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Medical Residency SEO Project 2

Medical Residency SEO Project 2

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Medical Residency SEO Project 1

SEO Work in Medical Residency.

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Virtual Medical Assistant

Virtual medical assistant:
Looking for a virtual medical assistant for part time work.
1.Speaks fluent English (Spanish a big plus)
2.Medical background
3.100% reliable fast Internet connection.
4.Phone line for calling US number
5.Fast typer
6. Knowledge of medical billing
I am looking to hire a virtual medical assistant who will work for me 9:30AM to 5:30PM Eastern Standard time 5 days a week. You will be on constant video and or audio chat with me. You will see patients with me write down the history in the Electronic medical record as I talk to and examine the patient , Make appointments for my patients and follow up with them you will edit my correspondence and reports.
You will assist me in all other matters including personal matters.
If you have knowledge of medical building I will pay you more.
Reliability of Internet and Phone connection a must.
Please submit your bids for a weekly salary and send me your resume (Write MAJOB1 in the first line of your Bid so I know you read the whole post)
I will pay a weekly salary as well the costs of phone service and Internet.
You will be trained in our EMR and if you are chosen may be sent to online medical coding classes.

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Tweek Forms For Medical Centre

I have a 7 page form used in a medical centre that has been typed out in Word with the text boxes where they should be. I need the form converted to an aesthetically pleasing format. The use of colours/shading and text boxes be appreciated.

My preference is to be able to print this form on a mono laser printer from a PDF OR in colour by a print shop so it must look good in both formats and be provided in a print ready PDF and as a PDF document to print on local laser printers.

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RMS, CRM, Medical Recruitment Management System For Sale

I intend to sale the following projects:

(1) Job Management System:
— SRS (Software Requirement Specifications)
— MWP (Methodology and Work Plan)
— Introduction (of analysis and design phase)
— Overview (of proposed system)
— Data Flow Diagram
— Entity Relationship Diagram
— Activity Diagram
— Sequence Diagram
— Architecture Design Diagram
— Class Diagram
— Database Design
— Interface Design
— Deployment Diagram
— Test Cases
— 100% coded in Java with Oracle as back-end
— Project report
— Presentation of the project (Power Point Slides)

(2) CRM:
This project report is more than 100 pages document and all about the planning and scheduling of the CRM project.

The areas on which this document emphasis are:
— The project feasibility from different views i.e. Technical, Operational, Economic, Schedule, Specification, Informatioin, Motivational, Legal & ethic etc.
— The project scope
— The project costing using some method like FP analysis and Cocomo
— The Critical Path Method Analysis (CPM) which will tell about activities to be performed and their time duration and dependency of activities to each other
— The Gantt Chart which will show tasks and their duration that development team followed
— Tools and technologies that have used to develop the product by the development team;
— The Vision document i.e. Introduction, Positioning, Stake holders and user descriptions, product overview, product features, other product requirements
— Risk List i.e. Product size, business impact process definition, development environment, technology to be built etc.
— Requirement engineering of CRM i.e. system specifications, existing system, marketing, sales, support, organizational chart, scope of the system, summary of requirements, identifying external entities, context level DFD, Capture "shall" statements, allocate requirements, prioritize requirements, requirements traceability matrix, high level use case diagram
— DESIGN PHASE OF CRM i.e. Introduction CRM Use Case Description, Use Case diagrams (high level, detailed, refined)
— CRM domain Model
— CRM sequence diagrams
— CRM collaboration diagram
— CRM Operation Contracts
— CRM design class diagram
— CRM data Model
— USER MANUAL i.e. Overview, accessing the CRM, administrator module, sale module, employee module
— Installation Instructions

Please Note: Code is not available

(3) Medical Recruitment Management System:
Medical Recruitment management system is the comprehensive tool to manage the entire recruitment processes of the Medical Recruitment. The system is designed to maintain the Structure systematically and to organize the entire ongoing manual recruitment processes. It helps to reduce the time-per-hire and cost-per-hire. Itll maintain an automated curriculum vitae bank of the candidates. Medical Recruitment management system will help to communicate and create healthy relationships with the candidates through the entire recruitment processes.

