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Data Needed For Business’ In St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK

I need the following data for all companies based in St Ives in Cambridgeshire:

Company Name
Category of business (I.T. Support / Taxi… etc….)
Website Address
Description of company (probably easy enough to take from the meta tags of there site)
Email Address
Keywords (probably easy enough to take from the meta tags of there site)
Twitter user name if possible (not to worried about this at the moment)

Please send examples of the data you could provide to make sure were on the same lines.

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Prestashop Modification #3


I need following modifications of Prestashop 1.4:

1. Module sitemap to generate different sitemaps for diffrent language + to function with cronjob module
2. google base module to get to work with cronjob (together with already done modification of langugae/tax choice)
3. Product Filter module modify in order to work with drop downs in stead of with check boxes (can be selected from backoffice) for every filter option (category, manuf, features, etc)
4. An option by a customer can choose if prices will be displayed with taxes or without taxes.
5. Module Cart: add flag of country for what Shopping Costs are shown
6. Generic metaTags for Products+Category+Manufacturer: extra module (functionality) to set a default generic meta-description and meta-keyword tag if no specific tags or description are defined.

Thank yiou.

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Content Page Writer Needed

I am looking for a confident writer to provide content including Meta information for 100 category pages for an adult shopping site. I will pay £1 per page. The content should be descriptive of the category and not explicit in any way. All content should be unique and not copied from any other site.

Please only apply for the role if you have an understanding of SEO and Meta information. The content specifications are:

– The length of the content should be 500 words.
– The Meta title should be 7 10 words long.
– The Meta description should be 180 – 200 characters long (including spaces).
– The Meta keyword tags should be 5 key phrases long.

Please send examples of the above to be considered for the role.

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Integrate Camscripts Software On Joomla Design

I am looking for somebody to integrate camscripts software on Joomla CMS.
It needs to have:

-Preview webcams on the index of joomla. Without camscript design, integrated on the joomla design
-Integrate front-end and back-end of models and member on the joomla design.
-Admin back-end of camscripts is not necessary integrate it.
Camscripts software needs the following modifications:
-Little description of the model under the preview in the index

-3 minutes free on webcamchat
-Insert meta information on the models-profiles through the admin back-end(meta-tittle, meta-description…)
-Censure contact information on the online chat between model and client.
-Save conversations history in the admin back-end
Development of the project will execute on a FMS(Flash Media Server).

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Page Content

I am looking for someone to write content and Meta information for 30 category pages for an adult shopping site. I will pay £0.80 per page. The content should be descriptive of the category and not explicit in any way. All content should be unique and not copied from any other site.

Please only apply for the role if you have an understanding of SEO and Meta information. The content specifications are:

The length of the content should be 500 words.

The Meta title should be 7 10 words long.

The Meta description should be 180 – 200 characters long (including spaces).

The Meta keyword tags should be 5 key phrases long.

Please send examples of the above to be considered for the role.

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Looking For A Website Meta Tags Expert


I am looking for a SEO expert to fill-out meta-tags to our website (about 30 pages).

What I need is a set of meta-title, meta-description tags based on the keywords Ill gave.

The Title and Description should be clean and understandable; they do need to attract customers but shouldn

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Meta Search Engine Similar To

I am looking for a site similar to except with expanded "advanced" search features that google has in thier advanced search list.

Basically this is a simple meta search site that will pull documents search results such as .doc, .xls, .pdf and .ppt from Google, Yahoo, and Bing and display in our UI.

If you already have a meta search engine in house, this will be easier for me. This crawler should also filter paid and premium docs.

I dont accept prebids or spam about your company. If you want to bid, please cut and paste these words "I HAVE A META SEARCH ENGINE FOR YOU"

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Place Meta Info For 200 Joomla Articles

I need someone to go through 200 articles in Joomla and generate the meta description and keywords. I will pay you 25 cents per article or $50.00 to get this done in the next four hours.

Descriptions and tags MUST be hand done on each article and make sense to receive payment.

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Cleaning Up 5 WordPress Themes

Were looking for a web developer, who cleans up 5 WordPress themes according to our list. Budget for this project is $100. Were planing to clean up ~100 more Themes, if it works for us. Please contact us if you have any questions.

insert Meta robots index, follow
meta description
no h1 inside the header
if there is a

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Private For WSTIBS

Hello there!

