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Hindi Movie Database

We need Hindi movie database. If you have one we can buy, else help us in preparing one. It would be data collection and entry job. We will provide you the format. Only hindi movies.

Thanks, for reading and showing interest.

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Integrate Buffering Into Custom Flv Player/editor

Updating a custom built -but open source- FLV player and clip editor built for the Stories Matter framework with buffering/gradual loading functionality. The current player does not buffer the movie file and thus only allows to play it after the whole movie is downloaded. We have to use this player as it is custom built to be able to create/play clips (fragments) of a larger file (through timestamps) and to create/play playlists consisting of several clips. It is used in a drupal environment but syncs with an Adobe AIR application that functions a bit like iTunes. This AIR application also uses the same flv player. The player uses actionscript3 and javascript. So, only bid if you have knowledge of these languages and if you have experience with FLV player. There is not a lot of time for trial and error as the strict deadline of the project is April 15th, but the earlier the better.

An example of the problem can be seen on this page:

The black box sits there for a couple of minutes until the full movie (audioclip in this case) is downloaded.

The current FLV player files are attached.

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Movie Review Writer Needed

I´m looking for writers for a new movie site. You should be able to write a new movie review in perfect English, approx 500 words. I also need latest movie news. You can search movie sites and rewrite the reviews/news articles… I´ll be running them all through dupefree pro/copyscape to check that the article is unique content. I need a sample article. These should be mainly mainstream movies from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe. Some arthouse is ok. All the main movies should be covered… there are some movie sites to keep an eye on for updates and whats hot etc.
How many reviews or movie news pieces can you provide me every week?
I´ll pay US$1 per review or movie news piece. Payment by paypal.

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I need someone who can make TWO 5-10 seconds movie intro just like Walt Disney or New Line Cinema. This work includes animation of logo. Whether done in flash or something else, I just need it to be clean and professional looking.

More details are sent via pm.

Bid for TWO different movie intros.

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Flash For Movie Intro


I need someone who can make TWO 5-10 seconds movie intro just like Walt Disney or New Line Cinema. This work includes animation of logo. Whether done in flash or something else, i dont care, as long as its cool and superb.

More details are sent via pm.

Bid for TWO different movie intros.

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Regular Blog Articles (Filmmaking/ Movie News/Reviews Etc)


Looking to get a price on writing articles for my blog and managing the day to day running of it. As such, youd be responsible for not only writing the articles, but uploading the actual articles, including any relevant photos, embedding links to videos and deleting spam comments/the occasional reply. I just dont have the time to do so as frequently as Id like.

The blog is about filmmaking, movies, visual effects, motion graphics. Would prefer someone who has knowledge in this area, but somebody with good research skills would work as well. Must have excellent written English so would prefer someone with English (UK English preferably) as their first language. Happy to go with an American/Canadian/Australian provider though.

Writers who can add a bit of personality, maybe some humour would be ideal. Covering the topic as an individual rather than coming off as a press release is the kind of thing Im going for. A bit quirky (See my review on Australia!)

Heres what I need article wise:

Approximately five articles a week of between 200 and 500 words depending on the content.

A movie review around once a month or more would be great.

Articles on filmmaking (Hints, tips and resources for filmmakers: new software/cameras/stock footage/training opportunities/behind the scenes etc)

Film News (Most of these can be borrowed from other sites for the purpose of news reporting as long as you list the source… Ill have to check the rules, but you might have to add a link to their site as well. Youll probably know more about this than me. I dont want to get in trouble!)

Inspirational videos about VFX, titles, amazing films made on low budgets, film festivals, competitions, great tutorials.

Keywords are great if you can get them in, but Id rather have a well written article without loads of keywords than something that reads like nonsense!

Great websites for research would be Variety, The Art of the Title, VFX News, MakingOf, TotalFilm, SlashFilm.

Ideal distribution of articles per week would be one movie review, two pieces of news, one article on filmmaking (hints and tips), and one resource (Some new software, place to get free footage etc)

I cant spend a lot on this, Im a sole trader and I dont get any direct financial return from the blog. Im looking to post some ads on there though when Ive got a few more readers. Looking to form a long term relationship, so if I get money rolling in from ads then Im happy to give you a cut on top of the initial agreed fee and hopefully increase your involvement. So at this stage the cheaper the better, but not at the expense of quality!

