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Migration IPhone Apps

My company planned to migrate existing portal system to iPhone Apps. PM for more details.

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Amazon EC2 Set Up And Elgg And WordPress Migration

I want you to set up an Amazon EC2, and or advise/set up on sensible alternative.

I want you to migrate 2 websites from a 1 and 1 virtual server account. One is Elgg and the other is WordPress, I would like you upgrade the wordpress to the latest versions.

I may wish to work with you long term to administer further projects

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WordPress Migration

need wordpress site moved from text site to another server

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Website Migration

I need my website moved from website builder into code. I prefer to have it uploaded into wordpress.

Client wants to be able to host the website on his own server and homestead doesnt allow that.

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SQL Expert For Data Migration Test Wanted!

You want to work for the business-model of the future? We offer data migration testing in Hong Kong for insurance companies in Europe. If you are an expert in SQL, very familiar with the English language and a reliable team player, then join our offshoring start-up now.


o Understanding conversion rules from migration specification documents in the English language
o Comparing data from two data bases via programming migration/conversion rules in SQL
o Reporting and tracking migration/conversion errors in the English language
o Being a team player and helping colleagues by sharing your experience

You want to join? Our customers in Europe are waiting, so contact us now!

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Magento Expert For Ecommerce Webite Server Migration

I need a Linux and Magento expert to move Magento Ecommerce website to a new server.

Please bid only if you are experienced and have done this job in the past.

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Private Project For RTzine – Website Migration

Move contents of old hosting account to a new hosting provider
move website to a new domain
upload products to magento shopping cart, i have the csv file, I only want an item to appear only once even though there are different color varieties. The customer will choose the color on the product details page
install blog on a subdirectory of the site

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Magento E-commerce Website Migration

I need a Linux and Magento expert to move Ecommerce website to a new server.

Please bid only if you are experienced and have done this job in the past.

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Magento Ecommerce Website Migration

I need a Linux and Magento expert to move Ecommerce website to a new server.

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Migration Project Form VB 6 To .Net

Hi All,

I have applicaiton developed in VB 6 for converting data into various charts. The charts can be outputted into MS Office products such as Excel, PPT etc. It uses lot of OLE.

I own the IP rights for the software and i am looking for capable individuals (not company) to migrate this application into .Net platform – preferably web based.

The current application has around 35000 LOC.
Mail me for more details and indicate price also.


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Plone Migration

Need a Plone, Python, Zope developer to help with Plone Development on version 2,3 and 4. Need to be an expert with ZopeDB. Contact me for more project information

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Fedex Web Services Migration

We need to migrate our Fedex integration to their latest version. We used PHP and XML. Fedex has released version 9 which is SOAP and WDSL. We need somemone to review the new version and make any necessary adjustments to the existing code and then test it.

Experience with Fedex s web integration options is a big plus.

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Plesk 8.3 On IIS6 To Plesk 10.1 On IIS 7 Migration

We are migrating 30 domains from a Windows Server 2003 running IIS6 and Plesk8.3 to a new VPS with Windows Server 2008 running IIS7 and Plesk 10. Migration will be done from Plesk Migration agent but some websites are not working after the migration. In total we have 3DNN websites, 1 multistore/multidomain(3 total) website running aspdotnetstorefront, 4 custom CMS .net websites and some php website that could have a problem (1 on joomla). We did not complete the migration but the figures above are the total websites we estimate with problems, we stopped the migration when we identified the problem.

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Site Migration, Domain Poinitng, And File Copying

106 domain names will all use the sleep files and need configuring and nameservers changing to ns1.sleep.

Then we have mattressland, whom will be using the sleep files, will have a new hompeage uploaded, be configured correctly and be sitting on its own namservers with its own unique IP address.

Then we have www.2freepillows which will just need a straightforward migration onto the new cloud server.

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Magento Migration – Products And Database Transfer

Need a dev to support with transferring products from one database to magento.

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Joomla: Migration

I would like some Joomla Migration expert.

I also need help in making my site more secure.


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Manual Migration Of PHPBB3 To WordPress

Manual migration of a PHPBB3 sites content to a WordPress blog.

The PHPBB3 forum has approximately 500 posts (recipes kept by one person) that will need to be posted one by one into a WordPress blog. Both are set up and functional.

You will be expected to open each message on PHPBB3, copy-paste it into a new post in WordPress, set the category/tag in WordPress, assure that the message is formatted properly, and post it.

Any comments in the PHPBB3 site are to be ignored. It is only the individual recipes that should be copied.

