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Information Modules For A Website. Weather Widgets.

We are currently developing and building a website with Joomla and need help with building 6 information modules )or apps, or widgets) that will be included in our website including the following;

1. Weather
2. Tides
3. Water temperature
4. Moon phase
5. Barometer
6. Swell and ocean conditions
7. Marine wind forecast

This information is regional specific for the Sydney, Australia area and access to the information is from other websites. For example
1. Weather –
2. Tides – or
3. Water temperature –
4. Moon phase –
5. Barometer –
6. Swell and ocean conditions –
7. Marine wind forecast –

So basically we need information modules or smaller apps that sit inside our website that repackage existing live information.

The following are a couple of examples of the type of thing I need;

Please contact me for questions or clarification

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Expression Engine Developer Wanted

We are looking for a developer who is confident with building templates and creating custom modules for the CMS Expression Engine.

The design has been done and the layout requires content modules on the page to be activated / deactivated which will change the layout itself.

All frontend HTML/CSS will be provided so its just the build of template.

Please enquire for further details / queries.

Only contact us if you have EE experiences and confident with your knowledge.

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PHP Yii Developer Needed For A Simple Module

Im looking for an experienced coder to help me develop a new modules for a Yii script that Im using.

Ultimately Im looking for a good long term relationship with a developer to make several modules for me, but for now, Id like to just test the waters and ask for one simple module.

This module would be to allow users to add their addresses to the system. Right now the system only collects peoples emails and asks for a password. Id like to create a separate take under the "my account" page for the user that says "my addresses" that would allow a user to have one or more shipping addresses.

Somewhere in the admin page, Id also like to have access to see the users shipping addresses.

This is about as simple of a module as they come. Youd have to create it in the same fashion as other modules on this site and it would have to follow the Yii structure.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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Simple JomSocial Site Enhancement

We have an existing JomSocial wesite that we want to utilize JomSocials Multi-type Profiles to create two types of users w/ two registration pages. We are looking for an individual that we can establish an ongoing relationship with. We need:

1) 3-4 modules added (see below)
2) and two separate registration pages for two User Profile types . Have a default registration with a dropdown of "individual" or " organization" If they select organization they will be redirected to the 2nd registration page.

The site is for organizations to schedual events online. Any individual(user profile 1) can sign up and register an event for any organization(user Profile 2), but that event must be

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PHP Website Development

I would like an experienced PHP designer to design some modules for my website using MySQL database. Would require him to provide me full documentation for the coding done. Contact only with portfolio. Payment will be made on a per module basis. Total 6-7 modules. Max 20$/module. The bids can be made after portfolio, reference checks and discussions on the nature of the job work.

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we have a website in php ajax, mysql, we want to add some others modules and integrate a new design, so
the tasks are : code new modules, improve old code, add new design

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PHP Website – More Modules Needed


We need update ecommerce website within next 48 hours, so bid only if you have work force to complete this task and do send me your bids etc. ( we are not using any cart-software etc ) Website is created in codeigniter

1 – Produts Wishlist
2 – SHIPPING calculation with tax module
3 – Affiliate module
4 – Top sellers / Newest Product Module

Structure is very simple, you just have to add 4-modules in two days.

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Drupal Developer, Build And Maintain Multiple Sites.

Im Looking for an experienced Drupal developer who can communicate well and make things happen fast. I want to go from concept to prototype quickly and need a developer who can leverage and extend Drupal modules quickly.

Candidate must show significant knowledge in Drupal development backed by contribution and participation in the Drupal community.

Good written communication: able to suggest improvements and implementation ideas clearly in writing. Should be available by Skype and able to give daily feedback reports.

Should obviously be expert with common Drupal modules such as Views, Panels, CCK, Actions, Imagecache etc. But also should be comfortable with Context, Spaces and Features modules. Developer will be maintaining Features based modules and a Features server.

Should be comfortable with Ubuntu Server, SSH, MySQL, Drush, GIT, SVN, Context, Spaces, Features Drupal module API. If you dont know something, you should be comfortable solving problems and overcoming obstacles yourself.

Should be expert with HTML, CSS, JQuery, and capable of converting a PSD into a cross-browser friendly Drupal theme with a Fusion base.

Im looking for individuals NOT companies – Please dont bid if you represent a company.

Please give me your full-time monthly rate. Note, Im looking for below $300 and will expect solid 40 hours of high-productivity each week. Milestone payments should be 1/4 the total.

If the first month goes well, I will re-post for full time and accept the same candidate.

