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Require Assistance To Complete Group On Website For Launch


The site is based on the groupon software by ndotdeals and I have set it up on my server.

However, there are a few things I need to edit and finish and some bugs to fix and also add a credit card processing method. If you can help me with this please bid. Some tasks:

– Launch of site
– Todays Deal at the top doesnt display todays deal
– Payment method at this point is only paypal, i would like to add a credit card payment method (not paypal)
-Some basic appearance enhancements
– Assistance with launch of the website – clean up the site
– i will also require the site to be fully tested before launch
– need to be reliable!

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Simple Java Program

You will modify the SpeedDating class, but only by completing the method bodies of the three methods already declared. Do not add any other methods or instance variables to the SpeedDating class, do not modify the constructor, and do not modify the method declarations (headings) provided! (Not necessary!)

Complete the SpeedDating Class

Write the method bodies for each of the 3 methods declared in SpeedDating. Study the method declarations and documentation so that you understand what each method does.

it must use one of the Java loops. Nested loops are not necessary.

Do not modify the method declarations (headings) in any way!

Note that, by law, Thanksgiving occurs on the 4th Thursday of November

Write a Test Class for Your SpeedDating Class

Your test class will have a main method that does the following:

Create a SpeedDating object

Have the user enter a year, and call the beMyValentine method to print the day of the week on which Valentines Day will occur for the next 10 years, starting with the input year. Valentines Day (Formerly, Saint Valentines Day) is celebrated on February 14th.

Have the user enter another year, call the discoverColumbusDay method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

Have the user enter the data (month, day, and year) for two Date objects – an earlier date and a later one. Create the two Date objects, call the getHalfWayDate method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

(Make sure your implementations of the SpeedDating methods have sufficient internal documentation)

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30,000 Unique Blog Views Per Day

I am looking for someone to provide ongoing traffic to my blog. The traffic must be real, unique IPs.

The traffic must adhere to the following qualifications:
1. It must not be from expired domains or domain redirecting.
2. It must not be from any black hat method.
3. It must not be from Craigslist or excessive email marketing.
4. It must register in Google Analytics, awstats, stats, and all tracking programs.
5. Traffic must be adsense safe.
6. No spamming or violation of any service/websites Terms of Service (no Twitter bots, etc).
7. You must describe the method you are using to drive traffic. I dont need to know the secrets, but I do need to know the source.

The volume desired is between 10,000 and 50,000 per day, every day, every month repeating.

PM me if you have any questions.

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Blog Comments ASAP

I need 2000 blog comments.

1. Links should be alive.
2. The links to my site must contain given anchor text
3. The links to my site should be direct and should not have the nofollow attribute. Just plain direct links is acceptable.
4. All links to my site should be from different sites/domains.
5. The blog Must be PR2 or higher
Payment Method GAF ONLY
PAYMENT 1000 submission =100$

Report should be provided in the excel spreadsheet upon submission

You should find the blog and comment on it, I will pay for APPROVED comments only.

Looking for long term blog comment maker…

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Flex AlivePDF Extension Class

Flex Builder 3: alivePDF Class extension:

I need a Class which extends alivePDF to perform the following task:

– add page
::: should allow me to define is the page is colored or black and white.

– set page measure in Pixel
::: to replace the Size method which I cant get to display the right measure.

– override the MM value displayed on PDF document without interfere with the page size
::: ex: page measure is set to 500X500 pixels but on PDF, this method allows me to display 85x55mm.

– set background color using RGB (hex: #FF0000)

– set background image
::: should cover the entire document area without padding.

– add html text
::: the method should allow me to embed the font into the PDF.
Ex: addFont(htmlText, embedFontName.
Also, I must be able to position the and rotate the text using its matrix.

– add image
:::: the method should allow me to insert the image into the PDF using its matrix position, rotate, scale, skew it.

– watermark
:::: it should allow me to add a watermark text into the PDF

– save to server URL
:::: could be the same as create.php

– display in browser
:::: file reference save() method (FlashPlayer 10) could be used.

– IMPORTANT: I need this Class ASAP so bet only if you have experience with alivePDF.

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Library Conversion: C -> C# (maybe Python Involved)


we need a developer who knows both C and C#. It might also contain a bit of python.

We need someone who can convert an altorithm developed in C into a C# method for us. After conversion, the solution should be usable on windows environments. You can keep some parts in C and create a C# wrapper.

This includes the conversion of all dependencies that the method might have.

