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Social Network

I am looking to set up a niche social network site which will be designed around one topic.

The site will be similar to other social sites such as facebook in terms of its member profile etc.
The site will be able to upload photos and video.
The site will need to be able to accept uploading of information in form layouts.
The site will operate on local and international levels and blogs and forums should be able to operate on theses levels.
The site should be capable of messaging in real time during events.
The site should be able to show news at local and international level depending on the visitors location within the site
The profile of the site members should allow linking to other members in developing friends
The site should be monetizable and ability to add ad sense and add products for sale by web members should be included
The site should allow members to join by facebook etc as well as standard login and join.

As an overview the member signing up can put in their profile their favourite teams at local intermediate national and international level.
The profile will form the basis of member linking at all the levels. Members can also link to other members as they wish.
At events the members should be able to communicate with members in real time during the event and post blogs and engage in forums as they wish.
At local level the member can access local news and events and at national and international level they should be able to access national and international news
The site will not be monetized until member numbers are large enough but will then be monetized by ad sense and internal ad sales.

Questions for Freelancers
1. have you experience in social network sites
2 What platform will you be using.
3. Can we expect a fixed price.
4 What time frame can we expect
5 What after sales service will you provide.

Detailed submission will be forwarded after initial selection

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Multiple Members/ads Link Tracking. – Auto-responders – Mana

The description below is a general description. Please contact me for full details

Fast and quick version

lets say I post an ad…

You click on it (track which ad, which url, keeps hit count)(For ADMIN)

Takes you to landing page with a form((select random MEMBER)collect -name, email, phone, time, date)

You submit the form
a)collected info goes to ADMIN list – (name, email, phone, time, date)Admin can email one or all, Edit (view,delete,edit), Download.
b)collected info goes to MEMBER list – (name, email, phone, time, date)MEMBER can view and/or download
c) Takes them to a page with instructions
"An Email with instructions on how to access the information you requested has been sent to (email address here).
To access the information
1. check your email
2. Click on the link
You will then be automatically be forwarded."

You click on the link above (verifiyng your email, auto-responder starts)

You End up at MEMBERS page (Track the visit to MEMBER page)

I would need of course an admin section, and a member section and some stuff that can show up on main page. (top 10 referer, Top 25 Clicks, etc). i.e. This sites has (340) members, with (1400) ads and has served (1,456,986) visits to Their sites.

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Member Messaging System

I am looking for an experienced programmer to build me a solution, that allows the company to send messages to a area/inbox unique to each member of our website, based off the tags that they have in infusionsoft.

this is very short, let me know if you any experience in this area and I will send you more details.

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Website Whit Comment’s, Member Registration, Read For More!

Hi there

I need a website, where people can come and leave comments on articles choosen out by the admin.

if you want to leave a comment on the site you have to be a member. You should be able to quote other comments.

The website is very simple, the member profile should only be able to upload a picture, favourite category, and how many times this user has comment on the site.

There should be like and dislike buttons on the comments same here only members can rate.

Is this something you can do please go for it, i have more projects for the future.

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WordPress: I Need To Add Somes New Features


I have created a new community website and I have to add somes new features and solve a small problems.
This is what I want to do:

NB: I will explain more to the person that will do the work

1- send the confirmation link to new members email to avoid spammers.

2- * Add the possibility to members to "add" (upload) their own icon from their member area.
* Add the possibility to members to "change" their own icon icon from their member area.

3- add paginat for a specific page.

4- Rate this answer: The answer that was more notes from the community, will be placed first. (like in

5-allow member to contact each others (private messager).

6- A small problem in number of author name caracter.

Thank you

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Need Intro Video 2 – 3 Minutes For Conservation Company

hi we are a conservation social networking company ready to launch. We need to tell our story in a 2-3 minute video that will be used as a marketing tool from member to member – on our website and on you tube.
it needs to be a high quality clip – dynamic

we have a lot of images and footage to use.

best suited to some talking – male voice (will provide scripts) and music.

similar to

Some special effects needed – eg rainforests getting destroyed & then rebuilt.

Please include links to examples of your work…need another done also after this.

looking forward to seeing your work and bids.

thanks so much, Luci 😉

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Project For Member ForwardEntpr

Project for ForwardEntpr – 10 articles 350 words as discussed.

