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Sketch Up Dynamic Sunroom Model

We are a manufacturer of sunrooms.
We require a dynamic Sketchup model to draw sunroom designs. Options to include: colour, standard & custom window & door sizes, standard & custom wall heights, single slope & A-Frame versions, configurable roof pitch, glass or solid panel options. There are many dynamic aspects to the model. We will supply 2D CAD drawings.
Preferably the user is presented with a series of menus to choose width, height, colour, roof slope, etc.
The idea of this project is so our dealers can provide 3D models for their clients, and be able to preview how the sunroom will look on their clients home by overlaying the model on a digital photograph.
This quote is for the dynamic model, after satisfactory completion, we will post a new project to add bill of material & cut list.

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Vehicle Database

I would like to build a vehicle database/spreadhseet that shows each vehicle and the correct sized passenger, driver side and rear windscreen wipers for each vehicle. This information can be found using the Part Finder function at:

Each make, model and series can be selected using the part finder, and all the information is shown.

For the project to be successful, the following outcomes must be achieved:

(1) Develop a spreadsheet that lists vehicles by:
– make (e.g. Ford, Volkswagen)
– model (e.g. Falcon, Golf)
– series (e.g. G6E, GTI)
– start date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 06/2001)
– finish date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 08/2008)

(2) There are four different types of windscreen wiper categories for each vehicle:
– wiper complete blade
– wiper refill metal rail
– wiper refill plastic back
– wiper tridon flexblade

For each vehicle, the part number for all four categories (where applicable) for both driver side and passenger side (and rear when applicable) must be put into the spreadhseet.

(3) Information for ALL vehicles (i.e. every make, model and series) need to be collected and put in this spreadsheet

(4) Data must be well organised and accurate, so I can easily sort through and analyse the data. I am looking to find what the most popular sizes and categories are.

I can give you a starting template or example (see attachment) of what it should look like and you can work from that. You can make changes to this template if you think that this will make your job easier, as long as all the requirements are still met. I will provide very clear and helpful instructions to help you get this project done accurately and efficiently.

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RAILS3 Developer


Project: multilingual web search application
To write MVC code for a multi-model form with javascript (framework) for embedded models.
Based on e.g. formtastic, accepts_nested_attributes_for,
To extend above form to allow for batch entry of same multi-model objects via table/spreadsheet like form (a la MS Access) or spreadsheet upload

Please contact for more details!

Rails 3
Deployed to heroku

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Model And Evaluate Swimwear

We are looking for three or four females, age 18 or older, to model and evaluate swimwear. The swimwear is three sets of two-piece bikinis. All tops and bottoms are full/moderate coverage. No modeling experience is necessary, but you must be physically fit and well toned.

This assignment is part of the development of a new product line for the upcoming summer season and it could lead to future assignments.

We provide you with the three bikinis by mail. You arrange to have the photos taken at your expense. We need separate photos of the front, back and side of the swimwear, so we need a minimum of 3 photos for each bikini, for a minimum total of 9 photos altogether.

You also complete a survey for each bikini that evaluates the quality, durability, and fit of the bikini. Each survey should take 5 – 10 minutes. Most questions simply require you to check off an answer.

In addition to payment, you get to keep all three bikinis for your personal use.

Feel free to PM photos of yourself, preferably in swimwear. Or feel free to provide a link to your online portfolio if you have one.

If you have any questions, please ask via PM. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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SPSS Model Help

Need to build a suitable model with a given excel data using SPSS software and interpret the model.

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Photographer – Clothing

Photographer required to shoot industrial clothing.

Photos will be used for display on our website.

First project is a pair of work trousers.

You need to provide a mature male model who will appeal to
the working man. ie Model should look like he has
actually worked in heavy industry, rather than someone
who looks like they belong in a boy band.

Trousers will be sent to you by post, so we can
only consider someone in the UK or mainland

Deadline: Approx 14 days.

Applicants must provide a weblink to a portfolio of
similar types of photography.

Further work available if work is of required standard.

Advanced payments will not be considered. We will
provide sufficient evidence of our good standing to
ensure you will get paid.

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Model/Actor Website

Dear All,

This is what I need.

A website that is not flash based, so it will work on the I-pad.

It is for a model/actor talent agency.

The site will be photograph heavy, so an impressive gallery is the most important element and it should be the primary focus of the site itself.

This is a great example of the functionality of what we need regarding menus.

I HAVE to easily be able to edit the site myself, taking off clients and loading new ones including updating photos frequently since the roster changes often.

In addition to photos, there should be a display box that will load with the primary gallery image that will display the model stats, or the actors resume.

The other menu functions are basic, company information, contact, and a couple submission forms. One for castings and another for talent submissions.