The project has following design docs:
— SRS (Software Requirement Specifications)
— MWP (Methodology and Work Plan)
— Introduction (of analysis and design phase)
— Overview (of proposed system)
— Data Flow Diagram
— Entity Relationship Diagram
— Activity Diagram
— Sequence Diagram
— Architecture Design Diagram
— Class Diagram
— Database Design
— Interface Design
— Deployment Diagram
— Test Cases
— 60% coded in Java with Oracle as back-end
— Project report

Best regards

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Update Medical Website With CMS, With SEO Review

We have a medical website that needs updating
We need a CMS so we can manage it ourselves
We want SEO review to ensure we maintain and increase placement
Remove music currently on site

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Company Profile Pages For Medical Tourism Website

We are a upcoming Medical tourism portal.

We need some profile pages of our company written from some professional writers.
About us,Services,Management,Whu us,Join us etc

Around 10 pages have to be written.
Please attach some demo work also.

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E-book In A Medical/health Field

We are looking for someone who will write an informative, self-help book in a medical-related field. The finished book will have approximately 90.000 words (which is 300 pages, each 300 words long).

This is a ghostwriting project. All ownership and copyright of the book will belong to us.


– You need to have experience with writing books or short reports on a similar topic (for example, nutrition, health, natural remedies, medical conditions, fitness, wellness, etc.). Provide samples of your previous work with your bid.
– Good command of the English language, fluent writing and impeccable grammar.
– You need to be punctual, hardworking and respect deadlines.
– No third parties. You will write the book yourself and not outsource it to someone else. Only individuals are considered for this project

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Medical IPad/iPhone App

We are looking to hire experienced developers to create a medical ipad app.

the app is based on flow charts for doctors to diagnose treatments

pretty basic.

please be experienced with the SDK and also apples registration process

looking forward to hearing from you.

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Review Of Medical Records

The work involves creation of Review of medical records of patients and the pay would be per pages of review created from the records. The review should be as concise as possible with no redundancy. There would be clear instruction and training for the projects.

For: Medical transcriptionists, doctors, medical students, paramedics.

Skills needed: Knowledge of medical terminology and fluency with English and computers.

Full time / Part time work possible.

Possibility of long term employment.

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Medical Web Site

want to have a website for a medical practice , for a neurology practice with emphasisi on epilepsy , would appreciate someone who previosuly built medical practice sites , simple ,elgeant and have some photos, I dont have any photos to post.

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PR3+ Back Links For MEDICAL Websites

PR3+ Back Links for MEDICAL websites

Looking for someone to create back links for my websites. You should be able to post blogs, and post our information on other websites. Our websites are medical related and we are looking for PR3 and above.

Only bid $30 For this job, once you have successfully proven yourself then you can work for more money.

These will be One-Way, permanent , non-reciprocal links. Will help you find competitor

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Website For Medical Marijuana Delivery Service


I have a website that is partially designed. Im looking for a creative web designer to work with on a long term basis. The website will be for a medical marijuana delivery service. I will be posting pictures and descriptions of new medicine as it comes in and would like a back end built so that it is easy for me to manipulate. I am not that computer savy so the process would have to be relatively easy for me. Ill also need someone that is artsy and has a eye for making a website pop. I, personally, am not very artsy and will have a hard time articulating how I want the look of the site. If you think you can help me please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

here are 2 sites i really like though this site seems to be slow

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Future Medical Application

This is a request for a demonstration fun android application.
Step 1 use device to create simulated picture, on devices without camera simulate it took a picture. Picture/simulation will be of individual in face forward, arms out, legs slightly spread.
2. display will cycle through simulated picture similar to a scan, changing color as if doing infrared, ultraviolet, thermal, xray, mri, cat scan
3. after scan display will focus on chest area with option to click on highlighted area, lung, heart, tracha – side bar can appear with different button flashing like a futuristic medical scanner; choose area for results does not have to be functional just flashy
4. high lighted area when selected will display random normal values for area selected resp rate, breath sounds, heart rythm, sinus clear, pulmonary function values
5, final results screen, option to rescan, advertisement from our organization

This is not an actual medical application just a simulation of what could be in the future. Focus for this is on the Respiratory Care community

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I require a similar functionality to integrated with Joomla. I have no requirements for how this is done, but possibly just a modification to the joomla component appointment booking pro ( It needs to have the full administrator section. Please login to ZocDoc to see the functions. Please careful research and go through the site before you bid.

