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Mortgage Broker Writer (US/CANADA ONLY)

We are an email marketing firm specializing in real estate. We require an experienced mortgage broker who can create compelling ad copy for our mortgage broker clients and prospects on an ongoing basis. Our mortgage brokers

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Mortage Broker Website SEO Optimization

AusFinance is a newly established mortgage brokering business that specializes in the following:

– Home loans
– Refinancing
– Financing an investment property
– First home buyers finance

Our target market is very broad and includes virtually anyone who is after home or property finance. Our age group demographic therefore falls anywhere between 25

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Simple Mortgage Mobile App For Android, Blackberry, IPhone

Basic Mobile Mortgage Calculator that can be customized to change contact info, logo and other items. Not complicated for someone that knows how to do it.

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Mortgage Industry Content – Looking For 25 Site Consumers

I want help in getting at least 25 sites to pull my uniquely created mortgage information.

I have a RSS feed for the mortgage industry and am providing weekly content. I am looking for a few site owners who want to consume this content. You can use my RSS feed … my site publishes the best rates we find for weekly rates for the mortgage industry for 15 *30 year loans, adjustable loans, and FHA loans. These are press releases and are created uniquely for my site. You can pull them with RSS and sites can use them as an RSS feed.

If you are interested in bidding, please provide what it would cost for you to help me get 25 sites up and running. You can also bid more.

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Mortgage Broker Website

I need a mortgage broker website designed by a specific freelancer. We have discussed the details.

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Data Collection On Phone

I am looking for some individual who can database a list of all the mortgage lenders in Wisconsin (US).

I want company names, addresses and phone numbers.

I will have 1 phone call made to each place looking to discover 2 things:
– If they are still in business?
– How many loan officers they have?

I want to break them down into cities.

I want the information in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Ozaukee County, Washington County, Racine County and Dane County.

I want Mortgage Banks, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Officers, and all credit unions and banks who write mortgages.

This is not a lead, this is data basing.

My goal with this is to get a database of the mortgage lenders, mortgage bankers, credit unions that do mortgages and loan officers together.

Then the calls would have nothing to do with selling, I just want to see if they are still in business and how many people are there.

So how much time would it take and what would your cost be?

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Mortgage Telemarketing Leads

Looking for Mortgage lead generation within Ontario, Canada.

Willing to pay per hour, or per lead ( verified and new)

Looking to start ASAP

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Mortgage Website

Mortgage Website

Mortgage brokerage Company requiring web presence.

Site built using Content Management System
The design will be similar to
We will created the design and layout of the site and hand it over to the programmer as .PSD.

Home: Requires 4 image slider on home page
About us: Text content
Services: Text content
Mortgage Application Form: Details below
Blog: Standard blog features
Contact: Requires contact form

Application Form: to collect mortage application information. See this link for an example
Site will require similar fields, as the above.

Completed application should be emailed to the administrator and saved to database for later retrieval.
The administrator should be able to sort applications by:
postal code
residential status
industrial sector

Administrator should have access to completed forms from the backend listed according to date.

Mortgage Rate Listing: Site should display the latest Canadian mortgage rates as Fixed and Variable, updated on a daily basis. See for a good example.

Please submit details of:
CMS you plan on using
How you plan on creating slider for home page
What you plan on using to create the Application form
How you plan on implementing the Mortgage Rate Listing

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SEO Article Writting & Rewrite | Toronto Canada Content

Looking for articles that need to be written for SEO blog and website content, writers who are native speakers of English to help on this project.

The rate of pay is $1.50 per 500 words. The average requested length of articles 400-800 words.

Will need aprox. 10-15 articles per week more or less, depends on the writer.

The topics MUST be based on different keywords and specific topics…
1. Toronto Mortgage Brokers
2. Toronto Ontario Mortgage News
3. Toronto Real Estate Information
4. Ontario Mortgage Rules
5. Toronto Cupcakes
6. Cupcake Articles / Ideas

They will be used on and

All work must be 100% original and pass Copyscape and Plagiarism Detect. We will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. Articles are not to be reused in any way for any reason (including resell, reuse, re-write or give away). No spelling and grammatical errors! MUST BE CANADIAN ENGLISH (so not color but colour)

Please PM sample work, blog or links of your articles… We will help provide you with links to content that needs to be rewritten…

This first project will be for $30 ONLY BID THAT AMOUNT.

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Credit Repair Live Transfers Needed From Mortgage Declines!

