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Flash Chess Game

Full chess flash game.

We need two budget:
-only code
-complete set, code, graphics and sounds

The game will use our own API and is the style of the page OUR:

There is the old version of chess that we must update, but the game will be similar.

The connection to Facebook and databases is made directly with the SDK, so you no need to budget.

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Flash Isometric Game

Im building a flash isometric sim game in the style of Farmville. Im looking for a developer with extensive flash game development experience to help.

It will be built on top of the Pushbutton Game Engine and integrate the Robot Legs Framework and AS3 signals. I actually already have a built a working prototype that ties together the 3 major components, although I built it on top of Flex and am thinking performance wise it will be faster to build it using pure AS3 and Flash Camo for the UI. It will be a Facebook iframe based game, but you dont necessarily have to have experience with that to work on it. Architecting experience will be useful.

Please respond with relevant work that you have done and also your availability. Im looking for someone who can work 20-40 hours a week for the next several months.

Thank You,


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Facebook Multiplayer Crossword Game Client

We need a contractor to build a Facebook client for our 2-player crossword board game WordWise. We have already implemented the server, using Google App Engine, and mobile clients on both Android and iPhone.

We use GAEs native user system, requiring a Google account to log in. Were not sure how this would work in a Facebook app. The look/feel and interface should be very similar to our existing clients. The Android client is described here:

The app will be monetized with Google AdSense ads, so knowledge of integrating AdSense into a Facebook app using our info is required.

We will provide all graphics, server specs, and any other information necessary to complete the project. We require a signed agreement detailing responsibilities, ownership, scheduling, and payments. Well set up milestones for completed deliverables and expect notification of progress at least once a week.

Let us know if you can build this client and help expand our popular game to yet another platform.

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