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Simple Joomla Website

I am looking for someone to build a simple joomla website. The template will be sourced from Joomlart. Images will be supplied. Text will be supplied. Instructions for navigation will be supplied.

Its really only a day or maybe two days work for someone who knows Joomla well. The site has 15 or so front end pages. Then it needs member registration function where each member is approved – and once approved they have access to some members only pages (viewable by everyone).

I would expect to appoint a freelancer for this job by Thursday 24th. I would hope to view a fully functioning draft on your servers by 30th.

Any questions, just let me know.

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.ASP Team Member

Just looking for an ASP programmer to assist me on overflow projects in the future. Bid $30 and pass my little exam and I will allow you to not only earn $30 but you will also be able to get other .asp work too.

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Magento Team Member


I need a Magento testing Server set up tonight.
I have work in Magento I need completed.

Please only reply with Magento Plugin experience and Magento expertise samples available to see.

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WordPress Member Theme

I am in need of a custom fully functional wordpress theme tailored to the wishlist-member plugin.

The design needs to be sleek, modern and above all, functional.

It is for a membership site so this needs to be taken into concideration when designing.

A logo and color scheme will be provided.

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WordPress Plugin – Membership Area

I need a membership area in wordpress with customizable options, in every membership option the member buy credits wich he can use to download zip files offered with image, description and download button. The value in credits of the zip files has to be customizable by the admin, and when a member select the file, this is added to a virtual cart. The virtual cart is on the sidebar (widget) with the name of the member and the residual credits. When the credits deposit is 0, the member can buy again the credits.


memberhip1: 200credits, membership2: 400 credits
the new member (selected the membership1)after the payment enter in the site and with 200 credits in the deposit select zipfile12 (value 10 credits) and zipfile15 (value 20credits). After the checkout from the sidebar he can download two zipfiles,and he can use 170 credits for next downloads. When the credits will finish he can buy 200 credits more to continue to download new zipfiles.

The payment system for the membership area will be paypal. After the payment I need an automatic customizable email with confirmation and communications.

More details in private messages.

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Competition Entry Form

In boonex dolphin 7.0.5

I need to create a completion entry form that also uses some drop down fields from the form used when a user joins…

Obviously the page will need linked to the database.

The site is already running and undergoing beta testing but must be live bofore april 5th. see here for reference:

Criteria gathered will be:

Auto filled in should be the users personal info from database, i.e. name, address, county etc/

Golf Course Name (from same dropdown menu as sign up form.)

a table with 18 rows and one columns. Accross the top hole 1 to 18 and the user enters there score in the bottom row. for each hole…

A space to enter the name of the golf society you are a member of, if you are a member of such a society.

(Mandatory) must have a space to enter the name of the person who marked the score card.

An area to enter any additional comments that may be required.

A popout box linked to FAQ page if clicked on.

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EASY MEMBER PRO Membership Script

I have EASY MEMBER PRO ( membership site script which i just bought online, but among the payment processor options they have there is no Liberty Reserve payment there and also offline payment processing where by at the end it will display my bank information for them to pay into it. I have the script already with me i dont know if you will need it to get it edited. There DEMO page is here below;

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Card Game Online

I want start a 4 player card game online.

-2 teams. each team has 2 player.
-all card are in play. Game is simple.
-register member -> can play 1 game each month with user rondom selected.
-Register gold member can join a competition.
-there will be several legues. depending on the mebers quantity.
-payment provider is multisafepay.
-admin panel full with WHMCS

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Prestashop Customization

This project is a based on Prestashop. There are some things which we would like to add/customize:-

1. Member registration

The current member registration module is open to the public. This allows any visitor to sign up to become a member of the website. We would like to customize this module. In order to register as a member, the visitor MUST first purchase a mobile phone (the "product") from the merchant. Each product has a unique serial number imprinted on it. To sign up as a member, the visitor needs to provide his email, password and serial number. The serial number can only be used only ONCE. Another visitor that attempts to register using the same serial number will be presented with a user friendly error message.

Member account profile MUST keep a record of the serial number used during registration.

