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Help Me Make Money From My Facebook Page

I have appx 16000 likes on this page and would like someone to handle the page
If you have any ideas, please advise

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Earn Money

write and earn money…

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Backlinks For My Webapge

Blog Comments:

I would like to have backlinks to my homepage and deeplinks from blog commenting to my web-page at following conditions:

a) 1000 backlinks with anchor texts
b) each backlink from a different IP
c) All links must be Do-follow
d) Only English Webpages
e) Not more than 50 outgoing other links
f) permanent links

Page Rank of Blog doesnt matter, but link must be permanent and public viewable. I will request a excel file that opens the page by clicking on the url for each link. I will pay 50% of the money after I checked the links, 25% of the money 30 days after, and 25% after 60 days to be sure the links are premanent.

No Black hat or Grey hat allowed! No Automated Comments, all comments must be relevenat to the blog, and clearly not spam!

1000 links should be build over 2 months time. Max. 30 per day.

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USA Facebook Likes (Fans) NO SPAM OR BLACKHAT

Need Facebook "Likes" (Fans) for fan page. Need 100k fans minimum in the USA. Must show proof of past work (other fan pages that have 100k+ fans that you own). Must show sample work (500 fans sample) to show you can perform. New fans MUST be targeted (USA, have at least 130+ friends, and be active users of my application). Will explain more info about application after bid.




This is a LONG term project (I dont expect you to get 100k+ targeted fans in 1 week), therefore, money will be in escrow until job is complete AND before paying the money, I will wait 2 weeks after job is complete to make sure facebook does not ban the fan page. Then money will be released.

If you are serious and can complete this task, please bid. Include "single" in your bid so I understand you read these terms.

Thank you, and good luck!

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Talent In Demand

Help me to build a website that can produce some money every day, as much as possible. There are no restrictions on how the money is made, but of course should be a legal subject. Use your imagination to create something outstanding that is very attractive to people in general.
Most be sharp on SEO and a valuable content. You choose domain name and the hosting company.
All operating cost ( expenses) belong to me, as well copyright and other legal items.
Please provide complete information of what you can do for this project. Be specific in your PM.
Send me your ideas for this project and how much will cost. Ill answer to all persons interested in this venture.

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I need someone to bid on some items on ebay for me, these are items I am selling. I will give you the item numbers and price to bid. I will need this done on a regular basis and will $5-$10 each time.

PM me if you are interested, need it done now and will pay now.

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Urgently Wanted – G R E A T P A Y , E B A Y SELLERS

1.Do you have an ebay account USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, etc.

2. Have verified paypal account

3. Have positive feedback on eBay

4. Descriptions and pictures supplied. This is just a simple matter of copy and paste.

5. I will need your ebay ID, country you are able to list in and your email address.

6. You will need to be accurate, efficient, speedy and be available each day by email.

7. I will cover the eBay fees and pay pal fees.

* eBay account with 5 feedbacks and above 95% positive rating, without limitations to sell are preferred.
It is very simple, I need sellers with ebay accounts who can sell products worldwide and I will pay you very good, if you move fast you can make a lot of money easily every week in your FREE TIME.

This is commission based the more you sell the more money you make

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Need A Website Making $5-10 Daily On Adsense

We need an adsense ready website which has been earning $5-10 daily..

The website should not be related to porn or gambling

The provider will have to show the proofs of the earning and will be given 3 times the money it earns a month. (negotiable)

I have an order of 10 more such websites in case you turn out to be a good provider

it does not matter if it has western or indian traffic as long as its making money and we like the niche..

I need the website soon so bid fast and plz provide the link to the website in your Bids..

The domain will be taken but i ll have my own hosting..

Only Serious and experienced people bid.. newbies may bid only if they know what they are doing.. otherwise please do not spam.

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Quibids Like Web Site

Hi I was wondering how much it would cost to do a web site like quibids i want to do the same format. Like one cent biding and different style auctions. If you dont know what quibids is its like a ebay site but but the bids cost the bider 60 cents per bid but the cost of the item only goes up one cent. At the end of the auction if someoone bids before it ends it will add an additional 20/15/10 seconds to the auction to let someone else try and and bid and the auction doesnt end tell no one bids in those last few seconds. I dont know much about designing websites i have the money though if this works out and start making money i would hire web designers to keep up dating the web site. so let me know if you have any other questions about how i want it to work or what u can do. thanks

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I Have Paypal/WesternUnion , I Need Libertyreserve !