You need to convert a method that creates a fingerprint for a music file.
Its part of an open source program called "picard" and you can find the source code at:

The resulting method should be usable like this:
public static String createFingerprint(String filename);

You can change some internal parts of the algorithm or use additional libraries as long as your solution produces the *same fingerprint result as the original algorithm* and as long as your solution contains all dependencies without forcing users to install something first or without any popups or messages, etc.

The algorithm is currently used as a part of
(in case that you want to try it)

The filename that we pass to your method can be a music file in one of the following formats: MP3, OffVorbis, WMA, WAV, Flac, Flv, MP4. However, if your algorithm cannot handle those formats then you can also use a third party tool (e.g. ffmpeg) to convert them into a format that you can habdle.

Before you bid:
Please have a look at the audiofingerprint.c file and check if you can really do the job and if there are any dependencies that might give problems. Please only bid if you know that you can do the conversion.

Some requirements:
-Pure C# interfaces needed (but you can use external C/C++ DLLs if needed)
-Needs to be working without any pre-requirements on Windows XP, Vista and 7 with 32 and 64 bit

Best greetings,


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Customisation Needed For Groupon Clone


I have bought a script from
check out the demo there before you bid.
I need some customisation to be done.


-Add "branches" when creating a deal,
deal creator can input
1. restaurant branch name
2. branch adress
3. button to add another branch

-add branches to order page
after hitting BUY, on the order page, a table should be displayed.
The table automatically displays the list of "branches" of the restaurant featured in the deal (as inputted when creating the deal)

In that table, the user can input quantity of coupons he wanted to buy for each branch.

Basically I want user to choose which restaurant branch he want his coupon to be valid for.

The grand total will adjust accordingly.

Before the grand total, a random number should be generated, between 001-300. This random number will be added to the grand total and serves as identification for payments (for manual review)

-branch into coupon codes
add branch unique code to coupon code

-Add a way so that I can print the list of coupon bought for each branch. (I will give it to the restaurants)

-Below the table, user can choose payment method.

-Add another payment method (does not involve any gateway) on checkout: bank transfer. User can choose "Bank Transfer" as payment method.

This is 100% manual bank transfer which does not involve sending funds electronically.
Bank account info will be displayed to users.. user have to pay manually.

-Add a order confirmation method
After submitting purchase info, this is like a thank you page.
We are asking the buyer to tell us if they have sent the bank payment.
It will display our contact number, and a form.
The form will have to be filled in with buyers name, amount transferred, and when submitted, the data will be forwarded to our email account.

-add order confirmation on admin backend
for every order that uses "Bank Transfer" payment method, the orders are automatically on "Pending" status.
Admin must Confirm the orders MANUALLY.
Confirmed orders will be processed like usual by the system.

Automatically send email containing instructions as in the thank you page.

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Marketing For Ecommerce Website That Sells General Items

We have ecommerce website (
We want to market the website through PayPerClick, but other marketing methods is ok too.
We need to hire someone or company to manage marketing campaigns for us.

This will be an ongoing job.

Please tell us…
-what kind of marketing method is best for us (for example: payperclick, seo, affiliate, email)?
-why is this marketing method the best for us?
-what experience do you have with this marketing method?
-can you show us examples of how this marketing method has worked good in the past?
-what are your rates per month to do manage this marketing campaign for us?

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CSS And Tables Display

I would like a CSS created for my site which will work across all browsers and mobile platforms and is visually appealing. I have a lot of tables in my web pages and would like the colored cells in each cell to be referenced back to a single CSS for colors and formatting. I would like my tables to be displayed in such a manner that the columns are sortable, rows alternate in color, and highlight on hover. I do not want a proprietary method that requires extra software or additional DLLs. You can view my site at and for mobile

The deliverables are:
1.) A single CSS file that can be referenced on all of my pages that is visually appealing and conforms to Web 2.0 standards.
2.) A method which displays my tables in a manner as to allow user to click to sort on columns, alternating color on rows, and on hover color change on row
3.) You will update 8 of my pages (4 non-mobile, 4 mobile) with the new table method and CSS

My site uses .aspx, SQL 2005.

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WP Plugin Page – Quick Modification – $30 Bids Only

Hi everyone,

Have a wordpress site that is running the MagicMembers plugin. It supports multiple payment processors, so when you choose your subscription, it then forwards you to a page to choose which payment method you would like to use.

In our case, we are only offering PayPal. This becomes frustrating for the user because they choose to register and then get a page that has a PayPal graphic on it that must also be clicked before they get to PayPal to enter payment.