Please submit your bid based on a monthly or weekly fee for the requirements listed above (So that would be around 21/22 articles). Any more information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I.e. I can do five a week for x but if you wanted just 2 or 10 or even 20 then I can do that for x, other services that could help promote the blog, which days you can/cant blog etc etc. A price per word would probably be even better.

Heres the link to the blog:

If you have any questions then please dont hesitate to ask. Sorry for the massive listing, didnt want to miss anything!



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Design Two Flyers To Advertise Cake Business Website

Design two different A5 flyers (each one sided) for distribution advertising a web-based company which makes and delivers cakes and cupcakes (flyer 1), and offers cake decorating classes (flyer 2).
Each flyer will look like a movie poster and will feature pictures of cakes, and text to fit in with a movie poster theme. Both need to look eye catching, original and different to usual flyers for pizza companies etc. that are often ignored.
A full brief including text and pictures to be used will be provided.

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Fix Php / Flash Script

I need someone to fix a script for me which isnt working. Its a PHP Flash movie creator in which you can upload a picture which will be displayed as Flash (and some other things happen), but the Flash movie isnt created somehow (it uses Ming).

I need help for this asap by very professional PHP expert. I also have other projects for you soon.

03/21/2011 at 11:43 EDT:

Please note that I need help with this ASAP. Would be great if you could help me within a few hours from now through yahoo messenger. Thank you.

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Create Flash Movie For Our Website

Create a short (1 to 2 minute) animated movie in Flash.

Requires creation of 5 (or 6) basic scenes, each containing animated character images.

An outline audio script/story board already exists, were seeking help from a creative designer with flash expertise to create character artwork designs and animation for a video on our website.

We estimate this is should be less than 1 day design work for someone with right experience so please bid appropriately.

Please submit example(s) of previous flash/animation work (creativity is our key criteria).

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Need Movie With Voice Over For A Medical Clinic

Need Movie / Video with Voice Over.

For a medical clinic, we are looking for something that will be played in a DVD to visiting patients.

You will be given topics, verbiage (text), and some ideas. You will put this together on your own.

Total length of the video will be around 2 mins.

**** What we are not looking for: Shocking colors, crazy things moving all over the place, bad font, bad voice over ****

Again, this is not for a CLUB, or geared towards 16 yr old girls. This is for a medial establishment and must be simple yet effective.

Seeking self starters. I wont have time to hold your hand through every step of this. You will be given some guidelines, you will do the research and come up with something effective.

Delivery should be in a format that will be burned to a DVD and played on a TV.


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Interactive 3D Movie

I would like to have designed and rendered a 3D interactive model of our datacenter using a floorplan.

The interaction is very simple – each block/representation in the image should be clickable also with a rollover action – upon click it should display some short explanatory text. Suitable sound effects will be supplied.

It should have a short intro where the floorpan appears using a suitable effect of the designers choice.


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Need Someone To Make A Custom WordPress Movie Theme.

Hello Im looking for a web designer to make me a custom movie site theme for wordpress. If this can be be done let me know and i will send the details of what i want done and how I want the site to look. thanks

Need site to look like this below I will add the content myself and install to wordpress theme myself. Just need the basic layout to look like this I need a fast worker.

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Proposal/Presentation For A Movie

We are in need someone to write a proposal/presentation for a movie to pitch to investors.

We will provide you with a synopsis once the freelancer has been chosen; we will work hand and hand to bring about perfection. It is also extremely important that you are proficient in research in particular movie reviews, budgets

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Joomla Template. Anyone Got Movie Plazza To Work Properly?

Have you gotten the movie plazza quickstart from template plazza to work the same as the demo?

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.SWF File Must Be Converted Into High Resolution Movie File

I have an .SWF file that needs to be converted into a High Resolution Movie File. If you bid on this job please make sure the quality remains high throughout the video. I will pay 30$ for this job and need it done within an hour.

Thank you very much.

