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Phase 3 – Turn Key Website – Rework

following steps are required:

– rework layout (color scheme, details, interface changes) based on mockups.
– changes to the website mechanics and content
– polish some features / admin functionality
– security review, code check

from the day the project is awarded allow a few days so we can deliver the mockups, flowcharts etc.

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Graphic Design – 3 Mockups – Last Minute Project – Today!

I need 3 mockups to be made ASAP. You need to be able to start the minute after I award you today. I will put full money in milestone.

1. A PVC plastic card
2. A website interface
3. An iphone interface

All three will use the same graphics and colors so this project should be very easy. The website mockup is for demonstration, not for actual layout of the real site.

The web interface will be very simple as well and graphics and content will be minimal.

If you want this job, please cut an paste this with "I AM READY TO START NOW"

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4 Psd Mockups + 1 Extra Html Page For Anuj

As discussed, I will send you details

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Looking For A Perfect Web And Graphic Designer

We are looking for web designer who can work on our projects on daily basis

We have a web design firm and get lot of web design projects

Every day we get about 2 new designs. Looking for a freelancer who can dedicatedly work and provide mockups on daily basis

we need best designs possible

Check some of examples of web design we have done in past from here

I need a designer who can create mockups with watermarks and if our client likes the design we assign the project to you. If client dont like the design than we will not be able to pay you anything

Send 3 best designs you have done so far when you send pm. Also I need designer who is affordable and professional

Thank You

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Website Designer (Wireframes And Mockups)


I need help for website design.

– Should be able to come up with a website design. Suggested Navigation flows and logic.
– Should be able to create quick wireframes and mockups
– Please bid only if you have worked with tools such as Axure, Balsamiq, Mockflow.
– Let me know which tool you are comfortable with in PM.
– Provide wireframe samples

This is a website design for non-profit organization.
Check out sample sites

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IPad UI Designer

We have to design an iPad Application and need a good experienced designer with exposure to iPad graphics etc to be able to help us on designing the graphics.

We have the requirements defined in excel mockups as well as mockups on paper and are happy to share to be able to do that.

The pricing has to be per Approved mockup. Sample mockups of existing experience may be shared.

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Great Graphic/Web Designer

Hello All,

We are looking for strong candidates, with knowledge of Photoshop, Corel, Dreamweaver, DIV,CSS, XHTML, W3C compliant, Cross browser compatibility, Ajax and Java Script etc. CMS knowledge would be a plus.

Please apply if you agree with these pay price and the skills.

1. 2 Mockups with 2-3 innerpages DIV slicing of selected design – $40
2. 2 Mockups with 5-8 innerpages ———————————- – $50
3. DIV slicing of our provided design – $15

Please apply with your great samples of work.


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The clothing company (Inkd Out Apparel) produces clothes for MMA fans and fighters, and tattoo fans. You can see the logo that will go on clothing here: The style should be similar to other companies in the industry. Below are some examples:




I will be checking my email often to see mockups. Thanks!

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Convert Flash Site To Javascript

Hi, We need to have a movie website that is currently built completely in Flash to be converted to Javascript so that it is viewable on mobile devices and has better SEO.

We have faced many challenges recently with web developers and we will need substantial assurance that you will be able to recreate the Flash site EXACTLY as it currently appears. We are graphic designers and we dont have the patience to work with limitations with code. We need to work with someone who can take our Photoshop mockups showing layout and graphics (layered however you specify), and our Flash mockups showing how things should move, and again, recreate these mockups EXACTLY.

We will need to make updates to this site and add functionality to it. Well be adding components to the site. We will send you PSD and Flash mockups and will need to have you recreate them in JS so they can be viewed on mobile devices.

We look forward to building a relationship with a very skilled developer who makes it happen. Weve had too many experiences where we came up against limitations with the capability of the site that our coder had built. We need a skill level that allows for complete flexibility.

