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4-8 Quality CPA Leads/day For 1 Month ($1-5/lead Potential)

Im looking for someone to provide 4-8 VERY VERY HIGH QUALITY & VERIFIED CPA leads each day for 1 month. Each lead will need to be a home owner in the United States and requires the following information:

* first & last name
* city
* state
* zip
* phone
* email

This project will operate on milestone basis and will have 4 milestones for 1 month (1 for each week of 7 days from Mon to Sun). You will be paid at the END of each milestone and your payment potential will grow as your reputation is established with time:

Wk1 – $1/lead (Min. $28, Max. $56)
Wk2 – $2/lead (Min. $56, Max. $112)
Wk3 – $4/lead (Min. $112, Max. $224)
Wk4 – $5/lead (Min. $140, Max. $280)

Project Min. $336, Project Max. $672. Either way, theres a potential of $100 bonus at the end of the project.

Your payment per lead will ONLY increase if you establish yourself as a reputable lead provider on week to week basis. Ive worked with many clowns and have much experience doing what you are about to, so dont even think about cheating the guidelines. I would prefer to work with someone from US that knows English. However, if youre based in Bangladesh, Pakistan or Indian, be ready to prove your worth.

Of course, the general lead generation requirements APPLY and APPLY VERY STRICTLY:

* Only Quality Leads (ie real people that are alive)
* Only Unique/Confirmed IP, E-mail Addresses & Zip Codes
* No Rotating IP addresses
* No Fake Emails
* No Fake Zip Codes
* No Duplicate or Fraudulent Signups
* No Automated Methods
* No Cookie Cleaners
* No Black Hat
* No Proxy Servers
* No Craigslist
* No Bots or Software
* USA Traffic ONLY
* No Incentivized Signups
* No Blackhat
* No CL Spamming
* No other methods qualified as spamming

BIDs will ONLY be accepted from BIDDERs that send me a private message accepting these terms, stating who they are, and how they intend to provide these HIGH QUALITY leads. Mention of which networks youve worked with before will be a plus! If you DO NOT follow these instructions, I will report your BID as an Abuse of the system. Hope you understand.

Good luck bidding!

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need some1 to write articles by taking them from the net from various min 5 sources. he/she can draft the article using references accordingly and then need to rewrite them properly. This sud be original and could be properly rewritten. It sud not be catch by copyscape at all. keywords will also be used.

article must be accepted in, ezinearticles, and other good sites…….

Each article appx 400 words. 1$ each. monthly 60 to 80 articles.. need min 6 articles on daily basis. No advance escrow will be done, will pay for every 35-40 article received.

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3 Min After Effects Project

I need a better video than the link below for other product brand.

With creativity and dynamism and audio (some incidental music).
Ill send texts and images.
The winner will need to send me the first video idea 12 hours after this project awarding.

At the end, the project must be delivered in after effects (archive) plus the video.

Ill not consider freelancers bids that dont have examples of previous jobs in after effects.

Good luck,
Criação Virtual

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Writing Sentences About ‘Subject’, 0.03/each – 12 Words Min.

Writers will create separate sentences about a certain subject like "headlights" or "quality shoes" (sentences will include the word/subject). They must be a minimum of 12-15 words. Example sentences may be given.

Set your bids at $30: 1000 sentences @ 0.03/each.

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Digital Music Store

I need customizable digital music store which includes:

1. search panel:

– by keywords, genre, mood, instrument, tempo (BPM – beats per minute, 50 or less, 50-70,70-90, 90-110, 110-130,130-150,150-170,170-190, 190 or more e.t.c ) ,
track length ( less than 15 sec, 15-30, 30 – 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min or more )
in the future I might add vocals e.t.c so I would like to be able to add/remove search options

2. search results:

– every track should have : title, lenght, music player ( in order to listen to demo ), description, price, add to cart button,
keyword tags, if the track has few versions ( for example 15 sec, 1 min, 2 min ) they should be listed bearing in mind that different versions have different prices, if the track is from the album there should be a link to the album,
link to composer profile,

– every album should have : cover art, description, all tracks listed with player button, add to cart button,

– music player – when someone clicks play button listens to track and than moves to another one, the first one automatically stops playing

3. buying :

– when clicking Add to cart the cart updates automatically without leaving the page
-all transactions are checked to prevent fraud and spoofing
-location of files are hidden and cannot be deduced by casual browsers of the web site
-downloads are limited by time and number of attempts
-all completed sales are recorded in the database
-customer is sent an email with a link to the download area
-All pages written in PHP and script is NOT encrypted
-Files are not accessible via a normal href link and hence cannot be downloaded by unauthorized users.
-Incorporates testing via the PayPal and Google SandBox environment so that the complete system, can be tested.
-Interacts with Paypals IPN system to monitor when a payment is complete for both digital and physical products.
-Automatically generates a login in url link for PayPal purchases to download their digital purchases.
-discounts, coupons, and free track option

4. I need to be able to modify the look of the shop, template and results in order to fit it into my website
so that I can freely add or remove menu items and change the look of the website.

