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NDNP Newspaper Pages

The Library of Congress (LC) and the National Endowment for the Humanities are jointly developing the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). Ultimately, over a period of approximately 20 years, NDNP will establish a national, digital resource of historically significant newspapers published between 1836 and 1922, digitized by consortia representing all states and U.S. territories. This searchable database will be permanently maintained at the Library of Congress and be freely accessible via the Internet. In order to create test data to facilitate development of the system architecture, LC will scan microfilm from its own newspaper holdings.

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National List – For Masna

Hi Masna,

Please bid on the project here for national emails.


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GIS Solutions Identity Management

GIS development. Can you get us in touch with affordable developers to create a demo GIS application. That will have the following features:
1.Geo-reference locations of national ID card holders.
2. Generate Geo-statistical reports such as:
· Demographic distribution of national ID card holders
· Demographic distribution of demographic National ID card holders according to gender/ age/location
· Map ID card registration according to date i.e monthly /quarterly/ bi-annually/ annually.
Candidate Having min 2 to 5 years experience in Software Development with hands on knowledge on
1. Good in developing using content management system such as joomla.
2. Good at graphics design
3. Php,mySQL, ajax and javascript
4. Can develop prototypes rapidly and deliver on time.

If interested candidates

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National High Five Project Website

National High Five Project website job description

National High Five Project is a non-profit organization centered around the holiday National High Five Day. The nonprofit will be a service organization that uses this and other holidays to raise money for scholarships. The major vehicle for fund-raising will be a website.

All content and copy will be provided, but the contractor will be in charge of all graphic design. The domain has already been purchased and there is an existing website that can be scratched for the new one. If necessary, we can upgrade storage and bandwidth, or even change hosting accounts to a preferred service.

Required features:
– professional-looking design
– streamlined mechanism for receiving donations via several payment options.
– online entry of short snippets of text tied to each donation
– live streaming webcam of NH5D events, with minute-by-minute updates of sponsor names and graphics below. Automated integration of donations with this sponsor display would be nice, but the list of sponsors and their time blocks could also be entered manually if necessary.
– integration and links to iTunes for preview and purchase of audio and video files
– "auction / raffle" capabilities

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National Directory With City By City Sorting

I need a directory. which is national but can hold businesses from different cities. teh backend programming must find the local business for the visit in the different cites.
Good artwork is a plus and I will pay extra for.

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National Directory Website

I need a national directory site for dentists in the US.
Must have features similar to:
People will search by city or zip codes.

Nice design preferred

want delivery sooner than in 12 days
Must be reachable by skype and talk by skype voice.

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Woodpress Need To Code National Web Directory

I have my pages designed in photoshop I need a coder who can put them in wordpress and complete the directory.
Less then 10 pages. Completion desired in 1 weeks time. skype contact helpful.

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Need 2 Personal Injury National Keywords To Page One Of Goog

Need 2 personal injury national keywords to page one of google

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Lawyer

both keywords need to get to page one,

budget is $1200max

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SEo National Directory ? Local Searches

THis is a long term realtionship that I seek. It is neccesary that we can communicate by skpe voice. THis site is a Directory site. Similar to, (except a different industry).
People are going to search by the main keyword + the city that they are in, , like plumbers New York.
I will require: 1- a low rate 2- interview you to determine that you understand this type of promotion/ seo.
3- what your ideas are for seo.4- I am mainly looking for you to optimize this site. Everything else will follow that.
If you are not an expert with this type of site promotion do not waste your or my time. YOu will get stumped in my questioning.

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Place Comments On National Newspaper Articles Online

We need a freelancer to place comments on 50 newspaper articles online that address executive coaching, business coaching, and coaching for lawyers. Out of these 50, at least 20 sites should allow "follow" links.

We provide you with a list of US National Publications for you to research online and give you the comments to post. You basically do the research of the newspaper articles that fit our requirements above and cut and paste the comments we provide to you.

We prefer to work with someone who is familiar with executive coaching and business coaching and can speak and write intelligently on the subject for a long working relationship. We require the comments be placed through at least 3 different IP addresses, and that you provide us with a spreadsheet listing the urls where the comments have been placed.

All comments must be posted and approved by the newspaper site in order to count against the 50 we need. The comments should be posted on different days and times and the project should be completed within 15 days from the day we give you the information you need.