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Design And The Addition Of Modules Zen Cart

This website is based on the latest version of zen cart 1.3.9h
I would like several things:
Site design does not square with tables
Change the top of the site – a stylish search option
Photo Slideshow added main page

A bottom-designed

Basis of design should be like this website

In terms of programming
Change the page look more product information
Share option – Facebook etc.
Fill to be a wholesaler page
News system – like the site as at the bottom

Example Inspiration / shop /

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Adding Few Modules To Duraple Site

I have a news online project that is with Drupal. I did initial design for the upcoming site and add few modules however i need some one who knows more than me to assist me to finish this project
send PM and ask me more about the project .


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OrchardProject Modules

Looking for a few custom modules to be added to my orchardProject site
Please bid per module or a pack of 5 modules

Please list any earlier OrchardProject or ASP.Net mvc work you have done

thanks for bidding

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Custom PhpFox Work

I have a phpfox based site that needs a few custom modules.

The first module and every module will be explained in very high detail to exactly what I need.
All modules will be backend coding mostly with very little frontend work.

The first module is a custom login and register module.
It will have some additional logic added and backend functions to check from a previously existed database for
a member logging in and seeing if that username and password combo matches before attempting to verify it against the
current phpfox database. It will then attempt to verify it against the phpfox live database and finally if it does pass validation it will sync the two passwords up that use two different security methods.

The custom registration module will create 3 additional entries into two seperate tables in addition to what it creates now for later reference.

More details will be provided after contact is made but this gives you the basic outline of work. If you do not have experience dealing with phpfox modules do not bid on this project., Include phpfox in your correspondence or I will not even consider your bid.

This project will be for one module if you do well on this module you will be rewarded the rest of the modules and paid separates for them in future postings.

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Magento Integration Of A Photoshop Design + Modules

We would like to integrate an existing design to a Magento 1.5 shop.
The website is divided into two main parts :
Corporate information : Presentation og the company, Map, FAQ, etc… including text, images and a few videos
Shop : Small shop of about 50 products, presented by year model, with a few extra functionnalities
We will closely work with the freelancer to include extra magento modules such as Owebia Shipping, OneStepCheckout and DeliveryZone control, also extended Wishlist management
It might require a few PHP adaptation

The company/freelancer profile must have very good webdesign skills in Photoshop and already experience into Magento integration (reference and code exemples ust be provided)
Must be done within 4 weeks top
This is an urgent project, requiring immediate start – budget is reflecting this constraint as well.
NB : Product is Wine, so some freelancer may not want to get into project involving alcohol

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Structural Analysis For Lamp Post

We have a preliminary design on a lamp post with solar modules mounted on the top. The design is of lamp post that has a solar module(s) mounted on the top of it and arm(s) extending out. There are three different systems

1. 1 module, 1 arm – 6 meter pole
2. 2 modules, 2 arms – 6 meter pole
3. 3 modules, 3 arms – 8 meter pole

I am looking for someone who can simulate the structural integrity of our design (suggestions) and if required recommended possible changes.

Design shall be provided to the winning bid.

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Groundbreaking Custom Twitter Module/ Component For Joomla

1st thing I need to know is if this job is possible to complete for my website. (i dont know if it is)

I would like to hire a person or team to build a custom module / plugin or component that will connect to my twitter account which will pull the url links to articles, videos and photos that the people I follow post on twitter and integrate them into my joomla website module.

The Plug in will insert a portion of the article and any header images into the module. however when the visitor clicks it on my page it will re-direct them to the original urls site.

Also, I would like the option to use a twitter hashtag # search for this module.

It will also update regularly upon my approval to publish posts individually.

Something that would be close to replicating this is done on this site.

** Please take a look at the format and how it pulls the links posted from twitter. Also look at how it shows the twitter users image, relevant photos, and videos on the front page. Also, look at how the users original twitter post pops up and appears when the cursor moves over the article**

I would like the custom joomla module/component/plugin to do the same.

I would like to make a couple modules.. one designed for articles , one for video embeds such as youtube and one designed to pull photos so three total or if possible one module that I can be customized and assigned to do one of the three above.

—Please Answer—
Please let me know the following.

1.) Software/ program you would use to create the module.

2.) An estimate on amount of time it would take.

3.) An Estimate of Cost for this project. High and Low number.

4.)Any examples of your work using creating custom plugins/ modules / components using twitter API in Joomla

5.)Can this project be done by yourself or do you require additional people and if so what skills will they need?