5. control panel for sending e-mail, newsletters, selling statistics, adding tracks, albums, categories, covert arts

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Animator Extraordinaire – 1 Min. Children’s Cartoon

We are currently looking for a young and talented 2D animator/ illustrator to produce a 1 minute independent childrens cartoon.

Applicants must be skilled illustrators, capable of emulating a given style of drawing.

If you are truly passionate about cartoons and a hard worker, this may be the work for you.

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Link Building PR2+

I am looking for some Link Builder.


Please send me Price for each one:

100 Angela Profile Links
50 Blogcomments (not more then 20 Outgoing Backlinks and min. PR2)
50 Social Bookmarking (On 50 different Bookmarking Websites)

300 Angela Profile Links
100 Blogcomments (not more then 20 Outgoing Backlinks and min. PR2)
100 Social Bookmarking (On 100 different Bookmarking Websites)

1000 Angela Profile Links
300 Blogcomments (not more then 20 Outgoing Backlinks and min. PR2)
100 Social Bookmarking (On 100 different Bookmarking Websites)


I ONLY WORK WITH 100% MILESTONE – Payment realse after i got the List and approve all Links.

03/08/2011 at 20:45 EST:


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Promo Video Needed To Showcase 2 Products (1 Min Max)

We require a promo video to loop continuously to showcase 2 products at a tradeshow. There will be no sound, so it must clearly demonstrate the products without voiceover. Under 1 minute length & required within 24 hours of bidder chosen.

Video will showcase 2 products:

Logo PSD and any necessary iStockPhoto images will be provided.

To be considered, please outline a basic vision to accomplish the required.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Help Us To Create A Recipes Database

Hi Everybody,
We are building up a new recipes database and what we are looking for is few people helping us to find and enter the right recipes.
These are our requirements:

1) Recipes need to be popular (or well known) in the following Countries: UK and United States. We could accept other freelances from other countries that want to create a set of receipts of theirs country and using their language.
2) Recipe need to be original. To us

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A Very Simple Photo Morphing App For Android.

HI, I need a very small simple app for android. It has to morph one picture to another over a given time. Ie. The user sets a time like 2 min. And the morphing will take exactly 2 min.
I need one version with adds build in and one without.

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Need 5(MIN) Workers Having TEAM


Need 5 workers having team..

Need good English knowledge and fast internet connection and active workers..

we have regular jobs…

Need only sincere and serious workers.

all are data kind of simple jobs


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Video Freelancer Urgently Needed 02.22.11

Dear Freelancer(s),

We urgently need a Video Producer that can make short 2 min video clips daily for us. These videos will be used on YouTube and other tube sites. We need 4-6 video clips daily in .flv format (2 min. in length). We also need our website URL embedded on the top of the videos.

If you are interested in this project, please place you bid and we will send you more details.

All qualified bids must submit a sample with our specifications. Please do not make your sample until we give you the specifications.



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A 2 Min Video For A Shopping Website


I need a 2 min short video for a shopping website. The voice over is done. You will need to add animations and bg music.

My budget is $500 for the project.

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Need To Gather Some Info

I need some info about the roulette game.

So for one casino youll need to do
1. go to homepage and create an account in USD (you dont need to download anything)
2. open the roulette game
3. check the min bet and min chip and enter them in excel file

So I need the min chip and bet of the roulette game for 40 casinos. Im ready to pay $30. You need to do this job today.

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10 Articles, Product Reviews Articles Needed


I need 12 articles about Weddings & Events.(reviews)
I will supply the keywords
I give you tips and directions.

1. Accurate, well-researched and full of real information.
2. All articles must be 100% original in perfect English and MUST pass Copyscape
3. No grammatical, spelling or structural errors.
4. Articles MUST BE of good quality.
5. We own the full rights on the articles
6. 5 article-min. 500 words and the other 5 articles- min. 1000 each

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20 Min Video With Title/intro


We require a 20min video with intro animation and logo and some text throughout the whole footage. The video will mainly be made of footage of higher education in the UK – footage of UK universities, lectures/teaching, students, etc. Please note that we do not have the footage, we require the footage as well so whether you shoot the footage yourself and edit it or take it from stock is up to you.

We are a non-profit educational organisation. Budget is limited.

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Need High Quality Video Presentation 10 Min Long


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Video Edit 1.15 Min / Improve Lighting / Add Pictures

1) Home video 1.15 min / 27.49 MB in length taken in inside so picture is dark, I would like filters applied to lighten the video image as much as possible to make it more view able.
2) Winning bid should provide demo of lightened video image in 24Hrs
2) Add twenty pictures some before some after the edited video with elegant transitions and captions which I will provide.
3) Provide full demo for review within 24 Hrs
4) After any change orders complete and provide disc image to burn to DVD.
5) Must complete in 48 HR s

Only bid if you have the skill to complete this task within 48HRS please.

File can be downloaded from

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Need High Quality Video Presentation 10-14 Min Long


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Make 50 Min Introduction Video To WordPress

Im looking for someone who can make a 50 min video teaching video for somebody who has never been using WordPress.

