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Need An Mp3 Placed In An Iframe On An Html Page

We have a website which is html based wordpress with wpremix theme being used.

We need the top header to be static on the site as it will contain a flash based music player which we have already made.

We would like it so when a person visits the website, the music player will auto play in the header section and when a person clicks to go to another part of the website, the top header stays there and music continues to play.

We would either like the top header iframed or the main content section below iframed. Preferably the top header would be better for SEO purposed.

Let me know your thoughts.


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New Website


I need to create a website for my DJ business. i am looking for it be built in joomla and in future be able to link some features to an iphone app i may get built also. I need to be able to manage teh site thru the cms. I do manage sites now in joomla so are very familiar with it.

I am looking to have it very much look like the below site

I do however want the calendar section to look like this one

The website must contains the following sections and functions:

1- Home page. Must have a image slider to contain up to 8 shots and auto rotate those images
2- tabs – home | about | calendar | music | gallery | video | contact
3- cms
4- I want the gallery page to operate like this one
5- I also need twitter and facebook buttons
6- The video section will grab from youtube but look like this
7- I need the calendar section to be able to have the flyer/image of the event as a thumbnail which if you click it it pops up. Lightbox thing very much the same as in the galleries section
8- The contacts page will have a form people can fill out to book me. So info will be venue, date, location, contact(name and email), hours.
9- i want a music player the same as this

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PHP Music Software Website Community

I need a web based online mixer that can play multiple mp3/wav files at the same time. The software needs to be able to play a song and breakdown the individual elements of that song in separate layers. Each layer need to have basic functions; pan, mute, volume control. Examples: digimix, iklax. The software needs to load fast. the software will have to allow members to download and upload tracks. 

PHP music website community that will allow musicians to create their own profile, post their music, and find other musicians to collaborate with and build production teams and groups. Each profile will have the software on it to collaborate with other artist on songs.

*portfolios must show relivant software development*

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We are looking for referrals (hip-hop music artists) for an upcoming project. All we need you to do is use the promotional material attached and we will pay you $1 per referral/lead whether they sign up or not. The music artist must send us either a link to their music page or two to three songs in mp3 format for review. We will pay you weekly for all of the music artists that submit their music for review. When they submit their music all you need is have them mention that you referred and we will pay you weekly.

The music artists can be from various countries.

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I need a website created for a new Record Label

It needs to be very similar to!all

So with the big logo up the top on the left side with the photo on the right, (which i will supply you of course)

Home, About, Calander, Music, Videos, Photos, And a join mailing list.Pages

I need it to be able to be easy for me to add calendar events, add photos, music videos etc.So like a blog. And so people can post comments on the videos and images. like on diddydirtymoney

Please PM me with previous websites you have build similar to this project


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I need some one to send email blasts out to (hip-hop) music artists around the world. I have the promotional material to send. Requirements: The email list must be to (hip-hop music artists). I will need blasts on a regular basis. I also need some form of information to know how many people are receiving the emails. We will be able to tell by the response anyway but we want to know so we can adjust the promotional material. We are promoting & branding our website.

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Web Designer

Looking for a web designer to revamp my music website. The structure needs to be quite simple and I have to be able to update its various sections (such as news, music and videos) on my own.

Here is (more or less) a structure that I put together myself:

NEWS (with pictures or videos)
SIGHTS & SOUNDS (With tracks that you can listen to and videos you can watch)
DISCOGRAPHY to links to iTunes

Looking for someone that is professional and prompt in delivery.

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Small Assignment Of Infrared Music Transmission System

This assignment is based on student budget.

The circuits are consist of Transmitter and Receiver, those two circuits are transmitted by Infrared LED (Tx & Rx).
It would be a simulation of the circuits, and the components hardware in the breadboard.

Mono or Stereo jack is connected from the transmitter, and we must have a tuner (variable resistor in transmitter) to tuning the volume, then we can hear the sound from the transmitter respectively.

The Objectives:
*Able to hear the sound at the transmitter as well as the input music (with any modulation technique, AM is preferable)
*Adjust the tuner, as to be the volume control of the sound

We can use any types of components. Simple basic Amplifier is recommended.
No need Programmable IC or microcontroller Unit. Just use an IC or OP-AMP chips.

