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Very High Rate 0.95$ Per 1k Captcha Work And Easy Work!!!

I have very good project its a very easy work..anyone can do this..i will pay 0.95$ per 1k…but u have to do atleast 2k per day…during the whole month…if you really can make upto 2k per day then i will increase the payment to 1$ per k….but you have to do it everyday atleast 2k per day…n for the whole month…i will pay you monthly…
Serious bidders only…
Thank you

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Bands Directory | DirectoryPress

Dear Freelancers,

Thanks for your Bids, here is more clarification about this project, please review and correct your bids (if necessary).

Project Description + Scope.

A Directory where Music bands and DJs can post there listing, embed youtube videos and mp3 with there listings , the user can select a city and/or a category then search the database.

Weve started on this project a few month ago but have been busy with other project. However the project can currently be viewed at :

1) Signup / Post a listing

This process needs to be super easy 1 2 3 (4) Steps
… Select a Package
… Listing information + upload file and video
… User Information
… Preview listing (optional)
… Payment

2)Packages / Listing Information

— Free
1 location 1 category 60 days Free Trial No audio No Video No Link to website

— Silver
3 location 3 categories Audio but No Video No Link to URL 30 days $xx.xx 6 Month $ xx.xx and 12 Month $xx.xx Silver listing are listed above all free listing

— Gold
5 location 5 categories Everything ! link to website + Video + Audio 30 day xx.xx 6 Month xx.xx 12 Month xx.xx
Gold listings are listed above Silver Listings | VIP Customer Service 24 Hours turn around.

— Premium listings are listed above Silver Listings | All Gold + Plus featured slot on your cities home page. 6 Month $xx.xx 12 Month $xx.xx

3) Media Upload up to 3 Song with Title per listing if available in the package |

4) Video embed from url Youtube or Myspace (if available in package)

5) Users will be able to manage there listing from the back end (we already started this process the Member Area is already created)

6) Design and Graphic | The website need to look and feel fresh and professorial, we ve already created the design element but this need the be enhanced please see the website…

Currently the website is under DirectoryPress and WordPress, but we are open to other platforms if you have done similar work please post it on PM, this will really help us determine who would be the best fit for this project.

Thanks you all!

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Market Research (Australia)

This project requires the collection of market research data.

The data needed is for applications for the follwoing services made by Australians to Australian businesses only:
– average number fo credit card application made per month
– average number fo home lona applications made per month
– avergae number of superannuation applications made per month
– average number of life insurance policies applications made per month
– average number of private health care applications made per month
– average number of investment fund (i.e unit trusts, etc.) applications made per month
– average number of residential lease applcaitions made per month

The candidate will need to present a strategy and sound methodolgy on how this data is to be collected before succesfully being awarded the project. Strong knowledge of the main players in the Australian Financial sector and Real Estate market is absolutely necessary!

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Sell And Keep 100% Of All Sales And Revenue

Sell Software Keep 100% Of Sales

Make a lucrative living today. As a Software Reseller, pay a small monthly fee, sell as much software as you can each month and keep all of the revenue.

Unlimited potential and profits. Sell Software Today.

This is not an affiliate program. You actually sell and keep 100% of the revenue from all sales!
Become a Software Agent and sell software today

Start making $75,000 , $150,000 , $300,000 or more per month. Make it a reality today.

Finally a simple, straightforward way for you to make the revenue you deserve while we handle everything for your customers. Simply Contact Us to start making lucrative money today.

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SEO & Marketing Assistance

I am looking for an experienced marketing person to help build traffic and usage of a website. I need someone to work on White Hat techniques – building back links, posting on forums, commenting on blogs, link wheels, social networking – the full gambit of activity.

The site to be promoted is

I would ideally like to offer a share of revenues together with a small retainer. Initial 3 month trial, based on monthly milestone payments in arrears of $100 per month. Will also pay 20% bonus on revenues made by the site. (over the past 6 months that would have netted a bonus of well over $1,000)

I dont have time to work on this site right now. Someone will also be recruited to write a weekly blog and we have a researcher who handles data updates and things.

Good opportunity for someone who is good and has the time and flexibility to work hard at this task in return for good rewards. Any queries I would be happy to discuss in more detail by PM.

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Long Term Writers Required.


I need 10 articles/month on various topics. Each article must be of 400 words minimum. I shall be paying $2/article. Each article must be unique, compact, well presented and informative. You should not be following any spinning/rewriting method. The language must be in International English.

I need those articles in 2 phases i.e. twice a month. On 14th and 28th of every month you should deliver me the articles, 5 at a time. The payment will be in your account on the very next day.