Another example of a flash based template is the one below. I like the minimal approach its simple in design and the gallery is impressive. I like how its all about the photos. I also like how the site is full screen.

There is no need for blogs, or postings and very little information needs to be displayed. A simple menu system with a great photo gallery. It cannot be flash unfortunately and it has to be lightweight and load quickly.

The gallery should be simple, have a thumbnail image (large enough to see) I like 161 H and 161 W or 243h by 216w (for the thumbnail images- and a large enough display to read the talent information.

Again, I HAVE to be able to easily edit information and load audio, video and images.

Lastly, I do not mind if someone uses a premade template as long as it works well and looks great.

-Thank you.

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Magento Make Model Year Extension Fix

We need a magento Guru to fix this extension:

Bad developers from here require me to hire a Magento Guru to fix problem with Products not being assigned correctly when using the Make / Model / Year

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3d Modeling For TV Title Sequence

Model the solar system with Cinema 4d and free plugin Planet X Generator. (space/star clouds and astroid belts, one or two larger rocks with thinking particle trails)
Model volcanic landscape feature from photo supplied. (one side of a mountain water texture and sulphur rock texture)
Create earth texture illustrating continental drift creating the different countries. (this will be a fly through on the finished animation so it will not need to be too detailed.)

All scene files must be supplied as Cinema 4d R12.

Animation and rendering to be done elsewhere (not included in the price)

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Blender Project

The project involves using blender to model an object that you predict in year 2050. Object should be animated in its simpleast form:move and have moving components. You can model and animate any futuristic object you like: an innovative device, a fancy car, space ship etc. Please bid if you have the advance skills to use blender.

Please bid if you are an expert in blender and finish this task asap. Thanks

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Model Agency Site + Database

In short:

Some features needed in this model agency site are:

* site opening automatically in local lenguage.
* member login – user chart with personal details (models with possibility to upload a limitation of photos, auto resize, etc)
* search engine
* blog
* votacion (of photos) possibility
* "most visited" appear on homepage, "most voted" appear on homepage
* "VIP" chart with more possibilities for user (+ payment module)
* Interaction of messages between members
* An "admin friendly page" where I am able in an easy way to administrate all possible tasks/updates/changes etc.

If you are 110% sure to set up this site, all info will be send to you in a private message

Thanks and regards,

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Text Inference Using Cognitive Siutation Model

The major objective of the project is extracting and storing the following features from the text document.


Based on these features a cognitive situation model should be build which can infer the information in that text document.

The system needs to be tested against a manually feature-annotated database of text document to check its accuracy. So manually creating a well annotated text document for these features is a task.

*** DEatailed Report will be provided to interested candidates.

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Android App Very Simple

Ok i have an adult pay site and I want a very simple app that makes it easy to use my site is
It just must go to the site allow users to browse categories and search a specific model and the ability to sign up and pay to see the model.

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Photoshop Experts To Edit 10 Photos Of A Model.

I am looking for photoshop expert to edit 10 modeling photos. I am looking for some good result. You need to send some photos edited by you with your bid.

I have attached a sample file.

If i like your design work you will get regular work.


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Model Agency Website

I am looking for a model agency script or software with CMS. You dont need to install it, I just want to buy the script. Here is an example of what Im looking for just google the term Model Agency PRO. It doesnt have to be that script, just send me a link to what you have. Whatever script you have please send me a link. I am paying $30 for the script. Make a quick $30 simply by uploading a script for me. I do reserve the right to ask for 1 hour of your time to help me with a few things but nothing more. I need the script asap. I am ready to get going.

Also this might turn into something long term and ongoing if we can work out something for you to do my girls websites if you are not offended by the nature of my business. Thank you.

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Find 1000 Links To 2009-2011 Car Reviews (with Photos)

Research into 1,000 Links to 2009-2011 Car Reviews (with Photos). Each Review minimum is 50 words, else to be discarded.

Our blog needs to recommend to our audience top-rated cars worldwide and show them photos, and the commentary. The photos must also be downloadable. Each car review MUST be accompanied by their own corresponding photo.

This is a research job meant for the hardworking but honest chap.

If the link to the page shows more than one car there, you either be specific as in linking more specifically to the standalone page with only 1 car and its review involved, or you name on your Excel table the particular car model you are mentioning there.

The Excel file will have 2 columns: 1 column for the link and 2nd column for the long, precise Name of the car model the review is about. Compulsory for Photo be associated with the car model that your link is pointing to.