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Movie Animation

We are looking for a animation movie maker guru to produce a series of HD cool Brand movies. We look forward to find the best in the business to be our movie maker guru for a series of project.

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Web Header Banner Design [Gay Adult]

Hello ,

I want to hire graphic designer for my website ( ) . I need top header banner . I will put it in header of my website . This is my requirement

1. Header Banner size is 995×250 pixel
2. Match with my website template
3. Our website is provide gay movie download
3. Design at least 2 option . and i iwll choose one of it
4. Finish within 3-5 days
5. After finish you should to login to my server and install your header banner to my website
( our website is using diferior script with smarty template and css style )

Note. This is one of my idea . Using multiple of japan gay movie cover as background and type GAYSHARE word as foreground . something like that .

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Need Movie Time (and Purchase Link) Scraper


There are some of these already done on, so we may be looking to reproduce some existing work.

We are looking for a php script that will scrape and probably for movie times and brings up current and future times based off of zip code.

The input for the function would be a movie name or an imdb code (see, US post code and date.

Return of the function should be an array of theatres playing that movie, ordered by distance, with addition data in the array for times and direct links to purchase for that specific showtime (link would be the fandango link, the movietickets link, etc).

Please also provide sample PHP template pages that would show the form and the layout of movie times/links.

As we know that most tickets in the US are either through or, we believe that one could use an IMDB scraper or something like it as the basis for this script and replace non-existing links for fandago with cross-referenced data.

We need this done ASAP. If you can provide quality timely service we have a few other such specific projects. We need this project done in the next 2-4 days.

If we choose Your bid we will provide more info.


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Interested Investors And Producers For Animation Movie.


We, a new animation production company, is going to start the production on a low budget feature length (80 min) animation movie. The movie will be released on commercial theater upon its release.

We are looking for interested investors and producers who is willing to spend at least $100 on our movie. We have three category for investors and producers:
1) $100 – $ 1000 [will be given financier as credit]
2) $1000 – $3000 [ will be given co-producer as credit]
3) $3000 and above [will be given executive producer as credit]

We will disclose detail about the screenplay and studio to only serious producers.

And include how much amount you are willing to invest on the movie. the movie will be completed on 20 month time frame. We will shortlist investors and producers and inform you about it.

Each investors and producers will get a signed paper from the studio stating the amount that they invested on a movie.

It can be your golden opportunity to invest on a movie which will help you get a handsome return after its release as you dont have to spend heavy amount on it. the profit from the movie will be distributed among the producers and studio. The percentage of profit that will be distributed among producers will be disclosed to only selected investors once we finalize the deal.

Please include Animation movie on proposal to be considered. only serious investors. we are a serious animation studio and we will start production from coming June.

Thanks for reading.

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Traffic 150.000 And More For A Youtube Movie Via A Website

I need 150 000 and more guaranteed unique visitors until 16th March 2011 for a youtube movie via a website. I need to see the result with Google Analytics and also with Youtube Insights for unique viewers.

Unique IPs from Europe and especially from Romania if possible

No Fake traffic/no boots/ androids/ scripts allowed !!

You should not use methods banned by Google & Youtube !!

You have to tell me where traffic is coming from, and I will be using my own tracking software to make sure.

Please send offer for every 150 000 unique visitors.

Please bid with your time frame & rate for 150,000 views generated ethically & honestly !!

I will provide you with further details.

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Advertising Movie

This movie, 30-40 seconds, is an advertising

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Online Movie Reservation

Hi Freelancers,

Need someone who can make an online movie ticket reservation system. It should be coded in php, mySql and CSS should be implemented.
It should look somewhere between and

Interested freelancers please pm me. Include with it a jpeg image of the 2 sites. This project is urgent and selected bidder should be able to finish it in a week

Budget is low so the lower your bid, the higher your chances of being selected.
Thanks and all the best.

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Create And Insert Subtitles In A Small Movie.


I need you create and insert the sub titles in english on a 23minute video, and insert our website domain name on the end of the movie.

The language of the video is english.

The sub-titles must have quality and dont be too small

You shoul maintain the video and audio quality for youtube.

I need it in 4 days.

