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Member Messaging System

I am looking for an experienced programmer to build me a solution, that allows the company to send messages to a area/inbox unique to each member of our website, based off the tags that they have in infusionsoft.

this is very short, let me know if you any experience in this area and I will send you more details.

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IPhone & Android Chat Application

Please do not bid on this project if:

1.) You have never developed an iPhone and Android App
2.) You do not have expercience with API

Thank You

The project
We want you to develop an instant messaging application that will run on iPhones and Android phones. It should be capable of media messaging and group messaging. It should have

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Java Messaging App Optimization For OviStore

I have a mobile app called solu in OviStore. The need is to enhance current funtionality that cover sms, email, http posting. Unfortunately developers who have already worked in this project are prioritised.

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Facebook Messaging

Hi All….

We are looking for providers who can do bulk messaging on facebook accounts…We give the message to be send out, and also the market segment like to type of people you need to send, the country etc. Monthly you need to send 10000 messages and let us know the cost of such 10000 messages send. You can use your own accounts, and we just need to send bulk messages…

Get back to us with the cost for 10K messages, 20K messages etc…

Happy Bidding..

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Instant-Messaging Application Patch

Im looking for a patch for the instant-messaging proxy imspector ( The software is written in c/c++ and has modules for each supported instant-messaging protocol it proxies.

Im interested in the ICQ-AIM protocol. Here the login through the proxy to the ICQ-AIM servers does not work anymore due to a server-site change when the latest official client from is used. Probably message transmission is also affected, has to be investigated and problably fixed. Older official and third-party clients (e.g. trillian) still work and it is not known that the protocol has changed fundamentally.

All protocol specific logic and code can be found in the module icqprotocolplugin.cpp. The file has 1041 lines of code.

Your task is to get the ICQ client in version 7.4 to work again through the proxy. In order to do that you will have to investigate the communication with tools like etherreal or wireshark etc and do some debuging in this file.

Please tell me in your bid or private message what you think that qualifies you for this job.

As always in my projects the chosen service provider has to be able to issue a valid invoice for his work (either containg his local tax payer id or in case of a company a vat code).

Best regards,

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Simple Android Messaging Widget

I would like to create a simple widget tailored to the Droid-X and Motoblur. Its basically a messaging bookmark. I will explain more about it to serious bidders.

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Facebook Messaging

I have extracted a few thousand member IDs from some fan page related to my niche and all you need to do is sending them my message.

Im looking for a service that capable of sending a private msg to these ids

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ASP.NET Social Networking Website

We are looking for a professional ASP.NET 3.5/4.0, C# solid programmer to program a social networking website that will have functions similar to facebook, but excluding the apps. The successful candidate or team will work closely with a senior ASP.NET developer who will assist in the development, check every page and test programmed pages daily.

Every applicant has to supply a proof of experience, a road map and a list of good and secure programming techniques as opposed to bad techniques to prove proficiency and experience.

Summary of functions:

Photo album
profile page with user info
Post Videos
Post Music
Send Virtual gifts
Add friends
Inbox Messaging system
instant messaging with friends online
Invite friends
Registration process
Activity of friends updates in the newsfeed
Help center to teach people how to use the site
Business Directory

The ability to rate, post comments and see how many times viewed applies to videos, music and additional applicable pages.

01/19/2011 at 21:19 EST:

All the design will be supplied in PSD files.

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Basic Messaging App For Android

I need an android developer. Would like someone who can help with or take the lead on a messaging app for android. I will need an android app that will determin user locations, support push messaging via web calls. or via web api. Windows phone 7 and iphone experience would be a plus as well.

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All Services Mobile

All Services Mobile

We are inquiring about your pricing on creating a branded "private label" mobile web site service company which can issue licenses to our customers. Basically a product like ad-king. We are a marketing company attempting to capitalize
on the growing mobile web marketing schemes, this holiday season. We are
looking to create about 100 sites for customers, and are currently, seeking a company to
assist us with this project. We have shopped a few,(so please make your
pricing competitive if you wish to be considered)but have not settled on one
as of yet. What we require from you is, listed below..

1.) Mobile Marketing and Messaging Services
that offer an array of services that can help customers with all of their mobile marketing & messaging needs.

2.) Mobile Keywords
Have the ability to create keywords for 2-way text messaging. People can text our keywords from their phone and receive an auto-response we apply to each keyword. Also using mobile keywords,we can have the power to run the services:

3.) Mobile Alerts
Have the ability to create custom alerts for business. they can self manage their information, and allow people to text in for their alerts.

4.)Mobile Surveys
Haveing a question to ask? they can do it through text messaging. A system can automatically collect a survey answers, and keep a running tally.

5) Mobile Voting
supply customers the ability to vote through text messaging. For marketing, , new product releases, SALES and more.

6.) Mobile Contests
A system THAT does it all through the mobile phone, databases all the participants, and randomizes a winner in real-time.

