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SEO For A Joomla Site

Need help to improve SEO on a webpage for google.

Contact me for futher details!

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Fix Issues In Joomla Site

I need a coder who can help me solve issues in my joomla site. This is the errors in the script, please check it and let me know if you can fix, the time and money needed.

1st – SEF URLs for a custom Component

Curent URL: index.php?page=artist_detail&artist=380

It should be: /artist/Wolf-Kahn

I guess we need to implement SEF Routing.

2nd – Meta Tags

In our Custom Compenent, we want to add Meta Tags (Title, Description and Keywords) to add in Artist and Listing

3rd – We need to add 2 fields in our custom component Listings

We have a calculated field for Retail Price (suggested) and Listing price ( what we are selling the piece for. The listing price is tied in to a calculator that works on the front end when the client lists a piece. ( remember that the calculator should work on the function of taking the net price the client wants to receive divided by 85% on prices if above 4900. / divided by 80% if below 4900 / and by adding 475. if the net the client wants is 1900. or below). What we do not have is the two fields that show How much we pay the client and what the difference between what we pay the client and what we sell the work for ( i.e. the amount we make).

_______ add a box which calculates the amount and links with what the seller will get and reads ( sellers net )

_______ add a box which calculates the amount and links with our commission amount There is a 15% commission on sales above ?0, a 20% commission on

sales below 99. Every sale below ?0 is subject to a minimum commission of $ 475. and reads ( OAG Commission )

4th – Add toggle button in our members area

Add toggle button to switch to

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Joomla Site – Within 5 Days

Im looking for someone to build a site based on joomla.


1. Several categories of articles
2. Control of meta tags
3. link adds area
4. Google adds area
5. Connection to affiliate program. Code will be supplied.
6. Upload the site
7. 5 days max!

I need professional and quick work!

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Joomla Site Migration

We need a person with advanced skills in Joomla scripts as well as servers.

The Project is as follows.

1. Install Joomla on a new Apache server.
2. Transfer over contents etc of current joomla website ( approximately 200 pages ) to new script install.

This would also involve migrating from joomla 1.0 to the newest version.

This is a high volume website and all links, directories etc would need to be duplicated exactly. This would also have to take place during Mountain standard time to reduce the amount of lost traffic.

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URGENT Joomla Site Broken After Plugins Edited

My joomla site at has broken after i was changing some plugins being published/unpublished switched on in the backend

The result is the site is no longer displaying at all…

I cant remember the plugins I was changing, I hope this is something someone can figure out how to fix URGENTLY

The first convincing reply / bid will win, I need this looked at immediately, so if you cant do that, please do not bid.

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Joomla Site Minor Modifications Jquery Slider

Install and configure Jquery slider similar style to seen on
more work will be offered if the slider is completed quickly and correctly

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Joomla Site Minor Modifications Jquery Slider

Install and configure Jquery slider similar style to seen on
more work will be offered if the slider is completed quickly and correctly

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403 Error On Joomla Site

Have a working joomla site with the listbingo component and receive a 403 error when user tries to register.

I need the register function fixed

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Need Help With Joomla Site


I have a Joomla/Virtuemart template that I just set up on my site, and I am pretty familiar with how to use Joomla, but need a little help. Please see my site at: What I wanted when I started the site is a virtual marketplace/bazaar where local businesses in our town can post their goods in virtual kiosks or virtual mini-stores, and people can buy their goods online through us. It got a bit time-consuming, so I want to simplify my site such that members can just post their items for sale on my site for free, and buyers just contact the sellers directly if they want to buy. I need help on how to set it up in such a way that it needs as little monitoring as possible. For example, members can post a certain number of items up to a certain period of time so that the site wont get bogged down by too many posts. There should be a "Report abuse" button which users can use to report members who sell illegal items, etc., so I can just remove the items at my discretion.
I also need help in making advertising packages for my site. It should be simple, preferably something that I need to update only monthly. Please feel free to make suggestions as well on how to improve my site. I need to keep this cheap, but not unreasonable of course. Perhaps the offer can be divided into phases with a quotation for each phase so that I can try you out first, and so that it wont be expensive. Thanks!

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Fixing Small Problem In My Joomla Site,urgent Needed

Hi every one

I have a joomal site that I made some backup for and restore after the restore it had some problems, that I need someone ASAP to fix it for me, as I was told it something related to some DB links or SEF module,

my control panel is plesk, I need some one who can do it for me in less than 4 hours because the first person who fix it for me the first time talken him only 1.5 hour

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Joomla 1.5_site Creation And Modification_online

For my project I need joomlas specialist for online working in run-going mode. Thats mean what you have to be generally online and to be ready for quickly task performing. Ill pay in weekly mode.


1. max.rate for 1h of working = 5$.
2. max. response time = 8 hours
3. max. task performing = 8 hours + task performing time
4. average response time = 2-3 hours
5. average task performing = 2-3 hours + task performing time
6. excellent quality, without reworking
7. availability for longterm cooperation

Please comments for how many hours does your bid valid.

