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Minor Html Adjustment For Browser Compatibility

some pages not showing correctly in firefox / safari

adjust so looks correct on each browser

very simple fix

$10 for this

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Clone My 3-Page Site With Minor Changes

I will provide the code for, which I own. I want a nearly duplicate site with the exact same functionality but with only two changes:

1) Different domain name (which I will provide)

2) Different color scheme (I want it to look like

I cant imagine this taking more than 15 minutes to do so this is as easy of a project as you will see.

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Some Minor Fixing On Tweet Button & Dig Button

1) twitter no longer accept + and %20 for space i think url needs to be encoded i dont know how to do
2) dig button is work but doesnt count always shows 0 twitter button also shows 0

you need to finish this in 3 hours

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Some Minor Fixing On Tweet Button And Dig Button

1) twitter no longer accept + and %20 for space i think url needs to be encoded i dont know how to do
2) dig button is work but doesnt count always shows 0

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Minor Website Fix


I am looking for an expert php/html service provider that can fix some minor bugs on the site

currently this is the report:

There are 87 html bugs on the site. There are no heading, sitemap and robot.txt.
There are no title links, alt text and the website needs to be speeded up
also need modrewrite for your urls….

You must have excellent knowledge of website validation and SEO compliance and can fix these issues

Pay: $30


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Website Design Minor Alterations

I need some alterations to my website.
Take a look at
1)You will need to create a button says"Order now",place it to the middle of the page and link it to my online ordering software
2)Create Facebook and Twitter icons integrate to the main page
3)Change text on few of pages
4)Remove unwanted text from the top

Thats it

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Html Programmer Need: Minor Changes To Existing Website.

I have several websites. I need a programmer who can modify context and make minor adjustments necessary on a site for SEO purpose. No SEO skills need. I have my own SEO specialist. I need someone who knows html well and is trust worthy with excellent completion rate and high standing agent review.
Changes to my site needed:
– context additions (approx 500 words)
– modifying images, flash banners, and maintaining my website
– knowledge with html links etc.
– knowledge with xml
– require good command of english

WORK REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY (please base on this to bid)
– add context to my landing page (500 words)
– adjust layout to allow the new context to look in place
– do not affect my flash banners etc.

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Pixel Ad Website, Need A Few Adjustments

I have downloaded a pixel script and customised it to my own design. I am about 90% near completion, I just need a few adjustments and a few add ons. Currently the script is designed for the pixels to remain permanent. Whilst this is good, I would also like the option of giving the pixels a fixed time frame (for instance 5 days), after the 5 days the pixel is automatically taken off. I would also like a function that calculates the funds that have been accumulated from each pixel page. I would like this to be displayed on the homepage for users to see as well. The script I have has an admin control function where you can edit templates etc… It uses php and mysql, I have also added in my own html and css to customise it to my liking. On top of all this I also would like a few little minor adjustments as well, will explain further in a written document, these minor adjustments should take about 10 minutes. Someone with good knowledge of php should be able to do this.

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Minor Modifications

I have a list of minor modifications that need to be made to my WordPress site, these are very small adjustments including correcting alignment of posts, adding a favicon, changing the background colour, etc.
I need a freelancer with an abundance of technical skills to help me execute them. You must be an expert at WordPress and a wizard with CSS, PHP and HTML.

This is such a small job and what needs doing shouldnt take much longer than an hour. But I am hoping to find someone reliable who I can continue to work with in the future as the site grows and when it needs updating.

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PHP Fox Theme And Minor Modifications (Social Network)

I need someone who knows how to edit, program using phpfox social network. I already bought a theme and minor modifications. I need someone who is already experienced with it. Put your work done in phpfox and will talk.

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Minor Website Edit & Content To Blog

I need Minor additions to my current website.

I need ONE Flash Button Name Changed & a few "text boxes" removed in a template.

From a free "article Based website" I want 121 COPY & Pasted, & Catorgorized to my existing BLOG. I will select articles . Please give me your rate & turnaround time.

