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Menu Data Entery

Enter menu items for online restaurant website.

Price per 200 items (dishes).

Ongoing work.

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Google Map

This is my website:

It is a google map with diving positions in Croatia.

I would like my map to be organized with its own sub-menu like this: , when you click on menu to go to the particular position.

Thank you for your bids.


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Need Some CSS Clean Up And Minor Menu Customization Done ASA

Had a freelancer do some work for me and it seems he made a little bit of a mess.


I had the previous freelancer enable the ability for the main meny to have drop downs of child pages… he did that.

However, the style isnt even close to what my original style was. Also, the CSS code that the menu is pulling from… i cant find it ANYWHERE!

Basically i need to match the new meny with my old menu… get rid of all unecessary style sheets and files the last guy created and basically just clean the site up.

Also, when the main site CSS is edited… it should automatically update the CSS for my idx real estate pages. See example here:

current home page:

IDX hosted page with menu style i want, but for some reason it didnt update with the new home page CSS:


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Custom WordPress Design

I would like a custom wordpress template designing.

This would include the home page: to include a full screen image (which changes) and a simple menu layout.

I need a section to display products in categories (similar to a portfolio sections).

All other pages can be the same i.e. plain white with same menu bars etc.

I am a basic user of wordpress and am able to use the features for adding content etc. I am able to add other pages such as About Us, Contact etc.

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Magento Checkout Problem And Menu Fix

I have a website that needs some help. I am having issues with my shopping cart. Everything gets added but you cant checkout, and in the admin panel you cant adjust the payment or shipping methods. Also I need someone to fix the contact us part of our navigation bar to go to our contact us page.

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Catering Menu Graphics And Changes – No Concept Work

A corporate catering menu for a Bagel store.

Concept 90% complete – a template has been purchased from stocklayouts

Template is for an american diner, but the theme / layout remains the same:
( as this is for New York style bagels – we like the layout )

Changes are:

change pictures to bagels and our coffee brand etc
insert menu text
insert our logo
change to our business colours

The layout is one menu folded in half to make a four page menu

Template available in many formats, PC and Mac

Would require I imagine two rounds of minor alternations.

End result is finished art for a printer , and also a PDF for a website.

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WordPress Site CSS – Need Main Menu Drop Downs To Work

Had some custom work done to my site menus. I need it so when users hover over the main page links in the menu bar, child pages show up drop down.

For example….

The main menu on this site:

The menus have drop downs for the child pages.

The site i need the custom css work done on is:

Need it done asap. Please bid only if you are ready to start immediately!

Thank you!

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Component Modification To Joomla Standards

Hello, we already have a component which shows various information for cities around the world, in our website.

Unfortunately, the programmer hasnt used any joomla standards, for example there are no template views where we can add a menu item for a particular city (even though the cities exist in the mysql db) and we cannot place different modules on different pages of the component (since no menu ids exist).

We want someone (a team or an individual) to correct the component, making it possible to have different modules in different cities and having the ability to create new menu items with the city we want.

This is more of a test for a candidate -person or team-, to continue working for us long-term, so I expect your offers to have that in mind. We want someone capable, with knowledge of joomla and joomlas subsystems, proficient in html, php and javascript. We want our choice to continue working on our website, developing it even further.

For any additional information, you can pm me.

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Firefox 4 Basic Side Bar + Right Click Context Menu

We need a template extension.

*** Full compatibility for Firefox 4

– Add toolbar icon – on click , a sidebar will be opened (could also be opened using a shortcut combination Ctrl+Shift+D)
– Add a right click context menu with sub-items

thats it,

the extension is just a template.

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Blackberry Application For RSS Feeds

Looking for Blackberry Application Developer, to develop an application will pull contents from RSS feeds which contains TEXT, IMEAGES(jpeg) AND VIDEO (mp4).

we need to include below functionality for the application: (UI should be as attached file = Blackberry-demo.jpg and blackberry-Arabic-.jpg).

1)13+ Categories which include image in jpg format and video in mp4 format to listed in application as attached design. Only one video listing page will be to each language.
2)Generic search (searching from 150 entries of XML/RSS feed then show result)
3)Send news article to friends and colleagues by e-mail or SMS. (Email: title to subject and news details with url to email body. SMS: few characters from title and tiny url to access full news.
4)Share via twitter, facebook. (in menu of news item detail page)check 7Days apps menu list
5)Send Feedback. (in menu)
6)Auto Update option in Option page.
7)Adjust the font size to customize reading experience! (in menu) check Menus detail in below
8)Arabic and English UI with separate contents in the same application. While start the app, option to select language either arabic or english. language selection option in Option page.
9)Analytics (to identify how many users downloaded app, how many pages are viewed etc)(using free services or
10)Advert banner (with enable and disable) with advert management (usinjg free service AdWhirl or Blackberry SDK)
11)Supported Operating System Versions: BlackBerry OS 5.X and later
12)Tagging for news item to select and save locally in device (only text)
13)About us in menu
14)Below functionalities as in MENU and OPTION for application.
in Listing pages menu:
Refresh news
email app to friend
send feedback
Option (check below details for Option page)
About us
Switch application