Please send your initial response and we will send you a link to the site so you can review and provide your outline for the work and an estimate. Please do not respond with a one-liner requesting the link to the site. Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your skills, background and customer service policy.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Web 2.0 UI Design – 3 Pages

Hi community,

This project is for a non-profit project called The site is based around shopping at online stores that benefit the charity of your choice. A donation goes back to the charity users pick.

We have the backend/frontend development to the site complete, but need to hire a U.I. designer familiar with Web 2.0 designing to complete 3 pages. All 3 pages are similar. The pages are: (1) selecting a cause / Vendor, (2) the Shopping page where all the vendors will be listed, and (3) a Charities page which works with a cloud system for tagging.

We can show you mockups that we have so you get an idea of what is on the pages, however there really isnt a single layout element that we want to keep in these mockups.

We want to hire a designer that gets back to us quickly and that has a great portfolio of Web 2.0 websites that youve designed. 🙂

Thanks so much for your application! Its appreciated.

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Nifty designer wanted to do two cover mock ups. Would help if you have a cover designing package and can include spine. Must be to a professional standard. Low rates but hopefully more work in future. I want your flair and brilliance.

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5 Tshirt Designs


I am opening a tshirt store online and a store.

I need 5 tshirt designs created from the samples I provide as a reference to create.

Several mockups will be needed per design so I can guide and advice on how I want the final design to look.

I will need the first design within 24 hours of you bidding, as I have already several potential clients based on my mockups interested in purchasing my tshirts. If you can not do the first of thr five design mockups within 24 hours please do not bid.

I will need the final design in…

Convert all the text to outlines and save as Illustrator 13 (CS2) version or lower.

Please see…

I need to see example of previous tshirt designs you have done, please do not bid if you have no examples to email me.

Any canned responses will be deleated.

Please only bid if you can do the first of the five design mockups in 24 hours and the other 4 with 72 hours.



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Cartoon Character (of Me) – More Than One Illustration Neede

I need someone to create some (4) illustrations of ….me !

One must exactly look like (have the same "feeling/touch" as this cartoon image found on (of course looking like me)….: and he (I) must be standing up the same way, with my arms in my pocket, looking relaxed, confident and happy. (just the the cartoon in the link)…..

and in the same "style" you can create some mockups that I can choose from. I could be scratching my head, looking smart, trying to attract your (my website visitors) attention or something completely different. Its up to you to come up with some good ideas, thanks.

My company: Im creating websites for local business. So Perhaps in one of the mockups I could have a t-shirt on that says something cool like "dont ask Google – ask me" or "I make websites look good" (or something, we can decide later what the final text is).

I need different cartoons, because I will use the images more than once on my website and later on advertising, and I think it would look good to not have the same image on the website header, in some text or as background image on my website (or whatever I can think of later)….

You can do mockups in whatever you want (jpg, psd, illustrator) – but the completed cartoons must be delivered in highest quality vector based illustrator format. I should be able to edit the finished files later on for myself, if needed for instance to change text on t-shirt or whatever )…..

Images (multiple) of me will be delivered in PM or when I contract a provider to do this project (or whatever you need to do your work). And please be gently with me, no supermodel here, maybe you can spice up the illustrations to look a little more favourable than the original one, thanks 🙂

when bidding, please PM me your portfolio of this kind of work (illustrations)….

Thank you !
(here on freelancer its not possible to set budget: dont know), so budget has just been set to the first possible budget range.

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Website Design Mockups

I need to have design mockups completed for a Aerial Imaging Company website. The designer is expected to provide three (3) initial versions from which well narrow down to one home page and one inner page comp. Logo and wire frames will be provided. Looking for a vendor who can provide unlimited revisions. PSDs must be made available to us upon completion.

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Website Redesign – Need Mockups (preferably In PNG Form)

This is the first time Im trying out freelancer so Im seeing if this is right for me. Our website for one of our projects is here:

As you can see, the design needs help. I would like for someone to send me mockups of designs for the front page as well as a template for one or two of the subpages. Youll have to take a look through the site to see what different types of templates will need to be created. You can basically send me the .PNG of the mockup. I can split up the design into HTML/CSS. Im just not that great at designing.