I am looking for a provider that will develop a web site including the following features:

-Game platform where admin will upload flash games and will be display on home page and user will play for free now download option for now or purchase.
-Will use face book and twitter connect API which will be paid and you will provide.
-Will need to implement Google adsens.
-Youtube will be embided will be manageable from admin.
-Meta Tags and meta description will added from backend.
-Blog and forum all about online flash games.
-There will be different categories for different games
-Top played game will be display on top
-Invite friends to site.
-Game can be select as favorite.

My budget should close to $1800 USD

Thanks a lot!


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Meta Tags & SEO

I have created a new website that requires meta tag optimisation and general SEO.
Web pages require relevant title tags, description and keyword tags
Any other SEO recommendations welcome.

The above is our website and is created on a Joomla platform.

I am a good trust worthy manager looking to get this work done by a reliable worker.
I am willing to work with you to make your life as east as possible and to financially
reward you for your work.

Thank you

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OnSite SEO For A WordPress Site

A well designed WordPress site needs some on-site SEO.

The changes needed are:
Add alt text to images
Add meta tags
Add meta descriptions
Change/add headings

and any other on-site work (no content rewriting needed)

Please post your preliminary bid with work experience. You will have a chance to see the site, analyze the needs, come up with a plan, and finalize your bid.

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Inspired By

I need a clone of Please visit the site and see it before you bid.
The site must have 2 languages (english and french), for the location of the propierty i want to use google map, or something similary.
The admin area must let the advertiser to put their photos, and descriptions of the propierty, online payment modules integrated like paypal, and another one from me.
Propierty promovation in first page, or category.
SEO must be integrated, Popular tags. Meta description, Meta keywords, title must be generated like on homeaway.
The budget is low, but i need a good website, please bid if you only can finish this job.

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Convert To WordPress 3

Script to: import from existing mySQL to the latest WordPress database.

There existing data are in two separate databases, one for comments (threaded/nested) and one database for posts (title, post, excerpt, meta description, meta keywords). The data needs to be converted to utf-8.

The goal is to leave our old custom built scripts/databases and move to the latest edition of WordPress. Need a php script and/or a sql description to make this move.

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Get Facebook To Show My Oscommerce Product Images

This should be a very simple quick project.

I have my OScommerce site running Version 2.2 RC 2a

with Lightbox cotrib. for images

The problem is that when i link to a page product in facebook, facebook does not pick up the product image from the Product_info.php file, which is the main image for the product.

I think it has something to do with the meta tages on the product_info.php page.

SO, Get the facebook share link to see the image on the product.php page.

In a forum I founded this solution:

add after <title>

<meta property="og:title" content="<?php echo $product_name[products_name]; ?>" />
<meta property="og:description" content="YOUR_MESSAGE_HERE" />
<meta property="og:image" content="<?php print $domain ./. DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG . DIR_WS_IMAGES . $_img ?>" />

But doesnt work at all for me…


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PrestaShop Meta Title Fix

Looking for someone to fix the Meta Title presenation on our PrestaShop (version 1.3.2) site.
We would like that they be consistent throughout and to follow this display.
"Company Name – Meta Title"

Currently these 2 pages are displaying them backwards ("Meta Title – Company Name"):
1) Home page (index.php)
2) CMS pages

These 2 types of pages are not displaying anything but "Company Name"
1) Site Map
3) My Account pages (Wishlist, My Addresses, My Orders, My Personal Information, My Vouchers & Newsletter)

These pages are displaying them correctly ("Company Name – Meta Title"):
1) Product Overview (Category pages)
2) Product Detail Pages

Will provide site details and logins to winning bidder.

Thanks in advance.

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Make Minor Changes To The Website

The following changes are needed to our website:

1) Delete keywords meta tag from all pages
2) Delete 1 line of text from the footer on all pages
3) Add Google Analytics code to all pages
4) Add text to the home page
5) Redirect none www version of the website to www version
6) Add canonical meta tag to all pages. Each pages canonical meta tag should have that pages url
7) Delete 1 link from the menu
8) Change alt tag for one of the image references on all pages
9) Add Facebook Like button to all pages.
10) Right now all pages are 100% html validated. Make sure that modified html is 100% valid on all pages after you make the changes.

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Need High Quality On Page Mata Tag Writer

I Need Quality meta tag writer to write optimized quality meta tag .

we will provide you main keyword and you need to write the optimized meta tags for that.

we are paying $1 per page

have bulk work .

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On Page And Off Page SEO Help Needed For 1 Website

Need to do on-page SEO for a customer. I will provide the meta title,meta description changes and all the content changes as well as the keywords I want to link as anchor text for each page (there are only approx. 10 pages). You will have to make the actual changes on the site. Once the on-page SEO is done we will start the off-page SEO with various link building strategies. I have a plan but your input is also welcome.
I also need to edit the navigation menu and the menu (only) is a flashfile.

