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Google Local Listing SEO

We looking for local listing SEO expert, to be able to write reviews and to be familiar with Googles restrictions.

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SEO For Micro Niche Sites

Hi, I need an experience person to rank my micro niche 12 sites on the 1 page of google. My sites have low competition so it should not be hard at all. Black Hat is accepted put make sure my websites no not get sandboxed. I need experience bidders only.

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Magento SEO Expert To Reach First Page In Google

I Need an experienced SEO for my Magento Website to reach top #3 position in,,,, for my given keywords be used as anchor text. Your job is to get it all the way to the top. You are requested to SEO optimize the site and create landing pages.
Your advice and expertise will be highly regarded.
I require all backlinks to be from different sites.
Google webmaster tools

Must meet following requirements:
You should be highly experienced in Magenot SEO for Google – please do not bid if you have no link building experience.
Experienced in Magento platform, Ecommerce sites.
Have provided SEO for many websites that have reach rank 1,2,3 for keywords
Links must not be made using automated software or any other illegal linking methods. Blackhat or Grey hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for. We have the right to reject URLs that do not comply with the following Guidelines.

– Absolutely no black hat or Grey hat tactics.
– No spamming, no cloaking, no blog farms, no link exchange networks.
– NO ARTICLE or Directory Sites, No Comments,
– We require white hat techniques only.
– No subdomains, back links must be on a www.
– Links must be from English, French, German, Italin languages websites only.
– Links must be permanent and static HTML. All links must be non-reciprocal.
– Link pages and our text links must be visible, readable, indexable and DO-FOLLOW.
– Linked sites must be search engine friendly, established and fully active.
– Pages must be indexed and cached by Google, Yahoo and Bing within last 30-60 days
– Domains must be from different IP addresses and different Class-C IP addresses.
– 50% of the links must be the rest should come from domains .com/ /.de/.fr/.it/.edu/.org,.net
– One link per domain. Additional links on that domain will not be paid for.
– You must build links manually at 1-5 per day and spread them over required days.
– Prefer high ranking Alexa sites.
– No article directories, link farms, forums, spam sites, web rings, gambling, or adult sites, or link directories.
– We reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable.
– Links that are not approved will have to be replaced by service provider.
– Backlinks must be relevant to the keywords depending on which site the backlink is for. Backlinks
from sites dealing with the wrong content will not be paid for.
*Profile pages that I cannot find in Google will not count.

Spreadsheet should be provided with the following information (to correct errors, if any).
1) Username / Password
2) Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink), Site Name.
3) Domain / subdomain Google Page Rank.
4) Anchor text used for the link.
5) Link Destination.
6) Date placed

– No black hat and other unethical SEO. spam techniques. Only ethical work will be accepted.
– No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text
– No robots.txt blocking, fake PR, banned by Google, Yahoo, Bing sites
– No use of automated software or bots.
– No links from under construction pages.
– No link farms and link exchange programs or web rings such as,,, etc., no rented links, FFA sites, gambling, adult & porn sites, pharmacy sites, illegal websites, hate-based websites, violent websites, cracking or hacking websites, no blacklisted or spam sites, links from "bad neighborhood" sites (e.g. link farms, porn and so on), ping sites, etc.

– No adult websites or with illegal content

Please provide us the detailed SEO techniques you will use, and info of similar successful completed projects you have done.
Please provide time frame to finish the project.

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Google Local Places Seo

I need to get into the top 3-4 of google/yahoo/bing local results for 5-6 keywords. I already am paying someone to bring me into the top ten for organic jewelry and diamond related searches; I need someone for local results. This should be done quickly and efficiently. Please bid only if you have experience. I need to be in the top 3-4 for the following words diamonds, jewelers, jewelry, diamonds houston, engagement rings houston, diamond jewelry. I must stay on the top 3-4 for 30 days for payment.

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On And Off Page SEO For Google – Long Projects

I need an experienced SEO person to place my site into googles TOP No. We are looking for an expert SEO professional to rank a US , UK based website in Google at top 5 or better for 5 high competition keywords .

I need on page and off page seo.
On Page SEO:

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SEO For Shwapno Duar

I need a website to show up in the top ten in search engines for a specific keyword phrase.

To qualify for payment the site will show up in the top 10 for this specific keyword phrase *AND* a MS Word document will be provided to me explaining in detail the steps you took to accomplish this. The reason for this is that Google banned one of my sites because of black hat tactics.

