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[WordPress]Auto Media Embedding Plugin

Task: create plugin Auto Media Embedding plugin for Video URL replace via regex to Embed code for WordPress 3

like AME 2.5 – Media Embedding (Vbulletin)



-Regular expression-
The regular expression to search for.

The HTML to use. :


some requirement:
– easily add and delete function for definitions
– good performence general / example: save the replacement and dont genreate it by every pageload
– Update function. if something has been changed in the embed code then the old posts with this embed can be updated afterwards too .

MAX: Budget: 60$

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SEO & Social Media For A Small Business

Get me real clients to the site

I need someone who has shown redults before.
You need to be able to do SEO & Social Media –
This is for a small business.
If you can do a GOOD job here then you will be used for many other projects that I am working on.
You may be hired permenantly if I think you are able to do this and know what you are doing.


Lower bids will be prioritised – however for future projects a reasonable price can be set.

Happy Bidding!!!

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Website / Portal

We are now in the process of developing a new website for The site needs an overhaul in response to the growing attention he is receiving in the media, and we need the services of a capable web developer to first re-do a comparably static website with the use of Flash and other engaging media devices. We will eventually need help developing a more interactive element involving online quizzes, questionnaires, and other sophisticated tools for the user to enjoy and require that this initial design can eventually accommodate those needs.

We would like the site to be clean and modern and be an information portal like webmd users can create their own personal profiles and track results of there activities.

Please see attached word document for full details.

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Social Media Monitoring Tool

This is the tool that will search what are people talking about specific keyword on social media channels, forums, blogs or anywhere on the internet.

Currently we wish to target these languages:
 Croatian,
 Serbian,
 English,
 Slovenian

Services that will SMM tool search
a) Blogs
1. Google blogs
2. Technoraty
3. Twingly

b) Social media
1. Twitter
2. Facebook

c) Forums

d) Web
1. Google
3. bing

e) News portals

f) Other
1. Google Alerts
2. Google insights
3. Google trends

g) Video sites

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Social Media Networking And PR Specialist

I am looking for a specialist in social media networking, communications and PR to promote a UK (Manchester) health insurance website

Health Insurance in the UK is a massive market, with around 7 million people (10% of population) having some form of health insurance

Tasks include:

Writing Press releases
Brand management
Manage Twitter & Facebook activity
Writing engaging Blog posts and articles to increase visitor activity

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Social Media Link Building

I am looking to partner with a company that can help promote my clients articles and press releases through social media channels. One of my clients publishes 20-30 high quality and unique articles per month. These articles already have a strong audience and get between 1000-5000 page views for each article per month. To help better promote these articles I am looking for a company that can seed high quality social media links to further promote the content through social media. We have an RSS for these articles and I would be looking for the provider to seed 15-20 social media links within 24 hours of each article or press release being sent out. These links would need to be generated manually and would need to vary article to article. I am also open to other ideas for further promoting these articles and press releases to generate increased traffic and links if you would also like to include some additional ideas in your response and proposal. If the provider is able to deliver the service successfully this will be an ongoing service for at least the next 6 months.

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Social Media Dashboard Demo Website – FaceBook Interface

Mostly just html+demo (one or two webpages initially) functionality with interface to FaceBook: API

What experience do you have with interfacing to FaceBook?
We are looking for the developer with the most interface experience with facebook and other social media websites.

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American United Media

Need Website Design, 45 pages of a powerpoint as a website. Also need 2 application and a secure section. Needs to very easy to edit.

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Studiopress Site Clean Up And Revision

Our company is seeking an individual to help us with:

1) ideas and recommendations for fixing (make better looking) header and footer for Target audience is women and it is an online magazine our company would like to appeal to this group and would like our
2)Upload articles and images to site (all provided)
3) create social media pages (twitter and facebook); link social media icons to social media pages
4.) Link up Newsletter to site…

Please provide quote, a couple of ideas for changing header and footer (to help us see how you would approach the project) for THIS project.