The project is long term basis. Please do not bid if you cannot continue for long term. Expected the project will continue for at least 2 years.

The title and keywords will be provided by me. There will be 2/3(max) keywords for each article. You must use each keywords 3 times in articles.

NOTE: Writer(s) cannot publish the articles in any online/offline publication/portal.

S K Y P E :: soumyabrata.paul
E M A I L :: soumya AT soumyabrata DOT c o m


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Data Entry Project For Brtodi For April Month

details in email

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PR 3+ Link Building Projects On Going

i have various sites where i am looking for a group of 2-3 people to do link building for those sites. Links will be accepted from the original websites that has link page PR3 and home page PR3 or more. Sites needs to be from english country and have real business website instead of just link business. this is the on going per month requirement. links will be high quality and from only the old business high pr sites.

themes are shopping, clothing, travel, hotel, insurance, appx 100 links per month required. only serious seller who knows the quality link building and willing to give good links, only bid here.

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4-8 Quality CPA Leads/day For 1 Month ($1-5/lead Potential)

Im looking for someone to provide 4-8 VERY VERY HIGH QUALITY & VERIFIED CPA leads each day for 1 month. Each lead will need to be a home owner in the United States and requires the following information:

* first & last name
* city
* state
* zip
* phone
* email

This project will operate on milestone basis and will have 4 milestones for 1 month (1 for each week of 7 days from Mon to Sun). You will be paid at the END of each milestone and your payment potential will grow as your reputation is established with time:

Wk1 – $1/lead (Min. $28, Max. $56)
Wk2 – $2/lead (Min. $56, Max. $112)
Wk3 – $4/lead (Min. $112, Max. $224)
Wk4 – $5/lead (Min. $140, Max. $280)

Project Min. $336, Project Max. $672. Either way, theres a potential of $100 bonus at the end of the project.

Your payment per lead will ONLY increase if you establish yourself as a reputable lead provider on week to week basis. Ive worked with many clowns and have much experience doing what you are about to, so dont even think about cheating the guidelines. I would prefer to work with someone from US that knows English. However, if youre based in Bangladesh, Pakistan or Indian, be ready to prove your worth.

Of course, the general lead generation requirements APPLY and APPLY VERY STRICTLY:

* Only Quality Leads (ie real people that are alive)
* Only Unique/Confirmed IP, E-mail Addresses & Zip Codes
* No Rotating IP addresses
* No Fake Emails
* No Fake Zip Codes
* No Duplicate or Fraudulent Signups
* No Automated Methods
* No Cookie Cleaners
* No Black Hat
* No Proxy Servers
* No Craigslist
* No Bots or Software
* USA Traffic ONLY
* No Incentivized Signups
* No Blackhat
* No CL Spamming
* No other methods qualified as spamming

BIDs will ONLY be accepted from BIDDERs that send me a private message accepting these terms, stating who they are, and how they intend to provide these HIGH QUALITY leads. Mention of which networks youve worked with before will be a plus! If you DO NOT follow these instructions, I will report your BID as an Abuse of the system. Hope you understand.

Good luck bidding!

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Java Data Reading And Writing

A Java program is required to accept and process meteorological data. This program is to accept the following data for each month of a user-specified year (in month order):

total rainfall (in cm);
highest temperature (in degrees Celsius);
the day number (of the month) upon which the highest temperature occurred;
total hours of sunshine (to 1 decimal place).

As it accepts the data, the program will calculate the following statistics:
the wettest month;
the mean daily rainfall in the wettest month;
the date of the highest temperature (day and month);
the highest temperature itself;
the sunniest month;
the mean daily hours of sunshine in the sunniest month.

It will then output the above statistics, firstly to the screen (identifying each statistic as it does so) and then to a text file. As it does this, it will output month names (rather than month numbers) and will output the mean rainfall and mean sunshine hours to one decimal place. To format the highest daily rainfall and maximum daily hours of sunshine to 1 decimal place, you will need to refer to pp. 18-19 of the handbook.

Once the user has been presented with the years statistics, he/she should be able to retrieve the original data for any month number 1-12 that he/she specifies. The user should be able to do this as many times as he/she desires.

The original data is to be read in from a file with a name that has the format Datayyyy.txt, where yyyy is replaced with the relevant year. (E.g., Data2007.txt.) In order to determine whether the data file exists for a particular year, of course, you will need to make use of the File classs exists method. The statistics that are calculated are to be written out to a data file with a name that has the format Statsyyyy.txt. (E.g., Stats2007.txt.) Here is an example showing the layout that you MUST use for the statistics file:


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CPA Network Approvals – Long Term Partner Preferred

Im looking for experienced affiliate marketers to apply for CPA networks and get accounts approved.