Looking to remove this step from the loop, so that they click Register on the sign up page and then are taken to PayPal immediately.

Open to method, but want to know which method you will be using — whether youll be modifying the plugin code or somehow using JavaScript to register a click on the intermediate page, whatever, just let me know your thoughts.

Complete today, get paid today.


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DLL To Download Music From MySpace

I need a DLL library made in C#.NET 4 that will download music from MySpace. I need a method like this:

byte[] DownloadSong(string songId)

This method gets MySpace song ID and returns downloaded FLV file as bytes array. Of course, method can contain other parameters if it will need them, this prototype is just idea, I need method that will accept any parameters and return song FLV file.

Other conditions:
1. I will need full source codes; if source codes will refer to third-party DLLs (except Microsoft ones included in .NET 4), Ill need also sources of all referenced libraries.
2. I will escrow payment when youll confirm that you already finished job and have the library; after escrow youll have to send this library (and source codes) to me for my tests; and when Ill see myself that sources are compiled well and test them with 10-20 MySpace songs, Ill finish escrow payment.

So, this project is for professionals only who knows ho to implement it.

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Java EJB Entity To JMS Message

Need an EJB3 expert to create a session bean with a single method that converts an Entity to a JMS message. The bean method will look like this:

EventNotification.publishAddEvent( Object entity );

The entity passed can be assumed to be a EJB3 Entity. The entity will have an "id" attribute and "version", but other than that, the Java Reflection API will need to be used to get the list of other attributes and values to put in the JMS message. Where the entity has object relationships (e.g. @ManyToOne public User getManager();), the JMS message should have an attribute in the body for this relationship with the value of the "id" of the target object (e.g. manager=83722)

The JMS message needs to have a property EVENT_TYPE=add and also a property of COMPANY_ID, which is either null or the value of the id of the Company if a getCompany() method is present on the entity.

The JMS Body needs to have the names and corresponding values of all persistent attributes of the entity. I am open to recommendations on the structure of the body (some sort of serialized Map or XML text?)

The project needs to be delivered as an Eclipse project that can be deployed on JBoss 6, and needs to include a JUnit or TestNG test that creates an entity, persists it, calls the method and reads the resulting message from the queue and validates the contents.

If someone can do this quickly, cheaply and with clear and well-designed code, I will probably have a stream of tasks in the future. Please quote rate for this and any future projects, and a fixed cost for this project.

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Launch Page

The page would need to be able to sign up users and send them a confirmation e-mail and be able to store some data that they will input via text boxes and check boxes. We would also like to do some SEO to help drive traffic to the site, for a brief overview please see below:

Launch page objective:

1. To inform public about the upcoming official launching of the buisness site sometime in next month or so

2. To have as many people register to sign up for our service fro free during the pre launch phase

3. To advise visitors that after the official launch it will be a dollar for a lifetime membership to the site

4. To advise the highs odds of winning each raffle because of the limit of no more than 50 entrants per rafflle

5. To advise that even if entrant did not win raffle they will get opportunity to buy service or product at substantial discount via a coupon for 3 hours after raffle ended.

6. To assure members that their is never any spam sent to them. They can enter raffles in any city , from merchants that they choose, and buy coupons from the vendors they are interested in, but that currently raffles will be limited to the state of Florida

7. PRE LAUNCH Page should have previews of things you could win, ie: weekend getaway for two at Key West, 90 days personal training from XYZ, $300.00 grocery shopping spree, etc.

8. The Launch page will enable users to enter the information listed below and receive and e-mail confirmation that they have successfully signed up and asking them to confirm their e-mail address

Launch Page Back End

Data fields for Form

* First Name
* Last Name
* E-mail Address *
* Zip Code **
* Cuisine ***
* Recreation ***
* Travel ***
* Fitness ***

* Need to have a method to check if e-mail address is valid and that is is not a duplicate record (If they dont have a method to do this I have a temporary method we can use)
** Need to have a method to verify the zip code exists. (I can get a list of zip codes on line we just need a simple way to do a cross check)
*** These fields would be taking values from 1-X in the database, list of the Check Box values before

Cuisine: Barbecue – 1, Caribbean – 2, Chinese – 3, Italian – 4, Indian – 5, Japanese – 6, Mediterranean – 7, Seafood – 8, Thai – 10
Recreation: Classical – 1, Dance – 2, Extreme Sports – 3, Movies – 4, Theater – 5
Travel: Africa – 1, Asia – 2, Caribbean – 3, Europe – 4, North America – 4, South America – 5
Fitness: Baseball – 1, Basketball – 2, Boxing – 3, Football – 4, Gyms – 5, Hockey – 6, Martial Arts – 7, Soccer – 8, Vitamins / Supplements – 9, Workout Equipment – 10


MYSQL or MSSQL Database to store sign up registration info (We have to be able to export this data though either in csv format or a MYSQL or MSSQL flat file)

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Joomshopping Payment Method Integration

we need an integration between a Joomla component named Joomshopping and the italian payment platform IW Smile. Can someone help us?