The components that available at the moment right now,
*Transistor NPN BC548 and PNP 558,
*Mono Speaker 8 Ohms,
*UM66 and LM 386 for music,
*OP-AMP 741,
*Diode Zener 3.2 V,
*3 pairs of LEDs Transmitter and Receiver,
*Male jack 3.5mm (due to connection cable from computer to hardware),
*Female stereo and mono for jack 3.5mm cable,
*Voltage regulator,
*Some Capacitors and Resistors,
*Battery 9V 2pcs,
*Variable Resistors 10k Ohm, 100k Ohm


Budget is not more than $40. And the complete period would be just 3 days, from the day it posted.
Submission Maximum at Monday April 4th.

Description of Works:

1) Simulation of schematic the current circuits for both transmitter and receiver, by using Multisim or Proteus.
This simulation may be successful in the process, but it must applied to the actual components until the project works.

2) Full explanations of the simulation part. (Ms. Word files and component datasheets)

For instance;
* What modulation technique do we use.
* Basic calculations or any equations that require in the simulations
* Why we use this type of amplifiers? (i.e. OP-AMP 741)
* What the purposes of these resistor of … Ohm, Capacitor or any IC in the circuit,
* If the transmitter use modulation, how the demodulation signal going through at receiver,
* If the sound it is not clear as the input, what happened to the signals?
* Why it come with noise at the receiver?
* And other explanations, regarding how the circuit works properly.

NOTE : The job is only the schematic simulations in the software ($25) and full explanations of why it works and operates, I would ask some questions if necessary ($15). Therefore I will construct the hardware in the breadboard myself.

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Music Website

I am a musician and worship leader and i am looking for a website.
I want a website that has the same capabilities and even style as
I need to be able to edit the content basically myself.

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Basic Beat Selling Website Like

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i want a basic member base website were producers can sell beats made in joomla like or i am working on a budget

I want this to be done in Joomla or any other souce code using any components you think will be perfect. But I want this to be unique job and work very well. Basically a site where users can sell their music beats. With membership and SOE
Here are my specifications;

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5 Music CD Reviews $6.00 Each

I need 5 different CD Reviews of the same CD for total of $30.00.
Each review should be 200-400 words in length. Please only bid $30-$50, GOOD ENGLISH IS A MUST.

Thank you

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For Aragorn Only – Flash Game: Put The Note On The Staff

Project: Create a childrens flash music game that helps them learn to place/write notes on the treble and bass staves.

Outline: Game is to be created like past games (same colors, format, etc) and has score card and email sender. The game basically includes levels 1,2 and 3 where a note is lit up on a keyboard and the player needs to "drag and drop" a whole note on the staff line/space that indicates the keyboard note. The staff highlights a certain area on the treble or bass staff so that player knows which octave the keyboard note is within.

Let me know if you have any further comments.


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JW Player Add-ons And New Features

We require having our JW Player edited so that we can have the following features on our Music and Video page.
1. File (mp3 or mp4) title
2. Artist name
3. Date added
4. Number of downloads
5. A

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Need 20,000 Votes On Music Contest2

Need 20,000 votes on music Contest
for a online radio station.

Whether you know how to generate separate votes yourself from different IPs,
or your able to use social networks, I need 20,000 votes within a week
once I submit my music into the contest.

When you bid, please state what method you are going to use AFTER visiting the contest link and seeing how it works!
Here is the link to the contest

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Music Playlist

Hello i have and webstite with online music video and i wan a playlist for users as: . Than you.

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Music Download Platform

We are looking for someone who can develop a digital media platform so that our musicians can sell their music on our website much like & are doing. Using PayPal as the payment platform.

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Create A Promotional Video (pics, Info & Music)

I need a promotional video to promote some music artists I represent. I want to have their pictures flashed on the video. I would also like their contact information flashed as well. This video is meant to brand my company as well. I would like to have an action movie styled score as the background music for the video. I want to really bring a lot of attention to our website by using our logo throughout the promotional video. I will want you to send us the file for the video so we can post it on youtube as well. The video can be anywhere from 3 to 4 minutes long. This is not a video that will have motion in it. Simply pictures, information and music. Let me know if you can do thi. Send me your experience, examples of your past work as well as your rates. Thank you.