We are a nationwide Credit Repair company. Licensed and Bonded. We are owned by a mortgage company and are looking for mortgage decline, live agent transfer for Credit Repair. Ideally, we need someone to call mortgage declined data and provide qualified live transfer leads to our firm. Our team will take the qualified transfer call, close the prospect, process the payment, follow up with a welcome call, access the clients credit reports, and fulfill the services outlined in our Service Agreement.

Company must have knowledge and experience in Credit Restoration/Credit Repair. Company must possess the ability to provide a minimum of 25 (twenty) qualified transfers per day.

We are looking for Companies that can begin this IMMEDIATELY. This will be an ongoing project. We have the staff and facility to accommodate several companies on this project. We can handle the volume!


Data is the responsibility of the marketing affiliate company. We will not provide data.

Ideally, We need 1100 mortgage decline live transfers per month.

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Mortgage Lead Capture Landing Page

Looking for a Landing page to be similar to
my present website is built on wordpress, so if the site can be a page that i can stick in my wordpress theme that would be great, if not i could just have a separate domain name for the landing page.
the sample i supplied makes the client hit next to go to two additional pages, if it is easier i would not mind them hitting next, and then the remaining fields needed just get expanded on the same page. whatever is easiest.
page should allow me the ability to edit the bottom text (disclsoures) and possibly some Bullet points about my company on the side. once the client inputs the data on i would like an email with the info.

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New Mortgage Site

I want a website similar to with my information and pictures. Some minor changes in text but look and feel to remain constant.

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Squeeze Page With 10 Related Articles

A copy is needed for a mortgage squeeze page.
A squeeze page with a sales copy zing.
Also 10 corresponding articles 300-400 words on Mortgage home improvement loans

Note this articles wil be exclusively mine so you cannot post it else where
Also the articles must pass copy spy it must be original

Please respond with duration how long it will take you to get the sales copy and articles.
Also respond with sample sales copy work and articles


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Online Mortgage Qualifier (Custom Search System)

In the Mortgage industry banks have guidelines for every mortgage loan, these guidelines are parameters that can be easily searchable. I am looking to create an online search system that has these guidelines in a database. On the front end, a mortgage professional will type in certain criteria about the loan..this criteria will be matched up with the database and upon clicking Search a list of banks will appear the fit within the parameters of the criteria entered. I can provide more information or clarity about this project when necessary.

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Established Canadian company will pay for leads or full sales process.

We pay commission per lead as well as % of settled amount or funding bonus.

This is an untapped market in Canada, although very saturated in the US market–growth is potentially tremendous for the right people!

This is truly the NEXT WAVE!! Im sure you heard about it. Debt Settlement! Its everywhere, Radio, TV and is taking the country by storm! Youve seen or heard the commercials! You can be part of it and make a fantastic residual income!!!

If your a Insurance Agent,Loan Modification Office,Collection Agency,Call Center, Attorney or you have the ability to communicate, understanding to learn and take direction!

* High commissions
* Bonuses
* Highest Revenue flow offered to affiliates.
* No License required.
* Robust Pipeline lead tracking system:
* We accept all types of Unsecured debt.

Our process gives affiliates the fact, alternatives and solutions

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Connection To Mortgage Search Webservice In PHP

I have a webservice that I can supply example code to connect to using C# and VB.NET.

We have a client who would like to use PHP to connect to it but he cant get it to work.

The job is to supply us with the example connection working in PHP.

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Link Building For A Mortgage Website

Need lInk buiolding done for our Mortgage portal. Links should be built for 5 keywords. The target location is only Canada.

We need some serious and very experienced link builders.

Funds will be escorwed but they will be released only once all the commited links are verified on the website. We will ned pay for submissions but we will pay for links that are live and active on the website.

We are very serious about this project and we expect the same from the service provider.

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I Have Mortgage Note Holder Leads!

I have Mortgage Note Holder Leads in 50 statesI am looking for note brokers who would be interested in buying for there note business I start at 1000 leads for $300 and go up to 5000 leads. Not looking to hire anybody this is just for selling leads. However if you bring me a buyer I will give you a commission of it. PM for more info.

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Mortgage Website

We require a website to be built for a mortgage company. The website will have several custom features. Here is a list of requirements:

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Squeeze Page Sales Copy , SEO Articles

Sales copy is needed for a mortgage squeeze page.
A squeeze page with a sales copy zing.
Also 10 corresponding articles 300-400 words on Mortgage home improvement loans

Note this articles wil be exclusively mine so you cannot post it else where
Also the articles must pass copy spy it must be original

Please respond with duration how long it will take you to get the sales copy and articles.
Also respond with sample sales copy work and articles


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Sales Copy And Corrsponding 10 Seo Articles Needed

Sales copy is needed for a mortgage squeeze page.
Also 10 corresponding articles 300-400 words on Mortgage home improvement loans

Note this articles wil be exclusively mine so you cannot post it else where
Also the articles must pass copy spy it must be original

Please respond with duration how long it will take you to get the sales copy and articles.
Also respond with sample sales copy work and articles


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Mortgage Website Like

WordPress Froogle themed website with all the lead generating/capture techniques of

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Us Mortgage Data Entry


Looking for established centers to complete quality work before deadline for US Mortage data entry work immediately.


