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Gif Animation From Video (simple Job)

Hello, I am looking for a custom COMPRESSED Gif animated image made from a video. I bought the video from and I need the gif for a loading section of my website. This should be an easy job but I cant stress enough how much I need the GIF to be a small file size. The smaller the better. I need the GIF about 280px in height.

**Here is the video I want made into the gif:

**I need the word "Loading" added underneath and remain on the GIF in every frame.

As you can see, the video is in black and white, I would love two versions of the GIF, a negative version as well, please include in the comments whether or not you can add this extra version with your bid. The person that can offer the best value on this project and have the best reputation will get the job.

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Powerpoint Animation And Designing

Create an animated powerpoint for presentation . The PPT need to be animated, with music and video

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2D Pencil Sketch Music Video Animation

Hey Im looking to get a pencil sketched animation done as a music video for a song approximately 2 minutes in length.

I am not looking for an overly complicated animation. I just want the characters (which will be the singers) to come alive on a white background (no need for highly detailed backgrounds).

An example of a "pencil sketched" animation can be found here:

I am very passionate about this project and want to work with an artist who is dedicated to their craft and eager to create a timeless piece of art. I am looking to build a brand and business around this idea, so establishing a long term relationship is my goal. But lets take one step at a time and start with this. You can email me at air_pederson@hotmail(dot)com for further project details.

Happy bidding 🙂

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