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CRE Loaded Header Tags And SEO Url´s Fix

We need help changing the CRE Loaded header tags file and the auto generated Meta tags. You can just tell me in what file and what line to change and i can make theese changes. It´s an easy and quick fix.


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<title>OUR TITLE</title>
<meta name="Description" content="OUR CONTENT">
<meta name="Keywords" content=", OUR KEYWORDS">

<meta name="robots" content="noodp"> — Remove this line!!

<meta name="revisit-after" content="30 days"> — Change this to 2 days!

<meta name="generator" content="CRE Loaded PCI CE v6.4.1"> — Remove this line!!

<!– EOF: Generated Meta Tags –>
<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">
<meta name="googlebot" content="index,follow">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css">


We also need to change some in the SEo/Header tags module to re-write the page url´s a bit different.


Product1: to:

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We need a Professional SEO Optimization Worker, Who will Do Both Meta Tags For our Over 70 000 Products in bulk by Keywords Through our CSV Files in our 3D CArt Software, As Well As title And tags, Meta Tags through CSV updats to our 3D Cart software, As well as SEO on engines , WHITE HAT ONLY, WHITE HAT ONLY, WHITE HAT ONLY, Link Building, Link Building WHITE HAT ONLY, WHITE HAT ONLY. We Expect Estimated Results in unique visitors to be provided to us, past experience of results provided, LEADS TO OUR E-COMMERCE, THAT IS RELATED TO OUR PRODUCT LINES, SUCH AS DVDS, TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS AND BOOKS, AND OTHER PRODUCTS.

Realistic rates only acceptable,With STRONG Background in SEO, Of proven unique visitors results that will generate Leads, ONLY LEADS for Sales increases. ONLY LEADS FOR SALES INCREASES. THEN BEGIN PPC CAMPAIGNS AFTER WORDS.

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SEO-HTML-Meta Tags

I need someone to help me with with basic seo tasks
Fill in Metas, html code on sites

I will give you info/content, you edit metas,H1 tags etc so knowledge of html regd PLUS any other coding skills an advantage such as PHP or wordpress
I have lots websites so we need to go through and tweak/edit meta tags,edit H1 and h2, edit content

Must have perfect english. Probably have worked on your own websites
If you have built or coded a website etc, then please add maximum two references

This is for an individual, not company as daily contacy with msn/skype reqd

Again, you must speak and understand perfect english.Basically will be an hourly or job rate

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I need 2 pages

– 1 where i can define a directory (hard coded) > all videoss in this directory have to be upload to youtube (with hard coded name, descrption, meta data, …)

– 1 page with upload component in the form, so i can select a video and upload directly to youtube + input textbox for the name, description, meta data

all code in 2.0 and

01/17/2011 at 3:34 EST:

> If you already have this code > show an online example

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Changes To Existing Site To Provide SEF URLs & SEO Meta Data

This project requires changes to a current, custom made ecommerce website to improve SEO features, specifically:

* Amend the way some friendly urls are currently formed, probably through changes to regular expressions in .htaccess;
* Addition of some MySQL database tables for page titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions for products and categories (they already exist for standard CMS type pages on the site) + associated database queries
* Amendments to the page creation template in the store admin when a product/category is created or amended to allow entry of the meta data / page titles

Must be able to deliver on this within 10 days.

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Web001 Project

We are a UK based company seeking experienced web Development Company or individual who has experience in PHP, jquery, html, java etc

I require a long term relation in which you can complete a number of projects for my company.

Here you are bidding on one of the projects as outlined

I have all the design work ready for you to work from in html format; you will be required to do the following

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Website Creation In RUSSIAN


PROJECT: Website creation

DESCRIPTION: Site consisting of 4 parts. Homepage should be showing a bit of each. The entire site should be based on a simple CMS, preferred platform is LAMP.
Design must be clean, simple, white with a little bit of blue and red, everything is in Russian.
All the parts, though separate systems, should have a similar look & feel to look like one piece.
All components should support AdSense spots

Site will consist in:
– A directory of sites/domains under the new Cyrillic .rf TLD (рф) = .xn--p1ai
– A discussion forum
– A news room
– A blog

.rf directory:
Preferably use an existing directory module (phplinkdirectory for example or any open-source).
.rf directory should have a user rating and review option.
A cron job that does the following, daily:
– download the .rf zone file, or suggest another source to get all the .rf domains.
– sample each new domain over http and get its description meta tag, keywords meta tag and first 500 letter of text from the page (no html, just the visible text)
– push into the directory the domain and the description or if its empty or shorter than x then push the first 500 letters. Put the keywords from meta keywords as the keywords/tags for the listing.
– if the website is inactive then write "inactive site".
– record the sampling time of each site and re-sample every month (per domain.)