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Java Pdf Index

We developed some servlets to manage pdfs using mainly iText-2 and pdfbox libraries.
One of them merge some existing pdfs, generate a frontpage, an index and add some other cutomization then return resulting file.

Attached zip contains:
– eclipse project with full source (eclipse_project subdir)
– external libraries jars (external_libs_jars subdir)
– compiled war (KWS.war file)
– some example original pdfs with resulting defecting generated pdf (test

The problem is that the index doesnt work. We would like that with a click onto the title in the index acrobat goes on the right page. Current index contains page number but need to be clickable similar to outline.
Method that generate index is PdfToolset.generateIndexInternal(..)

method to work on is only generateIndexInternal(..)
this method is currently using iText and order and grouping logic is outside that method so you dont need to work in order and grouping logic.
I think main problem is that index is generated as a single pdf file and then merged with other pages so we need to target click to pagenumber when page still is not there.
Pages referred by index are added later.

We think it can be solved in this way:
You can change entirely Pdfs2volume.doPost(..) creating an open iText document, adding frontpage if needed, index in needed, all single pdfs and needed customizations (page number and image) and only then close the document so index ca contain references to pages.
Then you need to check generated document total number of page to verify it match calculated one because an index longer than expected can invalidate pagenumbers in index row.
If page number dont match you need to adapt initialPageShift in index and recreate all above document.
At last you have to add outline if needed.

We dont need to find another way to solve a problem or a suggest.
We need that the software works like is.
We need to solve to problems with this software. The problem must be solved in three days.

Here you can find software:

For award is evaluated in order a short description of how you want to solve,
no details, but just for understand you know the problem, the fast, e he price.

Thank you

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CD Collection (Java Using JCreator)

CD Collection
Write a program that stores details of a CD collection.
Level 1 maximum 50% (depending on implementation, demonstration, viva and documentation) must include the following:
Declaration and initialisation of variables

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Daily Deal Groupon Site Customization Or Build A New One

Hello, I am looking for someone who can EITHER

A)customize my groupon clone script as per the requirements below.
B)Built me a new script.

My script was already bought from groupscript dot net. You must check out the script demo before bidding. If you have done so, please write I did.

If you choose B, it must be able to do all requirements I specified below, PLUS all the features the groupscript . net script has.

If you understand, please say which one you choose (A or B) when bidding.

Here are the requirements:

-Add another payment method (does not involve any gateway): bank transfer. This is manual bank transfer which does NOT involve sending funds electronically. Bank account info will be displayed to users on the "select payment method" page.

-Add manual confirmation for orders.
After we received the bank payment, our admin must confirm the order manually.
Orders will be automatically in PENDING status, and need to be changed to CONFIRMED, manually.
Can confirm numerous orders at the same time.

-Add a payment confirmation method, which gives buyer a link to a page in which the user must fill in a form. Upon submitting the form, the data will be forwarded to an email account.
This is for buyers to report to us that they already paid the amount.

-Integrate autoresponder.
Integrate aweber or getresponse.

-Minor modification of homepage.
I need a tiny change to the homepage so that texts will be displayed properly. This is because I will be using a 5-7 digits currency. The currency symbol is in 2 letters.

-Change the payment mechanism.
I would like that after hitting the BUY button,a buyer will be presented to the payment page.

I would to add a table to the payment page, which work like the usual shopping cart system. In that table, the user can input how many coupons he wanted to buy for each branch. The table automatically displays the list of "branches" (EXPLAINED LATER) of the restaurant featured in the deal. The grand total will adjust accordingly.

Before the grand total, a random number should be generated, between 001-444. This random number will be added to the grand total and serves as identification for payments (for manual review)


Below the table, user can choose payment method.

-Add "branches" when creating a deal
deal creator can input
1. restaurant branch name
2. branch adress
and 3. button to add another branch

Insert unique branch codes into the start of coupon code.
Insert branch name to coupon


For every deal finished, display how many coupons are sold for each branch.
Past deal must display the coupon sold as the total from every branch.

