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PhpBB Syntax Highlighter Mod Install

Site is, this bid is for 1 day only, hoping to get it done and out the way quickly.

1. I need a syntax highlighter installed.
2. For the system highlighter and other mods in future to work, I need phpBB Codes mod installed, this is a stand mod required for any other mods that add custom phpBB Codes.
3. A mod for allowing the display of other mods phpBB buttons on the editor. It is named something like Code Button Manager Mod

I can more information on these but Im looking for someone with enough experience to know what Im talking about, a simple Google search on them should give the information you need.

So 3 mods in total, should be no more than 1 hour work for someone who knows phpBB mod installation.

I will back everything up and I can be trusted.


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Php Probid Mods

I have 6 php pro bid auction mods that I need installed. Mods must be installed and working correctly before any payment is given. this is a pretty simple project.

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IPB Skin And Code Upgrade From 2.31 To 3.14

Need an IPB expert to upgrade our existing skin from IPB version 2.3.1 to IPB version 3.1.4. This is for a large, popular online gaming forum. Must be proficient in the IPB 3.1.4 substructure. For example, we add several new games to the site each year, and we don

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PHP Guru Needed For Mods To Custom Click Jacking Script

I have a custom click jacking script that needs some mods to the code to make it work slightly differently.

These mods include

Faking referrers, faking browser useragents, scraping SERPS for use of sending traffic through the Search engine result URLS to my clickjacking script.

Im looking for a coder i can trust, who knows there stuff, will be willing to do future mods, and maybe come up with some ideas to improve what i am doing by their knowlege of php/javascript.

A full discription and installation of my script will be provided for you to work on, on my server once i have chosen a winner of the project.

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Osc Addons And Mods

As discussed with ZELDAZE:
Rewrite Attributes function completely to include it in categories.php
Modify presentation of attributes on site front-end to show in table format
Modify specials to work with start and end date
Create / install a function that allows customers to create custom PDF brochures on the fly
Various other smaller mods and changes

This project is for Zeldaze only. Agreed fee is $900.

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ASPDNSF IS Programmer


I am in search for a ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT programmer who is very familiar with working with aspdotnetstorefront / interprise suite. We have the IS version of the software. I am in search of a programmer for a series of modifications.

You will be required to show past work done on this platform plus provide references of other clients who we will contact to make certain as well.

You must be an expert and be very familiar with custom coding and mods on this platform including xml package coding.

Each mods required has a deadline that must be met, tested and approved to received final payment from GAF escrow only. Please note, this can be a long term work position for the programmer for a growing ecommerce platform.

All Interested parties must send PM with info to verify work experience. Thanks

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SocialEngine Migration. *Must Have SOCIALENGINE Experience*

I am running an older version of socialengine ver.3.18. I am moving servers, so I want to install the latest version of socialengine when i do this.

There are quite a bit of mods and plugins that I have installed, so I need to have them updated as well. The reason I am doing the clean install is that there are alot of unnecessary mods done to the site that has slowed the site down tremendously. I believe there are some bad codes floating around in the site. Thus, we are starting from scratch!

I need the following to be done.

1. Clean install of latest version of socialengine ver.4.x (I will supply)
2. Migration of database
3. Upgrade of all necessary plugins (direct from developer, most have free lifetime upgrades). * Because I am running an older version of socialengine, there are alot of mods that were done that are no longer necessary as they have been address in the current version.

Lastly, I have over 20k members, so the database is large. Please make sure you have a stable connection to handle the transfer.

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Dolphin 7 Mods Needed

Looking for someone to create 2 Mods for Dolphin 7. Must have Experience and show previous mods, designs and/or other dolphin related work.

We are looking to hire someone Asap and will provide continues work on a weekly basis developing mods, widgets and design work for dolphin and standard websites.

Please show previous dolphin work, will provide information on mods to bid.

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PhpBB Customization

There is one forum running on phpBB named ….. I am looking for something similar to that forum …… i want the same custom mods and functionally the same phpBB forum …… and also some mods which i want installed on the board ……

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Php Pro Bid Mod Install X4

Php probid auction website mods software to install on site.
mods are ready for installing. work must start on monday the 24th of jan 2011

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I need a coder who can modify the existing custom template top add certain new features to PHPLD version 3.06

Simple job

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Mods For Php Installer Script To Simplify Script Setup

I have a custom php script that i need the installer script modifying.

Currently i have to change a couple of files manually, by entering in some urls among a couple of other paths.

I want to be able to speed up the install, so entering the paths and urls in the installer page.

This would can be done by a skilled PHP programmer within a 4-6 hours

The script is a on going project, so if i am happy with the work i will require more mods in the very near future.

I look forward to hearing your bids.

If you need to know anything else please PM me.

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Make OsCommerce Template And Improve Mods

I have a website that I would like to install OSCommerce onto and need a new template designed.

The store will be for sales, purchasing and rentals of video games.

For sales – the site will function as a typical ecommerce site.

For purchasing – Customers will be able to sell us their used games, by selecting a trade-in value, from an attributes list.

For renting – we need to have a few minor changes made to the "Wishlist v5" mod. Instead of adding the intended item to a wishlist the item would be added to a members "Queue" for rental. The Wishlist mod also has a admin backend, which allows admins to view customers wishlists, which needs to be displayed, so that we can ship the next game that is in their Queue.

Also, you will have to remove the email wishlist to a friend feature. The wishlist mod should also be tweaked to allow for simple admin interface, when returning/renting a movie (adjust inventory, etc.)

A membership mod needs to be linked to the wishlist, so that members can join our rental program and pay a monthly recurring subscription fee.