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SEO Common Search Phrase From Page 2 To Page 1 On Google

Only White Hat Techinques!!

Im looking to hire an individual who can move my website when searched on google by the most common search phrase for my business "buy facebook fans" from page 2 on google to page 1. It had been on page 1 for quite some time, slowly moving from position 4 to 7, to 8, to 9, to 10, and now has fallen to the first spot on page 2. With a little bit of SEO I could see this moving back up to page 1.

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SEO – Google Page 1 – Top 5 Positions

Please Read Carfully,

Dont bid if you dont have more than 5 reviews

I want someone to bring my website to page 1 Google @ TOP 5 positions | keywords (related to iphone jailbreak unlock niche) will be revealed once you submit a bid – The person who wins this project might become a fulltime employee that works with us.

Please dont submit an already written offer which I will not even bother to read

Please dont submit your offers by telling me we can build this and that, I need the site to be at TOP 5 positions in google, I need to know how you will do it . not the packages that you do have and your monthly offers.

YOU SHOULD READ THE TERMS and agree to them before bidding :

1) Payment will be made each month for the amount we agree on(Gaf included) using Freelancer ESCROW services ( Milestone payments)
2) All the payments will stay in Escrow until the project needs are completed and the expected results are accomplished.
3) You will be working on site optimization and off site optimization
4) you will work on this project for a period of 7 months to bring my siteto GooglePage 1 TOP 5 Position for the specified Keywords
5) you Agree that the full payment will be released once all of the keywords are in the Google Page 1 ( TOP 5 POSITIONS) , Once handing the project, all the keywords MUST be at Google Page 1 – TOP 5
6) You should provide permanent links and keep them, under no circumstances the links will be removed even if the project was not completed or finished, these are permanent links and will stay.
7) You agrees that if the project goal which is bringing my website to the top 5 positions in google for the specified keywords was not successful then no payment will be made and all the work that have been done will stay permanently
8) You agree to use white hat methods and follow the project requirements that were posted on freelancer which means they agreed and read it
9) If the project was successfully completed you should not show our work to other clients and therefore all of the work that have been done should stay between me and you and you won

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Google Places Local SEO

My client is a Dentist and we need assistance in getting them ranked in listing "A" on Google Places.

They already have an established Google Places listing with many positive reviews,etc.

***Please Bid for a FLAT Fee to get them listed in the "A" spot on Google Places.***
***Payment will be released when they are ranked in the "A" spot on Google Places***

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SEO Of Web Site

I have a web site that has about 20 pages that I want SEO.

IT will be important that this website makes first page of google as well.

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Top 3 Google Ranking In 1st Page. Top SEO Experts Only!

We need a SEO expert to rank us in the top 3 of the 1st page for the following keywords globally. We are already doing well for these keywords but need to be in top 3 of the 1st page.

facebook developer
facebook development
Social media agency
social media company
facebook app developers
facebook application developers

We had retained a SEO agency which hardly did any work. We have an in-house SEO expert. We have a team of developers who carry out the code changes.

Your bid will be accepted if you submit the following in the PMB

1. How will you achieve these results? we ask this because we want to make sure there are no black hat methods.
2. How many days to get all 6 phrases?
3. How many permanent backlinks (PR5) will you provide to get these results? How relevant is back linking in the present SEO business.

We have a very good track record as a buyer & this is how we will pay for this project.

First 2 keywords will get 30% of the agreed amount when they reach top 3 on google globally
Next 2 keywords will get 30% of the agreed amount when they reach top 3 on google globally
last 2 keywords will get 40% of the agreed amount when they reach top 3 on google globally

– Absolutely no black hat or Grey hat tactics. We require white hat techniques only.

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Need SEO Expert FOR Page 1 Google

I need SEO expert ASAP to obtain better PR. Nd Page One on Google

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Competitive Pricing Analysis – Google PPC & SEO Listings

Looking for someone to put together a competitve analysis so we can gauge internet advertising competitors price points. We will provide a list of Keyword terms we use for PPC ads. Contractor will compile a list of our top competitors (PPC – Paid Search and SEO – Natural Search listings) and their selling prices. This would be an ongoing project that needs to be updated every week.

Attached is the procedure required to complete the project and a sample spreadsheet of what a completed competitive analysis looks like.

Please place your bid based upon 140 keyword phrases on the attached excel ss (Competitive Analysis Sample Report) that need to be researched.