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CMSMS Expert Needed For Minor Tweaks

I am looking for a CMS Made Simple expert who can make a few changes to my site, such as adding a "Flag this as inappropriate" button. If you do not have any experience with CMSMS, do not bother bidding. More details will be included in a PM. The work should take no longer than an hour. I need these changes done as soon as possible.

Happy Bidding.

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Minor Flash Scripting

I would like to customize this flash player to support flashvars

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Minor Flash Scripting

I would like to customize a free flash player and brand it as my own player complete with a logo.
This will involve connecting it to a library for a related product.
If project is successful I will rehire for updates and adjustments from time to time.

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WordPress Site Needs A Couple Minor PHP And CSS Fixes

WordPress site needs a couple minor fixes involving php and css. im using "vote it up" plugin to rate posts

1. css – need to move the post ratings element outside of the post container.
2. php- need page to display top rated posts of the day
and also need thumbnails and images resized proportionally to fit in posts, plugins wont do so

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Minor Work On Site

I Need some minor work done on my site. It is the following:

1.for the group account, (as we discussed before) when a person make an "add" request, the link should be invisible and its still there. Also when I add someone, the "Add Post" on the slip tab should not be visible until the account holder accepts it. I just added someone and the link was visible. Also the "Add" should be disabled on the "see all" members and societies.

2. Check the redirection for the links after a post has been made.

3.The delete function does not work for the Add post, and "See all" members and societies.

4. Some other minor things I will make more clear.

5. To fix all uploading scripts in terms of size content.

Everything has to be done with in 24 hours or less, these are all minor, they do not take long
If you can do it, place your bid.

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Rush Job – 24 Hours – Minor Website Fixes

I have some minor last minute details that need to be fixed on my site.

Job consists of two pages, and

– Need a background installed that will compliment the body and contrast with a dynamic page length. No Webkit, this background must be IE compatible.

– Require minor code fix for java button placement

My budget is $50-$75

Please do not bid if you cannot get close to that figure.

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Minor Site Adjustmements Required

I have some minor last minute details that need to be fixed on my site.

– Need a background installed that will compliment the body and contrast with a dynamic page length. No Webkit, this background must be IE compatible.

– Pages must be W3C compliant

– Require minor code fix for java button placement

– Refine images or style as needed to improve page load speed

Note: I will not select a designer that has less than 10 reviews. I apologize that I cant give new members a chance, but this project requires a high feedback rating and I cannot risk dealing with a relative unknown.

Website: (No contact info provided on site)

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Photoshop Minor Changes To Existing Graphics / Illustrations

I have an existing 6 page document created in photoshop. I need minor changes to background colour, text, renaming layers, finishing off a table, inserting a different logo, modifying a symbol and adding in text. Files must be submitted in PSD and PDF format. If you can submit in pixelmator format I will award the job immediately.

Condition of your bid: MUST be finished within one day of receiving brief. It is a VERY simple and basic job. You must be able to work from a standard designers brief. All instructions are clearly laid out.

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Minor Edits To A Nonprofit’s Drupal Site

A very cool nonprofit called Peace In Five Years – (currently renaming themselves to the Safe Conflict Project) wants me to redesign their website over the next few months.

First, we are going to make some minor changes over the next two weeks. If you win and successfully complete this project I may ask you to work with me on the full redesign.

Please provide a cost estimate for the following work. This will need to be completed in 1.5 weeks.

1. Add new logo (will be provided up front)
2. Move the main navigation from the bottom of the site to the top of the page above the current list of countries
3. Add Blogs as a main nav link
4. Move the search box inside the main nav on the far right
5. Replace the image on the homepage which is below the counties and to the left of the videos (Image will be provided)
6. Delete "Help" link from footer
7. Remove the "Navigation" and "RSS" boxes from the sidebar and move the rss image to the footer

Please send a separate quote for:
8. Site color change – Change all the blue colors on the site template to a different color. I will get the FTP info and Drupal admin info so you can get a look at admin and code to see how complex that would be.

Thanks and kind regards,


Daniel Moss
Stand Out Designs

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Zombaio Payment Integration And A Few Minor Php Tasks

Zombaio integration- (number one priority)
I have a networking site already setup to take paypal payments. I would like to integrate zombaio payments instead of paypal. The current setup ties into the admin area and allows me to set the plan name, number of photos the user can upload under this plan, the price etc. I need the same functionality with the zombaio payment gateway instead of paypal.

