my link is on)
– Ranked with Google Page rank 4 or higher
– Only websites related to martial arts (so no gambling,pharmacy,adult etc)
– One link per domain (different C class IPs)
– Permanent, HTML crawlable links only (no javascript, no
"nofollow", no "noindex", no robots.txt blockage etc)
– English language sites only
– No search spam
– No scraper sites, mirror sites, link farms or free for all link
– No link schemes
– No blog comments
– No directories
– No forums/bulletin boards
– No blog and ping sites
– No redirects or cloaking (e.g., 301, 302, meta-refresh,
JavaScript redirects)
– No classified ads
– No article submission sites
– No guest books
– No link dump sites
Please send us a list of where you will have them placed for prior approval.

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posting to mixed martial arts forums

Im looking for someone who is knowledgeable on the subject of mixed martial arts to make friendly and thoughtful posts in forums related to the subject.
You need to speak good English (your posts shouldnt have grammar errors or be difficult to understand).
You will be making an average of 20 posts a day for a test period of 10 days.
The average length of your posts should be a couple of paragraphs per post. However, you shouldnt be too "ritualistic" about it. Some posts may be a couple of lines and some posts may be 3 paragraphs. Just like a "normal" person posts.
Lets say that the average post length should have about 300-350 characters. (Dont just post "I agree" but dont write an essay either 🙂
I will give you the usernames and passwords of the accounts you will be posting under in the forums (there will be 2-3 forums).
If this goes well, you can continue working on this project for longer periods of time after the end of this first "test" phase.
Please let me know a little bit about you and why you think I should choose you for this project. Theres no need for you to be a professional fighter or anything like that – but you should be a martial arts enthusiast (this will make the task less boring :-).
An average of 20 posts a day for a period of 10 days is 200 posts. So, bid accordingly.
Looking forward to working with you!

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Rhodel Island martial arts school directory

Compile and input directory of Rhode Island martial arts schools into WordPress powered directory. checkout site at

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Header Banner

Seeking custom header banner for a WordPress martial arts-themed website. Final product to be delivered as jpeg. Looking for modern look with martial art image. Simple and clean look. Visit for a sample site.

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