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SEO I Need Bad Comments Eliminated From Front Page Of Google

I need someone to help spread my name on the first page of Google. Currently, if you type my name on Google there are negative comments. I want someone to help me get first page rankings for my name with all good comments or simple one paged sites advertising my products.

The main aim is to knock the negative websites.


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TOP 5 In Google – Off Page SEO / Linkbuilding



I have travel related website which needs a little off page SEO attention, in terms of backlinks, because I dont have enough time to promote this website anymore.

This website is currently in top 10 sposts in Yahoo and Bing for 2 of my main keywords(high competition) and was in top 5 in Google for few months, now for lack of the promotion by my side, website dropped in Google to around 20 place for that 2 search terms, but Yahoo and Bing remains the same in top 10.

This website have been optimized for that 2 main keywords and recently redesigned and now doesnt have any html errors, so it is w3c XHTML compliant, also it is few years old domain(never dropped) with more than 100.000 backlinks according to google webmaster tools. Besides that 2 main keywords website have many other top 10/top 5 keywords rankings. So this project is not going to be that hard if you know what you are doong.

Now, Im looking for somone who will bring my website back to the TOP 5 places in Google for my 2 main search terms(high competition).
You will need to give me some general plan what you would to do to achive that top 5 Google rankings in this 60 days.
Also I expect reports about your work every week!

You need to have great feedback here, new members without any feedback dont even have bother to bid here, you want be selected and your bids will be deleted.

Payment will be split in two same separate payments, first half of payment(50%) will be done after website reach top10(first page of google SERP) for this 2 keywords and stays there for 3 days, second half of payment will be payed after website reach top 5 places on google SERP and stays there for 3 days. Also I can pay you 25% of the payment if you manage to get my website to the top 10 just for one keyword of two and this keyword also stays for 3 days in top 10, and other 25% of the payment when you manage to get second keyword in top 10, and that same payment plan for top 5 in google SERP.

For keywords and website you need PM here and I will send you details, so you can then readjust your bid.

Thanks for your time.

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Google Page Rank / SEO

Need someone who is really good at Google Page Rank and SEO
to help our website ranked as high as possible on Google and other search engines.

We will come up with the keywords and you may add some if you feel necessary.

Anyone who thinks they can do the job, please mention "top rank" in your pm
so we know you completely read the post.

Lower price bids will be preferred.

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SEO Rank Keywords

I am currently having a price compare site built and need it ranking in google.

Your bid is based on getting my site ranked under this keyterm: price comparison on Google UK and .com

You will specify the time limit and will be paid based on time limit set, if you go past it then no payment.

09/18/2010 at 19:56 EDT:

It needs to be on the first page and in the first 3 results.

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SEO To Google Page 1


Im looking for someone who I can subcontract my SEO work to.

Current project :

an existing website with removals business operate within Sydney, Australia only. Currently already has no.1 listing on several keywords, and generally page 1-3 listing on other keywords.

What we want is to subcontract this ongoing SEO work to make sure itll stay at top and continually getting more keywords to the top.

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Optimising And SEO For Web Site Required

I need someone that knows everything about SEO websites so my site will appear on the first page of Google

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SEO 50 Keywords

I am looking to optimise for Australians looking for Ski and Snowboarding holiday. I already have some keyword in my mind however, I expect that I will need to optimise about 50 keywords. Only white hat, to mid first page of Google.
Please supply costing and an idea of a couple of keywords you would use

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2 Asbestos Keywords SEO Project – Get On Page 1 Google

Hello, I have one client that has the following 2 keywords that need to be ranked on page one.

1ST let me know you my terms and what I am looking for,

1. You must have good seo feedback on here.
2. After I award the project to you, you must be able to work with no money upfront, due to many seo wanna be guys out there, but this is how I am willing to pay, As I will not escrow anything until you get the 2 keywords in the top 200/20 pages of

Once you get the keywords on top 20 pages / 200 sites of google, I will send you a 10% of the total amount budget to your GAF account,

Then once you get the keywords in the top 10 pages / 100 sites of google, I will send you 20% of the total amount budget to your GAF account.

Then once you get the keywords in the top 5 pages / 50 sites of google, I will send you 30% of the total amount budget to your GAF account.

Then at last once you get the keywords on the 1ST page of google, I will send you the remainder 40% of the total amount budget to your GAF account.

So if you agree 100% to the terms and job then you can place a bid.