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Craig’s List Local And National Ads

This project is for Symul. Details of project:

I need you to promote my website locally and nationally.
You will post a total of 5 ads per day or 30 ads per week.
Assignment is for one month or until canceled.

I will provide ads.
The cities and states.
I pay for ads that stick.
$31.25 Paid weekly $125.00/mo.
Start immediately.


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PM us with link to your web design portfolio please! We need to see many examples of great work before we decide to hire you!

We need a professional real estate website designed and coded.. The website will be a national site that has pages with states and cities. Here are examples of websites we really like:

The website will need the ability to sell "Featured Listings".. So when a real estate agent is on a city page, they can click "buy an ad" and they will be directed to a page to add credit card info, type in all of their details, and then have the ad automatically displayed on that page.

Will also need to have article sections and blog section that can be easily updated. A very good, easy to use admin for us is very important.

Please PM us with prices and portfolio.. Thanks!

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National Speaker Showcase

I need a logo for a National event coming up.

It is for a big event roadhow that will showcase top Australian speakers.

The audience will be large corporate entities and event planners who wish to book these speakers.

We need something corporate but funky and modern too.

I though of having an icon/image/design to the left and National Speaker Showcase layered on top of each word to the right.

Our other corporate colours are red blue and grey – but black can be ok too.

Think big exhibition venue logos but on a more creatiove level.

Hope this gives enough information.

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Scientific Proposal Preparation For Recruiting

International Scientific Proposal Preparation
-Engineer Recruiting Approach
-Scientist Recruiting Approach
-Management Methods
1.Staffing Plan
-Technical Proposal

Time Frame For Preparation 5 Days.

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UK Press And Media Online And Offline Coverage

We are about to launch a new UK website that will have wide appeal around the UK. The new site is very novel, unique and will appeal to all age groups, males and females, in the UK. Covering local, regional and national areas around the UK.

We require an experienced PR person, with good contacts in the UK media, online and offline, who can help us to generate local, regional and national media coverage – newspapers, radio, magazines and internet media coverage from an already established and well connected press contact list Our new website is based on a social networking theme and we hope to deploy viral marketing tactics to really boost visitor numbers to the new website

We have a number of excellent press stories which should wet the appetite of the UK media in England, Scotland Wales and Ireland.

Should we find the right person for this website launch – well be keen to consider hiring the PR person on a monthly retainer to carry on promoting the website to local, regional and national media outlets.

Please only submit a bid for this project if you have a genuine track record with working with the UK media. And have some examples of previous press and medis campaigns that youve worked on. We know that we could work with online Press Release agencies, to submit press releases to the UK media, however, we would like to work with someone that has already got a good press contact list to help us promote our new website and advise us on press releases and media campaigns

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US Twitter Followers Needed

Need 50,000 US Twitter followers fast!
Were getting ready to launch a collective/group buying site where well promote great deals from national retailers.

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Need 100,000 US Twitter Follows

Need 100,000 US Twitter followers fast!
Were getting ready to launch a collective/group buying site where well promote great deals from national retailers.

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Yahtzee Online

Online Yahtzee

Technical requirements:
– Clean HTML/CSS
– Game play in the same window if able


Yahtzee online will be free for playing. Web site visitors can just click and play and after completion will be prompted to register for the high score list and other activities or just to continue playing. There will be no multiplayer, just single player mode.

I need to have many competitions included. Players can choose for what competition will they play:
1. World Cup
2. National Cup
3. National World Cup
4. Just for high scores

Competitions will be based on seasons, seasons will be divided by weeks. First week will be qualifications, second

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Chinese National With Excellent English Skills

We need a Chinese national with shipping experience to overseas businesses, to locate suitable home decor, gift manufacturers and packaging/print services in China, who provide high quality home decor and gift manufacturing services similar to the type we require at an acceptable price.

We have experience with manufacturing overseas and pricing through such manufacturers, so prices given to us will be sorted , verified and checked against our previous and current manufacturer prices.

We manufacture products in quantities of 500 – 4000 per item per order, We have or will soon have around 250 product designs to be manufactured, so we require well established manufacturers.
We will provide the drawings/ samples of goods to be manufacture

We need you to
locate suitable manufacturers, for various types of goods and materials (ceramic/ poly resin/wood based)etc
obtain FOB quotes for quantities to be ordered
obtain production ability (timeframe from order to packaged goods)
co-ordinate sending of samples by mail or express services,
delivery of goods to packaging company
co-ordinate shipping to Australia ( after price variations/options/times etc are accepted)

When placing your bid, prove your experience and ability to work as an honest and competent independent agent for us on an ongoing basis, your location in China, and availability to contact and visit upon providers if necessary.