Best Regards

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Movie Voiceovers For Cinematic Cs 1.6 Vids


I have this really simple project for professional sounding talent out there.
Im looking for a male voice.

I am producing some trailers and they need voiceovers. These voiceovers will be published to non-profit purposes but
i will give credit of your work in end text of the movie.

I have list about ~50 lines of words or sentences.

If you have portfolio or good examples of your past works that is huge plus.

There is few words like, coming soon, flawless, come on and laugh "hahahaha" that you need to
voiceover with deep tone.

As i consider this really fast job i hope you will do it in a less than a day. (shouldnt take even 1 hour(?)


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Movie Making – Gameplay Cs 1.6 Video Edit


I need someone whos experienced with programs as 3ds max/4D Cinema/
After Effects/Sony Vegas/Photoshop or any similiar programs.

This project is about a gameplay movie (fragging movie) related to counter-strike 1.6.
These projects are non-profit and will be focused to small audiences but they should be made really entertaining.
Project isnt in hurry can take up to 15-30 days but i require content worth the time.

What i need is:

4 Different Logo/intros (10-30sec) with my info and its related to game. These HAVE to be rendered 1080p, 30fps. 1 goes to trailer and other to movie.
Movie poster about the movie ( Optional )
Trailer movie ~2min a long.
The movie with my info ~5-7minutes.
Bluray / Dvd menu. Should include "Play Movie / Deleted Scenes / trailer". Related to game ofcourse.


Example of cs movie: i can give more movies to get idea and you should do background checks about CS that will help you.

Movie(s) should include:
– The "Bullet" effect ( ( Only main movie should have this in 1 scene.)
– Awesome Motion Graphics
– High Quality / Videos should be rendered to 1080P, 30fps formats H.264 / .Mkv
– 3D animations ( Depends if you can produce some neat editing but not required )
– End poster like in normal trailers.
– Special Effects, Visual Effects, CGI ( Highly Recommended )
– Intense and enjoyable

what i can offer to help with project:

i will borrow game account for you and teach you how to setup settings and record from demo files if you dont know how.
I got music, voiceovers & sounds if you dont have them. I prefer to use my music if it fits to movie.
My visions. Hope you can adapt them.

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Flash Developer For Simple 3D Movie

I need a Flash file that can take input in the form of a PNG and output it as a 3d model (cube) that will rotate automatically. Essentially a copy of this:

Payment will be fully deposited in Escrow.

PM me for more details.

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Movie Review Writers Needed – 4

We are looking for UK/USA based movie review writers.

The project is to write review/critic on "already released movies".

This project is to write 10 Movie reviews. If you are good then you will get regular work to write reviews for about 300 titles.

Rest of terms and conditions will be discussed later.

We are tight with budget so dont expect much.

Only providers from UK/USA need to apply.

In PMB provide any sample of movie reviews which you have done in the past.

Those providers who have already provides us sample of reviews on our earlier project ( will be given priority.

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Official US / European Company is looking for a long term partnership with someone who perfectly knows Microsoft Expression Encoder and any kind of video converter and editing software. He will have also to know Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Acess. The bidder has to speak a fluent English and, if posisble, French. This task requires curiosity, velocity and a real taste for arts and movies. We have more than 10,000 videos to convert and we offer a price of 0.50 cents by converted movie. Well supply the winner a full process to respect and follow. If the job is well done, well offer the winner a good chance to join our company with a monthly salary.

IMPORTANT! We perfectly know GAF and how it works. So, please, ONLY bid if you can match our requirement. Well pay by GAF/PayPal every 40 encoded movies. Transfer fees will be also paid by us. Before hiring the winner, well ask him or her for a test.

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SEO For Movie Site


I have a Movie site where you can watch full movies, its been up for 2 months and already generated some income, however i need to boost this website to increase my earnings. What i need is someone to get some targeted traffic to this website relativly fast, Twitter, Facebook, etc. SEO Work for longer term aswell.

The website is monetized trough a Content Locker with surveys that have to be filled out before they can watch the movie.

Give me some offers, after i select winner you can begin immidiatly. Let me know in your bid what you can do for me to get some leads.


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