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Web Site Thumb Nails Script Needs Help

Web Site Thumb Nails script needs help

The script was working but we had to move and reinstall it on godaddy. No longer works
Hosting – Shared – Deluxe – Windows

I have checked the paths to besure they are right and everything so I am not sure why its not working.

Its running the script:

and IECapt.exe is in the folder with the script

Test site the thumb nail script works with:

I dont think this could be to much to fix if you know this kind of programming

I dont need it done fast but would like to be sure it works well after its done.

The images that show on the demo site were ones that the system caught before it stopped working

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TWO Logos Required

Two Logos Required

My client requires 2 logos for
two completely different businesses.

His budget is $40 per logo

We require 3 concepts of EACH logo
and unlimited revisions until we are happy.

Nickys Nails .com
This is for a manicure website
Cleint would like this to be arty and asks that you think
"outside the box" rather than just finger nails being painted

Needs to include the domain name: Nickys
and with upper case letter "N"s and lower case others.
(this is to stop reading the domain as nicky snails)

Would like to see ideas inpastel shades
and also in vibrant, fresh colours

This is for an accountant site (payroll related)

The letters PAYE are an abbreviation for "Pay As You Earn"
(this is widely understood in the UK)
and thus need to be UPPER CASE

This logo needs to be professional looking
and carry an air of "authority"

We are open to colour suggestions on this one


Two logos – one project

Clients budget is $40 per logo

You must have a large portfolio and have excellent
feedback on Freelancer

You will be bidding to construct TWO logos

Please remember clients total budget is $80

We will place full amount in escrow and release when we are happy
with finished logo

Happy bidding

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Buyer Sourcing Agent / Distributors

To all prospects,

This time of the year is very busy for our company. Our goal for you is distribute the following products from our manufacture: Mobile Note Taker, Digital Nails Printer, Automatic Coffee Machine, Brand name or generic cell phones, 7 inch handheld portable LCD digital tv, Portable radio/Tv/Dvd, Solar Street light (Govt), ,Solar air conditioner, and Quran Readpen. Our compensation is 10% of net profit on completed deals.We also include benefits incentives and bonuses. In our benefits package, every 5000 USD you make in commission, you will receive a 3 days/ 2 nights stay at a 5 star resort of your choice anywhere in the world ( all airfares, meals, visa/passport payment included).

We hope you can join this humble journey with us in growing Finest Source into a large enterprise.We welcome you to this partnership and we look forward to hear from you soon. Upon your reply to us, we will reply back with the catalogs of the products.

Thank you for your corporation!

Sales Department

Finest Sourc

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Fantasy Creatue Drawings – $15 Each

I am looking for a series of new fun and strange fantasy creatures for a kids manga universe.
The fantasy creatures must be some combination of

two or more known animals
two or more common fable creatures (unicorns, griffons, dragons)
one or more know animal and one or more known fable creature


1-4 elemental representations

Basically i need creatures that are unique and have a link to one or more of the four elements.

Example creatures could be a

FireFart Dragophant (dragon+elephant that shoorts fire from behind)
Stoneback gizelle (Giraf and Gazelle with a back made out of stone or stone spikes)

Basically anything goes here but it has to be drawn with a great level of details.

All concepts must be made in MINIMUM 300 dpi, 6500x4500px and delivered as a layered PSD file in addition to PNG with transparent background and JPG with white and black backgrounds.

All concepts must be designed with vector and at least

1 layer that include the lineart
1 layer that include major colors
1 layer that include minor colors (eye colors, teeth, nails, small haired areas, ears etc)

The more layers (with descriptive titles) the better but the three above layers are minimum.

All files must be delivered via a free online website such as sendit in a single compressed file (zip or rar compatible).

If you are interested in producing two or more unique creatures post a PM with a mockup or lineart draft of atleast one creature along with details about the other creatures you have in mind.

All payments are made via the escrow system upon delivery and acceptance

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Generate Telemarketing List For Downtown Atlanta

I need to have an excel document generated, which contains the following fields for businesses within the desired zip codes.

Business Name, Business Owner, Phone Number, Address, Email/Website (if possible, Fax number

These need to be CURRENT, and be more than just yellow page listings – I want as complete a listing for each as possible.

I need these categories of businesses:

Restaurants, Hair Salons, Barbers , Cleaning ,Nails , Oil Changes,
Gyms , Massage Movies , Concerts, Events , Beauty Salons , House Cleaning,
Makeup , Shoes , Clothing ,Groceries ,Car Washes, Lawyers,
Dentistry ,Tutoring , Handy Men , Painting ,Lawn Service ,PC Services,
Sports ,Coffee Shops , Laundry , Nutrition ,Doctors , Entertainment,
Pet Care ,Florists

For the following zip codes:

Thanks in advance!

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For Chiara71 : 4 Articles


750 words on the following topics – I expect a bid of 30 USD…

How to make a professional back massage?
How to make a professional foot massage?
How to stop biting your own nails?
How Can You Lose Weight Through Hypnosis?


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Need to find a web designer that is able to design a web membership site. The site will have a log in and member sign in page. Then will interact with other members. It will have ratings of members. Members will post items to sell. So web designer must have e-commerce experience., paypal and other forms of payment. Must have previous examples of similar web sites.

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