2. Commission scheme

Members of the website are rewarded with commissions whenever they purchase additional units of the product. The commission schemes are divided into a few categories based on the number of units sold within a period of time. It is IMPORTANT to take note that the 1st unit is not taken into account. Entitlement for commissions only occurs upon purchase of 2nd unit or more.

2.1 A new module to define commission tiers and the schemes (either percentage or fixed amount) eg.

Bronze (1 – 5 units) : 5% of the total sales price / RM 45 (fixed amount) for each unit
Gold (6 – 20 units) : 10% of the total sales price / RM xx (fixed amount) for each unit
Platinum (21 and above units) : 15% of the total sales price a RM xx (fixed amount) for each unit

2.2 The settlement period should fall on the 1st and 15th of every month. A backend job is required to generate a list of reports (viewable from the backend and also printable to pdf) where the merchant can make the necessary payments to the members.

3. Warranty registration

The merchants product comes with a 1 – 2 years of warranty. To activate the warranty, we intend to have a page where the visitor can input their contact details and serial number of the product.

3.1 This module MUST allow customers who has purchased the mobile phone to raise tickets pertaining to warranty claims

Backend requirement:-

3.2 There must be a module where the employees can list the outstanding warranty tickets and provide the ability to respond and update.

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SugarCRM Guru Needed Now!

We need a sugar crm guru to act quickly to finish off 2 besPoke modules.

1) we have a clients section and members section, a member looks after a client and we need ability to choose member via postcode. Postcode has already been setup but matching service is not.

2) we need function to archive records for all jobs made on website so that they can not be deleted.

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Seeking Programmer For JomSocial-based Site

Seeking a programmer to install and configure Jomsocial for our site. We are a club that would like to offer more features to our members. We will provide the unlimited Jomsocial license and will install Joomla on our server for you. Our current site is

We would like to offer the following features to our members, though we are open to suggestions:


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Sugar Crm Guru Needed!

We need a sugar crm guru to act quickly to finish off 2 besPoke modules.

1) we have a clients section and members section, a member looks after a client and we need ability to choose member via postcode. Postcode has already been setup but matching service is not.

2) we need function to archive records for all jobs made on website so that they can not be deleted.

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Ethos Share Units

We are a 1 year old company. Rapidly expanding. We build people networks and capabilities around well defined problems and opportunities. One of our first ventures has been a partnership with the British Army to create a new not for profit company and charity that delivers sports sponsorship We own and operate this organisation – we are kind of "venture consultants". In the first two months of operation we have raised over £300k of new money for Army sport!!

For background have a look at

Our current project is to build a large community and the infrastructure (technology, process and balance sheet) necessary to support large scale collaborations – for profit and charity. We have started the "Ethos Partnership Project – EPP" on a Ning community but are looking for external investment to build a bunch of proprietary IP and the basis of a really exciting technology venture.

Part of the deal on offer to EPP members is a share of £10M worth of equity based on "Ethos Share Units – ESUs".

ESUs are allocated according to:

New Free Members = 5 ESUs
Investing members get £1=1ESU.

All members are given a first year bonus of the total ESUs from all new members they introduce (a gaming element)

Ning has an open API plus export XLS facility of all member details – collected from the signup process (member profile).

I want a web page that shows each member and the ESU total that they have. Plus the total ESUs in circulation plus the ability to add ESUs for project contribution. Ideally a link on each members page that will give them their ESU (based on referring page URL), plus the ability to see some totals and analysis.

Please have a read of the Ethos site.

I also suggest that you sign-up to the community at as this will give you first hand experience of the capture process for member details – and you may decide to hang around to contribute on other Ethos projects – including the large tech project to scale the infrastructure also 😉

Please let me know how you will approach this project. What technologies you will use (I would like near real time updates and xls mashups ideally). Which database? Plus references of a couple of projects that look similar to this one.

And of course some general background on your capability.

This project will not have to last forever – we will do it again in 6 months when we have deeper pockets.

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Remote Authentication For .NET Web App

We need to pass on log in credentials (which is stored as custom member profile data in an ExpressionEngine member profile) to a third party .NET website. Contact us for project specifics before placing your bid. We will send you both websites links, framework specs, and more.