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Year Make Model Filter Module For Zen Cart

I need a Plug in module designed for zen cart.
Must Include Make Model and Year range for products enterable in product page.
Must transfer that information to the product description page as fits these vehichles
Must have side box for customer to select thier vehicle.
Catagories and products must be filtered to only show products for vehicle the customer has selected.
products must also have a fits all option that will show up on every selection.

There is a similar module for Oscommerce that can be downloaded here

Perhaps that can be partially converted.

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Model Looking To Start Her Own Site

Looking for someone to build a pay per month site with videos and pics. I will provide the content just need someone to set it up for me

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5 Axis CNC Machining Of High Density Foam Blocks

This project requires the machining of 8 high density foam blocks. I currently have a NURBS model in Rhino 3d that I would need to split into 8 blocks and machined, the complete size is approximately 4 metres long by 2 metres wide by 1 metre high – therefore unless it can be machined from 1 piece then it would be easier to do this as 8 blocks individually.

The Rhino model would have to be split into 8 blocks (each a separate Rhino model) so it could be machined from 1m x 1m x 1m high density foam blocks unless it can be done from one single block). The Rhino model would have to be converted into the correct format for 5 axis CNC machining (STEP format) and then used for machining. The final blocks would then have to be packaged and shipped to the UK (cost not to be included in the quote).

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Female Webcam Models Needed

We are looking for "anything goes" adult webcam models for adult and fetish private webcam shows. This is a work from home and set your own hours job.

-> You need to be over 18.
-> You must be female or a couple.
-> You need a computer, Internet connection and webcam.
-> Models from all countries.
-> Previous experience is not required.

Pay is exceptional. You will have the ability to set your own rates and can easily earn over $2000 with private shows.
Our best models earn over $5000 a month working no more than 25 hours a week.

Openings for nude and non-nude model are available (you will earn much more as a nude model).

The application process is in three stages:

1. Interview
2. Audition
3. Approval

Payment is made monthly via PayPal.

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Computer Animation – Blender

The project involves using blender to model an object that you predict in year 2050. Object should be animated in its simpleast form:move and have moving components. You can model and animate any futuristic object you like: an innovative device, a fancy car, space ship etc. Please bid if you have the advance skills to use blender.

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Website For Wholesale Products

I am looking for a web designer / developer to create a simple website with a CMS system to update products in the backend. I am not fussed which technologies are used, as long as the price is reasonable and it is easy to update the product information.

It is for wholesale bicycles.

The home page will be a list of products which can be filtered by price, wheel size and other options, which the customer can modify, plus a search functionality (AJAX for immediate updates).

Each product will have attributes such as wheel size, frame material, number of gears, colours, price, images, description, model number, stock etc. Users can click on the model and see more information on that product. They can also choose to buy wholesale, for which there will be different price structures set up depending on how many they buy (e.g. x1 is more expensive per bike than buying x10). The delivery should also be editable in the CMS per different quantities (e.g. I want to be able to set a fixed price in the database for sending x10 of a certain bike, or x20 of the same bike, and x20 of a different model may have different pricing). There will only be x4 pricing options per bike model 1. Dropship x1 (if available on that model), 2. buy x10, 3. buy x25, 4. buy x50. If they want more than this, they can go to contact form and send us an email for a quote on the quantity they require.

Users must be able to pay easily without registering.

Would like the design to look modern and fresh with a nice eye-catching layout and image viewer for products – think web 2.0.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Need Webcam Model Urgently

Need web cam model urgently. Required tools =>

# Open minded on web cam.
# Good quality web cam.
# Long term relationship mentality.

Will get a high payment.

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Content Subscription Model

Content Subscription Model Solution. Its primary purpose will be to allow users to navigate to the site and use a shopping cart type search to review subscription content. Once the user selects the content they will be taken to a ordering page where they will have the choice of using either a credit card or cheque to purchase the content. Once the purchase has been completed they will gain access to the content and be able to use it for a predefined period of time, based on the subscription they choose to purchase. Preferably i want this project to be done in Mysql ,Ubercart and Drupal Platform. The additional functionality i want is to create groups, eg, CMS group, Mobile Apps Groups,ie Number of groups can be of 200 – 300 . Only the registered users will have access to see these groups and can subscribe to one or more groups. the subscription to this group can be paid through Credit Card/ Cheque.