Discussion forum:
Phpbb/vbulletin or alike.

News room:
Present news headlines based on RSS feeds from news sources related to the TLD or Russian Internet. News divided in sections.


IMPORTANT: All the parts will have to be setup first, including the .rf directory itself, and only in the end the zone file extraction.
All project consist in integrating existing systems including the .rf directory section which should be based on an existing open source directory!
Only the data itself from the zone file should be injected into the directory tables

Please make your best offer including time schedule for the realization of the project and past works/portfolios.

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Convert Tours Website From Flash To CMS

Im an adventure travel tour guide in Medellin, Colombia interested in being able to edit anytime my website information of my different tours, add photos, or even add a whole new tour by myself. Therefore, I would like my current website – – to be converted from the current Flash format to CMS preferably keeping the same eye-catching feel and sparking interest for my tours but not limited to the current design since a whole new layout can also be welcome.
For example, the tours section can be changed to a simple but practical drop-down list instead of the current spinning map. By the way, the spinning can be obviated or taken out from all sections.
Also , any enhancements in the optimization of its Meta Tags, Meta Titles, Meta Description, and other standards, etc but not just limited to it are also welcome.
This project comprises only the website conversion but Im also interested in SEO as the next level for improving my web marketing presence. Im aware that doing SEO for my current website is not the ideal and thats why this project should go first. However, this SEO involves a separate Freelancer project so please do limit your bid to this specific task of converting the website to CMS.

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Simple Data Extraction Script

Very simple script needed to visit a list of URLs (list to be provided) and extract certain data fields out of the html file and place them in columns in a csv file:

Fields to me extracted are:

meta http-equiv="Content-Type"
meta http-equiv="copyright"
meta http-equiv="language"
meta name="robots"
meta name="description"
meta name="keywords"

URL visited also needs to be displayed in the CSV

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PHP Header Dynamic Meta Tags Needed

I have a PHP/MySql site that has has a header and footer used for each page. Currently only one set of meta tags shows up for every page since the Meta Tags are set for the header page and not the actual content page.

I need:

a) Simple, easy method for me to add specific meta tags for each individual page
b) You to install the script for me
c) Instructions on the addition of any future meta tags to future pages

Ive seen many instructions on forums of using echo etc. etc. but I am not a programmer and although it seems very simple, I would just like to be hand-fed.

Thanks for your help.

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Meta Tag Extractor

I need to extract meta tag details from any url/site/directory, filter that information based on certain criteria to end up with a clean list in CSV format ready for me to use. I need a simple windows application to let me do it.

See videos for more information and and

( be sure to watch these above )

Needs to be able to

1.Give it any type of url and any site ( i.e page or directory ) ( which to make a note it should be able to work with yahoo answers category directory )

2.Spider in the pages – So many levels deep I can select, all within current directory or all within current site

3.Filter Options – Lets me take the list of meta tags and filter them using 1 or several of these

B.Remove anything that doesnt start with: Who, Where, When, What, Why, Could, Should, How
C. Remove any that dont have the symbol ? at the end
D. Strip out from any meta tag Anything after the symbols – or : or |
E. Strip out from any meta tag anything before the symbols – or : or |

4.Allow me to save the end result ( filtered ) to csv file. So when its viewed all the meta tags are in 1 column, huge list.

5. Allow me to MINE for new meta tags by letting me Save project based on urls brought in, and then continue project say days, weeks later and have it only display the latest additions to that
list ( maybe on a different tab or different color some way of letting me see which are the new ones vs the old ones i brought in, then lets me save the new ones to a new csv )

A. Each time i use the app it should let me either Create project ( give a name ), save project, open an existing project,
B While using the app it should let me stop, or continue.

When it gets the information from sites it needs to do it as though it was just a person surfing to not alert site to anything strange. There should be intervals between each grab which i can determine as shown in the video

My budget for this is not high, I will probably go with whoever can provide the most affordable option.

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Meta Tags Creation

I need a provider to make meta tags for three new wordpress websites. Meta tags need to be standard set up for description, keywords, etc.

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