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Need A Designer And Coder To Make My Monitor Totally Unique.



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Remote Cell Phone Spy Software – Multiple Platforms

Looklng for a good team of mobile software designers that will deliver quality products, and able and wanting to develop a business relationship after project completion for updates / new software as business grows.

There will be 2 parts to this project.

PART 1] Mobile Applications for 3 OS platforms
– Android (previous and current platforms)
– BlackBerry (previous and current platforms)
– IPhone 3G and 4G (previous and current platforms)

Future Products will include ( Not included in the project right now, you will have to be able to develop for these platforms as well though if we like your work for the current project at hand. )
– Symbian
– Windows Mobile

PART 2] Spy logs sent and integrated to each users control panel on our website. ( remote log viewing )
– Support 1,000s of users
– Request logs on demand
– View cell phone location via google maps, or something of that nature.
– Configure cell phone spy software options from control panel ( after the software is installed on the device )

Mobile Application Requirements:
This software will be marketed to parents, spouses, employeers, detectives, etc. It will need to be completly covert, undetectable and user friendly. The software will be used to monitor all of the cell phones activity and send the logs to the designated users online account from our website. It will need to monitor the following:

** All of these features will need to be undetectable and discreet, not informing the phone in any way
– Monitor & record Text Messages Sent and Received with the corresponding phone numbers
– Monitor & record Contact List ( Names and phone numbers )
– Monitor & record Cell phone Call Logs ( Sent & recieved with the corresponding phone numbers )
– Cell Phone Microphone bug ( secretly activate cell phones microphone in speakerphone mode so u can hear everything )
– GPS/GSM Location Tracking and on demand viewing from website. ( configurable to deliver location on user configureable intervals.

Please be experienced and present past work. Looking for serious bidders only with quality in mind and a speedy delivery. There is software already out there like this, and it is explained more in depth on there websites such as:

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Mobile Phone Spyware/Monitoring Software

Looking for a serious and professional mobile software developer capable of delivering the following:

Cell phone spy software compatible with BlackBerry, IPhone, Nokia, Android, Windows, and any other major phone providers.

Features needed:
-Real time GPS/GSM location tracking
-SMS Spy – monitor all incoming and outgoing messages
-Phone Call Logs – monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls logs
-Email Spy – monitor all incoming and outgoing emails
-Remote deployment ( ability for user to easily configure the spyware and create the spy file so nothing needs to actually be "setup" on the target phone. Once remote file is setup and made, it only needs to be opened ) ** IF possible **
-Remotely view logged information (website dashboard, email, etc.)

This software will be company branded, and resold, marketed to suspicious spouses, parents, and employers. Must be able to provide updates for upcoming phone platforms/OS, and technical support when needed (extra pay included).
Website is already in progress of being developed, as a membership website. Customer will be able to register and sign in to members section where they will be able to view all of these logs on the target cell phone. There are other business online that offer these services such as: , , etc. Please refer to these websites as it will need to almost replicate these websites.

Please have experience and be able to provide past work portfolio. Serious bidders only.

Freelancer will need to be able to keep in constant contact via email, IM, or phone after project is complete to provide fixes for any bugs or errors discovered, as well as part time work. (hourly pay)

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HELLO I NEED A HYIP MONITOR SCRIPT. I WILL GIVE YOU A TEMPLE . you must create banner for this site. i need whole thing for it.payment in Alertpay or paypal or livertyreserve

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Newsletter Template From Psd To Campaign Monitor

Im looking for an experienced marketing email developer who can convert existing design (psd) to html template for use in Campaign Monitor.

The html template needs to be implemented and tested in Campaign Monitor. It needs to be implemented in the way I can make changes to images and text easily.

The template needs to follow Campaign Monitors guidelines. It also has social media links included so it can be shared on Twitter and Facebook and then see a report of the results. This feature is part of Campaign Monitor.

The estimated budget is $50.

Please provide prove of your experience.

Please do NOT offer if you dont have feedback or if you dont have experience.

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Messenger/MSN Monitor Software (w/ Or W/o MadCodeHook)


I need a Delphi 7 code for monitoring Messenger (MSN) conversation – both sides. I have MadCodeHook 3.0 licence ( / madCodeHookDescription.htm), that should make things easier to you (can be used or not).

It must work with all active versions of Messenger (MSN), and Windows XP/2K/Seven 32 and 64 bits.


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Chat And Monitor

I want to a software just like live person chat.

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Heart Monitor Parsing Experience

If you have not worked with Heart Monitor files, please do not respond.

Not sure of the skill set required, but I am specifically looking for someone who has already worked with PARSING the Heart Rate Monitor files of Polar Heart Rate Monitors or others.

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Heart Monitor Parsing

Not sure of the skill set required, but I am specifically looking for someone who has already worked with PARSING the Heart Rate Monitor files of Polar Heart Rate Monitors or others.