In your response, please provide the amount of time that you expect it to take in total, and the cost for the entire project. This is a very simple task, so it is likely that the lowest bid will win.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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Website Migration To CMS

I have spoke to you about the details. Please inform me of any additional questions via chat or email

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Data Migration From Joomla To OpenCart

William LArchevêqueMain goal :
Migration of data from a current Joomla database to the OpenCart CMS. The install of OpenCart is done and is ready to have the products added. The products can be added manually or with a script you can code.

Specifications :
There are approximately 650 products
The products have : id, title, price, description, category, status and 3 images each.
Categories are already created in the OpenCart install.
We will provide the SQL database and OpenCart install and images path explanation.

Post conditions :
We can browse our OpenCart installation and see all the products with there thumbnails.
Encoding is correct (UTF-8, french language text)

Lowest cost bid will most probably win. (under 100$)

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Migration And Customization Dynamics CRM 2011

We are looking for someone in the UK (East London area) to be ON SITE to migrate data from Dynamics CRM 4 to Dynamics CRM 2011 and create customizations including workflows, reports and development into this.

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ASP Website Migration


I have a Microsoft SQL database driven website that needs migrating.

I have already created databases and imported data on the new server. I need assistance in making sure the websites configuration files are properly changed so that the site works perfectly on the server.

I am not the original creator of the site. So, I need expert help in figuring out exactly how the site is configured to work.

I have a deadline of 2/24/2011.

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Database Migration

I need to transfer an SocialEngine database to an OxWall website.
The work should be pretty simple and i need it ASAP.


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Migration HTML To WP Project For Sehgals

Migration of a website from HTML to WP
Social Media Intergration

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Migration IIS6 To IIS7

I hava a website which has to be moved from IIS6 to IIS7,

it already runs with the URL rewriting but i have some problems with
– iload radactive component and
– telerik component

who has the skills, knowledge and experience to help me to migrate this website,

build in 2.0

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Website Migration To Joomla

Transfer my current webstie to joomla. It contains two forms that submit results via email to us. Second must have all the Meta tags correctly labeled for seo.

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Ecommerce Website – Migration


Update of an existing Ecommerce website and migration to a new E-Commerce solution. Regarding the technical ecommerce solution, I let you to propose (Magento, OsCommerce, Prestashop

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SocialEngine Migration. *Must Have SOCIALENGINE Experience*

I am running an older version of socialengine ver.3.18. I am moving servers, so I want to install the latest version of socialengine when i do this.

There are quite a bit of mods and plugins that I have installed, so I need to have them updated as well. The reason I am doing the clean install is that there are alot of unnecessary mods done to the site that has slowed the site down tremendously. I believe there are some bad codes floating around in the site. Thus, we are starting from scratch!

I need the following to be done.

1. Clean install of latest version of socialengine ver.4.x (I will supply)
2. Migration of database
3. Upgrade of all necessary plugins (direct from developer, most have free lifetime upgrades). * Because I am running an older version of socialengine, there are alot of mods that were done that are no longer necessary as they have been address in the current version.

Lastly, I have over 20k members, so the database is large. Please make sure you have a stable connection to handle the transfer.

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Websites Migration

I have purchased the Ultimate 4GH Hosting package from GoDaddy. I would like to migrate 5 websites from different hosting accounts at GoDaddy to the one ultimate hosting account also at GoDaddy. I will set up the DNS, MySql etc. and would need the sites migrated and functional in the shortest possible time.

1. Please quote per website
2. Give estimated migration time

Only bid if you are experienced with the GoDaddy hosting plans. Please provide proof of experience.

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JOomla 1.5 To JOomla 1.6 Migration

I want to convert my joomla 1.5 site to joomla 1.6 version, i have this commercial template on my website joomla 1.5:

i want it to be converted into JOomla 1.6 along with all the artciles, only simple article pages other then the template, i can provide url in PMB.

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Magento 1.3 Template To 1.4 Migration

We have a magento 1.3 template, and want to have it changed to 1.4 template. Needs to be done fast.
(want to have it done this week)

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Worpress Migration Problem ( To Self-hosted)

I just migrated a site from to a self-hosted wordpress blog. After completing the migration, we noticed that the urls have changed.

For example:

-now gives a 404 error because the new site lists that same url as

All links are broken from search engines and I would like this fixed. Please only bid if you can fix this right away. I know there are redirects on the market, but I do not know which one to use because this is not my expertise.


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Simple JOomla 1.5 To JOomla 1.6 Migration

I want to convert my joomla 1.5 site to joomla 1.6 version, i have this commercial template on my website joomla 1.5:

i want it to be converted into JOomla 1.6 along with all the artciles, only simple article pages other then the template, i can provide url in PMB.

Thank you !

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