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Virtual Assistant For Social Media ASAP

Hello – we need a candidate who can work for 8 hours UK time Monday to Friday promoting our services in forums, blogs, twitter and facebook.

Written skills a must. Should be able to start ASAP.

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Social Media Optimization

I have a website on which I wants more genuine visitors.

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I need to compile a list of US based Indian media list with the following fields

Media Type(Radio, Newspaper, TV etc),Name, Address,City,State,Zip,Phone,E-mail,Fax,URL.

Need to provide Sample. I need this very quickly.But my budget is less i can pay only $25.

happy bidding


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Writing For A Technology Blog Focused On The Arts Sector

Looking for english speaking bloggers to write for a how-to style technology blog targeted at artists and arts organisations.

Topics will include social media (such as creating a social media strategy, integrating social media, social media campaigns, managing and building social network communities and more), SEO basics, e- mail marketing, mobile apps basics etc.

These blogs will be read by arts marketers, management of arts organisations and artists in Australia. Bloggers should have some knowledge of the arts sector and the issues these organisations face as not-for-profits (such as limited budgets for IT and minimal understanding of advanced technology topics).

The blogs must be written with PRACTICAL examples, advice and tips so that these organisations could implement these easily and without much money.

Please submit your CV, examples of previous blogs written by you and also comment on your knowledge of the arts sector.

A total number of 100 blogs will be required and you should quote for 100 blogs. A detailed list of blog topics, purpose and audience will be submitted before the work starts.

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Social Media Marketing

We are looking for a social media marketing team to develop & manage our online presence across the social web. Features include: audience building, reputation management, content distribution, customer service, blog management & more.

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Virtual Assistant For Web Design, Social Media, Writing, PPC

We need to hire a VA for social media, graphic design, writing, and PPC advertising tasks. We will only hire a native speaker and writer of the English language. We need a self-starter who can work efficiently on projects including updating simple websites, updating Facebook pages for clients, and designing simple banner ads.

Please bid your cost for one 40 hour week of service. If we like you after the first 40 hours, we will consider hiring you fill time. We are a quickly growing digital marketing company.

Remember, native speaker and writer of the English language.

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Writing 30 English SEO Articles About Social Media Marketing

For a Social Media Marketing blog Im looking for someone who can write 30 english 500 word quality, seo friendly, articles about Social Media Marketing and related subjects.

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Blogging And Social Media Content Writer

A person that can closely follow directions and keep to a pre-determined schedule is needed for ongoing help with blog entries and social media for a variety of subjects. A self starter is needed – one that can rapidly grasp what is needed and deliver the services required in a timely manner and without needing too much supervision to get the actions done.

Blog entries must be original and 2-4 paragraphs; social media entries must be tips or facts and invite interaction. Social media following must also be increased for several accounts – not with spam followers but actual, interested and relevant followers.

The right person will be paid on a production basis with rate to be worked out depending on quality and ability to get the job done in the time needed. The right person will have an ongoing job.

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Wowza Media Server Administration Needed

Wowza Media Server administrator is currently needed.
If you have any Wowza Meida Server experience.
Remuneration is great and you will very likely work from home.
It is a weekly commitment.

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Simple Splash Photo/Video

Project demo:

Project description:
An iPAD-only picture/video gallery that displays pictures and videos. There are two modes for this gallery – Random Mode and Ordered mode (refer to the sample top right buttons). Upon touching one of the pictures/video, the background would be blured and the picture/video animated to the forefront. In the event the media being clicked is a video, the video would be played automatically (there should be the user video control too). Else if the media is a picture, the user would have an option to click to learn more about the picture. Once the user clicks anywhere else on the screen, the media would close and return back to the gallery (any videos playing would have to be stop too).