Hi , I have paypal & Western Union money , I need Libertyreserve funds .

Need someone who can exchange money regulary . Send me your Price rate ,
Need to exchange big & small amounts .
Serious providers Only .

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Few days back i bought services online from a seo company which was not a professional seo(er)
They got my site ranked in top 10 for 2 keywords which had low competition but they were unable to get me rank for 2 other keywords which were having medium competition and as agreed they couldnt rank me in top 3 on Google, They kept showing disappointing results every week & still they are not refunding my money & keep saying they would in some weeks.. I know seo takes time but its been more than 2 months now and still no result, not even a single change in my position 🙁 …

So i need a seo specialist that can rank my site in top 3 on Google for my 4 keywords, In real this time… So only serious professionals bid… & remember ill only pay money in escrow after i get ranked in top 10 for my keywords to get assured that you can really rank my site.


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Adsense Expert Needed

I have almost 100 websites that are up and running for strictly Adsense purposes. They make some money but I want them to make more. The all have Google Analytics on them. I need someone to analyze all the domains, come up with a plan and implement it. Some domains are not making any money and we will need to get rid of them. The domains are coming up for renewal and I want to make sure I renew the correct ones. Person MUST be available on live chat. I am looking for someone to work with longterm that will be awarded many BONUSs thoughout the project.

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Hello All…

we are looking for eBay sellers from worldwide to sell our items on eBay and any other site they prefer.

we are wholesale dealer with popular items like sunglasses phones clothes electronics and more.

we need good and honest sellers for our company who is not in hurry to make lot of money in once but we can

assure you with us you can earn a good money.

the commission on each item varies to 1$ to 200$ sale more and earn more.

we will ship the item and provide tracking code before you transfer the funds to us.

there no special requirement for this job all you need is good eBay account and pay-pal with no limits.

kindly bid and contact for more details.

thank you…

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Higher Writing Job Opportunities/plus Other Money Making Job

Hi all

Just like to let you all know about a site I joined just recently. I was tired of working for nothing so I decided to try one of these pay sites to "higher" paying jobs. And I just want to let you know that I have made at least an extra $100 to $150 in the first week and want to share with others who are tired of writing for nothing. You can check my profile for my activity on job searching here to show you that I have been through the struggles like you.

This site has access to different money making possibilities like surveys, writing jobs both low and high, paid to read emails, writing contests, proofreading jobs, and the list goes on.

If you are interested in making more money then feel free to copy and paste this link into the search bar at the very top of the screen – this wont work if you paste it into the normal search bar, it has to go in the long bar at the very top of the screen.

There is the first page where it asks for your first name and email, you can put this in and gain access to the next page without paying. The next page will give you the information needed. Now when you see the price it will place doubts in your mind like it did me, although there is a 7 day trial for $4.95 before the initial billing is done and this can be cancelled at any time by contacting the business. (I checked this before siging up).

This trial period allows you access to look around, if you are unhappy then simply cancel, if you are still interested like I was you can continue. After the inital billing there is then a 60 day money back guarantee so you dont really lose that money if you dont want to continue.

This site is web guard verified for security, privacy and also as a legitamate business.

So if you are want to check it out feel free, if you dont want to decide straight away just keep this link as a reference or save the page in your favs. I know that you will be skeptical like I was but I am glad I did this.

Please note though that this isnt a get rich quick scheme, just like this site you have to work at it, it wont just come to you.

No need to bid just copy and paste the link into the very top search bar at the top of the screen as it wont work in the normal search engine bar.

Thanking you for your time

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Content Rewriter For 5000 Words


I am looking for a content rewriter for text of 5000 words ( about 10 A4 pages). The topic is on Individual Savings Accounts ( Financial Topic).

You need to have very good written level of english- be able to think while you write so that the end text makes sense.
This is no simple press the button and spin job- you need to have a fair understanding of the text you are going to rewrite.

I have lot of different websites, so if the quality of your work is good, I need similar work done for at least 10 other websites ( not all of them are on financial topics).

Sample of the text below-

"If you are aged 15 or under, you cannot have an ISA.If you are aged 16 or 17, you can have a cash ISA. The subscription limits are the same as for savers who are over 18 (up to £5,100 in each tax year). Please see information about money given by parents. Once you become 18 you can also apply to open a stocks and shares ISA. You will have to complete a new application in the same way as any other investor.