in news item pages menu:
increase font size
decrees font size
Next article
Previous article
email to me
share via email
share via SMS
share via facebook
share via twitter
About us
Switch application

in detail for Option page:-
Auto update (ON/OFF) default is ON
Receive news updates in Inbox (ON/OFF) default is OFF
Display notification in home page (ON/OFF) default is ON
Save (button to save changes)

contact me for more details with your suggetions to complete the application as soon as possible.


04/03/2011 at 4:38 EDT:

Please provide files to the winning freelancer. Files removed by Administrators.

04/03/2011 at 4:38 EDT:

Please provide files to the winning freelancer. Files removed by Administrators.

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Project Inisport

Project iniSport
My client is selling supplments for the fitness industry and needs to have a website developed in wordpress. The following requirements apply:

1.A unique designed logo and website for needs to be developed.
2.There should be an option for adding products to the page.
3.A shopping cart feature should be added to the site.
4.Upon placing an order an email should be forwarded to the customer as well as iniSport.
5.The design should be similar to
6.The menu should be horisontal.
7.On the frontpage there should be pictures of products changing after a few seconds.
8.The colorscheme should be Black and Red with white Font.
9.The menu structure should be as this:
-Om iniSport
-Kontakt (A contact formular should be applied)

Please qoute for this project.


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Drill Down Search Menu For Auto Parts CRE Loaded Shopping Ca

Looking for a custom search menu for an Auto Parts CRE Loaded V6.4.1 store. The search functions will enable the customer to drill down to a specific part by 4 parameters. Year, Make, Model and Engine Size.

We would then need every possible part that fits those parameters to appear center screen for our customers to shop and eventually purchase. In many cases there will be multiple brands to choose from and even multiple part numbers for each of those brands

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HTML/CSS Dropdown Menu

Need a very simple horizontal navigation dropdown menu re-worked on an Ecommerce website.

Coding and design is already 100% complete. We just need to rework the menu, as it currently is configured to drop down and reset only when an image is clicked on. We want this removed.

We just want a dropdown on mouseover. Something like what you see on (without the gradient and images).

Needs to be cross-browser compatible and bug-free.

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Joomla Template CSS Modifications ( Errors)

We need a joomla template to be corrected.

This template has been adapated from a Yoo template, by modifying backgrounds, colors and adding a menu with background images.
However, we have a lot of errors
* When displaying modules on (left or right) positions,
* Errors with this image background menu ( float on right on IE). Menu images only appears for a somes Menu IDs (so i have to modify ID in database)

The template need to be cleaned, tested and then be fully functionnal on major browsers

I can send template files by MP and an URL to see somes troubles

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Toys Plaza

I have downloaded this magento theme from here by paying $29, I need to add some more functionalities to this theme and make this as a complete website.

I am planning to have an online toys store using this theme, so i have downloaded this <a href="" rel="dofollow">magento theme</a> from, I am looking for a developer who can create online store for me with full payment gateway, pay-pal integration,

This are my functionalities to be added to this Toys Plaza theme

User Registration
Login and Password Recovery
Order status and history
Re-orders from account
Recently ordered items
Downloadable Products
Default Billing and Shipping addresses
Wishlist with ability to add comments
Product Reviews submitted
Account Dashboard
Email Notifications for every purchase orders


This is the description of Toys plaza, this are the features already available for me, I want every thing to be done which is available with the default features of this Toys plaza theme.

Toys Plaza – Magento Themes

Toy Plaza!!!!A cool theme for a toys based products.The design looks very fancy and will be a perfect theme for toys and kids based websites.The look and feel of the theme is very gracious.The mega menu used in the theme is smooth and easy to navigate.The tabs exploited to display New arrivals,Top Seller and Featured products in the home page helps the user to find the products of his choice more comfortable.The light weigthed ajax layered navigation used in the product page makes sorting and navigation more efficient for the user.
You get the following FREE with this Theme.
Mega Menu – Designed by User experience design EXPERT!!. (You can browse and Add to Cart using Single Mouse Click) – Worth 75$, Comes FREE with this theme.
AJAX Navigation Search – (User hates loading search page for everything…he/she searches, In this theme It does happen, Its all AJAX Search) Worth 99$, Comes FREE with this theme.
Slide show module, (Easy admin interface to control what you want to display in home page to attract more sale) Worth 25$, Comes FREE with this theme.