1) You should very familiar with CPA approval process. You MUST call the networks to expedite the application for a quicker approval. ( Like Azoogle, Neverblue, Hydra etc. )

2) You should know all kinds of traffic generation methods to promote cpa offers. Youll do an interview in the phone when you call them.

3) Native English speaker preferred (or someone without obvious foreign accent) = I only want US account.

4) I will provide all the information needed, the only thing I want you to do is to submit the application then CALL them immediately. You pay nothing (Skype included) !

5) Only bid if you indeed had experience with CPA networks and had success with approvals.

I need 15+ major CPA networks to get approved each month, same networks for the next month but with different information, so if you could handle with some of them, you can take this in a breeze.

P.S: You will ONLY be paid when the application is Approved (There will be a welcome email sent to me)

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Web Design & Development Inspirational Article Writer

I have had to repost this because the winning bidder "anum28k" ripped his articles from the websites i have listed below.

All articles are to be original and not copied from websites!!!

My client has just started a blogging website to inspire web designers/developers and graphic designers.

The website is the same as all websites like webdesignledger, designmodo, smashingmagazine etc.

My client is after someone on a regular basis of 100 dollers a month to post 10 blogs/articles a month on the site.

This is 10 accepted blogs/articles. If client doesnt like the quality he will not accept it.

So if you think you can do this and would like a regular 100 dollers a month please apply, more than 1 person might be accepted.

Please post a demo of simular work to what is shown on the website examples above.

You will be paid each time you supply an article/blog and it has been accepted and you will get of dollers wither through here or paypal.


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Craigslist Postings: 1 Month Bid:Housing Section

Craigslist Posting Housing For Rent 1 month bid

Looking for an experienced CRAIGSLIST POSTER, to post


Ads will be posted in one city in the USA in the state of Florida the city is Miami.

It will be in the FOR housing for rent section of craigslist.This is not an easy section to post in.

You provide everything needed to post – the PVAs etc. You must know how to avoid ghosting and flagging.



You will post 50 ads per day, 7 days a week, Between the hrs of 9am 1 pm EST US.

I will supply the titles to be used will provide the link to the words and the pictures.

You must know how to Post On CL successfully rental ads.


I only need to know 2 things in your bid when it deals with what you want to get paid – answer for me #1 & #2

1. Bid on Creating 1 Ad:
What you will charge me to create 1 new ad using Postlets Ads.

2. Bid on Posting 1 Ad:
What you will charge to post 1 ad.
Guidelines: Maximum bid is 25 cents per non-ghosted ad and $2.00 to create a new ad.

If you are able to post these ads successfully for one month we will then increase your ads to 100 -200 postings a day
No crazy prices please. Ive been here for a very long time and I know the prices. I will also want to see what you have done on craigslist for other people.

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Energy Control

I would like to create a website that controls the users energy consumption, based on products available at the users house

eg: user fills in what electricial consuming products they have at home by name and model.

* By a search in the pre-defined databsae with this data.. the user shall see how much this product consums.
* If the database is lacking this specific product then its up to the user be able to insert it as lacking in the DB and it will be updated by support team
* User shall insert amount of hours/month this product is being used.
* user shall get a total amount of consuming engergy / month..

Registration can be handled by the website, or through a mobile applicaton .
in this cases android & iphone

it should be possible for the user to connect his calulated consumption towards their actual consumption from where they hire energy source

all can be monitored through a login on the website, or the phone

Details to come in a requirement specification.

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PHP Teacher / WordPress Developer (Remotely)

I am looking for experienced PHP developer with WordPress development background to train / teach me PHP and WordPress development via TeamViewer

– Developer – Teacher must have fast internet connection
– PHP WordPress Web development extensive experience
– Know how to create WordPress plugins, themes etc
– Skype / TeamViewer Installed
– Flexible time zone (EST time)
– Good English and communication skills

This can be on month to month base

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Web Cam Sign Ups Needed!

Hello! We need web cam site sign ups! We need as much sign ups as you can bring! We will pay 50$ per qiualifying custmer. Customer us a unique person that signs up and places at least 15$ on their account to watch the cam girls. For each qualifuiyng customer we will pay 50$ thorugh We pay once a month. You may bid 50$ for one sign up and bring as much as you can, and for each qualifying sign up we will pay 50$. We may even raise the payment up to 60$ per client if you do many sign ups (100+ a month). We need as much promoters as we can get. You may promote in chats, forums, blogs, ppc, ppv, cpm, etc. But no spam. Happy bidding!

