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Simple Flash Modification (URGENT)

We need someone who knows his decopileze a Flash
To make a small change in the menu (URGENT)

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Prestashop Modification

I need a presatshop expert help to import products.

More information to selected bidder.

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Script Modification

I need someone to modify a php script to do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Details will be provided to shortlisted bidders so that you can provide your time and price estimates.

Work is ready to be allocated as soon as a bidder is finalized.

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Joomla 1.6.1 Modification Add Users / Modify Users

Hi there.

I need a Joomla 1.6.1. (plugin) or modification.

I want that administrators can only add or modify users from in there own group.

For example: When administrator is in group A. He only can add users in group A, and only SEE them.

Who can help me?

budget: $50,00

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Simple Website Modification

Enhancements to existing site template

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Modification For Web4myself

as discussed

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Online Reservation System (slight Modification)

See attached files

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Prestashop Modification #3


I need following modifications of Prestashop 1.4:

1. Module sitemap to generate different sitemaps for diffrent language + to function with cronjob module
2. google base module to get to work with cronjob (together with already done modification of langugae/tax choice)
3. Product Filter module modify in order to work with drop downs in stead of with check boxes (can be selected from backoffice) for every filter option (category, manuf, features, etc)
4. An option by a customer can choose if prices will be displayed with taxes or without taxes.
5. Module Cart: add flag of country for what Shopping Costs are shown
6. Generic metaTags for Products+Category+Manufacturer: extra module (functionality) to set a default generic meta-description and meta-keyword tag if no specific tags or description are defined.

Thank yiou.

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Website modifications

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Drupal And Ubercart Very Simple Modification

this needs to be within a couple of hours.
it is very simple please read the description
if you know ubercart and drupal it will take 30minutes.
if you dont then it will take you more time
on the ubercart product page there are attributes. I want the attribute image to show instead of the attribute text.

if you can start now and have it finished in a short time please bid and I will accept you right now

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Website Modification

site work.

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Modification Of Excel Macro To Automate Dashboard Creation

I need somebody to modify a macro that generate dashboard.

Will give detailed instructions to the winner bidder.

Max bid $50

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Booking Form Modification

Update the booking form form chanign nthe old pick up and drop off dates for new ones.

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Adult Video Script Modification

I would like to use the video script (or a similar script) to create a custom video website. From the demo they provide the site would only have a few variations that shouldnt be difficult to add. I am looking for someone with a understanding of the script and its requirements plus the ability to add a couple minor feathers.

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WordPress Theme Modification – 29 March

I have WordPress theme on genesis framework.
I need 2 things :

1) To switch left and right sidebar = $5
2) TO add on homepage one 2 boxes. One box with 4 tabs and one box with 3 tabs.
When you click on tab you can read post from some category.
I will send you picture. = $25
Box width is 600 pixels.

Can you do this in several hours ?

I will provide you theme.
Budget is $30.

thank you !

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WordPress Modification Theme


Looking for someone to modify a wordpress theme

– I need 3 column of widget footer consist of recent comment, recent post and text widget
– modify the length and widget of the post box in the homepage

No errors in w3 validator


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PHPbb Forum Style Modification

I have a phpbb powered forum that I run that I am having a few small problems with.

The style that I am using is a bit out of date and will not display the captcha question and the new post button also seems to be missing.

I simply need someone to fix/modify the style so that these things display correctly.


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Web Page Modification

i want someone to do some modification on my watch photo page. i to add:

1. Set homepage button with small banner
2. Banner size height 90
3. Facebook comment box
2. Share box under the picture.

Here the sample of active page

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Web Page Modification

i want someone to do some modification on my watch photo page. i to add:

1. Set homepage button with small banner
2. Banner size height 90
3. Facebook comment box
2. Share box under the picture.

Here the sample of active page

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Web Page Modification

i want someone to do some modification on my watch photo page. i to add:

1. Set homepage button with small banner
2. Banner size height 90
3. Facebook comment box
2. Share box under the picture.