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Simple Member Area With Codeigniter

We want to build a simple member area consisting register and login feature (and forget password);
there is only 1 page at member area, displaying some information (1 textstring, and 2 tables, with next & previous button ajax), and 1 field where member can put something and click request (ajax)

while request button clicked, it will add entry in several table and email both member and admin

admin area, login,logout, can see list of request and process it (put some data, like batch number), and script changes a column at database & email the client that process is done.

design is simple (no graphic), just as neat as possible; must use code igniter; table structure will be provided; program flow is provided (send PM to see); source code must be provided.

it is very simple project, can be done in 2-3 hours by CI expert.

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Building A Reviews Script

ABSTRACT :The project is to build a Review system that allows visitors and editors to review products.

In the Cpanel:

– Can add new category ( each category contains products ) : The products in each category have a common fields when you want to review them. You can declare these fields when you add a new category. The field vary ( stars , scores , check points … etc )
– Control memberships.
– Editors, moderators, whoever: custom groups and permissions give you the flexibility to control who does what

In the member page:
– Display all reviews by the member.
– Display all devices owned by the member.
– General info.

In the Home page you can:
– Display products by vendors, category or rank
– Display newest reviews.

– Project rank is calculated from all fields from all people who reviewed it.
– Also there should be a ranking for the Vendors.

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Similar To Fabswingers

We are looking for a simular website as to

Home ( home page to show account details and membership left )
Read Messages (internal mail)
Sent Messages (internal mail)
Saved Messages (messages that are not deleted and saved by member)
Looked at me ( profiles that have looked at your profile page )
Friends Invites ( people that have sent a friend invite )
Friends List ( list of your friends )
Friend Updates ( this where member needs to have a "status box" and then can see friends "status updates")
Winks ( when member views your profile, option to add as friend and wink, wink to be displayed )
Manage Photos ( photos uploaded by member and can browse others photos, this is be restricted by 3 options, public, friends only or not shown. also profile pic upload for profile page.)
Manage Verifications ( these can be left on profile page, 1000 characters plus star rating member being left verification can choose to display or not )
Edit Account ( basic details, age, location )
Edit Personal Details ( height, weight, age, discription )
Edit Profile ( profile is 1 entry box with 10,000 char to enter text )
Message Filters ( can block users such as men, tv, ts groups )
Change Password
Change Email ( this is to be used to send members emails from main admin account )
Block List ( members can block other users and manage them here )
Privacy ( can hide profile from user searches )
Recommend Us
Delete Account

these options are to be listed on the left hand side.

top menu bar,

Home – search – forums – meet and lists – logout

home, show users home page
search ( this is where users can search for others users in their area, by age, interests, male, female, couple, gay male, gay female )
forums ( we need a forum listings board done through an internal php database for listing meetings, topic chats. Simular to a bb board but internal database.
meet and lists ( taken to directly to forum page for meets and those wanting to meet
logout sign out of the site

these are the main options we need, but other little jobs needed along the way to devolop the site. We are looking to open a swingers website with a 3 tier membership rank, basic, silver and gold. basic level can post profile pic, and send 3 mails per day but not upload pics to their album, silver gives normal site usage but only upload 8 pics per day to max of 25 pics. gold gives unlimited usage of everything. membership will be done through a system for homephone billing or text message. (suggestions needed for this please) also needed will be an admin section, to remove profiles, remove forum posts and leave warning notice for infractions.

Site banner also needed

would also look to add a video feed chat to the site, view members feed and send feed with sound option to the room.

All copyright for the site and site banner to be transfered to us when site complete.

programming in any language with hmtl please.

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OsDate Changes Required

I have a running OsDate site and need following additions:

1. Each member will be given a verified status by the administrator from the admin panel. This would be based on levels eg. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.
2. Once the administrator has give the level to the member, this level needs to be displayed on the members profile when other members view it (next to their ID)
3. There needs to be a page which explains meaning of each Level and when a member clicks on the Level of another member then the page comes up explaining what exactly is the meaning of that level.

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Need Professional Programer


please find project requirement

1) Need to redisign all my member area, form, send message, invoice etc…
2) Need to redisgn and recode Top and bottom Website (CSS) + add login area on top website
3) add possibilty to add credit on any account same as submitedge
4) website need to show well on google crome and safarie
5) Redisign all form submission and view form on member area
6) send automatic email after purchase showing, service ordered, prices, dates etc…
7) i need to add coupon code for my customer (for special discount)
8) more will come later


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Creat Website

I am wanting to set up a new website with both front end user functions and back end admin management.