Minor php task-
1. I am getting an error when trying to send a mass email to all members on the site through the admin panel. I need the line of code that is producing the error to be fixed so that I can send one email to all members at the same time.
2. There is a list on the homepage that displays every post in its category. I need the list to only show the 10 most recent headlines and then have a link to the rest of the articles.
3. I need the replies to messages in there own box with a picture of the user who sent it next to the box. Like a forum.
4. When the users upload a photo I want them to have the option to insert the profile number of someone so that a link to their profile will show underneath the photo.

If you can do this then please specify what payment gateway I want installed so I know you have read the details.

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Minor CSS/PHP Modification In OsCommerce Environment

Minor CSS/PHP modification in osCommerce environment.

My website is

Nr 1. Modification: language bar should be resized and moved (I will provide screenshot how to do)
Nr 2. Modification: the website is in 2 languages, English and Dutch. I made banners in Dutch but dont know how to integrate them, so currently when you select Dutch language, you will still view English banners. Same for about us page, contact us page, privacy policy.

I have a budget of about 50 USD. Happy bidding.

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Hey PHP And Design Expert! I Need You! :)


I need someone who is good at designing websites AND knows how to code (mySQL and installing knowledge is required too)

Requirements :

-excellent communication, get things done on time, EXPERIENCED at coding and designing (and mySQL)
-BE ABLE TO FOLLOW directions. make sure you READ ENTIRE description.

Pay :

My price range is between 30-150 roughly. Lower the better. Do not think about bidding in the 100s if you do not have solid review!

Also, all spam, copied and pasted message will be REPORTED.


-Future projects with HIRE pay
-I usually give a lot of bonuses to Freelancers who I have a pleasant relationship with and do an outstanding and stunning job.

Job Requirement :

Designing :

My script that I have :

I need this redesigned. I want 3 column design, categories on left, log in on right, and ads below.

*I want the design CHANGED to make it look unique, but it can still retain some look of the original look. Be creative, but dont over do it. I will give you a reference URL that I will replace it with*

I am going to for a simple yet sleek look. Nothing overly done or complex please.

Coding :

I need a handful of minor changes done because this will be a "base code/design" that I will apply to a ton of different URLs. This will mainly have to be done on the go, and I will only ask for the things that absolutely need to be done. An example is I need different categories rather than one in there. This will be the biggest coding job. Everything else is changing minor things.

There are few things that need to be recoded or coded into, so you have to be well knowledge in coding.

I will provide you ALL the information about the project within the PM so that there is no confusion as to what is expected.

I may also want a very minor manual on how to change some things (There isnt a ton)


1. Samples of past work
2. Your experiences
3. Why you want this project

If you are interested in rewriting the whole thing in another platform for 150, please PM and we can discuss it if it may be faster for you.

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Joomla Script Requires Minor Fixes

I have a Joomla script that needs some minor revisions made to it. The script is called ftp server. The corrections should be fairly minor to a Joomla/php expert.

Revisions required:

1. The installed version is setting up the incorrect folders for superadmins, so files uploaded by an admin cant be downloaded by any user. This needs to create the folder in the appropriate area, so that the download can happen. Screenshots from the frontend can show what the error is doing. User folders are working correctly, but ensure that user folders work properly as well.

2. The script currently does not refresh folder contents, so it will not read any files uploaded by regular ftp. I would like to have this happen.

3. The script does not allow for multiple uploads from users, this should be fixed as well. max. 5 uploads please.

4. If there is a limit on the size of download, it needs to be set hgh.

The corrections need to be made to the currently installed version and to our master install script in case we need to re-isntall it.

These are some very small corrections and should be a simple process for an expert. Please do not quote more than $30 – anything above $30 will not be considered.

Thank you.

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Minor Changes Required!!

I need some minor changes to a site..This needs to be done within one day!

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Complete 2 Websites – Some Minor Work

The project is about doing some work on two web sites. It has to be finished by Sunday.
The first one will be making static pages out of an already established design.
The other one will need to be connected to PayPal, but this isnt decided yet. The
one sure thing to do is implementing an already created flash movie on the first page. Add to that some product descriptions.