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Simple Joomla Site

I need a joomla site made. I have the psds all made. Youll need to chop them up into html/css. Ill pay $100-$125 for this work. It fairly simple if you know joomla. Its only about 8 pages or something around there.

The site should be dynamic in that the client should be able to edit the text on every single page page.
Another dynamic element is there will be a page where

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Move To VPS And Fix Joomla Site

I have a Joomla 1.5 WebSite on a shared server and I want it to be moved to a VPS. I have already purchased the VPS. I also need a Joomla expert to fix email problems (Site not sending email) on the site.

Please ONLY BID if you can do the job Quickly – I am so far using the SECOND Freelancer ( I Cancelled the contracts with the FISRT FREELANCER as he wouldnt communicate or keep to deadlines) and he is about to have his contract cancelled after 3 months of not communicating and not finishing the work required.

PLEASE, PLEASE Dont waste my time by bidding if you cant do this quickly!!

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Sports Betting Joomla Site

I have a Joomla website that is near completion. I need to integrate live sports betting, which allows each user to wager points on any game. I will need to display all sports, live odds and statistics. Im assuming we can pull the odds and games from a third-party feed.

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Editing A Joomla Site

I have a website.
I am looking for a free lancer to edit the website.
I have the contents just I want a freelancer to enter the details at different columns using joomla.
Website is ready
Content is in doc file.
i want some one to complete the project in 2-3 days

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Updating A Joomla Site

This project entails the updating of some code joomla code, the integration of a joomla payment component and restructuring some Joomla templates.

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Joomla Site Update Required


Currently i required one joomla developer for following updates.

our joomla site consist jomsocial in user area, to provide several services to register users
along with video upload, rate and search feature.Our site is basically based on video upload,
and gift distribution service.currently i required :

1- If user want to upload videos over site via own computer(hard disk), he first have to pay
$1.99 via paypal, after that user get an unique id/number ( which is used in competition).
Once user paid, and have unique id, user able to upload video from his/her computer/harddisk (limited size video
allowed only) for other users to view it, and rate it.

User uploaded, video is viewed by other users, users able to rate it, comment over it.
After a certain interval of time (once in a month), we select that video (only from paid videos) which is most popular
and rated/viewed by other users, on the basis of that, we select the winner.

This circle keep going after once result is declaired.

2- Update the template, look and feel, graphics quality, make it cross paltform (viewable all type
web browser proper way)

This is small task for any joomla developer.
Max budget : $100.


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Fix Joomla Site

I need help. My clients Joomla site was working until I did something by mistake. I didnt delete anything, but now the administrator login does not work and we cant access the content/articles etc from the site. I need help fixing this.

I am currently copying all of the files to a new domain.

I need someone to go into the domain and fix it so we can read the content within the site.

I need to know how many hours it will take to fix this.

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Joomla Site Needs Several Upgrades / Expert Only!

I need several upgrades done to my site. They are quite technical upgrades so unless you are an expert please do not apply for the job. I need the work done quickly also so please keep that in mind. I need to see immediate progress on the job. I am very fair, however I will not not deal with slow or no work.

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Project For Dizajn Media

Joomla site maintain

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Even Further Revision Of Joomla Site

Completion of website including updated content.

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Integrate Third Party Program Into A Joomla Site – Urgent!


We have a joomla website

we bought a THIRD PARTY travel reservation software called SABRE that we need setup and integrated.

That way, customers can book reservations using the SABRE TRAVEL SYSTEM right through our website.

Here is some information about SABRE

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Help Me To Fix And Extend A Joomla Site (Experts Only)

Hi there,

i need someone to help me with my joomla based website.

Here are the changes that need to be done:

– Place header and footer in module positions (header and footer always stick at the same position)
– Integrate a frontpage color-chooser for the background color
– Install a chart-script
– Merge Joomla, Community Builder and Kunena Forum userbases and registrations

Only experts who can show proofs of their work and a good reputation.


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Genaro Joomla Site

Genaro Joomla Site bid $50

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What Editors Want Joomla Site

What Editors Want Joomla Site bid $50

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Law Joomla Site

Law Joomla Site bid $50

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Ian Joomla Site

Ian Joomla Site bid $50

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Further Revision Of Joomla Site

To be awarded to same contractor/freelancer.

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For MtsSoft Only – Joomla Site 2

For MtsSoft only – Joomla site as discussed

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Joomla Mirror Site & AEC Subscription Modules

I have a Joomla site and need to create a mirror site for testing purposes. With this testing version, our goal is to make sure all site development work happens and only after it has been tested and approved to move it to live (production) site. We have testing account, subdomain, etc. just need to come and start the migration process.
We also need this Joomla expert to help us with our site to create some reusable content modules for the site. Our site has a AEC subscription manager component so you should have familiarity with this component. We have a designer on team so you would be expected to create this modules for us to place on our site.
You would also need to help with modifying the current payment flow on our site created with AEC and JUGA component. This current payment flow has few extra steps in the process so we want to edit it and make it short. This may require you to edit certain parts.

Our ideal candidate is someone who can help us with this task but also with all our future Joomla work and be our Joomla expert. So, if you think you are up for this gig please apply.

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