The project is the information page for funders, informal/formal teachers, robotics coaches. Its aimed to inspire innovation. Our background is in Robotics education. The site should be technical looking, but can also have nice web2.0 coloring. Surprise me!

Im doing this out of my own money to help the company, so I really dont have a lot to spend. However, if all goes well, I will keep you as a future reference for our future design needs. Thanks,


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4 Designs A Week Mockups Needed

Website designer Mockup designer PSDs only

SHOW YOUR Portfolio

50 per mockup gets lots of work here.

GOOD luck start today based on your skills.

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Ebook Cover + Other Graphics

I have posted this project, as i dont have the time to complete it at the moment, So no time wasters.
Need a facebook colourscheme, Money related 3D ebook cover , with clean graphics, and to do with Viral Marketing .
Name of Site/+Ebook : FacebookViral
Experience in marketting/advertisement/facebook is a bonus, but not essential.
+ A 900×400 Banner and 900×200 footer needed for the website.
Be creative, and unique, so that it captures the attention of visitors, and shows them that were Genuine, Professional etc.
You MUST be able to start within 24 hours. Need a fast turn around on this. No huge bids, this is very simple with photoshop, Or Ecover Engineer or simular programs – i just dont have time to do it!

Thank you!

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Ringtone Installer/Manager For Blackberry App World

We need a polished app for Blackberry. If it works out wed like to port it to Android, Palm, Ovi, and possibly iPhone.

The application will manage and install our ringtones ( to all compatible Blackberry devices. It should have the ability to preview a list of mp3 tones, set tones as notifications, ringtones, or alarms, assign tones to specific contacts, and save tones to the internal memory.

I have a couple quick mockups to give you an idea of how I see the app working:

These are only mockups, not set in stone, and are subject to your ideas and feedback.

Please dont respond to this unless you are sure this task can be accomplished on your end. Another requirement is I will need to update the app on my own when it is finished so the source and everything will have to stay completely open to me.

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Website Design – Crea8ivedesign – Buyer Beware!!!

If you have the opportunity to work with the provider crea8ivedesign here on Freelancer, we encourage you to STOP and rethink your decision.

We offered a project online for a radio station web site. We provided a very detailed design document as well as sample mockups and notes on what we liked and disliked about the mockups. At the same time, we specified that we only wanted a premium design and want to engage only exceptional designers. Development of our design would have been relatively easy for the right provider.

We eventually selected crea8ivedesign after reviewing their portfolio. Boy, was this a mistake!

The vendor didnt bother to read our design specification or the notes provided with our mockups. Instead, the took a mockup we absolutely hated and basically re-created that design with a few minor differences. This was particularly amazing as we had gone to excruciating lengths in our notes, chats, and emails to detail that we did not like this mockup.

The provider completely ignored our guidance. Wow! What arrogance.

The vendor didnt bother to ask us ANY questions about our design preferences–despite our repeated offerings of such help. Not one question! How can anyone possibly complete a web design without feedback from the client? Impossible!

We also specified that this was a very time critical project. The provider wasted several very important days.

The end result was a very poor design that did not meet our clients needs.

The provider then had the nerve to ask us to tell them what we didnt like about their crappy design. If they would have read the specification, the notes, our emails, or our chats, they would have known exactly what we wanted. Barring that, they certainly could have communicated and asked us questions.

Once we realized there was a problem with the provider and their shoddy substandard work, they basically cut off all communication with us.

Also, you should know that it is next to impossibly to leave negative feedback for a provider. While this vendor has many positive feedbacks, I feel certain there are probably a lot more people out there who would have liked to leave them negative feedbacks. I just cant imagine our company is the only organization that has had trouble with these folks.

This provider is horrible and should not be working on Freelancer. Buyer beware. Save your money and sanity and choose a better provider.

This gives us a very negative taste of Freelancer. We will be much more careful as to what work we post here in the future.

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Graphic Designer Needed To Do Virtual Mockups

Need a designer who can drop pre designed logos onto products for clients to approve before moving to production. I would email the logo and the product and a description of what needs done. This would be an ongoing project for the right candidate.

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