You must put every text you added in the .po/.mo file so that I can translate the language later.

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Method For Detecting SSD Drives


we need a method for detecting is a drive is an SSD hard disk or not:

public static bool isSSD(String driveletter);

This method need to be either written in C# or alternatively we need a C++ DLL that we can invoke.

Best greetings,


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1000 Fans For Facebook Page (3 Pages A 1000 Fans)

I have regular customers, that need 1000 Fans for their page.
Our first project includes 3 pages that need 1.000 Fans.

If you have a good method, to create, I would like to work with you on a regular basis.

Send me a PM with your method, how long youll ned for completion and where the average fan will come from.

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1000 Twitter Followers

Need 1000 followers for a Twitter page.

Followers must be from Greece, Cyprus, UK, Romania
Followers must be at least 18 years old
Followers must be unique and real accounts
Followers must follow me, but I may not follow them

You must be able to meet deadlines and if you cant, you wont get paid!
You will be paid 2 days after project delivery

You must not acquire these members in a way that will get the page banned or suspended.
You will not be paid if the Twitter account is banned/deleted!

When bidding please:

– State how fast you can deliver and the method you will use
– Price
– Accurate date of delivery
– An overview of your method to gain Twitter followers

Future work will follow!

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FaceBook Java Chat Sample Using

I need a sample java client using the X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM authentication method! Not the login/password method.
I want this sample because i want to build a chat client above a server which discuss with Facebook thanks to the sample code i ask.


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Magento Payment Method Like Money/Check Order

I need the creation of a payment module just like the Money/Check order payment, but as the company will not process the payment by the website and will charge on the deliver, we need a payment method that allows 6 differents of installments payment, just like: 20% and more 3 installments, or something like that.

Or it easier to implement, 6 payment modules with the installments options separately, just for appearing on the orders list as different payments for the company to charge on the deliver…


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Student Record Management System

A client has hired you to design a client/server application with a MySQL backend database.
The database will hold student records. Each record will contain the student

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Electrostatics Poisson Equation / Finite Element Method

Comparing Finite Element Method with other numerical solution methods and modelling/solving 2D Poisson equation by Finite Element Method

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Interpolation Add-In For Excel (C++)

Interpolation Function – mdInterpolate

I need a fast interpolation function to be used primarily in big Excel sheets. The syntax is described below.
Main focus is performance. It needs to be very fast since inputs will be continiously updating realtime financial data.
Coding language shall be C++. I will not only need a working xll file but also the code files to make adjustments if necessary.


x-Inputs double obligatory
y-Inputs double obligatory
x-Value double obligatory
Interpol_Method string optional
Interpol_Power real optional
Extrapol_Method boolean optional
Extrapol_Power real optional
Sort_Inputs boolean optional
Missing_Inputs boolean optional
Error_Inputs boolean optional

as fast as possible since being used multiple times in huge spread sheet
written in C++
C++ Project Files required for later adjustments
available as C++ function and as Excel function through Add-in (.xll)

Range of values with no headers
can be vertical or horizontal in Excel Sheet
number of data sets please see Sort_Values

Range of values with no headers
can be vertical or horizontal in Excel sheet
same length as x-Inputs

valid Number to calculate y-Value

previous nearest lower value
closest nearest value
next nearest higher value
lagrange see link:
cubic spline see link:
akima see link:
… more methods are welcome if at hand

one number to determine smoothness of curve if method requires it
meaningful default value should be chosen

can differ from Interpol_Method, same Methods shall be available
default is same as Interpol_Method

one number to determine smoothness of curve if method requires it
meaningful default value should be chosen
if not given, value from Interpol_Power should be used if same method

TRUE x-Inputs dont need to be in order (default setting)
FALSE x-Inputs need to be in order

Input data usually comprises no more than 50 data sets but will also be used with up to 1,000 data set
Maybe different sort methods depending on size of input make sense to increase speed.

TRUE value can be missing in x-Inputs and/or y-Inputs at any position; data set will be excluded (default) FALSE no missing values are allowed

TRUE value can be any Error in x-Inputs and/or y-Inputs at any position; data set will be excluded
FALSE no missing values are allowed

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Need To Compile CPP File To Use In Iphone Xcode

I have one CPP and .h file which has one method to create encrypted string for given input (password and key). I need to use above CPP method in iphone xcode. I need to compile this in my xcode project so that I can use this method in iphone IBAction. To avoid spam, Please add keyworkd "CPP to OBJ" at start of your quote otherwise I will reject your application

This urgent requirement and must be completed ASAP.

