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Online Directory Portal

Hi there,

I want a portal combined or integrated with a business directory.

The portal must have the following functions:
– on the homepage: search possibilities, weather updates, news updates from different other websites (business/sport/foreign, stock updates), event calendar, prayer times, traffic jam updates, local oil prices

The function of other webpages
– links to other websites based on category, including the design of the subscription form for the website owners
– yellow page including the design of the subscription form for the advertisers and payment method
– business information, links,
– event calender, where companies can add their own events including the events through a form or / and rss feed
– food recipes page (database), with the function for subscribers to add their own recipes
– BABY names page (database)

Design of the newsletter subscription form

The design style for the website:

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Web Scraping Of Online Shops – Clothing, Fashion, Beauty

We need someone who is very skilled at scraping data from websites.

We are looking to create a database of online beauty, clothing, fashion and jewellery stores. We have included a sample excel spreadsheet of the data we require, which contains dropdown lists of predefined categories. We would like the spreadsheet to be filled with a range of online stores across each of the categories.

This information can be extracted from public information of online business directory websites if need be.

The product/service categories in the spreadsheet these must be selected from the dropdown list provided.

Required fields are:

Store/Company Name
Website URL
Product/Service Category 1
Product/Service Category 2 (if required)
Product/Service Category 3 (if required)
Product/Service Category 4 (if required)
Product/Service Category 5 (if required)
Description / Profile
Store Country/Location
Also has a physical store?
Ships Globally?
If not globally – countries shipped to: (Comma Separated)
Email Address (if available)
Phone Number
Source (from which web directory the details were obtained from)

I only want records where all of the above fields have been collected (with the exception of Product/Service Category 2-5 and email address – which is optional). So if you can only get a company name and a website then I dont want to pay for it or receive it.

You will need to supply a csv file containing all data. You will first be expected to supply a sample containing 20 records which I will validate to be accurate by randomly visiting websites to confirm information. After this the best bidder per 1000 records will be selected.

Please provide a price per 1000 records.

Any questions please ask.

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Diseño Web Tienda Online

Necesitamos un diseño web para una tienda on-line, en castellano. SI el diseño es de calidad posibilidad de encargo de muchos más diseños.

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Need Online Web Based Software Business Solution

Need a web based online software for businesses.

PM me for full details.

Thank you.

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Online E-commerce Website

I want to create an e-commerce store for late night delivery of snacks, drinks, and misc. to college students. I have a similar site that I would like the look and feel of the site to be based off of. The website is I would like to know your best offer price and how long something like this will take.

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