I have built websites int he past and the things i require are not too indepth to be honest, but due to a new job i no longer have time to do the work my self.

I have purchased the template theme i want to use from template monster.

Ok here is the outlined work.

Admin Section:

Site Settings:
1. Paypal email
2. Privacy Policy (add, edit )
3. Terms & Conditions (add, edit)
4. Change admin username and password

1. View all links
2. Edit Link Partner
3. Add New Link (title, description, recepricol link)
4. Remove

1. View All Members ( Have function to message a member)
2. View Members Details
3. Edit Member
4. Remove Member

1. Send a newsletter
2. Send Mass email

1. View All Storys
2. Edit a story
3. Remove a story
4. Add New Content (Title, Description, Date, Views, )

1. Add Affilliate (Title, Description, Code, Date, End Date)
2. Edit Affilliate
3. Remove Affilliate

** Please include php form verification code to make sure fields are completed where required. If they are not redirect back to the page and show relevant error.
Example: If i was filling in the "add new affilliate" form and forgot to put the title, it would redirect to the form saying please insert a title, but none of the other information would be lost from the form.

///// That concludes the admin panel./////


The home page will display non member content on a random basis (the content will be gathered from the database, and be the storys we add in the amdin panel)
There should be member sign in
Affilliate adverts

Become A Member:
There should be 2 options to becoming a member
Standard member (Full access for 6 months)

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Pieces Of A Facebook App


Okay I have a commercial facebook app I want to sell behind

You dont have to worry about coding the app.

I just need you to go into my wordpress, set up application that is protected with s2_member.

there will be 3 pages.

One, the splash screen. You dont have to make the graphics just designate it.

Two, The Sell Screen, this is where they get prompted to sign up, give credit card, etc

then 3, the actual app. This page must be protected by s2_member.

The cost of sign up is $4.

I also need you to go find a template from the web… just install it.

What, you want more than 30 dollars for this? Pffft… Positive review and an easy one hour job for $30.

Let the bidding begin.

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Website Design, Maintenance And Support

The overall objective of the project would be to create a international trading website to facilitate a better degree (and a wider range) of sourcing products and services for prospective clients. The salient features of the site would include both member companies (including both buying and selling leads) registering on the site under specified categories of membership packages and being given access to varying degrees of contact information of the other party based on these memberships. Interactions amongst interested (registered) leads would happen through an internal communicating system (messages/emails) on the website.

An integral part of the website, therefore, would be business listings. Visitors, although, would be able to use an in-built search function. Member subscriptions would certainly imply a payment processor/gateway. Ideally, member subscriptions to the website would be time-based packages.

Along with the creation of the site, a seperate quote for website maintenence and support will also be appreciated. Please note the above mentioned features are based upon overview.

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Looking for a professional reliable website designer to develop one of our management consultancy website , Please find the Specifications mentioned below

Home page should look Very Professional international Quality Design , need to give minimum 3 choices of design to go further ahead. Home page design should be theme oriented to the nature of our business.

Should be with brief description about company, links to inner pages, Banner pictures etc Option of Links to other pages in all pages
Flash pictures as per the Subject content of the page Animated Header (Included in All Pages)
Other Pages & Links (total 10 + pages)

Social Bookmark and Share (Digg, Reddit, Twitter, MySpace, Face book, Delicious) .

Google Location Map

Latest News (Home Page)
CMS Back End Features Admin Login Admin Can manages the pages and contents.
Add new pages. Add videos, upload PDF (training Materials) provide links etc. Admin can view the registered members and also enable / disable a member via control panel.
Contact Page should be global approach.
Corporate Logo Design 4 Samples

Subscribe for newsletter option.
Membership Details.
When members signup they will be verified and approved by the admin to get their account enabled.
An auto email on registration will be sent .Member Sign Up , Newsletter Sign up . Members can access the member area for learning materials (PDF) , Videos , Links etc.On submitting the member id the details of the member will be visible.
Other Features
Automated Notification will be sent to each user. When a training material is added, it will be
notified to all registered users automatically

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