It should show how they can set up their first WordPress page.

All speak should be delivered in written and possible to port to other languages.

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Indian Needed 10 Min Work

Hi hello
i need indian with sbi account holder with net banking or not its okay
you need to do only 10 min works
details in pm

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Night shift captcha project available for teams with at least 5 members. Must be reliable and accurate typists.

Experienced captcha encoders will be given preference.

Working hours:

9pm to 9am (India time)

Targets / Rates:**

– min 7k/week per ID = $0.80/k

– min 21k/week per ID = $0.85/k

– min 35k/week per ID = $0.90/k

**If you do not meet set targets and make less than 7k/week per ID, rate is reduced to $0.75/k**

Weekly payments via PayPal or GAF. NO MILESTONE PAYMENTS.


In your bid, please state previous captcha projects youve worked on and how many IDs you need.





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Members To My Xxx Datingsites Min 1000 Real Members

I need 1000 real members on my xxxs sites, paymentafter its done.

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5 Min Movie From 1 Pic..

I want someone that can make a easy good loking image…. somthing like this one but i want it more realistic…and 2 edit some text… and then make a short movie..from it… (optional i can do this myself)need it fast…
i will pay 10 $…. this is very simple…

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10,000 Facebook Fans From HUNGARY Needed On Fb Page.

I need tenthousand (10,000) fans on my facebook page. They must all be from Hungary, most from Budapest (min. 85%), most female (min 65%). Please explain in email how you would do this! Thank you

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Edit Flash Banner 5 Min Job $50

Hi, I have purchased a template banner from templatemonster

I simply need to have an additional slide put in so there are 4 slides instead of 3.
Also I want it to automatically scroll without using the buttons, but still have the button option there.

Once the file is edited with the additional slide I can edit the rest of the flash document.

Please dont waste my time if you do not know how to do this. To someone that knows flash it should be a 5 min job.

I am willing to pay $50



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CSS Cross Browser Javascript Expert

Looking for an expert. Someone not out to over charge but someone who knows CSS and Javascript and it shows in their professionalism.

I need the following. All are basically done.

javascript – page I have text array and have url in the arrays but need them to go target blank as well as some clean up of the look. This will take an expert 15 min 25 tops. Need ASAP

css world map – already started on rollover state border changes on click state information shows in div. All images will be sliced by me. Need help with the css of the rollover states and ensure works in all browsers. Need ASAP

css – page having alignment problems of a menu. Another 15 min 30 min tops for expert to find problem and inform me of fix. Need ASAP

Looking for a professional as I will be posting a PSD to HTML and want to give that job to the same person.

Must have skype or google. Must indicate how much time each task will be and must be able to meet deadlines. I am looking for the best price, the best person who can communicate and an expert. I am willing to do some of the work side by side with the person as long as they can indicate what needs to be done.

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Pressure Washer, 15 Articles/ Reviews


I need 15 articles about pressure washers.
I will supply the keywords and give you simple SEO suggestions.
I give you tips and directions.

1. Accurate, well-researched and full of real information.
2. All articles must be 100% original in perfect English and MUST pass Copyscape
3. No grammatical, spelling or structural errors.
4. Articles MUST BE of good quality.
5.They must be SEO optimized.
6. We own the full rights on the articles

15 articles: 1 x 3000 words(min.) 14 x 1000 words(min.)

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Script Copywrite For Sizzle 1 To 2 Min Trailer

This is a web/ mobile site requires some compelling script writing to convey the message of what the concept is. Project requires knowledge of all social media.

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Parse Text File To Mysql Usign Cron

I have a text file that dynamically changes every few seconds
File name is xyz[todays date].txt

Data looks like

15:52:07 Line#9,SIM#1,GSMNumber=+50939900346,SCID=108380 +CUSD: 0,"Pale pou genyen!Votre balance:203,00.Exp:2011-02-25 23:59:59.Free nights:412.00 Exp:2010-12-31 .Balances promotionnelles *132#.Compte Fidepwen et tirage:*200#",15
15:52:11 Line#9,SIM#1,GSMNumber=+50939900346,SCID=108380 +CUSD: 0,"Cashback:0,00Exp:2010-12-31 23:59:59.Bonus:0,00.Exp:2011-01-08 23:59:59.Sms:0,0.Exp:2011-01-27 23:59:59. Min-dimanche:0.0Exp:2010-12-31 23:59:59",15

mysql already has
line, sim

you need to insert in db

time balance Exp1 nights exp2 cashback exp3 bonus exp4 sms exp5 dimanche exp6
15:52 203,00 20100-02-25 412.00 2010-12-31 0,00 2010-12-31 0,00 2011-01-08 0,0 2011-01-27 0.0 2010-12-31

I can define how far back to go in time

eg 30 min back means only look at last 30 min of log

I can call script from cron

parsing must always be done from oldest date to newest date

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Simple CSS Project, Need Someone In Next 5 Min

Needs some quick css work and minor changes to my site.

Need someone who can come on chat and do it right now!

PM for more details, but should not take you more than an hour.

Budget $30

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