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Modify A Script

I need someone to modify a classifieds script, do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Please see attached file for details and then provide your price and time estimate.

Bids from cost effective countries/bidders prefered.

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Inno Installer To Modify Existing To Work With And SDK

I have an existing inno installer that I need modified to work with a new SDK.
The current installer works with an outdated version of the SDK, I need someone to update the installer to work with the changes they made to the new SDK that makes an external DLL call.

For the right person this is a quick fix and should only cost $30

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Joomla 1.6.1 Modification Add Users / Modify Users

Hi there.

I need a Joomla 1.6.1. (plugin) or modification.

I want that administrators can only add or modify users from in there own group.

For example: When administrator is in group A. He only can add users in group A, and only SEE them.

Who can help me?

budget: $50,00

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Modify/Tweak Existing Working Website Scraper For 7 Websites


Please read from start to end, else your bidding request may get cancelled…

We have working scraper which works perfectly fine, and now we would like someone to Modify/Tweak existing working scraper for atleast 7 websites.

The price will involve development plus testing. You have to provide me testing support for six months, so that I can be assured of that the tool is running fine.

The copyright issues of the project belong to me, and no mention whatsoever of the developer will be there in the project. The tool should be properly documented.

We are looking for a bidder who can do so in less than hundred dollars.

NOTE: We only pay upon completion of this work, we do not escrow first / partial payments, complete this job how we want it and you get paid, piss us around and you are wasting your time only.

We also outsource a great deal of work. We have the project/spec sheet for several Upcoming projects specifically in Drupal, Joomla, Magento and PHP which will be given to what we consider GENUINE programmers.

NOTE: For your bidding request to be accepted, start your bidding reply with word "SCRAPER:"

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CMS For Flash Website

I have an existing website is built in flash. I have all the necessary source files. What I need to do is to modify design in order to add functionality.but mainly you will be required to deploy a constant management system to allow end-user to modify content with ease. They should be able to add pictures modify text etc.
I hear that DRUPAL is great solution for this, but there may be others that you will suggest. Im open to suggestions.

here is the scope of everything that needs to be done:

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Drupal/Jumla for the site text images and video

HOMEPAGE revise layout to future images with links

GBGB FINALISTS: list students and photos


CALENDAR : ability to submit new events and add this module to homepage


THANK YOU NOTES PAGE and Home page module for it



CLASSROOM: social interaction, Ustream


PRESS PAGE: addition of categories, and Images. Potential redesign

I estimate this project at $1000 and I expected to be completed by the end of the month. If you think my estimate is too high or too low please let me know.

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Modify Script

I need someone to modify a php script and add additional features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

This work may take a few hours to accomplish but not more than a max of 2 days in any case. It all depends on your efficiency. However i can allow you 3-4 days to get this done if youre working on other projects as well but not more than that in any case.

Budget is $100 and under.

Work is ready to be allocated as soon as a bidder is finalized.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

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C# Task Need To Be Done Within An Hour
above is the requirement
below is the solution which is done
i want u to modify the code as per the screenshot and which is the needed output

Also pls check below comments
i will pay $30 for this modification

why he uses Game ?

and also when the computer run the application should ask the user to enter number of computer between 1 to 5 if he chooses for example 6
the program should return asks him again to enter between 1 – 5

please replay me with the answer
the output is not much the original application I took
screen-shot for what suppose the output look like in the attachment file

please modify it and send it again

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Facade alteration.
(front of building and parts of roof) material are alucobond and reflective glass.

Looking to modify some aspects on a facade in a building looking into a round shape facade.

Need 3 alternatives to choose from.

Looking a facade to impress.

attached are files marked (a,b,c)to be modify. and samples of interested designs

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I have PHP Code that needs to be integrated into my website as a form. A slight change needs to be done to the code. To hide one box and make it the default option. Small Project on a budget

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Groupon Like Website

– Groupon Like Website
– Design to be different to Groupon.
– Once live, user should be able to add/delete/modify deals on offer. No coding should be needed
– I will be selling physical products, not coupons.
– implement the site.

