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JQuery Interactable Map


I am in need of a map like the browsergame Tribalwars has.

The map should show 8×8 in the Y and X line with 56×56 images.

I want to have the interactive map and a sort of mini-map on the right side. Users can hold down the mouse in the mini-map and scroll faster over the map. There must be an animation that shows the scrolling on the real map.
Data must be loaded from MySQL out from a table of 100.000 rows.

The map must be exact the same as It must have a slide effect when users goes to another section.

Screen of the map: – or take a look at the map.

Map must be made with plain JavaScript or jQuery framework.

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Convert Reports And Scanned Images Into 30 Short Articles

This one should be easy for anyone thats a good typer and is fluent and proficient in English.

If successful, there will be ongoing work needed.

All I need is to take a few reports (some electronic some scanned), and create 30 mini – very short – articles from it.

Emphasis on the MINI!

It cant be verbatim like the reports. Work will be checked for grammar and copyscape.

Thanks in advance!

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Build A Mini Site (php Joomla Expert)

Contest Programming
We are looking to build a "mini" site to promote a contest we are doing that allows you to design your own watch. Similar to this site: http : / /
and more detail in PMB.
p/s: i will provide design for you.

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Mini Site Design (quality & Minimal Price)

A mini site graphics designer is needed for MLM project of XUP with 5 steps script. I need the following requirements as:
* Header Graphic.
* Matching Footer Graphic.
* Matching Order button.
* Matching e-Book Cover, or Software Box, or Membership Card (whatever sizes as needed.)
* Matching Bullet Graphic.
* Matching Testimonial Box.
* Matching Page Background.
* CSS (cascading style sheet)
* XHTML Valid Mini Site Template.
The work should be issued ready to put in my server. I need a completed work issue.
My budget is: $200.
Please PM me only serious and qualified graphics designers.
Payment will be 50% in advance upon checking your previous web designs works and the remaining will be paid upon making sure the finished draft.

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Mini Site Template For Newsletter

We need 6 mini template ,for newsletter.

We need each template with only one page but with top menu bar for custom links.

Template have to be in html and in TABLE structure, need template for:
-real estate company (to promote the new houses in catalogue)
-Products promotions
-2 different template for Business company (about us and service section)

Template have to use the max width of 500px! is for newsletter remember!

Low budget, can accept template already made – MAX BUDGET: 30 usd

Send samples please.

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Mini Website Project

Will purchase a wordpress template template but need to just finish the necessary pages and to create a custom gallery.

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Software C# Mini CRM + Register Students +Print Certificates

This is for a company that runs training programs. With the development of this program the company would like to keep records of instructors (lecturers) and students. After keeping these records the administrator must be able to print the names of the students (plus more info) into a certificate and a small pocket card (not visa type card, just normal print).

It will also work like a mini CRM to keep records of what communication this company has with its clients.

More details will be given to winning bidder. Please explain which way (software, language) will you develop it with.
Must have backup capability.
Must be able to operate it from different computers (multi-user).

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Need Four Mini Sites And Also Convert Php To Joomla

Looking to create 4 mini site coping similar sites and adding joomla plugins for a cart and setting up paypal

also converting a existing site from php to joomla. adding a few pictures for services on these sites

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Upgrade Of Mini-television

-to insert video advertisement (in flv format) at the begining of each video through the admin control panel(back end)

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HASAN Basic Mini Site To Put Up

Hi there I want someone top put up a 16 page website for me

Look forward to hearing from you

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Website Header

I need a Website Header for a Sales Page created. Here a a couple examples of what I am looking for.

These are a few samples that I like. I need something flashly like that. I want to use greens, blues, and browns.

I also need a faded background that matches the blue or green for the background of the website.

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Mini Websites And Linking

Were looking to hire someone to help us design and setup 7 mini websites (dog related) that will link back to our main website. The websites will need to be seo friendly, well written and organized. Must speak fluid english.