Children aged 16 or 17 can have a cash ISA. This can be either a Mini cash ISA or a Maxi ISA where you only put money into the cash component. The subscription limits are the same as for savers who are over 18 (up to £5,100 in each tax year).
ISAs for 16 and 17 year-olds are primarily for those in full or part-time employment, including those still at school with, for example, Saturday jobs. But some young people will also use ISAs to save money given to them by their parents.
If you give your child money to invest in an ISA account, and the total investment income arising on all gifts from you, not just in ISAs, exceeds £100 in any tax year, all the income arising will be treated as part of your income for that tax year for Income Tax purposes. You should report that income to your Tax Office.

This rule does not prevent you from giving your child money to invest in an ISA – you just have to take care not to give your children too much. The £100 income limit for each child applies to each parent, not to both taken together."

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Groupon Type Website Pre-paid Card Feature


We are looking for a programmer to develop a new feature for our Groupon style website.
The feature should act as a prepaid card.

When the user is about to buy the coupon, a option is given: pay the total amount by credit card OR buy a pre-paid card of a higher amount for a discounted price.

Example, pay the U$20 for the coupon or U$25 for a U$ 30 value pre paid card.

When the card is purchased, the money should go to the users "wallet" which already exists, and he uses the money from there to purchase the deal.

All the website is on CakePHP.

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Ebay Sellers Needed!!!

1.Do you have an ebay account USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc

2. Have verified paypal account

3. Have at-least 20 positive feedback as a seller

4. Descriptions and pictures supplied. This is just a simple matter of copy and paste.

5. I will need your ebay ID, country you are able to list in and your email address.

6. You will need to be accurate, efficient, speedy and be available each day by email.

7. I will cover the eBay fees and pay pal fees.

* eBay account with 100+ SELLING feedbacks and above 99% positive rating, without limitations to sell are preferred.
It is very simple, I need sellers with ebay accounts who can sell very expensive products worldwide and I will pay you very good, if you move fast you can make a lot of money easily every week in your FREE TIME.

This is commission based the more you sell the more money you make!!

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We Need 50+ CPA Surveys Completed Daily From USA Visitors

NOTE: Read all of the details and rules for this project. If you have any question just ask. If you cannot follow ALL of the details and rules posted here then do not bid on this project.

I am looking for a skilled provider of leads for CPA survey fills from US visitors.
This is a real market research survey that pays on successful survey completion.

You must be able to provide min. 20-100 per day and be able to work long term but we will start with $30 budget (50 leads, $0.60 each) to ensure quality test. If we have never used your services before, you will have to send us 20 good quality leads before we hire you.

This can turn to be a long term job if you can provide high quality service. There is really no limit as to how much you can make. Upon verifying that your traffic is quality traffic, you can produce higher volumes and earn more money. You can make easy money if you are good with marketing and have a good base of customers. We own a pharmacy and want to sell back braces to folks with bad backs, but we can move on to other products if you can deliver results.

Very Important

Payments will be made on the 30th (net 30) of the month to ensure the job is done properly and no payments will be made up front. (Payments via PayPal only). After a few months this will decrease and you will be paid "NET 15".
Example: Leads generated from April 1st to April 30 2011 will be paid by the first day of May 2011.

Why Net 30?
That is when our insurance company pays us. You will only be paid once we receive the money from our insurance reimbursement for the back braces. The reason we do this is if we pay you up front for the leads and the insurance company tells us that our leads are garbage then we will lose out on all of the money.

*There are many people in the United States with back pain, and this project can continue for years. Also, we are going to award the bid to 2 companies, NOT 1. After 60 days, we will then select the company that produces the best quality leads and most profit and continue with only 1 company!

—–Here are a few rules for you (this is the most important part) —–

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Online Betting Exchange

We require an online betting exchange that will allow bettors to bet on all cricket (WCC World cup/IPL etc), Soccer and Special events such as "Will Radioactivity from damaged nuke plants cause 5% dip in GDP of Japan in 2011-2012?" through Binary options.