Thank You and I hope we can work together.

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Dolphin 7/Boonex Modules Install

I need for someone to install about 7 modules on a dolphin 7 website. All modules must work and be correct before pay.
I need this done ASAP!!!

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WHMCS Developer

I want to add a WHMCS developer in my team to create payment modules and other addon modules.

Only experienced developer should contact with details and reference to your work .

Your bid must start with the word :: WHMCS :: otherwise it will be ignored.

Only those who know WHMCS and can show work reference should apply.

As a place holder bid $ 30 only.

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Resolve Site Errors AndTroubleshoot Calendar And Date Module

$60 Max
Must be completed within 24 hours
Objective: resolve site errors

We are seeing various errors on our Drupal site:

Fatal error: Class content_handler_field_multiple not found in /home/(site address)/www/www/sites/all/modules/date/date/ on line 11

user warning: Unknown column node_data_field_date_accomplishment.field_date_accomplishment_value in field list query: SELECT node.nid AS nid, node.title AS node_title, node_data_field_date_accomplishment.field_date_accomplishment_value AS unknown FROM node node WHERE node.type in (accomplishments) ORDER BY unknown DESC in /home/(site address)/www/www/sites/all/modules/views/includes/ on line 775.

We suspect that the calendar and date modules should be reinstalled and configured in views.

Please only respond if you can complete this project within 24 hours.

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Drupal Theme With Few Modules Integration

Hi all Drupal developers.

Need convert PSD to crossbrowser/valid DRUPAL theme. Theme will need few modules integration.

Please, only serious Drupal developers.

Will provide design screenshot and other details in PM.

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Modifying X-Cart And Adding More Modules With Aweber

Modifying X-Cart and adding more modules with Aweber

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Install Paymentech Payment Module In OSCommerce Python Cart

I am having difficulty installing the Paymentech Payment module in my Python Cart (OsCommerce) store platform. Paymentech uses the Authorizenet Sim modules and redirects them to the Paymentech Gateway.

Paymentech only provided a module that loads into the includes/payments folder. They have not supplied any modules that would be installed in the includes/languages/payments folder or the includes/classes folder.

My version of the Python Cart did not come with the Authorizenet Sim payment modules installed.

The project would entail finding and loading the correct payment modules and making any changes that would enable the provided Paymentech module to work correctly. Paymentech resources would be available for consult and testing.

Any new modules added to my libraries or any changes would need to be provided and documented, as I need to make the same changes to 5 other Python Cart stores.

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Joomla Developer – Add Shop And Subscription Modules, PayPal

I am looking for an experienced developer and designer to add product purchase and subscription capabilities to the existing site running on Joomla.
The site will be selling around five products taking money through PayPal and also will be selling a subscription based services where billing will be done each month.

What needs to be done:
1) Create ability for users to purchase products with postal shipping or FTP download as options
2) Create ability to subscribe to the services and ability for users to the log in and either cancel subscription or add more subscription
3) Design work – make sure that it all looks nice
4) PayPal integration

This is a fairly simple and straight forward job for someone experienced with sopping modules. My preference would be to use Joomla based shopping and subscription modules rather then writing everything from scratch. The developer should advice on what modules should be used, for example Tienda and AMBRA or Virtuemart and something else.

In the bid could you please specify which modules you are proposing to use and why as well as provide examples of PayPal integration work that you have done.

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Hello Bidders,
I urgently need help in resolving an error we see on a PHP installation on a Centos server. The environment consists of centos 5.5, mysql 5.0 (installed) and php 5.2.17.

The issue is:

When compiling php, I am explicitly removing pdo_sqlite, adding pdo_mysql and curl, but neither show up as modules once php is installed. pdo_mysql and curl are not being compiled while sqlite is being compiled. What I want is: that: php is compiled with the modules that i am specifying.


make && make clean && make install

After installation I run php -v and the built date confirms that php was just installed.

Heres the output to php -m

[PHP Modules]

[Zend Modules]

Please Bid quickly as I will select someone prior to the ending of the bid. Please contact via PM for information.
For the right PHP guru, this should be a very quick project.

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Freeswitch Endpoint Module Design

Im looking for someone with expertise who can modify existing Freeswitch endpoint modules and can create custom endpoint modules from scratch.

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Magento Programming Expert For Long Term


Ive worked with other ecommerce programmers for other platforms easily. But those previous developers failed to respond quick and develop properly on Magento for a new project of my client. So I am looking for a long term relation with a Magento expert! I am not looking for a designer, I need a programmer who can install/modify Magento, and ALSO DEVELOP NEW MODULES.