Project features:
1. Load the pictures in random mode on startup
2. Ability to select random/ordered mode during usage
3. Ability to turn background music on/off. (default on)
4. Ability to click on picture to display more details about it.
5. Ability for video to be played on click – youtube style (basic icon to pause, play and stop should be present too.)
6. XML file to store the path to the pictures/videos as well as title and writeup of the process if any. This is for easy editing in future.
7. Ability to select different processes. (refer to demo, and see top left "galleries")
8. The display of pictures/videos should be enclosed inside a polaroid picture.
9. Some level of animation is required between transition.

Example XML:
<music path="background.mp3"/>
<background path="background.jpg"/>
<logo path="image.jpg" />
<process title="process1" default="true">
<media type="pic" url="images/pic1.jpg" title="test1" description="long description"/>
<media type="vid" url="images/pic2.jpg" title="test2" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic3.jpg" title="test3" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic4.jpg" title="test4" />
<process title="process2" default="true">
<media type="pic" url="images/pic1.jpg" title="test1" description="long description" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic2.jpg" title="test2" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic3.jpg" title="test3" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic4.jpg" title="test4" />

1. The project was done entirely in AS3 and the source would be given to the programmer.
2. All creatives such as buttons/background/polaroid pictures etc would be provided.
3. This program has to be done in C for performance reasons.
4. Project must be delivered within 2-3 weeks
5. Deliverables: source codes, compilable by xcode

Why this is simple:
6. Program only need to be develop for iPad. Also, all creatives would be provided.
7. Pictures and videos would be given in a predefined size. No dynamic resize required.
8. Not really a need to do pre-loading since the pictures/videos are all local within the ipad
9. No need to do provisioning of the app, i.e. no submission to appstore required on your part.

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Social Media Make Over Facebook, Twitter, Seo WordPress

Need someone to create a uniform look to my existing social media sites, facebook fan page, youtube, twitter, wordpress blog, SEO optimization.

I have access to art as this is for a business within an artistic industry.

I need someone to set these all up for me with a uniform look, and consistent delivery of our company brand.

I will supply reference material but would also like to have some of your ideas as to the presentation and design (especially for word press)

SEO optimization for our website within niche industry.

Would like to also have advice, quotes on a new website, with an easy to use CMS that can add multiple photos at once, videos, advertising space, all the widgets/ gadgets and "standard" about us page, contact, map, mission statement, etc

will provide url to our existing website and more detail


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Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Software:

Must able to do the following:

-Display a variety of Media types – Screens
that simply rotate through a series of
static images are fine, but customers will
quickly learn to ignore them, since they
act so much like traditional signage. To
remain effective, a signage network needs
to have the flexibility to change things

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Be Myself On Social Media

I need someone who can manage my social media. Facebook, Twitter, blog, and LinkedIn.
I will use these tool as self branding and lead generation purpose

Scope of work.
-decide social media strategy
-set up an account
-Expand network
-Make a post

My budget is $3.00/hour and monthly budget is up to $50.

I would like to have a long term relationship.

Please tell me your relevant work experience.


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WordPress / Buddypress / Cincopa Api Integration

We have a wordpress site using buddypress. We require this site to
Integrate with the cincopa aPi from the media service.

Want to allow users to upload their files to cincopa and store to be
Retrieved via xml playlists Per users. Media player to be used is jwplayer
Which is on the site

Require 3 day turnaround. Prefer html5 , jquery methods to do uploads
And playlists

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Social Media Analyzer

Search main social networks

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Social Media Campaign

Public Relation and branding using Social media like facebook, twitter, plurk, blogging, and media research

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WordPress Video Website

Hello all, I am looking for an experienced web developer competent in html 5, CSS, and the above selected skill set to work on taking some static concepts and developing fully into a WordPress video website.

The site, including all videos need to be viewable in all major media, such as
– mac (all browsers)
– pc (all browsers)
– all portable media, such as smartphones, iphones , ipads and ipods etc.

website will have a blog / news sections
all aspects of all pages will be updateable

Please, when you are bidding I need not only a cost for development, but a timescale too

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