Each Deal has:
– Min and max order units
– Price
– Weight
– Time remaining
– Number of units for the deal to be successful

1 ) You to build the site
2 ) I buy an existing Groupon copy software, and you modify the designs to suit my needs.

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Modify Flash Webpage

looking for someone to modify the webpage located at i would like to get the contact form working to send a message & i would like to get the music player that is existing or another that looks similar to play the choices listed undereath. if possible if i could have name info ect stored in a xml file to modify faster in the future.

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Adding Content To A Website – Copy & Paste

40 hours of work.

The job:
Finding & adding content to a website.

– Find content to modify and add to site. (I have a website in mind initially, but there are many other sources of content)
– Update a website via a simple CMS system
– Copy & paste content from one website to another website.
– English-writer. You will need to be able to slightly modify the text and add in keywords into the text. SEO skills preferred.
– Insert links into pages

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WordPress Theme Modify

provided php code to modify wordpress theme "twenty ten 1.2" for wordpress 3.1
so that admin can select which categories to use when displaying posts in the home page
currently all posts from all categories are selected when user goes to home page.

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WordPress Modification Theme


Looking for someone to modify a wordpress theme

– I need 3 column of widget footer consist of recent comment, recent post and text widget
– modify the length and widget of the post box in the homepage

No errors in w3 validator


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Easy And Fast Modification On Groupon Clone

Hello i have to apply follow modify:

1. during compilation form user create a little row where user can write FISCAL CODE topic there are some work in english not traslated and calendar show BAD date on comment posted.
3. delete some link from home page
4. put 1 immage in home page
5. modify grafic setup of automatic mail respond of website
6. modify text of a right box in home
7. create a box on home page to put like facebook

i think in one day it can be its very easy but i need help of expert man

please let me know!!

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Modify Gallery Products On A WordPress Site

I have a wp site that need some modify. I want view each category product in single page (now there is a page for all category). Must be managed the presentation of a single product and created a description field that will be use for technical information about product (little information).
You can view the site at this link: (prodotti page)
3 things:
each category in single page
presentation of products (like a lightbox effect)
create description fields that can manage from admin
Note: you can modify the code or use specific plugin, if you know which that do what I need
Other information after the provider choice
Please, if you not are an expert of wordpress and you dont have good knowledge of PHP dont bid for this project.

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Modify Webpage To Play A Flash Video When Image Is Clicked

Hi, I need to modify an existing website to play a flash video when an image is clicked. You can see what Im trying to do by going to and clicking on one of the surgery images. That should popup a window where a .flv video is played. Thanks.

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Convert Html Template To WordPress. Modify Joomla Template

I need to convert a Simple Html Template (divs, header, leftcolumn, rightcolum, bottom) to WordPress Template and i need to do minor modifications to a Joomla template and create sections and categories for a Joomla menu.

Im looking to pay 30$-50$ for this.

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Convert Html Template To WordPress Modify Joomla Template

I need to convert a Simple Html Template (divs, header, leftcolumn, rightcolum, bottom) to WordPress Template and i need to do minor modifications to a Joomla template and create sections and categories for a Joomla menu.

Im looking to pay 30$-50$ for this.

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Modify Javascript Code To Run From Within Php

I have some javascript code to create a popup css div that with an enter / leave button with cookie storage of the response. It works perfectly when run from an html file, however when run from within my kryptronic shopping cart php it does not work. I have other jquery code running as well on this site if that makes a difference.

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Md5 Hash Creation And Modify Data In One Column $15

Here is the task – $15.00

1. i have .sql file with one column has incorrect data
remove extra "- in title which is in the end (only end "-" needs to be removed) example
2. recreate hash in the column

Note: zip files are 5 gb to 17gb s i expect the script you provide finish in atleast 2 -3 hours to do the replacement
and hash creating

i will escrow and send me files and take the money

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Modify A WordPress Template

I have a custom wordpress template that needs a few updates to it. Specificly the background and footer are not displaying correctly when the text on the page is beyond a certain length.

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PHP Update And Add Some Features

Existing PHP forms that reference some tables and do some queries and do calculations on the data based on date and time, and when to rotate out items.

Need someone to finish up – adding some features, reference some tables and allow users to change fields.