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Commission Sales Or Call Center Up To $200 Per Sale

We are looking for a sales or internet marketer or company looking to sell membership plans to local Canadian customers. Commission ranges from $1.00-$200.00 per account sign up.

Advertising is free for small businesses so you will be paid still on customers who sign up for free advertising.

You will be paid $200 per large business in Canada that signs up.
You will be paid $99.95 if the customer selects this package.
You will be paid $34.95 if the customer selects the regular membership.
you will be paid $49.95 if the customer selets the Premium membership.
You will be paid $1.00 per free sign up on legit small businesses in Canada.

Even if you get free advertisers you will still get $1.00 per sign up. You will be paid 1 month after the user subscribes. No up front payments and call centers are prefered.

Our membership plans range from $35/month – $200/month.
If you sign up a business that signs up for $35/month you will receive $35.00 commission, if you have a business that signs up for $200.00/month you will receive $200.00.

If you are a company that is looking to email customers you will be provided an email account that you use from our webmail. If you are a call center you may also call customers directly. Only Canadian customers and businesses.

Please see attachment for more information.

you can just bid the $30 and accept the project and we will make arrangements for payment through GAF and milestones.

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Generate Sales For My Clickbank

Hello marketers,

I have a proposed affiliate joint venture for you. I need someone to help me sell Clickbank products and I will give you two options:

1. Share 50% of the revenue generated through sales (after deducting the running cost of the project).
2. Or take a fixed amount from the revenue generated through monthly sales (but the sales should exceed the fee you are charging+the running cost of the project).

Terms and conditions:
– The Clickbank account can not be shared and if needed escrow services can be obtained for money handling.
– Do not bid if you can

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Business Investment Class

I need the following assignment done by tomorow for $5. Thank you..
Financial Assignment 3
Chapter 6

This financial assignment has the weight of 25 points. Specific information regarding the assignment is listed below.

Total Points: 25 points
How to Submit: Save your work in either a Word or an Excel file and send it to me as an attachment in an email message. You do not have to restate the question; just enter the question numbers and your answers.

Part 1

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10,000 Visitors Per Month To A Website From US

Your job is to bring traffic to my blog: 10,000 unique visitors per month.

– The traffic has to split equally to each day (minumum 150 visitors per day)
– All traffic must come from real human visitors form different IPs (no bots, or any other fraudulent traffic is allowed)
– Only USA Traffic.

– Visitors DONT need to be targeted to spesific niche.
– Visitor DONT have to buy anything, signup, leave a comment nor do anything else at the website but to visit it.
– You can use ANY method of bringing traffic for as long as the traffic are real human visitors form different IPs (no bots, or any other fraudulent traffic is allowed)

In order for you to be awarded for this project, you need to bring free 500 test visitors to my website for me to be able to see the quality of the traffic.

Please enter price for 10000 visitors per month

If you can bring more than 10000 visitors per month for a resonable price, please mention this in PM.

If Im satisfied with your work after 1 month, the job will continue.

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Seo Expert Needed To Increase Visitor #1

Dear Experts

I have 3 website which have less than 50 visitor per day , I need to improve visitor to at least 1000 Unique organic traffic (no bots or traffic buy sites) per day per site so i need an excellent seo expert who can perform seo , keyword analyses , fresh article writing and link building

It is LONG Term work and i will pay you per month so i need to do following task:

1- Article Writing
you must write 3 fresh 500 word article whithout any plaigiarisem per week for each individual website , all articles must pass copyscape.
*article must have valuable content,
*rewrited article is not acceptable.

*in first month you need to write 16 article more for one of my new website after that 3 article per week is ok.
*All copyrights will be assigned to me in writing
*Must contain related images to niche topic

2- Daily Link Building
you should do daily link building for each website using just WHITE HAT method i will repeat it again JUST WHITEHAT METHOD

Links building should follow:
– No black hat and other unethical SEO Spam techniques. Only white hat methods
and ethical work will be accepted.
– Backlink pages must relate to our site topic
– Links must be from my Countries websites USA,AUstrailia and other english countries
– Link pages and our links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
– Links must be permanent, static html links.
– One way links only, no reciprocal links.
– No robots.txt blocking. No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text.
– No use of automated software or bots.
– No links from under construction pages.
– No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, etc.
– No link farms, link exchange programs, and web rings.
– No banned sites, porn, illegal sites, etc.

3-Keyword Analyse

you need to do keyword analyse to be a top 10.

