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Need 500 Twitter Accounts, DO NOT Need Followers.

I need 1000 twitter accounts made from different IPs and should be atleast week old and not suspended. Payment will be made 3 days after the task completion to see if provided accounts are not suspended ones.

I buy new twitter accounts…. the Accounts DO NOT Need followers.

If you have existing twitter accounts that you want to sell, please see if your accounts meet the following criteria.

1- Has user pic
2- Has normal username
3- Has custom background
4- Has bio information
5- Is email verified

need 500 Twitter accounts delivered to me in a Notepad file in this format: username,password. I need the emails used sent back in a separate Notepad file.

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You Only Need To Call To The U.S.A,

Very simple, I sell a piece of clothing on ebay, but buyers are not satisfied, I am willing to

work with buyers to resolve this problem, but can not contact the buyer,
So I need you to give buyers a call to tell him, you can help me to communicate with buyers,of

course, I am very willing to solve this problem for buyers,
of course ,Of course, if you help me solve this problem, I am happy to pay.
Please note that do not cause inconvenience to the buyer, I need you to communicate to buyers

satisfaction, can not let buyers find objectionable,
If you are willing please contact me, I may not wait until the end of the project will be

decided in advance, please contact me quickly,

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Need Several Things Done.

I need several additions made to my website:

(1) When people add files to their shop for purchase, it is required you upload a .zip/.tar. I want to make this feature completely optional. I also want to give the option for the shop user to create a page (that can include text and pictures) in place of uploading a .zip/tar file

(2) I want you to create a new system.
– Admin wise: I need you to give me the ability to categorize things by state and then the sub level by universities. By doing this you will need me to be able to create a new page dedicated towards the state i.e and then the sublevel
– Admin wise: you will need to add a new option to allow me to assign users to a state and university manually by editing their profile (there is already an admin profile feature available).
– Admin wise: when creating the link feature – i need two abilities. On the university page I will need you to list all of the universities I add in that particular state, by allowing me to write their names in full. But the links will need to be shorter, so i will need you to allow me to setup an abbreviated university name for the link.
– What is the purpose of this feature? I need users to be able to list their shops according to state and university. So when they click on a particular state and university, they will be able to view all the shops in that university.
User wise: Users should be able to edit their profile to list themselves according to state and university. When they do this, they should be able to show up in the new listing feature.

(3) I want to create a forum like feature based on the new state/university feature. Ultimately, once people click on their university link they should be sent to an original page designated by their university. There should an option to view the shops, and then there should be a listing of all the forums.
– Admin wise: Every university page should have the same forums automatically.
– Admin wise: Some forums will be free to post, and some will be paid. On unibookswap, people add funds to maintain an account balance. With the paid forums, a deduction from the balance should be made in order to make the thread.
– Admin wise: ips should be visible in posts for admins only, including replies. The ability to delete posts and closing the post to new replies should be available as well.
– Forum categories/posts should be in table/box like format kinda like Like showing the users profile picture, including date and time.. seperating with replies.. only so many replies on a page until you have to go to the next page.

(4) I need the ability for people to set a timezone. Currently the software only uses the servers timestamp. But i need all posting throughout the entire software to be based on their own timezone. Any modifications should be added to help adjust daylight savings time as well.

(5) I want the ability for people to view the homepage while theyre signed in.
– I also want the ability to post annoucements on the main site, kinda like a blog. Basic format like title, date, blog entry. After so many entries, i want the ability for multiple archived pages to be setup. Like page 1, page 2, etc

(6) Currently you can browse to see who is online but its broken. I need this fix. Once people login they always stay logged in. If you can set it so people are offline after they become idle for so many minutes, that would be awesome.

(7) I also would like you to improve the overall design and look as well. Using any knowledge you have.

P.S as i write this my server is down but should be backup soon. (I made references to my website etc)

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I Need Someone To Run A Softwere For Me On His Computer

I need someone to run an extractor softwere for me on his computer. You dont do anything. I will enter with teamviewer and start the extractor and several times a day I will let you know and enter to collect the data extracted. Basicaly you dont do nothing!!!!?? You need to have a strong internet connexion. You just leave the softwere running in the background and do your stuff.