Here the sample of active page

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Bomber Game Modification.

I have a game with source code.. Need a little updation and customization to it.

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Joomla Design Modification

Need a Joomla Design Modification for a template

for vnsolutions only please


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Flash Modification For Tarek 8

Flash modification project for Tarek

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E-commerce Website Modification

I have bought a ready e-shop website online, and would like to make some modifications to it and enter my products with their details and prices.
I need a technician who is skilled in Php .
I have all the information ready , and the logo is ready.
I need this website to be ready in a time frame of 5 days .
I need to change the background image as well.

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WordPress Theme Modification

We own a legal license to Elegant Themes []. We need to accomplish the modification of the DelicateNews Featured Slider to display a Featured Graphic instead of the existing page content/text.

Instead of a

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Need Joomla Developer (Bangladesh Only)

We need a Joomla developer who can work for our website. Our website is ready, only some modifications are needed.

We need following modification + Addition:

1. Modification in template.

2. combing forum and community profile in one including all profile setup like msg and others (community and forum, both is created by joomla)

3. Creating ads location

4. Some others

If you are interested please write in PM board, we will inform you details. Please note, this project is only for Bangladeshis.

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Verifone Or Ingenico Wireless Modification (Dummy)

Need someone who can modify a Verifone VX670 wireless pin pad, so that it will record track 2 and pin for debit, cc transactions. Need to print out receipt and need to have a menu for Debit and Credit which if it chip card will ask you to insert card.

This will be a dummy machine, if you know what that means, and so if you can do this software modification with another pin pad model or brand, then I am also interested.

You would have to be in the Greater Toronto Area, as I am sure you will need to physically hold the hardware, if not just pm me on how you can achieve without the hardware.


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Oscomerce Website Optimization Conversion Improvement


I have a good website which converts at 2% basically but I am very sure we could convert sales better.

What I need is someone with good experience in website optimization for sales conversion improvement. Need an expert in Oscommerce PLEASE dont bid if you are selected and dont know how hot modify a php page I will not pay.

One modification I need is:

Be able to manage in admin a product, = > I sell boxes of candies, but sometimes I want to sell candies separately so I need a modification that can permit me to allow to sell a specific candy in quantities I select. example 5 units, 1 unit. Etc. So the customer on the product info page can select that, either buy box, or buy in specific (preselected by me) quantity.

What I request from bidder:
– Ideas on how to improve conversions, I will reply with my website address you can provide ideas, if I like what you suggest you will be selected.
– Quote the word "improvement" on your bid, otherwise I will not respond
– Be able to do the modification I requested earlier.
– Need daily updates from you, lack of updates will be considered as job abandonment.

Files will be provided for you to modify but you will not have access to our personal admin or database since we cannot allow that, so please also be sure if you bid you are patient with us.


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Modify Flash / HTML Website

We need a new site created based on an existing template. It will require some flash work, and some html work. We need to have it complete by the end of this week or earlier.

You will be given a clear specification detailing all changes, and the original template of the website. Key elements are:
– creation of banners for home page
– modification of text on other pages
– modification of menu items on home page
– creation of simple logo for website

The site is very similar to

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Classipress Template Modification

I am looking for someone who is very experienced with wordpress and the classipress template (appthemes) to modify the template by adding membership functionality to it, whether it be incorporating buddypress or another plugin or software. I have reference sites that have accomplished this. I am also looking for small modifications to the homepage layout such as adding an additional column, displaying dates in summary view, and modifying tabs, etc. I have an existing child theme where these mods would need to be added.

Please only respond if your have experience with wordpress/classipress.

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Modification Teplate For Joom!Fish Support

I have this teplate:
But on this template I dont have support for Joom!Fish (on the wep pages I can not fount flags)

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Couponic Yii Modification

I have a couponic script (groupon like, developed in Yii framework) running perfectly in my site and need to put the Brazilian gateway called "Pagamento Digital" and custumize the theme classic like this

im from brazil

msn me

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