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Music Site Squeeze Page Traffic

Target Driven Traffic to Electronic Dance Music Squeeze Page.
Drive traffic to squeeze (sign up box) page for electronic dance music project. The Traffic generated must be interested in the genre of music (ie Dance, House, Techno)
All methods of traffic generation must be legit
Numbers Target: 10,000 subscribers in 2 months
Budget: $70 – $120

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Music Producers Needed

We are a Danish audio production company, working with large Danish and international companies and musicians.

Currently, we are on the lookout for freelance music producers for a long term relationship with paid assignments. We want producers working in Ableton Live or Logic, but are willing to make an exception if your work is exceptional.

Please contact us if you feel you can fit one of the positions below:
Music Producer
Genre: Electro House, Techno, Dance
Software: Ableton Live or Logic
Music Producer
Genre: Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop
Software: Ableton Live or Logic
Music Producer
Genre: Dubstep, Electronica
Software: Ableton Live or Logic
Mixing Engineer
Industry-standard quality with a edgy, powerful pop sound
Software: Ableton Live, Logic or ProTools
Mastering Engineer
Industry-standard quality, ability to work with many genres

Quality and professionalism is a must, but we are also looking for competitive prices. Please send demos or links to website and portfolio. Bids without demos will not be considered. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Sound Effects For Online Slot Games14

Looking for someone to create custom sound and sound effect and music for online slot games and animation . You must have worked on this type or project before to be awarded the Job. we will like to heard demos of your work .
Go to and under the video slots tab choose the Game Gold Diggers that s what you need to be able to do or please dont bid!!

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Totally Unique Music Creation App, Only Needs 2 GUI Buttons!

Hi and thanks for reading this,

With so many apps out there already it is now quite rare to create something unique, something that hasnt been done before but I have done it.

I have designed a totally unique music creation app there is nothing like it, its fun and anyone can use it. It is so simple to control requiring probably only 2 GUI buttons yet can produce some amazing results, you will be surprised what can be achieved using such a simple technique. The public are gonna love it!

There are many possibilities to expand it and add extra features such as social sharing and rating of the songs created, the only limits to where we can take this will be your skills as the developer. I would be happy with even just the basic but unique functionality, but to make some serious money we need to cover all bases.

I have a great name for it which describes it perfectly and is very marketable.

The UI design will be very simple but stylish, very colourful and also very marketable.

I am looking to release initially on Iphone and soon after on Android, if I dont release on both then someone else will I promise you.

The ideal developers for this project would be experienced with Iphone (Android experience would be a plus) with a passion for music creation. You will need to know how access the microphone and how to record and playback the audio stream.

I really believe I have something big here and need people who are passionate and skilled to develop this with me.

I am open to offers regarding fees and will consider all offers.

Only serious talented developers who are prepared to sign an NDA need apply.

This app will make us a lot of money, Im sure of it.

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IR Audio(music) Transmitter And Receiver Using PWM

This project is a ir audio(music) transmitter and receiver using pulse width modulation as the technique to convert the audio music signal into digital and transmit this digital signal using infrared, the receiving side must be able to hear the music clearly. the transmitter side and the receiver sides must have volume adjustment separately.

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***** 25,000 Facebook Fans For RAP MUSIC ARTIST


Need 25,000 Real facebook fans for an upcoming new Rap Artist
Please Contact me with previous facebook fan pages you have helped succeed.
And also please let me know how you get the fans, as this is important for my selection,

Payment will be made after i see the fans as i have twice previously paid companys to get fans for facebook pages, and they have not delivered so i have lost my money.

Looking to start asap, look forward to your response.