7.) Text Message Blasting
Allow one-click text message blasting ease, giving you the power to create and blast text messages that offer value to our customers.

8.) Customer Service Text Messaging
Give our customers the ability to communicate with customers all through text messaging. and take out the waiting time of e-mails, and increase our productivity by doing it all through the mobile phone.Use the text products, and let customers interact directly with us.

9.) Mobile-2-Screen
Let our customers or fans interact with us. Display their text messages, on a screen or website. Have the power to manage and display text messages using Text-to-Screen, picture messages using Pix-to-Screen, or an interactive voting poll using Vote-to-screen.A service gives us real-time display with accept & reject management.

Harness the power of one of the most robust mobile platforms available today. Using API can give us deeper integration possibilities to really bring our services to life.

11.)Mobile Merchant
e-comerce Mobile Merchant allows us to easily sell any of our products or services right from the mobile phone. to create our own mobile shopping cart and let our customers start purchasing directly from their phone.

12.)Mobile Rewards
We would like to launch our own Mobile Rewards program so we can easily manage and launch our own customer loyalty program all from the mobile phone.

13.) International Coverage to all of the world with mulit-language capability
We want to cover just about anywhere. with basic service is US based, but we want to expand multi-language capability, to the rest of the world.

14.)Mobile Websites & Applications are also something we are interested in incorporating in our product/service, so we will have a back door but the creation process can be the customers product.
15.) We would like to incorporate a multi-compatable "APP-MAKER" (one that is able to be used on all mobile phones) it will also allow customers to "brand" their products, and their web-sites.

ThankYou and looking forward to your quote

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Mobile SMS Campaign, Gateway


I am starting a SMS/Texting marketing service. I need a SMS/Text blasting

ready made solution. I need complete information on how the solution

works and how I can maintain it.

The solution should be able to:

1. Provide Unlimited Keywords & Sub Keywords
2. Opt-in and Opt-out options for all features
3. Can connect to any shortcode providers
4. Text to Win
5. Text to Alert
6. Mobile Coupons
7. Mobile media
8. Access to shortcodes
9 Live Statistics and Reports
10 Reseller and Branding Support
11 All Feature of Standard Bulk Messaging
12 Personalized Bulk Messaging and Scheduling.
13 Online controlling of Bulk Messaging.
14 Track all interactions
15 White Label Reseller
16, (Text to Group) Ability for users to send messages to all their optin group through their mobile phone via shortcode keyword
17 Ability to connect to any SMS Provider worldwide through their API e.g Clickatel Infobip, and Others

Next, I need this solution to be web based. My customers would log into

the members area of the website and type their messages, upload their

contact list (csv, xml,etc..) and schedule when the SMS/Text blast would

go out. The system needs to be able to keep records. I need to be able to

provide reports to my clients. Site must be visually appealing, well SEO

with backlinks to google and yahoo. SMS gateway provider if theres a

need should be reliable.

Please use this site as an example: I wish to have

the same features with room to grow.

Lowest bidder always consider for this task.

Please make sure that you are clear on the details before you place your bid.

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Php/mySQL Expert Needed

This project is for building a functional website.
The website is a platform for the users to post their experience with the websites editing modules.
Other modules like membership module, search module, article managing module, rating module, messaging module, social module and etc. are important elements to this website.

To be more specific, the bidder will be able to point me top websites they consider to be similar to the concept i have.

This is a website for a new drink. It needs to be relevent to todays social media customers and to be easily accessed and linked through mobile phns / images.

The social and messaging module will similiar to:
messaging module and wall feature of

Other important features like:
a. print to pdf file
b. push to ebook
c. catagorize and group members and articles.
d. rate members and articles
e. interface with facebook, twitter, plurk and other main social networking sites.
f. mobile site
g. keyword setting and hyperlink

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Text Messaging With Skype

We need a set of re-usable functions in C# to Send and Receive Text Messages with skype. Text contents of a message and receivers phone number are the arguments of the Sender function, and received text content and number are the output of Receive function.
The code must be well written and commented, and each function should be as short as possible.

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Off The Record Messaging For Android

I need to get an application developed that will run the Off The Record messaging plugin in a streamlined fashion so that anyone and their dog could work this application. This application should support at the very least MSN, Jabber, Facebook IM, AIM, Protocols.

The application should have a straight forward tutorial on how to use it written up or maybe a short youtube video on how to configure everything. This has to spoon-feed the end user so that anyone can understand what is happening and how to make it work.

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Functional Website Development (article Editing And Posting)

This project is for building a functional website.
The website is a platform for the users to post their experience with the websites editing modules.
Other modules like membership module, search module, article managing module, rating module, messaging module, social module and etc. are important elements to this website.