PS: Preferably people from United States , Canada or near. But it works on every computer in the world as well.

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Organo Gold

Organo gold is instant coffee, mocha, hot chocolate, green tee and lates infused with ganoderma.There are other products as well such as premium beauty soap, grapeseed oil extract, 100% organic ganoderma lucidum capsules, 100% organic ganoderma spore powder and ganoderma lucidum mycelium capsules. Ganoderma lucidum is a mushroom that has been used for thousands of years in China. Ganoderma is composed of complex carbohydrates and ganoderic acids that promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, supports a healthy liver and increases oxygen circulation. I need an assistant to market my product to as many people and busineses as possible, which will in turn grow my mlm business. Is there anyone that can help me with this for a reasonable price?

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I Need Refferals

Hello Everyone

Join and work daily on following sites. You can earn 80 – 100 PM. do serious work. you can earn more by referring others.

ITS FREE to join ..Good Luck.. any problem in earning or any que ask me any time

Thank You

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Need Voiceover (10-13mins)

I have a 10-13min sales script. Looking for an experienced voice over artist.
Please send portfolio / samples

female + male candidates welcome.

If youve got good rates and can get projects done quickly will have LOTS more work for you to do.

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Need Lots Of Short Similar Videos Created

I am looking for someone to create lots of small videos for me advertising my website. All the videos will be between 28-33 seconds long. We will start out by making one video advertising my site that is pretty general in nature. Once this video is made, the rest of the videos will follow the same basic template with only a few elements changed in each video. The videos can be done in slideshow format. There will be a little creative element and a little fading in and out of pictures. You may have to aquire stock photos to do the first video. All the same pictures can be used for the rest of the videos. For the rest of the videos all you will be doing is changing some text. There will be background music with the video you will have to provide. Basically everything in the video is the same, you just have to change some scrolling text within each video. I would like to have 50 videos made total. And of course as Ive already said, the other 49 after the first will be exactly like the first with only a few elements changed. This is more busy work then creative work, but the videos do need to look real nice.

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Tribu – Mayreau Island

I would like to copy the following website,
Ill work with you to provide the rewritten content and photos that are appropriate to my site. You must be able to quickly take the framework already in place on this page and rebuild it so that I can email you a few pages of content at a time and you enter it in. I would like to choose my freelancer in 24 hours, give you 48 hours to build your framework, and then give you 3 or 4 pages of content each day for the next week or so until we are read to take the page live.
We would need to make a few changes, such as removing tabs " reservations" and "packages" and adding tab "ownership opportunities".

Please also quote your hourly rate for subsequent site maintenance and modifications.

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Need To Find PS3’s Firmware 3.15 Or Less

Hi there,
Our firm requires Playstation 3s with firmware 3.15 or less, or 3.21b (Not 3.21).
The ideal candidate should be able to locate at least 50 of these units and arrange for delivery to our location in Canada.
Thanks in advance for your interest!

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Mambo Problem (only For Branahr)

I need you for a problem with Mambo… Thanks in advance

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Virtualbox Second VM Bridging

I need to bridge second VM on Virtualbox

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In Need Of A Snappy Showbiz Name!

Im a composition student, with the hope of becoming a musical theatre composer in particular, but also a composer of lyrical opera, and perhaps film and video game music. As I have now moved to Austria for an exchange year, I have decided to see if I can adopt a showbiz name, an alias that is easier to remember and perhaps more fitting for the part of the entertainment business that I wish to enter. Unfortunately, Im better at writing music than finding a snappy name, so I thought I would give a try and see if anyone can help me.

Obviously I dont want to post very detailed information about my person, Im only going to provide those, should they be of any assistance, to the bidder that I choose.