Special Features:
Though our magento themes are loaded with various features and some of the features are her. Buy a Kids Toys theme, get Carousel Ajax mega menu and Jextn Ajax layered navigation module for free.
Carousel Ajax Mega Menu
Displays product image in the mega menu drop down.
Smooth ajax pagination on the menu.
Efficient slide on the menu using jcarousel.
Display product details on a click using ajax
Add to cart integrated in the menu.
Jextn Ajax Layered Navigation
Easy layered navigation on the product page
Ajax based pagination
Sort products without page reload
Flexible product page
Minimises product page loading time
Smooth tab option for New arrivals,Top Seller and Featured products in Home page
Installable Pack, You can setup the demo website in less than 5 Minutes
SEO Friendly
Design layout
W3C Valid XHTML Strict
Completely customizable
Tested with FF3, IE8, IE7, Safari, Chrome
Support Single Drop Down Menu instead of Mega Menu
Support Magento 1.5.x Version and 1.4.x Version
PSD Includes
Third party Extension Support

For more details of this theme refer

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Basic Edits/changes To Based Deals Site

I need someone who is already familiar with the ("GBS") WordPress plugin and theme to make some very basic edits and changes to a fully functional site I installed myself, including Paypal and Mailchimp integration.

The tasks are listed below, together with estimated work times for most of them, which seem to me to be matters of minutes each, except for 9) and 10) which as far as I can see shouldnt be big items if the developer already knows the GBS theme.

1. Overall look and feel is fine, just one color change: change all the blue fonts (crown and footer menus and Register/login, leaving the white font in the header menu) to the same color as the peachy-orange of the signup button (and please let me know the color reference & where and how to change it in the style sheet) (a few minutes?)

2. Make and insert new logo ( button will do) so that the background merges with the charcoal background of the site and the font matches the peachy orange of the Signup button (a few minutes?)

3. Insert tagline under logo (in matching peach-orange text, not graphic) so it looks well-positioned and sized: "Group Deals for Your Business" (with a note to me as to where to change this) (a few minutes?)

4. Crown menu – increase size of text to same size as footer menu text (a minute?)

5. Header menu – remove "Follow us on: Twitter icon facebook icon rss icon " and put it on right hand of footer menu after © 2011 Dealbank Pty Ltd
so that "Done Deals" has room to show (it is presently selected for the Header menu but drops off) (a few minutes?)

6. Footer: Change copyright bit to "© 2011 Dealbank Pty Ltd"
and make it same peachy-orange as the rest of the menu fonts
and center it, so that "Follow us on: Twitter icon facebook icon rss icon " fits on right of footer menu
Then hide "Follow us on: Twitter icon facebook icon rss icon " but write down how to show or put it back again so it shows so I can do that later. (10-15 minutes?)

7. Turn off/hide Comments / Reply to on all pages except the actual Blog pages and write down how to do it so I can show/hide this on other pages (5-10 minutes?)

8. Change 2 email notification texts using correct syntax:

Welcome email
Welcome to Dealbank

Your user information is as follows:
Username: […..]
Password: […..]

Login at
to see the deals to save you time and cut your costs.

See you soon,

The Dealbank Team

Deal ended email:

Deal Ended

The recent deal you purchased at Dealbank has ended.

Download your voucher on your account page:

Deal Details:[dealtitle]

We trust you have a great experience with this supplier – we would love to get your feedback either way.

The Dealbank Team
AND write down where to find all other email texts and how to edit the text (ignoring the ones from paypal and Mailchimp) (5-10 minutes?)

9. Insert message & icons on first payment page, or insert extra page – making clear buyer does not need a paypal account, ie that paypal can process normal Visa or Mastercard payments

10. Home page:
Feature "Top Deal" in main body and Side Deals down right hand side (like etc)
so effectively all current deals show on homepage.

Increase size of the one line para at top so that it stands out a bit leading into the deals panels.

11. Live Deals page (5 minutes?)
All current deals should also appear on the Live Deals page
so that they can all always be reached from the link in the Header Menu – simple layout so that the Top Deal and Side Deals all have same presentation in a grid layout, with Top Deal top left. (See for example)

12. Done Deals page – recent or past deals i.e. expired deals on a similar grid page to Live Deals (5 minutes?)

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Restaurant Website

A simple restaurant website with a nice look with database-less cms. It is for an Indian restaurant.

The specifications are:

Clean and elegant design with nice INDIAN food pictures.

One Photo Gallery

Online Booking / Reservation

Restaurant Menu (5 lunch menus and one A La Carte, one Drinks menu) easily accessible

Feedback form

Bookmarks and external links

Budget is 100 dollars flat. Many features are not expected but good look is a must. Sample must be provided. Should be delivered in a week.

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PrestaShop – Horizontal Menu Customization

Prestashop – Horizontal Menu Customization

Currently A.
Horizontal Menu activates by click on the arrow symbol.