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Daily Deal Website Script CUSTOMIZATION Needed

Hello, I am looking for someone who can customize my groupon clone script. The script was bought from groupscript dot net. I suggest you to check it out first and have a look at the demo.

Job description:

-Add another payment method (does not involve any gateway): bank transfer. This is manual bank transfer which does NOT involve sending funds electronically. Bank account info will be displayed to users on the "select payment method" page.

-Add a payment confirmation method, which gives users a link to a page in which the user must fill in a form. Upon submitting the form, the data will be forwarded to an email account.

-Integrate autoresponder.
Currently if the user is logged in, and click the subscribe button, his email will be added to the built-in email list automatically. I want it to be added to my autoresponder instead.
Autoresponder will be either aweber or getresponse.

-Minor modification of homepage.
I need a tiny change to the homepage so that texts will be displayed properly. This is because I will be using a 5-7 digits currency. The currency symbol is in 2 letters.

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Image Capture From Website To PPT File

SImple project, will be awarded within 2 day to the cheapest bidder with relevant feedback. Maximum $10-$20 so dont waste time to bid more than that!

There is a website with 166 products, I want to download each product and paste the photo into a seperate powerpoint slide.

1) Go to website
2) Go to Products section
3) Right Click on picture, Open Image In new Tab
4) Change the address in the bar from to
5) Copy the photo and paste into powerpoint.
6) Organize the powerpoint according to the category of product on the website (total 6 categories)

If you have any other method to do it then thats also fine

Shouldnt take someone more than 1-2 hours to complete, if you have another easier method, maybe it can take 20-30 minutes

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Create A Personal Diet Based On The Person’s Details

Looking for a professional dietitian or nutritionist who is able to create the method for composing personal diets based on some personal characteristics.


There is a website called "Slimming Expert" where the visitors take a test (10-20 questions) and insert their personal information (like weight, height, age, blood type, allergies for food, etc.). Based on this information a personal diet is composed.

The job task is:
– to compose an efficient diet for losing weight (easy diet without starving and exhausting trainings);
– to develop a number of questions for the online personal test;
– to develop the method for modifying the diet depending on the data obtained from the personal test. It is essential in order to make the diet more efficient for each individual (the method should be layed out in Excel file or described in a text format: If the age is this, than the diet should be modified in this way, etc.). The personal diet composed after completing the online test should work efficiently;
– to write several additional sections/articles which will be attached to the diet: Why do we gain extra weight? Why the personal diet is efficient? Additional information to the diet. How can we control our weight after using the diet? What products should we exclude from our daily menu? What easy sport excercises should we do in order not to gain weight in the future? (the articles titles are give as examples only).

– Able to do this job within a high level of quality;
– Work experience of dietitian or nutritionist is a must;
– Some evidence of the qualification is required;
– Good knowledge of UK or US groceries market (what food is the most popular, etc.);
– High level of written English and experience of writting articles in English is a plus.

The job must also fully meet the description given on the website. The websites address will be given after placing the bid. You must also provide us with a written notice (both by email and post) that the diet and the method were created by you + you transfer the owner rights to us + allow us to use your name as the author of the diet (it will be used in very very rare cases, e.g. by communicating with customers by email in case of the question – who is the author?).

If you find your knowledge and experience suits this job, please feel free to place your bid. The job is URGENT and we really need to finish with it ASAP!

Note: The requirements are flexible. Do not lose a chance to get an exciting work!

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Joomla VirtueMart Payment Method

I need a web programmer to fix a Joomla VirtueMart payment system. Currently the payment system is working fine, accepting Direct Deposit and PayPal, but I am not satisfied with the current method.

The current payment method is the original VirtueMart payment method (the 4 steps method).

The problems:
1. With the current method, user who pays using PayPal will have to complete the payment after step 1, which to me is a bit ridiculous. I need the system to be tweaked so that the user will complete the payment after step 4.

2. Step 1 requires customer to pick a method of payment and the delivery option. This is fine, but at step 3, again the user will be able to choose their payment method and the delivery option. I want at step 3, the user can ONLY view the payment and delivery option. If they need to change the options, they will have to click a "Back button"

Please let me know if youre interested. Thanks.

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Facebook Promotion Method

I have talked to a lot of fan providers who are using a new so called organic way of facebook marketing.

If you can give me a working method that does not rely on the facebook friend suggestion please let me know the general gist and how much you want.

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