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Drupal CMS Community Genealogy Website

I have an exsiting genealogy website built as static pages in html with a little PHP. It has over 7000 pages, some related to service provisions but mostly free content.
I would like to migrate to a cms. I have looked at drupal but came across some issues and need some help.
I would like to add functionality to this free content allowing customers to add ancestors to a military unit such as an army regiment or royal navy ship. This would create a link through a page that would be created for their ancestor (automatically – similar to a wiki).
The customer should then be able to add new information to this page, creating more links back to the original page but also other pages that are selected (perhaps from a drop-down list). The pages would also have the new ancestor added to them and linked to the new page. Essentially it is internal reciprocal linking.
This should only be available on certain pages.
I do not want customers to have to do the work manually – they should be able to fill in a form (or something similar) and the links/pages created for them.
I would like to limit what customers can and cannot add (ideally specific fields) as I want my pages to remain of a certain quality and format.
It would need sign-ins for customer for security and something to detect undesirable text (swearing, etc) – I should be notified.
It also needs a comments or a place for customers to query content. This needs to come through to me for visibility but I should not be a bottle-neck for adding content.

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Php/Drupal CMS Developer

We are looking for a web developer to join our operations team,
Requirements :
-Professional experience in php / Drupal CMS
-Good command in English
-Able to work hard & for long hours

Job description :
-Develop & Modify on our media website
-has to be available on skype most of the time
-has to do the tasks in time

Benefits :
-Work from anywhere you like just get the tasks done
-salary of 500$ per month
-Bonuses up to 200$ Monthly for extra jobs!

Best Regards

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Drupal CMS Expert

We are a new local Graphic and Web Design Company in Phoenix, AZ and we are developing a custom theme for a client. We require a freelance Drupal expert (someone who knows it inside & out) to develop a website which has similar functionality to lookbookDOTnu. Site will be developed in two languages.

Applicants MUST possess clean coding skills, excellent knowledge of Drupal, PHP and MySQL with custom CMS.

Thank you

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Non-Profit Portal (with Drupal CMS )

Website Description and Job Requirements (Development using Drupal Opensource CMS)

1. Front-end: dynamic and static contents (Drupal)

+ About Us: Presentation of HUMIS
+ Poverty in the world
+ human rights in the world
+ Human kindness
+ Our Planet
+ Contacts – Queries/Feedback sheet
+ User comments and stories about poverty from all over the world
+ Polls
+ News aggregator on poverty
+ RSS feeds
+ Share website pages: RSS, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr
+ Photo gallery
+ Video gallery
+ Map Gallery
+ Discussion forums
+ User registration: Newsletter and access to discussion forums.

Back-End (Drupal)
– Advertisement management module: posting advertisements, banners, etc.
– Content Management system:
+ posting new pages/section: dynamic and static html pages
+ possibility to add whole new section of website
+ web gui for adding new contents, with links, images, etc.
+ User rights management: Editors, Administrators, etc.
– Contact management
– templates management
– Basic groupware: Collaborative platform for website team for sharing documents, messages, etc.
– Security

4. Server: Linux Fedora, Apache, MySQL, etc.
5. Note: CMS optimized for fast static and dynamic contents, text graphics and statistical data as well as search engine friendly.
6. Possibility of creating affiliates, sharing links, networking etc.

7. Website design structure

Top menu:


Left menu:



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Romantic Readings For CMS And HTML Restaurant For Medizai

Romantic Readings for CMS and HTML Restaurant for Medizai

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RCMS_1_2010 FOR Nirmal2006

As discussed for Realtor CMS

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