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Music Producer Website To Sell Beats And Apparel

I am looking to get a website done for to be able to sell beats online. The site will navigation links for Home, About Us, Beats, Artist We Produced and Beatnomics Apparel, Member Login. On top of that:

1) The site must be simple to navigate through. Not too much bells and whistles but a nice "clean, creative,edgy" look (check for example)

2) The site must be able to stream our beats (instrumentals) and give the option to buy through paypal and/or regular merchant card (see below websites for references) and allow the user to download the beat automatically after purchase (Digital Download)

3)The site should be a self-sufficient setup to allow me to update whenever possible without having to contact any designer.

4) Member Login for

*Work done for a music producer in your portfolio is a PLUS!!

*Examples of websites that sell beats online

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Music Website With Search Options


I want to website for LEGAL music download (from Amazon, iTunes …)

Website must have amazing graphic and search feature (artist – name of the song)

Please attach screenshot of the site in action


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Mp3 Music Player With Paypal Checkout

Hi all,

i am looking for a mp3 player that is linked to PayPal to allow the sales of instrumental beats from my website (

the player would also need to send the buyer a link to their email address where they will be able to download the purchased music after which the link would expire.

something very similar to the one here:

hope to hear from some1 soon.


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System Php/jquery

New system / site
– management of letters and artists
– Full cache system
– template system
– language file
– dynamic url, following the current
– import letters
– menu music with music by initial letter
– menu with music by initial letter of the artists
– cue the music page for registered users
– system of Reviews page for registered users
– voting system, with notes for songs and artists
– system of registration, login, profile
– formalario recommendation by email
– page music more accessible
– most visited page of artists
– page with songs with more notes
– page with artists with higher scores
– if you change the schema of the database file to import the songs and artists

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Blogger, Social Media Updates (b)

Looking to hire an Editor in Chief to run a blog on music licensing / music publishing.

In addition, the editor will also monitor, post and reply on Facebook and Twitter.

Expecting to have daily updates, posts on recent trends, issues as they relate to music licensing.

Willing to pay up to $25-$30 weekly fee.

To qualify, please indicate what you know about music licensing and if youre able to write proper articles/blogs, etc. Id also like to possibly see a blog/article related to the topic you wrote, where available.

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Need Software Script Written To Update Music To Mp3 Players

We would just like a simple program that we can use to distribute our latest music files to our clients computers. The program must connect to our server, see what music files are new, download them, delete the old ones from the local drive and thats basically it.

We want a reliable program and a clean looking GUI. You are free to use what ever data structures and specific implementation styles you like, so long as it works and is compiled ready for MAC and PC.

I (a software developer myself) will be available to guide you through any questions you might have throughout the development process.

Below is an example algorithm description of what it MIGHT look like. Yes its that easy! We just want a PROFESSIONAL job.

1) Main program is Run

2) Main program will initialize global variables and load a data file (index of existing music files and stored variables)

3) Main program will call CompareVersions() which will compare the "current" music files on the HDD to the "latest" ones on the server

4) A catch will be implemented here, to ensure proper internet connectivity
5) CompareVersions() will call Fetch(), which will fetch an xml file off the server, which has the latest list "version" a list of music files

6) CompareVersions() will load the xml file variables into the Main Program

7) CompareVersions() will compare the version number variable from the xml file to the version number variable in the local data file.

8) If the version numbers are the same, CompareVersions() will call AllGoodNotification() which tells the user they are up to date, then return

9) If the version numbers are different, CompareVersions() will call Update() and then return.

10) Update() will load the indexed list of music files from the local data file

11) Update() will check the index of files on the data file to the index of files in the xml file

12) Update () will delete any files that are in the data file that are not listed in the latest xml file.

13) Update() will delete the entries of those files in the data file

14) Update() will download any files that are in the latest xml file index that are not listed in the data file index. The full server path will be provided in the xml file

15) Update() will add the new file location paths to the index of the data file

16) Update() will call AllGoodNotification() then terminate

17) Main Program will terminate

Again, help understanding the functionality of the program will always be available. Access to the server XML file will be available, and the structure of the XML file will be your design. To sum this up each store will have an mp3 player that will have the software that you make and when they plug their mp3 player up to their computer it will ask for new updates and then they just click on it and it will give them the new music. Hope this all makes sense and I look forward to working with you.
Thanks in advance!

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