Desired Change A.
Horizontal menu will activate via hover, not only on arrow symbol, but hover on main category title effectively displaying all category titles below it.

Currently B.
Horizontal menu displays in open list mode on landing page of category.

Desired Change B.
Horizontal will NOT display in open list mode on Landing Page of Category.

I want the menu to operate in hover mode on every page. I do not want the menu to display in open list unless I hover the menu. Also, I want the hover mode to activate by hovering the category titles rather than the arrow symbol.

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Hudson Bond Project – Suburb Dropdown Menu

Need to add functionality to only show the suburb if a listing exists in that suburb

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Link To Wrapper Menu Item In Joomla


I have a wrapper menu item (Displays an iframe to wrap an external page or site into Joomla! ) created in my Joomla site and the wrapper URL is correct, but now I cannot figure out how to LINK to that wrapped page?

I need to hyperlink to that wrapped page and I cant figured it out.
Also, I should state that I have sh404SEF installed.

This should be a very quick job for someone who knows what they are doing.
I am willing to pay $10-$15 for this task to be completed.

I will send details via PM to winner.
Need completed by end of today.


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WorldPress Plug In

I need Freelancer who will make Worldpress plug in – Menu

Same thing like

This need to be in many style, fade and slide efect with lighting option.

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Fixing JQuery Animation

Looking for someone to fix a jQuery animation. It can be found at – use firebug/smiliar – mouseover the SEO Services menu – see animation… then mouse out…
Now mouseover Website Build… see animation (it only goes down 1 menu space)…
I want the jQuery dynamic so the animation scrolls down to that li element that the mouse is over – small amount of code needed – will not take long for someone who is skilled in jQuery – can you help?

Only professional people need apply

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WordPress Theme Customization – Quick Job!!! START ASAP!

Menu customization needed.

At the top of my theme is the pages menu… below the header is the category menu.

I want the pages menu to be where the category menu is and completely do away with category menu.

There is also some code in the footer of the site that has outbound links. When i try and remove, it shows error. Need someone to look at code and figure out how to remove those links.

site is

Once youre finished… i will need to know how you did it therefore when i transfer design to new site i can ensure the changes can be made.

Quick job for a pro… BID NOW!

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IPad Application

An application for iPad that will function similar to a photo album where a user will have a large amount of slides to choose from and when selected the slide zooms out to fit the iPad screen. Every slide should have a button giving the user the ability to flip the slide (e.g. if its a word, once flipped it would read backwards). A few slides need to give the user the ability to insert text in a preordained spot on the slide. Several slide templates have copyrighted images so similar original images need to be created. Menu page and possibly a sub menu page organizing the slides in certain categories. All the slides that will make up the application have been premade in photoshop and saved as jpegs.

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Very Simple Iphone App

Require a developer to produce a very simple IPhone app which will present information & Images.

The app will consist of the landing page & information pages.

The landing page will be a menu/submenu structure: With Title, background image & some styling. Clicking on a menu item will expand to display the submenu for that menu item, Clicking on a sub menu item will display the corresponding information page.

There will be up to 25 information pages in total, each will contain a tittle, an image and some text. The styling on all info pages will be the same.

Home page/Menu:
Entry 1
Entry 2
– Sub menu entry 1
– Sub menu entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4

Information Page:

Text: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed urna nunc, viverra eget tincidunt nec, iaculis sed massa. Morbi sollicitudin pretium purus et porta. Nam at neque

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Dynamic Context Menu For Files And Folders

I need an installer written with a C++ DLL and a context menu handler to preform quite a simple task.

I need a right click menu on certain files within CERTAIN folders ONLY depending on the file types.
(The filetypes need to be able to be changable in a dialog box somewhere.)

The values for these CERTAIN folders need to be found from INI files on the PC. >
(Im am unsure if searching INI/CONF files will slow down the context menu loading, so I could possibly have the values required for checking all in one INI file , some other program will have to make that INI if needed)

When a folder is clicked on the pc I need 1 option on the context menu and possibly another option if the folder is in a Certain Location based on INI/CONF file values.

The second option will need to open a small dialog box and after information is supplied, some conf files will need to be modified.

Sounds confusing? its really not that complicated.

If you have experience with Dynamic Context Menus and are great with C++ i can provide much much more details for what i need.

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Hotel Guide App

Need an easy to maintain Mobile Application

Application should have an opening screen (default.png) and then redirects to the menu.

The Menu would link to our mobile page.

Notifications will be a must have requirement.
(When a new article or comment is posted, users will be able to get a notification)

Budget can be increased.


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Evergreen Fine Fresh Foods Website

Need a complete design of a website for take away fresh prepared foods, need logo, must give the customer the ability to place orders, must have the ability to udate Daily menu. Must include pictures, discriptions of Menu items, and pricing.

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