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Domain Name Monitor

HI all,

The project is related to a domain monitor; PM me for more details.

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Sports Monitor Website

Have a domain and we want to be able to have a very simple handi- capping monitor site where users can see who has the best records and we can update the records from the back-end. Here are two sites that are good examples capperswatchdog dot com and sports-watch I would need a main page with the top handicapper featured a back-dated 2010 results/pages for Football Basketball Baseball Hockey and Horse Racing also a contact and free pick opt in flashing on every page is crucial.

Should be an incredibly easy project since there is no shopping cart needed.

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CMS Campaign Monitor Integration

We currently use to provide clients with email marketing functionality. We think it would be useful to provide some sort of integration within our CMS that could show some statistics/graphs. For example:

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Java-based Chat Monitor/alerts

Create an application to monitor sessions in a java-based chat application (hosted by parachat, specific site and guest account to be given on bid win) for specific text strings (user posts), and to create user-specified audio alerts for each string specified, with up to 10 strings defined.

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WebSphere Business Moniter

We are looking for a devekoper who has experience in WebSphere Business Moniter

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Mysql Database Monitor Project

I have a mysql database with 12,000 entries, what i want setup is the ability to monitor a column in the database and if/when the column is altered for any entry it sends me an email with the details.

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Email Marketing Server Monitor

Need someone to monitor email campaign server

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Mail Log Monitor


Linux CentOS. 3 Postfix Mail server tied to different IPs. Currently all the 3 mail servers log its entries into /var/log/mailog

The log monitor will parse each mail server log every hour (cron) to for the presence of words from a keyword list in that 1 hour time window. The monitor will then email the summary (summary and detail as shown below) to the admin email.

1) Can be perl/ shell script
2) The script can be run via web
3) Need to separate mail log files for each mail servers (e.g. /var/log/maillog/local1, local2, local3). All the log files to rotate daily. At the end of 30 days/ month, the old months log files (about 30 or 31 files) will be combined in to one file and zipped for archive.

1) Admin email (multiple)
2) Keywords list
temporarily supsened
bad reputation
3) Maillogs

Mail Log – /var/log/maillog/local1 | Date – 29-08-2010 | Window – 1.00PM to 2.00PM
Barracuda – 2 times, Line (10, 203,)
Spamhaus – 0 times Line()
temporarily supsened – 24 times, Line (23,34,345,576,

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HYIP Monitor Script Udate

I would like to hire a programmer/designer to make some alterations to my website, mainly text and reworking of some functions on the site.At present i need someone to make these alterations fairly soon, and in the medium term to do a complete redesign of a new script, work would be ongoing.

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LAN Streaming Of Powerpoint For Classroom

I want a program that will broadcast the 2nd screen of Powerpoint running in presentation mode to laptops in the classroom using the in house wifi LAN. To make it easier, it should broadcast all content on the second monitor. The presenter should be able to choose monitor 1 or monitor 2 as the output.

I am aware that streaming videos may not be possible. The application will be used primarily to stream a powerpoint or a web page.

The presenter should be able to turn on and off the broadcast. It should be able to handle up to 40 connections.

It would be easiest if the user could just enter the IP address of the computer running the powerpoint and have the software serve the presentation to the laptop through a browser. When the user connects to the server, there should be a customizable welcome page that will give them the option to start streaming the program. This will prevent the students from having to install software and work around firewalls.

There should also be an option to set a password for the presentation.

When you bid, payment will be made once I am 100% satisfied. You will need to be willing to make as many revisions as necessary to make this work properly.

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Special SNMP Monitor Layer To Zenoss

We need a freelancer, a team or a small company to make a special development. Know-how in Zenoss, SNMP an Pythono are required. If they are in Mexico city or in the same hour location will be prefered.
We use Zenoss Core to monitor devices, and we have some devices that have a particular behavior, so we need to develop a software layer. This layer is going to make a bridge between the device and Zenoss. Zenoss is going to receive the information throught Zencommand (here we think we can use check_http or develop a plugin) to the layer. This layer is going to emulate a normal behavior to zenoss while this layer reads with SNMP the variables that we need to graph in Zenoss. All the information is going to be stored in MySQL. All the dev is in Python (PySNMP), and all the plataform is going to run under Linux (Fedora).

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System To Monitor Network And Security

I urgently need a system to monitor all the computers in a network and display the computers that have been switched on and those that are off.

the system should also have a section that can read bar codes. laptops are to be fitted with barcode tags and the security system at the gate should be able to read the tags on the laptops using a hand-held barcode reader.

code should be fully functional and user interface professionally designed.