The first project will need to complete following requirements:
1. Run as multisite. One admin panel to control many domains.

2. Admin will be able to insert any tracking code or similar to Thank you page. So he will copy paste the scripts in an admin screen and it will be added to the footer of the thank you page.

3. Currency Conversion: The admin will set up different currency conversion rates. When users from different countries go to checkout, their prices will be converted to the corresponding currency and then sent to transaction.

4. Custom shipping methods can be defined by admin for different locations.

5. Shopping cart should check with the different inventories. There are more than one inventory for each product.

6. The inventories are for different warehouses. After the transaction is done, the data should be sent to the corresponding warehouse. (this one will need a little extra work after)

7. Payment methods for each country should be seperately assigned by admin.

As you see, some of the above requirements are already built in Magento. So the work is to complete the rest.

With your bid, send me a PM explaining which of the above 7 are default built in Magento and for the others what you would do. Make it a 7 item list like I just did. You can also ask questions about items, but make sure you list them one by one like I did. This way I understand you read all the requirements and you also know what you are doing with Magento. Else, Ill just ignore your bids as fake bid.

I am willing to buy modules if there are any you recommend. So no need to plan developing all yourself.

Your bid should include all the modules you plan to buy (you also have to list them in your PM). Else Ill assume you will do all the developing.


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Install A Drupal Theme Template On Server

I have a new VPS server on Hostgator with C-panel with Drupal 6.20 installed and I need a few projects here is the first:

1. We need you to install a Drupal template  and fully set it up so it is running correctly.
2. Template should be fully ready for us to be able to mange content, images all menus etc.
3. site should be secure
4. All basic Drupal modules should be installed and configured, like SEO Checklist module, Google Analytics, Site map etc.. (they might be already included in template)
5. Admin page ready for access from browser and editing of website pages from browser.
3. Provide guidance to start me up.

You must be a Drupal expert with proven experience. Please submit your proven qualifications via PM. We want to start immediately. Please also provide details in regards to your ability to customize and add modules to Drupal sites.

Following this I have a additional similar projects and ongoing assignments and work.

Thank you for your time.

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Joomla Blog/layout

Having issues with the parameters in my blog layout.

When I change the number of articles that appear in the blog layout it affects the side column, it drops the side modules down to the bottom of the blog layout.

I want to adjust it so the side modules are aligned to the top of the column again.

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6 Projects Offered

FIRST SITE: Look at it is going to be exactly similar to this, but some areas will not need to be built (more further down):

MUST use codeignitor
Must be able to follow guidelines and structure as given per our CTO

So, looking at we will need everything that has (including design), what we do NOT need BUILT is the forums section, as you can see they are basically using a customized version of Vbulletin, which we can do the same.

We will need an admin to control everything, and we also need ability to be multi language, so in other words everything is logged in admin, and we can go in and translate within admin and so if people chose that language then it will switch to that and show the translated version (where not translated yet, will just show in english).

We don

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Dolphin & Video Share Modules Install

I need to have my dedicated server setup so that Dolphin and video share sites may operate correctly. A few of the modules I need installed for Dolphin to function correctly is:

mbstring extension
xslt extensions are also installed and enabled

and whatever else is necessary to function correctly!

For the video share modules:

* Linux Server (some old distributions are not supported)
* Apache Web Server
* MySQL (version 4 +)
* PHP 4 or 5
PHP Configuration
o safe_mode = off
o max_execution_time = 1000 (recommended to prevent timeouts during video upload/conversion)
o session.gc_maxlifetime = 14000 (recommended to prevent session expires during video upload)
o open_basedir = (no value)
o output_buffering = on
o upload_max_filesize = 100M (recommended maximum video upload size in MB)
o post_max_size = 100M (recommended maximum video upload size in MB)
* GD Library 2 or higher
* Mplayer + Mencoder (
* Flv2tool (
* Libogg + Libvorbis (
* LAME MP3 Encoder (
* Works perfectly on PHP 5
* CGI-BIN Access
* Apache mod_rewrite Enabled
* PHP Configuration (php.ini): register_argc_argv = On
* Must be able to run PHP from the command line (CLI) with exec()
* Allowed execution of background processes with exec("binary > /dev/null &")

Please be familiar with Dolphin and Clip-Share and what is required for them to run smoothly! If you know these scripts this will be a very easy job…


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