There are also a few other mods that will need to be installed, such as a FAQ system. We will supply all mods, so there should not be any custom coding for those. You will just need to install them and make sure that they are working properly

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Customizing Mods

Looking for someone for ongoing dolphin upgrades and mod customization.

must be able to communicate in english regularly, answer skypes and deliver in timely fashion.

person overseeiing project is programmer as well so will be able to clearly outline project objectives.

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Cubecart 3 Skin Design


I am looking for a custom Cubecart skin to be made for my website. It needs to modern, professional, unique and fit the theme of my business. A more visually appealing template. (Smooth Colours, graphics, Side Boxes etc..)

I am requiring the following:

– A smooth integrated look.
– General colours will be Blue and Green to match my logo.
– Installation of skin ensuring that the mods that I have beow will work on my site.
– Fixing an issue of text / pictures cutting off on certain browsers and reolutions (Fixed Width)

The mods that are currently installed that need to work with the new skin are.

– Site banner Pro (Site Smart Web Services)
– Admin Configured Product and Category Product Sorting (???)
– Site Doc Manager (I think
– Categories on Homepage Main Content (
– Show/Hide Sideboxes (Estells)
– Serach Engine Friendly URL (All pages Meta TAGS, Descriptions and URL tags)

I am open to suggestions and will allow you to come up with something unique. You will have to research my website and competion to make sure it is the best of them all!

Only Bid if you are an expert in Cubecart.

You will be paid 30% on producing skin design and getting approval, and 70% when skin is installed and all mods are working.

Type Eco Move at the start of your PM so I know you have read the entire post.

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Multiple Script Installation And Mods. Few Hrs Job

Need urgently Multiple Script Installation and few mods. Reputed dedicated team respond.

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WordPress Plugin Mods Needed

Hi All,

I have a plugin for wordpress setup for scrolling content as seen here

What i need is that plugin but with an expiry date when you enter a new message so entries i add will auto expire on the correct date. (see Admin announcement manage page screenshot)

Any questions please ask



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VBulletin Custom Modification – Google Search + Design Mods

Project for RBernard,

Integrate Google Search into vBulletin.
Design Modifications.

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OScommerce Contributions/mods

I need the following mods to created and installed to the basic OSCommerce version (Online Merchant v2.2 Release Candidate 2a)

Mod: Customer to add products

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Phpfox Guru Required

We require a professional / experienced phpfox coder who can customize current mods as well as be able to develop new mods .

We have a full running phpfox live server.

Please dont apply if you have no phpfox framework experience.
Applicants also need to provide us with links of previous phpfox jobs performed and applicants with feedback need only to apply.

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Create Mods For Our Website – Private Listing

This is a private listing for our freelancer.

The project is to make some mods to an existing website. $30.

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Prestashop Guru For Little Mods – SMALL PROJECT

Very small project
Looking for Prestashop guru to fix few little things on website already installed.
example :
shipping price by article
bloc banner just on required pages
discount for 3 articles purchased on website

Maybe most of theses little modules are already existing, but have no time

also to show me how to do some things

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Zen Cart Custom Template And Code

Looking for one individual that works alone and is good with Zen Cart. I do not want a developer assiociated with a team or large company. I wnat one man or woman and a jack of all trades and am needing some payment mods, and shipping mods coded, a custom gift registry, and other light Zen Cart duties including upgrade.

Prefer Skype, and English is a must!!!

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Rayzz Script /Php And Design A Must! Experienced Only.

I have a rayzz script version 2.0. It has been customized with a skin and over 18 mods and is sitting on my server, all files. I have uploaded a fresh script basic to the bone, no mods or skin that is working. I need the mods and skin from old script transfered or updated to the new script files that are working. Php coding a must "experienced" please. I may need some graphics from the skin removed as well and stock skin reestablished, nothing major. I just need the new site set up and and skin and all mods configured to work. Rayzz script experience a must.

paypal upon completion
yahoo messenger:tommydamic68

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Simple Binary Hex Viewer Without Eddeting + Clear

There should be 2 portions of this program

Please see these videos for details

The 3rd video, ultimately when a user presses the "Clear button" should change the buffer in pre-programmed areas to FFs and 00s as seen in the video. These setting would be located in the MODs that are part of the LIST and should be a separate built where I would make changes add more MODs and compile

1. A simple binary file viewer non editable, open and save
which will have a clear button that will remove pre-programmed portions of the dumb(hex)
These will be based on the 2nd part of the program call the LIST files which will contain MODs and depending on the MOD selected it will remove different parts of the buffer or replace with 00s FFs

Please see the videos for better understanding

LIST files should check with the main program the registration name , address etc..
they should be a custom extension

so few MOD files that will write continues FFs like 580 to 620 and 780 to 830
and individual write FF in line A0 than A7

Questions let me know

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PHP Programmer – Gay Site Repairs & Mods

We operate a rather dated gay adult website – We need a PHP programmer for repairs and mods so we can stabilize the site while developing a new one.

Photo Gallery Functioning
Data processor integration with DB
Profile search and match functions
Page Optimization


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Joomla Template Fix

I have a joomla template installed but I need all of the mods and also my jomsocial one installed w/ this template. I also need our logo added to the site. I have all of the files that is needed but I just need it to have the same layout as the demo but I want other mods from a previous template on this one also.

I do have all of the files, just need help installing.

Will pay upon completion.

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Joomla Template Design Mods

We require a Joomla template modification > color palette

We will provide a detailed mock layout and design as a guide to enable fast and accurate completion of this project.

You will install required modules etc so as to enable the site fully functional and ready to use.

You are required to fill out the page with dummy video, text and images for display purposes only, we will install our own content when completed.

Further work for the right guys.

==== Max Bid $50 =====


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