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Need A Monitor To Answer Our Questions

I have a conference tomorrow at japan and we need a monitor who just answers our question on skype.

the conference is after 23 hours later from now, but we want many monitors.

the question is very easy. we just want you to answer our questions. i think the conference is only 30minutes-60 minutes

wainting for your application

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Campaign Monitor API Flash Form In AS3

This is a relatively small project. Looking for developer who can link up/troubleshoot an existing Flash form to Campaign Monitor using their API and Actionscript 3. The code already exists but needs troubleshooting. Source files (.fla, .swf, .as) are needed at projects end.

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Device Design & Construction – RFID, GPS, Heart-Rate Monitor

I am seeking an experienced and high quality designer and constructor of a small hardware device similar to a radio frequency identification (RFID) device, a heart rate monitor or GPS watch.

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Need 96 Short Articles Written (250-300 Words)

This is an ongoing project which could result in permanent article writing work. The applicant must be able to write in PERFECT, error free English. Please provide examples of work.

This project requires 96 articles consisting of 250-300 words each, the LOWEST bids will be accepted (although bids over $192 will NOT be considered) BUT I will only be accepting bids by native english speakers (USA, Canada, Australisa, UK etc), please provide an example of your work when bidding. When bidding, bear in mind that we only need SHORT articles – your price per article should reflect this.

The articles are all on the subject of keyloggers/computer monitoring software. The articles will need to be optimized for search engines using the keyword provided in the title and throughout the article. We will need three articles for each keyword:

Keywords are as follows (2 separate articles for each keyword):

how to spy on a computer
how to keylog someones computer
how to keylog another computer
the best keylogger software
the best invisible keylogger
how to keylog someone
the perfect keylogger
how to keylog people
the best stealth keylogger
keylogger spy software
keylogger software reviews
how to spy on a PC
how to monitor computer activity
best keylogger for vista
best keylogger for xp
best keylogger for windows 7
key stroke recorder software
key stroke recording software
how to record key strokes
how to monitor children on facebook
employee monitoring software reviews
how to monitor employees computers
how to monitor staff computers
how to monitor employee PCs
how to monitor employees on facebook
monitoring employees computers
how to monitor work computers
monitoring work computers
how to monitor visited websites
how to monitor application use
how to monitor online chat
monitoring employee computer activity
keylogger that records screenshots
keylogger that emails results
keylogger that sends logs to email
keylogger that works with antivirus
best keylogger for parents
best keylogger for facebook
best parental monitoring software
parental monitoring of facebook
pc parental monitoring software
internet parental monitoring software
monitoring software for parents
spy software for parents
computer spying software
pc spying software
how to spy on my pc
how to spy on my computer

All work must be 100% original and pass Copyscape (plagiarism tool). We will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. Articles are not to be reused in any way for any reason (including resell, reuse, re-write or give away). Scraped content will not be accepted. Only experienced article writers please.

The articles will all be about using keyloggers (computer monitoring software) but should not mention any product names. The articles will be used to promote a keylogger reviews website.

This list of articles is an example of what the articles should be like:

AND REMEMBER, the articles must be grammatically perfect and error free (need to be accepted to

We need writers to start ASAP. There is work available immediately after you bid!

Many Thanks! Happy bidding.

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Campaign Monitor Add Subscribers With Existing Form

This is a very easy job

I need to achieve the following tutorial

I already have the form and the php for a classic php email just need the connection as the tutorial shows…

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Genesys Integration

This project is a simple integration job with Genesys in a call-center environment.
The task is to develop a reliable and solid real-time monitor that captures events from Genesys only for agents that are logged-in. From these events, the app must have a clearly defined point where we can add code to use the information at hand for other tasks.

The only event we need is the end-of-call event where we must be provided with: the agent ID, the Genesys Con-ID, and the callers phone number.

Since the Genesys licence in use is a concurrent one, the app must only monitor those agents that are logged-in. To achieve that, I suggest opening the position, check appropriate data then disconnect if no agent is detected in the shortest amount of time.

No other interaction with Genesys is needed that whats needed to make whats described here work.

The target number of agents to monitor is between 400 and 600 agents. The app should be made in C or C++. C# would also be considered.

Thanks for bidding. Only people with clear experience with Genesys will be considered. Thanks for understanding.

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Banner Ads Needed For Google

Need banner ads for the following google sizes: I need 8 designs in the following sizes

728 x 90
468 x 10
200 x 200
120 x 600
160 x 600
250 x 250
300 x 250
336 x 280

I sell mulitple monitor trading computers for trading financial markets… my site is

These banner should have something to do with multiple monitor computers and/or high tech computers and/or computerized trading

Here is an example of copy that will go in ad:
-"Get an unfair advantage! World

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Iphone Or Android Mobile Wi Fi Monitor Mode

Goal of the project is to build an application (driver) on an iphone /android cellphone that switches the wifi network card to be in monitor mode.

Project need skills in monitor mode, which is not the same that promiscuous mode.

The app we will develope can be supported by jailbreak cellphone.

The cellpohone can be root.

Please send private message with links of similar works /projects.

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