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The GUI must be sleek and written using QT. It should support windows, Mac, iPhone and android platforms.

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Mobile Site

Please respond to this job only if you speak fluent english and can type and communicate well in english.

This is a fairly simple project.

The winning bid will have to create an online software that can convert html to optimized mobile websites great for all phone platforms but especially ready for android and iphone.

I will give more details after the bid.

The program must be ready in 5 days (tested and ready).

I have a great website for resource as to how to accomplish this quickly and easily.

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Android And IPhone Image Processing Application

Im seeking a developer who can create an Android app that does image processing.

When a photo is taken using the phone camera (or Android tablet camera) the app must recognise that the image is of a nude person, either completely nude or partially nude. If such a photo is taken the image needs to be flagged as inappropriate and it can then not be sent from the phone via bluetooth, IR, email, TXT or even posted on a website.

The purpose of the app is to prevent the spread of (self) pornography via Android mobile phones.

You tell me is this is possible to do or not in your bid PMB and how you would go about doing it.

Only people with really good English reading/writing/speaking skills need apply.

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