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Mini Articles

All about entertainment such as movies, tv series, anime series.

I need 100 words each article

I need two writers to submit 8 daily

Budget: $0.25 Each article

I can transfer up to 10% milestone while 90% will be released upon completing the articles

Feel free to ask questions.

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Market Research Website Creation

As discussed

The EXACT domain (.com, .net or .org with the exact keyword only, no hyphens or otherwords)
Specially selected wordpress theme to be attractive and get a good CTR
2 x 300 quality articles, fully SEOd
2 x 100 word mini articles (1 about page and 1 buy keyword page)
Privacy policy (to be adsense compliant)
All-in-one-seo plugin set up to target the keyword even more accurately

Keyword Research

We guarantee that EVERY keyword we target for you will be
2400 EXACT google searchs a month or over
Have less than 20k EXACT competition
Will have EXACT domains available
Will have $1 adsense CPC or over
Will be product based (to encourage buyers not browsers)

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20 Mini-Articles (175 Words Each) Needed Part 8


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Project Detail

20 Mini-Articles (175 words each) Needed Part 8  

20 Mini-Articles (175 words each) Needed Part 8 is project number 519821
posted at Click here to post your own project.




Status: Open

Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250
Created: 10/02/2009 at 7:36 EDT

Bid Count: 0
Average Bid:

10/07/2009 at 7:36 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:


Employer Rating: (19 reviews)


Write 20 review "like" posts each at least 175 words on products or category of products i will provide if you accept the contract.

The niche is related to collectible swords.

You are free to develop the content at your discretion as long as it is closely aligned with the contents subject i will provide and you follow all specific instructions below.

1. Must not be the same content submitted in any previous assignment or any other online content submission completed by you previously.

2. Must be an original content found nowhere else on the Internet. We will be using the site (searching on both Google and Yahoo) to validate that the content is original. Do not start with the product description on the product page and substitute a few words, write a unique review. Consider the following questions when writing a product review:

a) Who would like this item?
b) How would this item benefit the person who owns it?
c) How would this item be used?

3. The post title must include all the words I will provide. The post title should contain more than just the product name/description. For example, if the product name/description is golf slippers, titling the post Golf Slippers is a poor choice; titling the post as something like Funny Golf Theme Slippers Make A Great Gift is a great title choice.

4. The post should contain the product name/description at least once in the first paragraph as written above.

5. Posts may reference website the product is found on.

6. The content must be a minimum of 175 words long. This post length requirement excludes the words used in the title.

7. Each post should be 2 – 3 paragraphs long.

8. Each paragraph must contain a minimum of 50 words.

9. Paragraphs must be written in English and be coherent.

10. Paragraphs must have a logical flow from one to another.

11. No spelling errors or obvious grammar errors will be accepted. Please use a spell checker program before submitting. (Note some browsers have spell checkers built in as does Excel Word.) Jobs submitted with spelling errors, poor punctuation and improper capitalization will be rejected – do not rush to submit without a review of your work.

12. Content must be of a positive nature (unless stated otherwise) and must be written in a family oriented way. No references of porn, adult themes, hate, pharmaceutical products or any drugs or drug paraphernalia or other unsuitable references will be accepted.

13. Content must be saved as a text file (file extension .txt). No line breaks within a paragraph and one blank line separating your paragraphs. No bolding, underlines or italics are accepted. No embedded links are accepted. We strongly recommend that you write your content in whatever word processor you feel comfortable with, spell check it and then copy and paste it into the Notepad application (found on most PCs) where you can then save it as a text file.

Your work will be accepted if the content complies with all requirements above. The title of your content should be 5

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Mini Articles Needed For Website And I’m A Perfectionist!!!

I am looking for articles describing how hypnosis can help people with certain issues such as:

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100 word mini articles

Hello everyone here is what I am looking for today.

1.) I am looking for a writer who is looking to work long term on easy little writing assignments. These snippets will need to be 100-125 words that include a phrase or key term of my choosing. I will need you to write a bulk amount of these little snippets using the same key phrase. Below is a small example:

This pancake recipe is guaranteed to get you men out of the dog house with your significant other. You need four ingredients, think you can manage? Blueberries, Strawberries, Bananas, and chocolate chips. Add a handful of chocolate chips into the pancake batter and start cooking. Once the batter is cooked into pancakes, put the fresh fruit on top. If you want to go to extra mile with this pancake recipe, add honey and or maple syrup to complete the dish. My mother originally taught me this recipe. She had no idea this dish would get me out of the dog house when the lady was upset.

In that example the key term was pancake recipe, which only needs to be used once but the content should make sense and be original.

What am I offering as payment? Well I used to write these myself but since time has been cut short for me I am looking to pay someone else to do these for me. When I was in the typing zone and just spitting these things out I could write about 1 every 1:30-2:00 minutes. So here is my offer.

25-50 cents per 100-125 word snippet. So if you do the math if you are making 50 cents per text and you can do 1 every 2 minutes that equates to about $15 an hour. Now for people who can think and type faster such as myself you can easily probably do about 40-50 an hour meaning you can make $20-25 an hour.

Again let me explain if you plan on trying to copy others text or do anything of that nature just do not even bother bidding. Not only will all of these posts be checked by me through different copy write and other resources but they will be then double checked by a program I have.

This first initial bid I have decided to put in as a testing ground for people interested. I am willing to pay $30 to those interested meaning 60 posts. It may sound like a lot but trust me, it goes fast once you get the ball rolling.

If you like it and I like your work I will then put out a larger offer and sum so that you can just work till your hearts content and know that you are making 50 cents a post.

Feel free to send me any questions you may have or if you would like some more information before bidding.

Thank you,

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