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IPhone App

Want a very simple app made with skill and quality. A "Stress Relief game" where you can pick from a few weapons/swords which come on the screen as a 1st person view which you use to inflict mass damage on a character figure of a simple model with a big smiley face on his head. The more damage you do the worse the character looks and bit by bit turns into little pixels. You can then choose to reset the game or add another "model" to the screen. Suppose to be a funny stress relief game which you can just go all out on. Thanks

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Blender Project

In addition to the model/animation, you are to generate a tutorial in .html format that gives instructions on how to redo your model/animation. If you wish you may adopt your own (better) style/method of creating the tutorial as long as it can be viewed with a standard web browser. The tutorial should be aimed at the intermediate Blender user (i.e., basic knowledge of the software (say the first 2 lab sessions), can be expected and hence the very basics do not need to be covered).
Your model/animation will be marked on a scale of 0-80 marks. These are split according to the following three categories:
Range of Blender modelling/animation techniques employed (e.g. using just extrusion and a 2 keyframe animation will attract relatively few marks), originality, and

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Convert Ms Access Db To PHP MYSQL

We are looking for a PHP/ MYsql/AJAX developer who convert an access db to interactive web based application.

Features to be included
– Interface/pages for Data entry with dropdown capabilities
– Relational Database design model
– Scalability Model (Add multiple modules along the way )
– Realtime Status Updates using Ajax or any thing suitable
– Reporting cababilities
– Import / Export of database to/from various databases ( Can be discussed)

Once the baseline project is completed, will have the option of further enhancements/ projects with relative compensation.
Suggestions on different technology is welcomed e.g frameworks, web technologies

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Site Requires Paypal Adult Webcam Script

Hi everyone,

I have a website that is free for people to visit but I want a webcam script that allows models to broadcast themselves to one or many people at the same time and charge for it.

I am flexible to start with to get something operational quickly. Ideally I would like the following but it depends on the overall price:

– Charge the viewer per minute or as a weekly charge or monthly charge (which ever is possible)
– Viewers be able to text chat and or audio chat and or video chat with the model they are watching.
– I would like the model to be able to allow certain people to login for free (sort of like a competition winner)
– I would like the model to be able to broadcast and chat to either one person or multiple people depending if the customer pays for a private broadcast or general broadcast.
– I want to host it myself and not have to pay ongoing fees.

– The main thing I require is to either be able to use the script on multiple sites but customize the logo and details and payments for the different models websites.

I dont mind if it is done in Flash or html as the website is very basic html.

If you have any further questions, dont hesitate to contact me.

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3D Interactive Product Flash/Java (3D Model Provided)

I would need a interactive 3D product for a website. It should be easily embeded in to the content.

We can manage the embeding it ourselves.

Page is built via wordpress.

The interactive model should have a transparent background.

We will provide the 3d file – in what ever format you need.

Example of what we have in mind:

The size of the whole window should be about 825 x 450

We pay by PayPal. 30% Upfront and the rest when the project is complete.

The product is a simple flashlight.

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Create A 3D Model For 2D Box Packaging Presentation

I am designing the box packaging for a Vitamin brand. I will be creating the artwork in Adobe illustrator and need someone to make it into a 3d model for presentation. I need it on a white background and some nice shading and subtle refection. The packaging is a simple box shape so it should be straight forward.

Aim: I want it to look realistic and to sell the concept.

Any questions dont hesitate to ask.

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3D Model & Inventor / Structural PDMS Training

I require a 3D model of a telescopic satt. tower. as well as 2D fabrication details and an animation (3DMax? maya?) to show how the tower elevates and extends. The 3D model can be done in Inventor, solidworks or autocad 2010
The important thing is the 3D model. (I can always give the animation to another designer.) So please be clear if you are bidding on the 3D model , or 3Dmodel AND animation

I have pictures (120), site sketches with dimentions, and vdo clips (5) which are to big to post here.
go to… when the site opens, click on PROJECTS. the image can be enlarged. There are TWO towers shown, only ONE needs to be drawn.

This project will ONLY suit Filipinos and will probably require that successfull aplicant works on site near Tagaytay. I can provide food and accommodation.

The work needs to start ASAP and will probably take about a week to 10 days . I have posted a picture of the structure, but some thing similar can be found on the following link: the tower will be trailer mounted.

There will also be the possibility to supervise the assembly / welding / fabrication as I anticipate an order for 10 units.

I will select the lowest bid from the applicant I feel has sufficient skills to do the job to a satisfactory standard. Good English communication skills is preferable.

The winning bidder will be selected within 3 days, so only those applicants who are available FULL TIME and can start IMMEDIATELY should apply. Thanks

SECOND…. I require someone who can teach either autodesk Inventor or PDMS structural. Should have own software.

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Female Erotic Model Photographs Wanted

Young female nude model photography required to a specific brief for a client. About 20 photos of the one girl. Self-taken (timer) photography or assisted photography is fine. Model needs to be lithe, well proportioned Caucasian sub 25 years old. Minimum B cup size. Additional information will be supplied to interested parties but will involve posing for a solo role-play wearing specific underwear and also nude. Photos for private fetish client.

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