Please only bid if you understand exactly what this project entails, including all the functionality required.

I develop many Joomla sites and am always looking for good programmers, so this could be the start of a nice professional relationship.

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Need Movie With Voice Over For A Medical Clinic

Need Movie / Video with Voice Over.

For a medical clinic, we are looking for something that will be played in a DVD to visiting patients.

You will be given topics, verbiage (text), and some ideas. You will put this together on your own.

Total length of the video will be around 2 mins.

**** What we are not looking for: Shocking colors, crazy things moving all over the place, bad font, bad voice over ****

Again, this is not for a CLUB, or geared towards 16 yr old girls. This is for a medial establishment and must be simple yet effective.

Seeking self starters. I wont have time to hold your hand through every step of this. You will be given some guidelines, you will do the research and come up with something effective.

Delivery should be in a format that will be burned to a DVD and played on a TV.


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Make Some Medical Text

I have more than 10,000 questions and answers , as Multiple choise Questions .
All the Questions , have the correct answers and Also some explanations .
What do i want ?
Is to change the sentences in questions and answers , for take the collection out of copy rights .
but it is very important that the main contents in both questions and answer must not change , only you have to change how to use words and sentences .
In some cases the explanation are too long , you can make a summary of that .
in some cases you can change the assortment of sentences .
you can do it ? come to me

But you at first i will give you 10 question for test , if you did that correct , its good , we can work together .
I will pay you for every 100 questions , so :
tell me how long does it takes for every 100 questions ( as a unit )
tell me how much money do you want to do every 100 questions ( as a unit )

you can see two of questions :

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Medical Paper Box Design,can Be Edited Accordingly

It is a medical paper box design

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DE-EN Translation, Medical Technolog

Im looking for a qualified and reliable translator, for a translation from German to English, approx. 14.000 words. Area: medical technology
Details can be discussed via email.

Im looking forward to receiving your bids!

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Medical Articles

I need 20 medical articles. 500 words each.
The 20 articles will be used on 20 different informative
web pages on the doctors website. The content will be
the core content on the website.

The articles must be unique, grammatically error-free.
The articles should be written in a personal manner.
I have more details for you. I will send those via PMB.

I will pay $4/500 words.
Deadline for this project is 4-6 days.
Payment will be made via

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Medical Tourism Business Plan

Title Page and Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Overview of Company, Industry,
Products, and Services
3. Market Analysis

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Seeking Spanish Health And Medical Writers

Looking for creative Spanish writers, for 5 articles on Health/Medical news. All articles are in Spanish and must have perfect grammar, spelling, and must be easy to read, must be original and must pass a copyscape review.

Please bid on 5 articles (500-700-words) about Health/Medical news.

In a private message, please include the following.
Please include a resume with a sample or two of your freelance Spanish writing.

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AdSense Website For A Prepared Website

I am looking for an Adsense profitable website to be developed that makes 750 – $1250 per month.

I have the domain and web hosting and site is designed in joomla and for Medical Exams especially for canadian medical exams . and also for downloading of medical book , medical videos and ….

You will be responsible for writing the SEO optimized content and fully configuring.

Site MUST adhere to the following :

– Contain unique content with at least 60 unique posts/articles
– Must be original and SEO optimised with keywords used frequently
– SEO Marketing as required
– Must earn $20 – $40/day for one month
– All copyrights will be assigned to me in writing
– Must contain related images to niche topic
– Welcome to add any related CB products as long as it doesnt distract from Adsense ads too much
– Unique organic traffic (no bots or traffic buy sites)
– Must Be Adsense optimized
– Have an Adsense account already
– And Again : Must earn $20 – $40/day for one month

I will pay the amount of bid ONLY AFTER I see constant income in my adsense account. I will hold the payment for 50 days until this has been confirmed. No partial payments! When conditions have been met successfully, you will be paid in full. The bidder should consider the following points:

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Medical (Healthcare) Email List Needed

Need Medical (Healthcare) Email List. Opt-In?

