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Myspace Mobile Verification – US Cell No

I need someone to help me verify many myspace ids so that no captcha option can be activated.

Only pros from USA or persons who have acccess to US cell phones can help me

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Windows Pocket PC/Mobile Warehouse Picking System

A basic order picking system is required for use on Symbol MC50 and MC70 handhelds running Window Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0.

Orders are to be loaded via a CSV file (sample will be provided) and stored in a database. Multiple handhelds can then read from this database and pick an order which is then sent to the handheld via wireless.

The handheld will then sort the order in a particular order and advise the user which products to pick. The user can scan the item to accept it or they can indicate that it isnt available or is part packed.

Once complete the user can add a value for freight and then any comments/notes. Then a print out is produced by the database indicating what wasnt available.

Detailed specification will be sent to bidders and then bidders can adjust their bids if required.

Please email with any questions.

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