* All 3 websites are related to health (please pm for website links)

Report requirements:

We need weekly report from you to see the improvement.
Google analaytics configured and i will check visitor improvment trough it

Payment Method :
* first month is evaluation month if visitor improvement was visible it will be extend for number of month.
* all payment will be made by milestone payment and will be release at end of each month
* no money will be release without weekly report and proper progress

Please quote :
* please provide how many dedicated hour you will work per day .
* how long it will be take
* please bid per month
* Please provide us the detailed SEO techniques you will use, and info of similar successful completed projects you have done.


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Adsense (30-50$ Per Day) Clickbank I Pay 10% Commisions!!

I am looking for an Adsense ready profitable website to make $1000 – $1500 per month. (30-50$ per day) and able to promote Clickbank products.

I can get the domain and web hosting but the domain name should be suggested by you and be SEO friendly.

You will be responsible for writing the SEO optimized content, fully configuring and updating the website. Website should be developed using WordPress

Site MUST adhere to the following :

– Contain unique content with at least 50 unique posts/articles. Autoblogging is aaccepted.
– Must be original and SEO optimised with keywords used frequently
– SEO Marketing as required
– Must earn $30 – $50/day for one month
– WordPress based ideally
– Any niche except adult, Pharma, violence, gambling & not acceptable sites. MUST ADHERE TO ADSENSE TOS 100%
– All copyrights will be assigned to me in writing
– Must contain related images to niche topic
– Design must be neat and optimised to attract people to click on the ads
– Welcome to add any related CB products as long as it doesnt distract from Adsense ads too much
– Unique organic traffic (no bots or traffic buy sites)
– Must Be Adsense optimized
– Have an Adsense account already

I will pay 100$ for the project only AFTER I receive the payment from Google Adsense. No partial payments – sorry!


I will show you a screenshot of my earnings every month and I will send you the commission via Paypal.

The bidder should consider the following points:

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Texas Holdem Poker Website

I am looking for someone who wants to become a partner all you got to do is have the poker software we already have a established business to sell it from and the last poker software we sold we was making 10 sales a month and we can do this for your software we will do all the marketing and ordering taking and tracking all we need from your side is the software for texas holdem poker that we can sell and we will split the profits with you 50/50

If we cant make 10 sales a month there is something wrong as our business has a lot of people looking to start there own poker website.
Our whole business is built around a poker software for sale and right now we dont have the software to sell.

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Forex EA MT4

I am looking to purchase your mt4 eas that you have developed. requirements are low draw downs and high percentage of winning trades with a t least 10 lots traded amonth on a 3K account on 1:500 leverage.
I am not looking for fake eas that claim to make 100% per month, i am looking for real steady gains 2-5% per month would be great.

I am not looking for the holy grail, just a working ea that makes money with minimal risk.

PlEase NOTE, you MUST have tested on LIVE accounts including slippage, not backtest.

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UI For JomSocial Module From (C Code Provided)

I want you to convert an existing program for calculating fish feeding predictions using Soluna Theory into a module for JomSocial. The source is a small program written in C code that outputs using printf statements. ** I will supply source code. I want the output of the program to output in a more graphical manner. The program takes inputs of GPS coords will does all of the necessary calculations.

It will be your job to display those calculations in cool looking user interface.

The ui will have 4 different views (examples included):
1. SUMMARY MONTH VIEW: Page will show a months calendar with ratings on each day
(similiar to:

2. MONTH VIEW: Page will show the detailed predictions for a whole month on a calendar
(same as 1 except more detail see:

3. WEEK VIEW – include 7 day forecast see

4. DAY VIEW: Show the calculations for a single day at a single location with detail on predictions include 24 hour weather forecast morning/evenin/night etc… (similar to:

max budget for this project is $100 and only offers that mention fishpredictions in their quote will be considered – good luck!

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Date Selection Tool

Convert Psd to HTML, CSS, JavaScript. A popup page with a list, sublist, and a date selection tool. The date selection tool will always cover the maximum 6 years going back from a certain date(variable) passed to the function. The tool will always be built for 6 years/lines. The base picture/jpg wont change. There will be 2 variables that will change dynamically: (1) The time frame variable passed to the function from minimum 1 month to maximum 5 years, and will be light blue in color. (2) The selections that are made by the user via click and drag across the light blue line. The period selected should turn dark blue and is a minimum of 1 month in length. The user should be able to select and unselect the blue line on the tool.

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Data Entry Job – Daily (7 Days A Week) – Long Term

Simply Data Entry Job Daily

Must be able to follow simple instructions. Full training will be given and payment will be made weekly. Please bid how much you will work for per month.

Winning bidder will have to prove themselves during month for project to become long term.

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