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Mini Site Creation And Graphics

I need a budget freelancer who is willing to help complete the task below. I need to create a mini site. You must understand the requirement for minisite, a website for marketer to sell online

We need designer who can start work immediately, complete in in 48hours.

* Header Graphic
* Footer Graphic
* eCover ticket Graphic
* Add To Cart Button
* Graphical Headline
* Video Skin Graphic
* Testimonial Box

* Johnson Box
* Banner Ads (3)
* Bullet Graphic
* Graphical Optin Box
* Handwritten Signature
* Guarantee Seal Icon
* HTML/CSS Template

Budget from $30-$50, lowest quote win

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Hasan Mini Basic Sites 3

I am looking to put up two new sites.

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Pinup Girl Design For Mini Donut Family Concession Business

I am looking for someone to create a 1950s style (vintage) pinup girl with clothes possibly cooking or serving mini donuts she needs to be dressed (maybe wearing an apron) but I want her to be sexy and cute my business will be fair/festival oriented so she needs to be family friendly but still draw a crowd I also sell rockabilly style clothing like corsets and pencil skirts I want her to be contemporary but vintage at the same time one of my favprite pinup artist is celeste giuliano thank you and I look forward to working with the right person.

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$40 Per Mini WordPress Website Creation 7-15 Simple Pages

Job Description

I am paying 40 dollars per mini website created.

Requirements and details of job

– Complete on time
– Must be WordPress expert
– Must be HTML & PHP expert
– Must have good photoshop design abilities
– Flash is an asset
– Make simple banner
– Style Content
– Make nice optin
– Add images relating to niche topic
– Websites will have 5-15 pages
– Content will be provided
– Plugins will be provided which you will add or download
– You must be a great communicator
– Great command of english language
– 40 dollars per website

2 websites per week.

Do not apply unless you understand the fixed price of this job. Do not apply to bargain. Do not apply if you are not meeting the requirements of this job. You will be deleted.

Good contractors please apply.

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Widget Like Simple Mini-website

Please look here for an example:
I need another widget that looks and does pretty much the same. The owner of the present widget does not want me to use it for another project.

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Website And Mini Website Template

We are looking for a full website to be developed. It will be a multi media friendly site that will have video intergration, click to call and click to text intergration as well as live chat and secure form submission. User accounts that allow users to log in and view proofs of their order as well as check their internal inbox for leads we generate for them.

Then we need a modifiable single page template that can be replicated and edited with ease in a WYSWYG program or it must have a backend portal that allows for simple editing without knowledge of code. Mini site must have all the same features.

You will be expected to install and deliver finished product on all current domains (10 or so) as well as deliver all finished files and installation instructions.

Other deliverables may be added at a later time.

We have a firm budget and will not exceed it for this project. So bid accordingly.

Site must be delivered in 48-72 hours. We will supply layered photoshop files of design if needed, but would prefer a turn key project where we just supply basic design image and logos.

You must supply samples of previous work wit bid via PM.

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Hassan Mini Website 1

We are looking for someone to put a 10 page site up for us

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Create Fackbook Mini Site

Create simple mini site for facebook fan page just black with some function.

Page one title page with photo and video viewer.

Page two static page that I can put price list and info and links this page can be blank but with code
the pages must have like links for the page and all photos and videos on viewer
the viewer can be as simple as

all pages must be editable by me in photoshop and xml file

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Need A 4 Mini Websites

Want a 4 mini sites basically information sites that can have small changes by myself if you have a design already that is ok just send the design(s) i have examples of sites to be copied into design. need to be completed in less than a week

max price for this job is 100 u. s

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Mini Blog Network

This is a simple project. I need a virtual assistant to help me create a mini blog network.

I need to create 20 "nodes" containing 7 blogs each.

I need a person to help to me sign up to certain blogs.

Basically you need to create 20 gmail email accounts and sign up to 7 blogs with each e-mail address.