Please no junk ;o)


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Video – Animation Project

I need a video of that is part animation, part text and part clips from other sources.
The video is about 3-5 minutes long and it is going to be displayed to an audience at a meeting, therefore it must look professional.
It is medical related, however, it does not deal with in-depth medical-related content.
I will supply you with a very detailed briefing of what is required and expected and I will also provide you with necessary logos and art work related to the project.

If you have a portfolio that would be much appreciated if you could supply me with a link to it.

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E-book, Medical Subject 45-65,000 Words

I am looking for a talented writer to re-write a non technical medical book.


1. structure of book based on reading and absorbing 2-3 books on the subject
2. do one chapter as a test and to develop the correct writing style. Assume 3 rewrites to get it perfect.
(if i am not happy we can agree to not continue at this stage)
3. roll out chapter by chapter with review and comment along the way by myself
4 present final document for final review to agreed timescale
5 final edit

You will need to provide 3 samples of similar text extracts for my review.

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Icon Set For Medical Community Site

Need help creating vectors (color: light blue, green, etc) for a new networking website… that will be medical tourism focused for the professional community. The icons are needed to go along with a number of medical conditions, treatments, etc. The icons need to look good at 150x150and 20×20. The following is a good example of the kind were looking for

Wish to have as many icons to go along with the following list as possible:

=====Medical Procedures
Cancer Treatment
Cardiology Procedures
ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat)
Eye Surgery (Opthamology)
Female Specific
Fertility Treatment
Gastrointestinal Procedures
Gender Realignment
General Surgery
Male Specific
Obesity Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Scans & Health Checks
Spinal Procedures
Stem Cell Therapies
Transplant Surgery
Urology Procedures

=====Cosmetic Surgery
Arm Lift
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Breast Reduction
Buttocks Implants
Chemical Peels
Chin Surgery
Ear Pinning
Ear Reshaping
Eye-Bag Removal
Eyelid Lift
Facial Implants
Forehead/Brow Lift
Hair Implants and transplants
Liposuction / Lipoplasty
Lower Body Lift
Nose Reshaping
Penis Enlargement
Skin Refinishing
Spider Vein Removal
Tummy Tuck
Varicose Vein Removal

=====Dental Procedures
Dental Bondings
Dental Bridges
Dental Caps
Dental Fillings
Dental Implants
Porcelain Tooth Crowns
Root Canal
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Contouring
Tooth Veneers

=====Alternative Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Holistic Medicine
Orthomolecular Medicine
Siddha Medicine
Unani Medicine


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Medical Writer

I require a medical writer who is capable of writing professional high medical report.

The report will look like this:

Please send samples of your work that are relevant to this job, and send a price quote for this job.

Thank you.

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Reviewing a stack of medical reports (in a digital file) and creating a summary of relevant information from each report. The summary will be sorted by date and lists information that is common and relevant as a valid summary of the original report. This can evolve into a regular schedule of service. Medical terminology is required as is understanding medical procedures and tests. Nurses, English majors or medical students are qualified applicants. Keyboarding skills and computer operation skills are essential. The ability to review the stack and create a summary report in a short period of time is a highly appealing quality.

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Urgent Proofreader Need 2 (Medical Content)

Hi I need urgent proofreader to proofread one 2000 pages medical thesis paper.
The work should be done within 6 hours.
Also medical person will be preferred.

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Medical Thesis Paper Proofreading, Very Urgent

Hi I need one medical thesis (2000 words) to be proofread, very urgent. You must complete it within next 6 hours.
Otherwise dont bid.

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SEO First Page Rank

Experienced SEO / Link builder to increase my web site page ranking to top #3 or better ranking on Google Search for my website for 3 keywords.

florida medical malpractice
florida medical malpractice attorney
florida medical malpractice lawyer

You must use no methods that will hurt website from the Google.

Provide overview of how you are going to do it.

How long for results.

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