Here is the clients site

Here is the clients keywords wanting to rank on page one of google for.

asbestos attorney
asbestos lawyer

Client wants quick movement so when you send message tell me how much time you need after you research the site,

as of right now site does not rank for the terms.

So please submit your bid or send me a message telling me your price, and then we will go from there accordingly

Thanks and best luck

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Seo Person Google Page 1 $150 Per Month Budget

Seo person google page 1
$150 per month budget or less if you can
require the full works

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In a few words, I need my local listings to be #1 in MANY KEYWORDS. This will be obtained by backlinking the different urls for their respective keywords. PREFERABLY with sites that are related to the keywords. But, I also want many backlinks in sheer numbers. So if many links have to be placed on some "associate sites", that will do (for hundreds of links). Like I said, I would like many many of them to be related. This will make sure that related keywords would return #1 listing for local google listing.

I already have established local listings that get a lot of traffic but I need to be #1 with no competition. I have dominated some keywords like this. I need this for many keywords.

You need to also have an understanding for facebook, twitter, etc. I would like these sites to be major backlinking campaigns by themselves. I would like these to feed to my website also.

If a staff can write unique technical articles for me, SEO them, place them in my website, facebook, any other place it would be an advantage, I will pay for quality time and effort.

I am looing for a long term relationship. I currently have another project for web design for my website alone (STILL AWAITING RESPONSE FROM THEM). So you may work with them, or possibly do everything. QUALITY AND FAST PLEASE.

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Our website is a Real Estate Business ebook. Our ultimate goal is 1st page rankings for all search engines.

Therefore, we are going to pay a one time payment of $150-$200 and see how our ranking is improved. There have been no previous Search Engine Submissions or any link building or anything, site was just completed not too long ago.


Please provide your proposal for

1) Web Directory Submissions
2) Social Bookmarking Submissions
3) Article Directory Submissions
4) Press Release Writing and distribution
5) Incoming links
6) Google map reviews

And/Or any other method that you see fit!

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1st Page On Google SEO

We are looking for a long term SEO. To bring our NEW ecommerce site to the TOP 10 in Google. With the keywords we will supply. We understand it will take time and we are here for the long run.

Keyword details will be provided through PMB
All agreements will be done via PMB.

We will give you keywords. Payment will be released as milestone. When all Keywords are –
top 10 page: 5%
top 5 page: 15%
top 2 page: 30%
top 1 page: 50%

All links to follow below requirements.
*Only white hat methods
*Only legitimate ways
*One way links only (no reciprocal links)
*Links must be permanent, static html links
*Manual submitted text links only, with supplied key phrase/text.
*ABSOLUTELY NO link exchange programs or web rings.
*Page must not be excluded by robots.txt and link
*Must not contain the rel=nofollow tag.
*Active sites only, no construction sites.
*One link per domain / Class C IP
*No paid traffic/payment sites.
*No redirects, JavaScript links, hidden links, Flash sites/pages, or other unethical or black-hat tactics.
*Google guidelines for building links must be followed and no way should be compromised.
*No black-hat tactics. No blacklisted or Spam sites or spamming techniques. No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal or hate-based sites.
*No hidden, cloaked, or redirected in any way
*Links must be on pages with 25 outbound links at most.
*Links should not be listed, illegal and other offensive websites (spam, ban, or blacklisted
*Links must be relevant for theme industry.
*Links that are not approved will have to be replaced by service provider.

We will require an excel report with the following info every two weeks.
– Site Title
– Site URL
– Site PR
– URL of page with link
– URL Page PR
– Anchor Text
– Date Submitted
– Date Accepted

References to similar successfully completed projects to indicate your work quality via PMB


PMB us a detailed description of the SEO techniques you will be using.

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SEO – Optimize For 1 Search Term – Page 1 Google

We are looking for a skilled SEO provider to obtain organic Page Google 1 results for a well established site for just one search term. We already have excellent search engine visibility with many top rankings, however there are still certain relevant keywords that we wish to achieve Page 1 Google ranking for.

We will provide you with a list of several keywords / search terms and you can choose the ONE for which you feel confident that you are able to achieve Page 1 rankings on Google using ONLY WHITE HAT techniques. You will have the ability to view this list and decide whether you are capable of achieving a Page 1 Google ranking for any one of our desired search terms prior to accepting the project.