User permissions on an existing user table to limit access – 3 access levels, view only, modify (change days), and admin (add, deleete, modify) existing location table.

Form rfor users to modify locations in existing table, specify a range to easily change a large range of records with the same data, or to individually select and change a record.

Need someone that is an experienced PHP programmer, and please provide examples of work and projects you have done.

We are looking for best price for the best quality of work, and may lead to longer term working relationship, and projects.

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Modify A Joomla Template

Unfortunately my sites template was created using tables. I need this problem fixed by someone with a proven track record with Joomla templates. I will provide a PSD for slicing if desired. This is the scope of the project:

– Assess whether to customize the existing template or start from scratch.

– Duplicate the old template if using it as a base, before making any changes.

– Use CSS where tables were previously used in layout.

– Add a module position for the Flash banner.

– Keep all current site features intact and correct any bugs which may occur as a result of the change.

– XHTML and CSS must be valid.

– All error messages must be template styled. Errors in login and register forms must be within the form, not on separate pages.


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HTML – MS Access To Html Form

I need to convert a MS access application to a Web Application using PHP/HTML and Mysql or SQL Server.

It is a CRM application.

Form – navigate, search an appointment and select one
Form – appointment
– modify date
– modify hour
– select a contact
– modify type of appointment
– modify result (five yes/no fields)
– modify comments
– schedule a new one (just populate date and comments)
Form new appointment – idem form appointment, but with a search button in order to select a client.

This application will use 4 tables:
– appointment
– client
– contacts
– type of appointment

I do not need to maintain the tables in the web application.
I only need to search an appointment, modify it and/or create a new one.

I have a web server we can use (Linux with MySQL) but I would prefer to use a SQL Server, I need some help with this as I don

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Modify Joomla Installation : Add Extra Registration Field

We need an additonal field added to the core registration form of Joomla 1.5

Single field only (with confirmation field)



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Web Designer

We are looking for someone to join our team of capable and reliable independent contractors. There are a number of projects constantly in the works, and we do need someone we can all upon and depend upon to get things done.

Specifically, we are currently seeking one person (may or may not be part of an established team) who is an expert with Joomla.

This first task is a trial of sorts, and will be paid on a flat rate/project rate basis.

Currently site needs modified prior to relaunch. We are needing the following items added/adjusted on a Joomla 1.5 site.

1. Modify template/template CSS coding
2. Modify/create some CSS for formatting with article content
3. Assist with adding/placing content modules
4. Modify print/pdf modules
5. Add/configure extensions such as Sitemap & RSS feeds, etc.

This is a mission critical assignment. The assignments need completed today.

Successful completion of this project will lead to further projects in the future.

Candidates must…

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Remove Watermark From Approx. 125 Images

For an online shop Im selling products that are dropshipped by an number of suppliers. Im will need to use their images for listings on my site. However these are now watermarked.

Looking for somebody with Photoshop skills to modify around 125 watermarked images. The objective would of course be to erase the watermarks, keeping clean pictures to use within the store.

If you are bidding, I would appreciate if you could already modify the following two images and attach them in your PM, for me to review:

Best skills & lowest bid combo wins!

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Modify Php Script To Use Pcntl_fork

I have an upload script that performs several functions after the file is uploaded, including connecting to a 3rd party server. This may take some time to complete and i want to modify the script so the script can continue to run in the background but will notify the user the upload is complete and allow them to continue

the front-end is a flash movie but all the upload script occurs in php.

i am thinking this is the possible solution: pcntl_fork()

I need it done within the next 10-12 hours so please only bid if you are available immediately.

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Convert Html To WordPress And Modify A Joomla Template

I need to convert a Simple Html Template (divs, header, leftcolumn, rightcolum, bottom) to WordPress Template and i need to do minor modifications to a Joomla template and create sections and categories for a Joomla menu.

Im looking to pay 30$-50$ for this.

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Web Design

I am looking to hire someone to modify/redesign my current website The current design.format isnt working. Ive provided examples of similar sites below. This is how i want my site to look. In addition to the site builing you will need to add approx 200-300 product to the site. After the inital listing I will need exclusive access to modify products and price.

examples –


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