In total you would be signing up to 140 blogs.

The blogs are:

2- tumblr
3- xanga
4- blogger
5- posterous
6- typepad
7- multiply

You will have to create an excel file with the urls, username and passwords.

Bid for the project and please mention your turnaround time.

Budget: 20-30$

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IPhone Mini-Games

Sell us your app !

Were looking for independent developers who have already built iPhone or iPad mini-games, so as to buy (or license) their app.

Some examples (non-exhaustive) of mini-games in which we are interested are :
– snake game
– pac-man
– whac-a-mole
– breakout
– pushing blocks
– racing games
– memory games

We are open to any IOS mini-game you may have developed as long as youll be willing to potentially update the game to include some artwork that we would provide (for example : different screen background) – as were looking to create an homogeneous storyline between mini-games in the app. Your mini-game should be very simple, light and addictive for players.

We will be launching in the coming month an application in which your mini-game will be included.

Please note : you will receive a fixed sum of money, through, for the mini-games that you will deliver to us – just as is you had built it especially for us (this is not a revenue sharing deal). The only difference is that, here, were buying off-the-shelf an App that youve already developed (+minor adjustments) instead of having you build the app especially for us from scratch.

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Mini Articles

All about entertainment such as movies, tv series, anime series.

I need 100 words each article

I need two writers to submit 8 daily

Budget: $0.25 Each article

I can transfer up to 10% milestone while 90% will be released upon completing the articles

Feel free to ask questions.

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Mini Articles (75 To 100 Words) – Repost

All about entertainment such as movies, tv series, anime series.

I need 100 words each article

I need two writers to submit 8 daily

Budget: $30 for 150 mini articles or $0.2 each article

I can transfer up to 10% milestone while 90% will be released upon completing the articles

Feel free to ask questions.

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Giftcards Web Site

The project is building a web site to enable users to build a personal mini site within the site using templates. The platform should be like the platform of
The project includes building the platform without the design and without the mini site template.

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Mini Articles (75 To 100 Words)

All about entertainment such as movies, tv series, anime series.

I need 100 words each article

I need two writers to submit 8 daily

Budget: $30 for 150 mini articles or $0.2 each article

I can transfer up to 10% milestone while 90% will be released upon completing the articles

Feel free to ask questions.

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Mini Wireless Transmitter And Receiver

Design ultra low power short range wireless transmitter listens to the electrical signals when it sense and Transmit to receiver which need to have memory to store data. for example circuit board should be flexible and ultra thin. If I see good design i can offer more.

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IPad/iPhone Mini Games Development

IPhone / iPad – 4 simple mini-games

Were a start-up company located in California, USA. Well launch in the coming months an iPhone App that, among other functionalities, will include four very simple mini-games.  We need an iPhone development team to develop these 4 mini-games for us. This assignment may lead to longer term relationships and more assignments. 

Heres an example of one of the mini-games to develop :

Make a character climb a mountain as fast as possible by alternately sliding two virtual buttons as fast as possible. One virtual button moves his left leg while the other moves his right leg. You must animate the character so he walks smoothly using the keyframes well provide. No obstacles to include in the gameplay. The only objective is to have the character climb as fast as possible in the given time frame.

All artwork (character, including all animation frames, background design, music, sound, etc.) will be provided by us – so your job is strictly software development. 

Gameplay will be very simple for all mini-games. However the artwork we provide will be rich and will need careful and perfect implementation. 


Requirements :

The mini-game is part of a bigger application, so your mini-game will need to be integrated into the app according to specifications we provide.

1) Send us a link in the app store to the applications youve developed.

2) Tell us if you will develop in objective-C or if youll use a third party framework (cocos2D…)

IMPORTANT : please apply only if you have previously developed apps that currently are in the Apple app store. 

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20 Mini-articles Writer

I need a person to write around ~20 mini-articles (~+150 words per article) about a subject I will give.
English: Advanced

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