Looking forward to some great co-working.

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Small Change To Template (minor Slice And Code)

We have an existing template with the menu at the very top of the screen.

We would like to shift it to a point lower down in the screen (swapping with another element)

this will require fixing some of the graphics that make up hte slicers and some very minor coding.

Urgent turnaroudn needed.

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4 Minor Website Things

I have 4 things I need done.

2 coming soon pages I need. ASAP, if today at all possible.

These coming soon pages need to be creative and original. I have one coming soon page to be mocked-up after the existing design of the website, which will still need to be creative. The other one will have to use your creativity from an existing site of theirs. More information will come once we talk.

I have 2 others pages with minor work to be done. These 2 pages will have to highlight a section on it.

It should entice the visitor to click on the link, to take note or make a decision based upon it.

The main goal is to persuade the visitor to click on the link.

I need this done ASAP, please let me know the cost and any question you have. The 2 coming soon pages will be PSDs and the 2 changes as mockups.

Please remember these can-not be templates and must be original and creative.

thank you

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Need ASP Developer For Regular Business.

I require an ASP developer who will be used for regular development in order to maintain, update and fix bugs on my site. Site has already been developed but still has very minor bugs.

You will be bidding on the first update which will require you to fix the forms so it allows me to use ALL characters and insert blank fields. (Currently, when generating a job page it simply replaces symbols such as £ and with a question mark and does not support blank lines.) You will also be required to edit the form which will provide the ability to use an email instead of a clickable link. Please bid accordingly. This is a very minor fix and such the amount should represent this. If I am satisfied with the price and the work you do, I will hire you on for repeat work through freelancer.

The site is known as which is a job database that simply lists pages with jobs and links off-site to related jobs. You will be required to make bug fixes, minor changes, and possibly work closely with SEO freelancers that I hire.

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**** DATING WEBSITE – Minor Alterations Needed

I have a dating website, i purchased from I have had alot of coding work done to this website already. However the person who has been working on my website has fallen ill.

The website is very close to being finished. And i am looking to get the website launch on hopefully Wednesday. So am looking for someone is who able to focus on finishing this project in hopefully 2 day, it should take too long i would imagine.

I am looking for someone who is professional and experienced. And can communicate via google chat.

I have listed below the changes that are required. Please have a look through

**I am just looking for someone to do some minor work on the search page,
**And also add 3 banner spots for advertising to the website.
**Add a sound so that when ever a new message comes through, the sound will go off.
**Do 1 small change on the members online page
**And a couple of small minor alterations to the classified page.

Send me a private message to discuss.
Look forward to hearing from you
Kind Regards

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Minor Open Cart / HTML Changes

This is an extremely minor open cart template change that involves two websites:

1. Site A: Edit of template
-Add banner to template
-Add left side menu that has been removed by template
-Remove powered by
-Make sure "contact us" and "Mail" script is working

2. Site B: Edit of template to:
-Add one page for free downloads
-Remove "Powered by" from all pages
-Add banner to theme
-Make sure "Contact Us" and "Mail" script is working

3. Site B: Phase 2 modifications
-Add ability to hear snipits of Cd or DVD possible using free CDADD / Youtube extensions
-Ability to listen to mp3 file online (IE Weekly 15 minute message)
-Link in Forum software (PHPBB or some other software) to registered users

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Groupon Clone- Minor Edits To Word Press Plug In

Need somebody to help with some minor edits to our current website and that is already up and runnning. Its a local city blog that is now adding a Weekly Deal section. We are using a 3rd party vendor that will process all of our payments. It also creates the code for us to enter into our WordPress plug-in. We are looking for someone who can successfully edit some of the CSS code for us so that layout is how we like it. The template code given is close, but off in some areas. Can you help?

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Html / Php Adjustments

I have a site that needs some very minor adjustments

I need the site to appear the same in the major browsers ( IE, SAFARI, CHROME )

site needs some minor alignment adjustments

I would like a simple script added to rotate text testimonials on the testimonials page

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