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Make A Fork Of An Opensource App With Minimal Modifications

Its a very simple project: just take a specific opensource application, rebrand it and add a specific locale/language (text will be provided by us).
Functionality of the app stays the same.
Of course source must be also delivered.

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Minimal Home Page

Nice looking, user friendly and minimal homepage is needed with the options below:

Logo (ready)
Login form (without php)
Language switch
Home About Privacy …. tab
Facebook link
Categories, which will link to subdomains, i.e.,,, etc.

I will give detailed info to the one, who will do the project.


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Minimal E-Commerce Website

We are looking for a Web Developer who is able to produce a minimal web store. The design has been finalized so it is just the coding from the supplied design and uploading to the domain.

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PHP Auction – Script Installation – Minimal Tweaking

Install PHP Auction on my cPanel Website ( Fantastico De Luxe ) with Minimal Tweaking (add logo which we already have and change some theme colors)

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Design/ Create A Functional Minimal Music Blog/website


I would like to create a music blog/ website. In terms of design, I want to draw influences from the following site:

In terms of content, I just need the ability to post articles and photos.

Thank you

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Minimal Artwork

I am looking for someone that can do me a very quick design ( for which I already have the ideas for).

It is basically a front and back A4 size design for a menu cover. The insides do not need to be designed as they will be changed daily / weekly by the chefs menu and stuck into the laminated menu cover. The back "outside back cover" (OBC) consists of four pictures "photos of the dining establishment" (supplied) on the front "outside front cover" (OFC) is the logo (supplied) plus some minimal text, the name of the establishment.

I think that this is a swift less than one hour type job. I can supply all the photos (jpegs) and the text is minimal. It consists of the address of the establishment. Thats it.

The brief is really putting together five Jpegs and some text. Simple.

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Expert .Net & MS Server2008 To Maintain Large CMS

Looking for genius .Net expert for initially 10hours per week general maintenance on large CMS, with 6-8week spells of full-time work as new projects approved.
Estimate 40 hours to learn the system, given very little documentation, although minimal contact with previous developer fine. Will pay half rates during 40-hour learning phase, because both parties must bear risk in probation unsuccessful. Acceptance after probation guarantees 2+ years ongoing employment.
Only exceptionally talented individuals should apply. Not interested in paying overheads for big companies, so private freelancer preferred.
Essential Skills & Experience:
Problem solver
Good initiative
Requires minimal supervision
Able to manage builds and deliver on time

A good opportunity to work with innovative company based in Canada.

Please quote hourly rate x 20

Thanks for looking.

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How To Build Iphone Apps

I would like to interview some app developers about how to make apps, what information a developer needs to make an app. what are common problems with freelancing app development.

I am starting a mobile app development community, and would like to give this info to perspective freelance employers so they can have apps built with minimal changes, and minimal headaches for the freelancers.

if you like check out my site its

thank you

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Simple/Minimal Web Design For My Translator Website.

I have a website to advertise my translation services,, which Ive been using a template for, but I want something more professional this time. Nothing too elaborate, just something that looks better, isnt just images on photoshop with links assigned to them on dreamweaver.

If anybody has any ideas, feel free to pitch them to me!

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Online School Management System (Minimal Modules)


Im looking for someone who can help me out on this project on our school almost 2K population.
Prep school, grade school and high school. Online based management and i need someone to host for
the database. just minimal and common modules that is applicable on asian school standard and
preferably looks and operates like the school managemnt software of indian server ++
Also include our homepage creation
pm me for your offer details


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Flash XML Gallery (AS2)

I need a Flash Expert to help me building an XML Gallery with Actionscript 2.0.

Design will be provided, it has 3 sections,
– Intro
– Gallery
– Press

It shows the images as slideshow in random order. I have it done myself.

When users click the gallery, they will see thumbnails scatter all over the page, with random position and different sizes, depends on how you save the thumbnails. Theres overlapping between thumbnails, but it should be minimal. Each page will contain 7-8 thumbnails and therere 2 arrows (next & previous)to navigate to the other pages.

Rollover the thumbnail will bring thumbnail to the front and clicking it will create a lightbox effect (dimming the background and show the master image). The master image will have description and more thumbnails related to that image.

The budget is not big and time is minimal. Only Flash Expert please.


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REL Website – PHP Minimal Changes To Site

I am looking for a coder to make changes to an existing website directory. The files are php and it runs on a database. I normally deal with overseas programmers and have some urgent simple changes (moving elements on a page, resizing banners etc) I need completed this week. The website I need changes made too is: Screen grabs and detailed changes will be provided.

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Telesales (B2B) TRIAL


Accounting firm located in Southern California is seeking EXPERIENCED telesales reps to sell payroll processing and/or medical billing service to medical clinics.


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Small Addition To OSC Site, Very Minimal

I need to add a section for "About US" to an OSC site under development. As well as add an area to the "contact us ". The current contact us page only prompts email and other information from the user. I need to be able to add our address, Phone, fax and relevant email addresse. Note: with both pages I need to be able to easily edit from the admin area. Looking for quick turn around and minimal bids from an experienced programmer.

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Web Site Design with minimal customization

We are looking to build a company website.We would like our website to be similar to this one,"".The number of pages will be similar to this website.The basic structure will be same as per this website and will have very minimal customizations.Your ideas and input will be important to this part of the design. We have some ideas about what we want the website to look like.You can get back to us with the efforts required from your side in terms of time and money.

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Website Design

Basic website needed. The design of this website involves minimal content which will be forwarded to the designer. It will involve the following:
1) Simple Homepage with approximately six tab/pages.
2) 2 of the tabs will have 3-5 dropdown links consisting of minimal content.
3) On some pages, there will be some uploading of pictures and/or video.

There could be possible logo design in the future.

It would be preffered if designer has a relationship with a hosting provider.

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Twitter Minimal Simple Api ( Oauth )

I need Minimal Simple Api For Twitter , using Oauth .
it will show the user in my websites
count of profile folowers , updates count , folowers profiles count .

i dont have much money for that so consider before biding

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