To be more specific, the bidder will be able to mimic the article editing/publishing modules of:
a. ;

The article showing page will be like:

The social and messaging module will similiar to:
messaging module and wall feature of

Other important features like:
a. print to pdf file
b. push to ebook
c. catagorize and group members and articles.
d. rate members and articles
e. interface with facebook, twitter, plurk and other main social networking sites.
f. mobile site
g. keyword setting and hyperlink

I have create some templates in image/.ai file formats.
This might some time on layout designing.

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Currently, we are looking for web developers/programmers who can create our dating website.

The site will be used by an estimated 25-50k and eventually going even bigger.

We need a site, which includes


-a basic profile page that allows for easy data entry, including pictures.
-ability for users to become friends with each other and display favorite members
-ability for users to chat, 2 way, using a built in chat room feature
-email verification for all members
-messaging application within site
-an open chatroom, forum area that is accessible to all users
-web camera messaging
-a check-in feature, which displays to users where certain members are within the network.

In addition, we would need the site to be put on a server, which we will find during the project.

For further details we can give you a full brief but this is just an outline of what is needed.

If you have an background in designing a dating website I urge you to bid on this project but no timewasters.To make sure you have read the project please place the word dating in the message.


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We require the services of expert in developing mobile applications,
We require web based sms / mms platform to enable us to send/ receive scheduled text messages using local gateway
It must enable keyworsd to be set up also for call–to-action etc..
I already have a website designed for it so we only require back end functionality

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Twitter/Facebook Messaging

Need bulk messages sent to twitter/facebook in a targeted area. the target locations below are located in Virginia. The state of virginia is located in the US. The targeted crowd is African American male/female, age is 18-32.

This is an ongoing promotion so bid based on a weekly rate. Outrageous bids will not be considered and progress should be trackable.

Virginia Beach

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Ongoing Facebook Messaging


I am looking for someone that can send out facebook messages on an ongoing basis. I need the messages to be sent to users that update their status with a particular set of keywords. I can pay per 5000 messages sent. PLEASE BID PER 500 MESSAGES SENT.

Please include the following information in your PM:

1) How will I be able to verify messages sent?

2) How many messages per day can be sent out?

3) How often can messages be sent out?

4) Price per 500 messages.

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Mass Txt/sms Messaging

I need an experienced freelancer to do a mass text messaging for me

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IPhone SMS Application

The application I would like to get created would incorporate SMS messaging, AOL instant messaging, Facebook, and twitter. It would have to be able to post one message across those platforms to start with. More details will be given in private message when hiring. Please give detail on your experience with iPhone Applications as well as some example that I would be able to view.

The application is going to be message/status update based, this is very important and a major key to this project.

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A Few Small Graphics For Website

I need about 4 information graphics that depict the features of my website.

I also need about 7 small icon/button types for private messaging, instant messaging, etc etc.

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Mobile Phone SMS Messaging & Content Delivery Platform

We are Looking for a developer who has experience of creating a mobile messaging.Automated sms send to customers periodically from the database and receiving the sms from customers

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Online Dating Applications Programming

We are looking to get a quote on some dating application programming. We have an existing database of over 100,000 members using a PHPB System. We are looking at more advanced features listed below. Please send us examples of past work, estimated cost and turn around time..Thanks in advance for quoting. We will contact companies that we feel will be a good fit.

Some features that we will want:

* Who Viewed My Profile
* Virtual Gifts
* Blocklist
* Personal Messaging System – Bulk Mail Outs, Messages Between Members, Automated New Members Messages With Profile Pictures Mailed Out
* Advanced Searching
* SMS Messaging
* Video Uploads
* Address book to keep track of people members have mailed
* Add To Favorites List
* Compatibility Test
* Spammer Reporting

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Mobile Phone SMS Messaging & Content Delivery Platform

We are Looking for a developer who has experience of creating a mobile messaging and content delivery platform. Platform to be manged via an online web interface, must be able t create and route sms messaging. Messaging costs must be very cheap and developer must have experience with UK and all routing and carriers connected.

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Gsm Interactive Text+voice Messaging System

Urgently required customised software to manage the communication as under
-sms to be sent through a gsm router/gateway connected to pc to the employee which has to be responded
-if no response, reminder pre-recorded voice call will be made
-if still no respone or reply, senior officer to be called and informed about it
-sms receiving alert
These are basic features. The pc will be a dedicated server for the application.

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Messaging System Tomydeveloper Only

I need the Messaging system written and installed to the script from last project.

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Web Page Traffic To A Cell Phone And Text Messaging Spy Page

I am looking for someone that can produce a high volume of traffic to just one page of a web site for a good price. It is an iframe page that needs to receive a lot of traffic for a promotional product. Web page traffic is for a cell phone and text messaging spy software. Rules for the job. 1. Let me know the amount of traffic after a month i can expect to be getting. 2. were i should be in Search engine ranking for that page and 3. Give me your best bids. Simple

happy bidding and hope to talk with you soon

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