Payment Terms: Payment will be made after the Page 1 Google ranking is achieved. No partial payments, progress payments, or payments for partial results under any circumstances. We will only pay for a keyword/ search term that exactly matches what we have specified on our list (no variations – must be an exact match), and only after the Page 1 Google ranking has been achieved and maintained for 5 days (to rule out intermittent flukes). The Page 1 Google position in the search results must be viewable to us when we run our own Google search for the keyword. If you do not achieve a Page 1 Google ranking for an exact match of one of the terms we specify, you will not be entitled to, nor will you receive, any payment in any amount or form. By bidding on this project you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these project requirements and our terms and conditions of payment. If you are confident in your skill and abilities, you should have no problem with this. If you do not agree to these terms, or to any part of the project specifications / requirements as they appear in this listing, please do not bid as these specifications,requirements, and terms and conditions shall form the basis of our agreement and are non-negotiable.

Note that we are not looking to have content re-written by our SEO provider; all our content is written by our own subject matter experts, however, we will implement recommended changes which may affect key word density, provided such changes do not, in our opinion, compromise the quality of the content or the overall site quality.

WHITE HAT TECHNIQUES ONLY: NO GREY HAT OR BLACK HAT WHATSOEVER. All techniques must be unquestionably Google compliant.

We are looking to establish a long term, ongoing relationship on a project to project basis with a skilled SEO provider that can economically produce results per our specs. If you can meet the objective of this initial project to our satisfaction, we can keep you busy with a steady stream of regular ongoing work through our full network of sites.

Please tell us how soon we should expect to see results in Google if we use your services.

We are seeking competitive bids. Sharpen your pencil and give us your best bid. Off-shore bids are very welcome as long as you communicate fluently in English. Bid must be less than $250 USD (flat fee, one time rate) to be considered.

Thank you! We look forward to working with you and to establishing an ongoing, mutually rewarding relationship!

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YouTube SEO


We need to get the following YouTube video ranked in google on the first page blended in the natural rankings:

There are a number of keyphrases that we would like to use, which we have tried to use in the title/description etc, but I will also be guided by your advice. My understanding is that the niche is not that competative.

We have started a video production company, and so have many more videos in different sectors, therefore if this relationship works, there will be plenty more business.

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SEO For Two Websites

I have created two websites for my clients and now I need someone to do off-site SEO.
Desired keywords can be found directly on those websites, inside meta data.
First one is auction site and it is not in English.
Second one is containing free stuff and it is in English language,

I want you to help me increase page rank, number of visitors and position in Google for certain keywords.
The following tasks should be done for each website:
– put at least 40 permanent PR4+ do-follow links (no link farms, payed links or free directories) hosted on different C class servers.
– write/rewrite 3-5 SEO articles with my backlinks and publish them on high PR and high traffic websites.
– put at least 15 backlinks on blogs or social bookmarking sites
– apply any other (white-hat) task you are sure will serve the purpose (increase PR, traffic and google position)
– deliver detailed report on posted links and work done once a week.

Only whitehat tactics please. I have very limited budget, and will carefully consider both your experience and bid. You can also bid only for certain task from the list as well, but please clearly state that.

Please send a short description (or detailed if you prefer) how you can accomplish all tasks mentioned above, and what time it will take. I`m not in a hurry and do not mind slow and steady progress…

Thank you

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Seo 10 Keywords

Need google and yahoo top positions

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Seo Reputation Management

I have a very easy keyword that has some bad things saying about a person. I want these pages pushed down in the search engines to the 4th page of google. keyword is very easy . hope you can get this done in 1-2 days the latest.

serious bidders only

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Pls do SEO for 2 keywords for frengly

Please put 2 keywords in top 3 positions in 1st page for translator online translation

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SEO improve the google ranking

The natural search of the specific keywords need to become the top 5 in google search

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Google 1st page SEO needed for Astronomy site

Hi All SEOs!

Only bid if you are aserious professional and accredited SEO. This is an easy SEO project compared to other equivalents of SEO, since the niche astronomy is less competitive.

I have a blog dedicated to astronomy and IYA 2009 (International Year of Astronomy 2009) at

I want to get it on the 1 st page of the Google for following keywords.

2.IYA 2009
4.Astronomy News/ updates

A talented SEO will be qualified to the work upon selection and there will be more projects in the long run for the successful bidder.


1.No Blackhat SEO allowed.
2.All the techniques should be Google-friendly.

Bid and PM me the time that you will take to accomplish the goal.

It would be great if you could explain your action plan as well. In order to indicate you are not spamming, please commence your bid with the code "IYA42"

Thank you,
Merrily Bidding!

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