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Media Buying/planning

Looking for someone who is effective and efficient with experience in online media buying and planning.
Looking for ongoing help on an hourly basis. Please provide an hourly rate and some background. There may be some viral and social media marketing needs as well. Knowledge of SEM/SEO helpful. Likely 20ish hours per month to start. We provide consulting, advertising and search services for our clients. Current projects include: localized efforts for national homebuilder with multiple divisions, national effort for video production house.

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Need a graphics designer ( Only Native Indian )

I badly Need a copy of a India utility bill , like water bill, electric bill , which should have an Indian address it can be yours, then you need to photo shop it using the name and info I give you.

I also need An Indian national ID/Driving license. Using my information you have to prepare an Indian national ID for me. In this purpose you also need to use photo shop so I am reminding you again that your graphics designing skill need to be enough to get this work done properly.

Please reply me asap. Very Urgent !!!

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Excel or Access Phone Number, National Call Registry, and Z Estimate Lookup Macro

I have a list of 1000s of Home Owners names and addresses. I would like to have 1-3 macros written that
1) Look up owner phone number
2) Find out the number is on national do not call list
3) Find out house value according to either or (whichever is easier)

Note, could also be written in Excel or Access, whichever is more feasible.

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After the point of sale offer your customer $100 in retail store gift card vouchers, just for trying a 7 day trial of National Readers Publications, and Universal Buying Club.

National Readers features seven nationally acclaimed magazine publications. The Universal Buying Club guarantees you the lowest prices on just about everything you buy. Customers enjoy huge savings on cars, furniture, appliances, hotels, movies entertainment and much more.

A payment of $6.95 each covers shipping and handling of membership materials for National Readers and Universal Buying Club.
National Readers Publications has hundreds of titles to choose from. Cancel or change magazines anytime free of charge.

Universal Buying Club Guarantees $1000 in savings the first year.

Unless the customer calls to cancel prior, 10 days after the initial payment (we allow 3 days for mail delivery) National Readers Publications begins to bill $39.95 per month, and Universal Buying Club begins to bill $29.95 per month
$13 for each new member charged the shipping & handling fee for each of the two programs. $26 for both.


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Kick-off Case :: related to "Learning and development in multilingual and multicultural contexts".

Please dont bid more then $2

A case doesnt mean having answers right away – a case means rather
coming up with guiding questions related to your own personal or professional interests.

In this first case-work we invite you to bring in your experiences or questions stemming from a specific multicultural and multilingual context. You may think about your former or current work setting (be it a local intercultural youth club or a multinational corporation etc.), the mixed population of the city or region you live in, a particular age cohort (e.g. pre-school) or target group (e.g.
people from bi-national families), multilingual media, identity construction in young or transforming nations (e.g.with regard to a national anthem), a particular concern within a national curriculum (e.g. bilingual literacy) …

Please think about detailing as much as you feel comfortable with and are already knowledgeable about:
a) the specific and/or general nature of the problem, kick-off case addresses within the overall question of "Learning and development in multilingual and multicultural contexts";

b) the methodological issues the case raises (i.e. What kind of
information needs to be collected? by which means? from which
sources? which challenges will probably arise?);

c) what you, personally, expect to learn from the detailed analysis of the kick-off case you are submitting with regard to the profile you would like to develop.

Please provide us with a presentation of the case are currently most
interested in. You are free to choose the form and style which seems most suitable to you (essay, outline, plan, article, video, online article, web-site, multi-modal presentation integrating speech and images etc.). If written a range of appr. 1500

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For HBpencil pencil only (April 7, 2009)

Please bid 60 USD for this project and 3 days for this project.

I agree to pay you 42 CNY per hour for 10 hours of work based on the mid-market exchange rate listed at on the day I pay you for this GetAFreelancer project because you have successfully completed the 10 hour probationary period you completed and agree to sign the NDA and provide me with a copy of your national identification card (or similar document) within 72 hours after I pay you via GetAFreelancer for the 10 hour probationary period you completed.

You will provide me wit the completed NDA and scanned copy of your national identification card (or similar document) as a PDF or JPEG format.

The NDA and scanned copy of your national identification card (or similar document) must be no more than 3 megabytes in size.

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