The exchange has to be functionally a recursive, real time betting web service capable of streaming real time sports data from 3rd party exchanges using their APIs and external event feeders such as enetpulse.
Bet placements will be simplified and metaphorically represented as a bettor

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Paypal Stuff, Easy Money No Hookers

I will escrow you some money, you use a credit card or debit card or whatever i dont care.

Amount is very small, 30. I will give you $5 for testing this for me. I cant use my account or cards because my name is linked to them.

I will escrow the money to you as a mile stone, you will test, via paypal or credit card, then you will be rewarded.

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I Need To Test My Paypal Tool With Real Money

I will escrow you some money, you use a credit card or debit card or whatever i dont care.

Amount is very small, 30. I will give you $5 for testing this for me. I cant use my account or cards because my name is linked to them.

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Bg And Play65 Backgammon Bot

Im looking for somebody who can write a backgammon bot who plays automatic and worldclass backgammon on Bgroom en play65 and it must be undetectable….It has to play winning backgammon so I can make online money…
For the designer who can create this and the software is a winning playing backgammon bot then he will earn money for the rest of his life…;you get a percentage of the winning who can create this

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Paymant Get Wyas Intgration To Social Networking Web Site

Hello i need an expert who can intigrate for me as much as posiable paymant systems to an social networking web site as pay pal money brokers payoner web money etc… + to optamize while web site reciving paymant they giving iqual virtual money (quarancy )

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Hi, My website is about an organization where members are monthly donor of $10.00USD and they instantly become a monthly beneficiary of the total funds collected at the end of each month .

-I need someone to write program that will allow new members to create profile.
-I will need a register and members login login page
-i need a program where can get contribution and also authorise money of my members at the end of each month using paypal.

contact me for more information. i did a basic theme and idea that i want for my website but i dont know how to write a program to have everything setup and working properly.

here are some diagrammatic idea as to what i am looking for above…also some other links that leead to other webpages.

I DONT HAVE A WHOLE PILE OF MONEY FOR THIS PROJECT. its a non profit organization. so my budget is probably $50.00USD.if possible complete by this weekend please

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I Want Money Transfer From Outside Of India By PayPal

Money Transfer by PayPal .

I want money transfer from outside of India by PayPal.

I will create milestone. We need it within an hour. Thank You,


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Make Easy Money Online – $5

Are you interested in making an easy $5.00 dollars and want to know how to earn cash back on most of your online purchase?

Then this auction is for you.

This program has earned me over $325 in cash back dollars, within the short year I have signed up with their program. This program is easy to use and you dont need to pay for monthly or annual fees. This program has no membership fees, and is a easy to use!

You will learn how to make an easy $5.00 dollars, and you will also gain access to a cash back program that pays you up to 26% on your online purchases, so you can start saving money instantly.

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I have a affiliated link of a website .So it have at least 65 UK or US members for sign up that link .
After the bid selection ,you must refer or sign up at lease 65 UK or US members in my link .We will
give money after the complete 65 success full sign up in my link .

*Note:It is very easy,So all you referred members are in uk or us.
If you help for sign up more people in my link ,I will give more money.

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Need SEO Expert & Content Writer To Re-write 2 Money Website

We need a SEO expert and talented content writer to re-write 2 websites that presents a service that trade(sell and buy from clients) with electronic money.

We are not happy with the current content on the websites because its common and not SEO friendly. Both websites have the same design and same types of services but each deal deal with different e-money. Each website has about 3100 words on 10 pages.

We are looking for:
1. full research of our website, top competition and specific industry in order to find out the best seo optimization solutions for our needs
2. new unique 3500 words on 10 pages content writing for each of the two website, based on the main idea from the old content
3. seo optimization of both websites based on 4-6 relevant keywords
4. creation for each of the two websites of 2-3 variants of advertising texts(different from the website text) of about 200-400 words that will be used to advertise our websites on forums and blogs
5. excellent english writing skills, no grammar mistakes, spelling errors, poor formatting

We expect that the content you create to be unique, copyscape free and most important of all to be very creative in order to convert visitors into customers and increase our online sales. Thats why is important to have at least a minimum understand of the online financial world and especially of the electronic money business.

Please quote for 3500 words on 10 pages on each of the two websites (total: 7000 words, 20 pages) + 1000 words of advertising text for forums/blogs.

Please bid only if you have at least 10 good reviews and you can present a portfolio with your previous work in SEO optimization projects.

Thank you and looking forward to receive your bids.

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