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Sales Call Center

English speaking (American accent) Sales screeners needed
Mortgage product and Home loan screening experience (see sample script below)
Call center scaleable from 5 seat test to 50+ seats (Us business hours)
We provide all data and lists as well as our own VOIP asterisk/CRM Platform (Center needs high speed internet and min workstation bandwith and RAM requirements for Asterisk dialer platform)
US Lead Generator through Internet Ads, Email marketing, Data and other channels.

"Hello, this is [xxxxx] with Rate Reduction Hotline, we represent a number of Mortgage Companies that can help you reduce your Mortgage Interest rate, saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

Interest rates are near an all time low. At these rates, your payments
could be significantly reduced every month!

I have your name as xxxxx correct?

And you are still currently residing at xxxxx?

I understand that your Mortgage rate is currently more than 5.25%, is
this right?

And that your current mortgage balance in excess of $200,000?

If yes

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Need 8 Professional Press Releases (on Reverse Mortgages)

I need 8 professional press releases created for a recent site launched in the Canadian reverse mortgage industry.

You must be a fluent English writer, possessing some background knowledge or experience in the mortgage or financial planning vertical.

Each press release should be engaging, informative and newsworthy.

Please PM me previous samples of your work.



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SEO Expert Wanted For US Mortgage Company

I am looking for a genuine SEO expert to help us bring our website to the first page of Google search results for specific key words. New Jersey Mortgage Rates, New Jersey Refinance, FHA Mortgage

My website currently shows up on page 3 of Google for the term New Jersey Mortgage Rates.
project is to get this web site to page one of Google for the terms above

Only WHITE HAT methods will be accepted.

Please Note:
I am looking for a genuine SEO expert who only does SEO for a living.

Payment will be on increments of success of ranking through milestone

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20 Articles On The US Mortgage Industry

Article writers wanted for an ongoing project that we are working on. This block of 20 articles is on the Mortgage/FHA Mortgage niche.

Writers with experience in this niche will be considered first.

Must pass 100% in Copyscape and be original.
Must be delivered on time (within 7 days of assignment)
This is ghost writing so all copyrights will be transferred to me the moment that I pay you.
Native English speakers only please. If English isnt your first language please do not bid.
Knowledge of Google Docs or the ability to learn it quickly. It is the program that we use for articles now.
Payment through Freelancer (no milestone, direct transfer only) once articles are received and approved

Please provide a sample of your writing with your bid. Bids without samples will not be considered. A small sample article may be assigned to you before I accept your bid to make sure your writing meets my needs. It would not be more than 150 words.

The budget for this block of articles is $30. Please do not bid more than $30.

It is possible to receive more work from us on a regular basis if this project goes well.

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Home Mortgage Articles Wanted! $4/500 Words

I am looking for original articles on home mortgages. Looking for around 10-15 articles. Please state how many articles you are bidding for.

I will be paying $4 per 500 word article. I am looking for TOP NOTCH quality articles, not some random rewrite of an article you found on the internet with poor grammar and spelling.

You must meet these requirements:
– Be able to write articles in perfect English (grammar & spelling) – Native English speakers HIGHLY HIGHLY preferred
– Must have home mortgage experience (or be able to do research and write articles based on the research)
– Articles must be around 500 words and be 100% original work
– ****You must transfer all ownership and copyright to us and not use the articles again later.****

Your article must pass my plagiarism checks. If it fails, you are required to fix the problem before I pay you.

Please send me some samples of your previous writing work.

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Debt/Mortgage Leads And Transfers

I have multiple large clients that need more leads than I can personally supply. Please let me know your potential volume and pricing on the verticals below for real time leads, live transfers, real time posts, or calls.

Debt – Standard $10k in debt, job/fixed income, and willingness to work in a program.
Mortgage – $100k min amount, good/excellent credit, no mobile homes, 90% max LTV, rates higher than 5.5%
Foreclosure defense/mortgage audit – $75k min, one month behind is perfect, but mortgage lates and bad credit will work also.

These buyers are looking from 50 to 200+/day and have six figure monthly budgets. Getting and keeping them happy through the slow month of December can lead to gaining a larger percentage of their budget in January.

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