Here are some reasons I would like a stage name:
1) The usual one: my given name (even though the shorter version I use is norwegian) is sometimes hard enough for my countrymen to understand and pronounce. Foreigners wont even try to pronounce my last name. And it has got an "ø" which is only found in Norwegian, Danish and Faroese. My name is my brand name and should not be a hindrance.
2) Im of mixed heritage and due to national stereotyping, my nationality doesnt match my appearance. Most people will think Im from a mediterranean country, but due to my mysterious name, I always have to explain it by saying Im from Norway, which first leads to shock (since all Norwegian are white blondes of course), and then often to apathy since, Im learning, that Norway is not a very interesting concept

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Fan Box Font Design

Need someone to style the fonts in a facebook fanbox that is displayed on a customers website. The fanbox on the customers site currently has the standard facebook styling. We have changed the background colour but need the fonts styles and colours changed . I believe this will need to be done dynamically as the facebook app seems to dynamically write inline styles, overriding our external css stylesheets on the customers website.

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Photo Editing

Someone who can do simple photo editing on a regular basis (most likely 100-200 photos a month) is needed. We would send you photos of products that will be put on a website (through Dropbox or some other file sharing software). We just need someone to take the background out of the photos so only the product is showing and send them back to us.

Let us know your price per photo or in batches.

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Need Facebook Accounts

Profile picture should not be obsene…have to be at least 1-2 months old….have at least 10-20 friends…

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Just For Philmakerz

Hi Dave, This is just to formalise what we have already discussed. I need the formats on Disc and mailed.

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We Need A Prototype Made!

We have an idea that we would like someone to develop a prototype of. Most likely it will be made of metal and ceramic. That may chance if we decide along with you that something else would be better.

Bidder must reside in the USA as a legal confidentiality agreement has been drawn up by our attorney and it must be signed before we discuss the project. Compensation is negotiable. Item will be small, hand held and our estimate is 8-12 inches long. It is not complex. I believe it will be a very simple project.

Once we have one exceptable prototype made we will want you to produce approx 1-2 dozen more (we will pay for this of course) for us to use as testers.

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Need A Spinner

Hey Guys,

I need someone to spin some templates for me.

These are simple ~200-300 word real estate templates. I need to have 15 done by the 13th of August but I also have at least another 250 done in the next few months so if you are reading this and its after the 13th please respond anyways!.

This is easy work, I write the articles and send them off to you, you use TheBestSpinner and spin them as much as possible. Articles need to be readable as far as grammar goes but adjectives dont matter i.e Beautiful could just as easily spin to Ugly etc… Main thing is to have as many spins and as unique as possible.

Ill need someone that is reliable and easily contacted, things will be working on a schedule so you have to be able to keep pace.

I highly recommend owning thebestspinner for this job, but If you use something else contact me.

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Need Photoshop Expert To Cleanup 2 Pictures For Me(Simple)

Need to improve the quality of 2 images. Need to remove the background and need a couple of more picture formats for my images.

$5 both.

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Need Lightwave Talent To Do 95 Minutes Previz

We need to do previz for a whole 95 movie within 45 days then we need talents to finish 95 previz animation using Lightwave 3D, the details are:

1, Lightwave 3D is must and you can not use Maya or any other animation tools. Hopefully, you can use Lightwave 3D version 9.0;

2, This is a previz, it is to show camera, basic movements and shots together with voices, so no detail moves and facial expression, no morphs at all

3, we will provide you with all rigged characters, models, props, etc.

4, we will provide storyboard, shot plan, scripts, etc.

5, you have 60 days to finish the previz.

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Need Lightwave Talent To Do 95 Minutes Previz

We need to do previz for a whole 95 movie within 45 days then we need talents to finish 95 previz animation using Lightwave 3D, the details are:

1, Lightwave 3D is must and you can not use Maya or any other animation tools. Hopefully, you can use Lightwave 3D version 9.0;

2, This is a previz, it is to show camera, basic movements and shots together with voices, so no detail moves and facial expression, no morphs at all

3, we will provide you with all rigged characters, models, props, etc.

4, we will provide storyboard, shot plan, scripts, etc.

5, you have 60 days to finish the previz.

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Video Cutter

I am working on c# .net windows application.I need video cutter in my application by which we cut the video clip in less time.

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200 Votes In Delicious

I need 200 votes in delicious. Thanks.

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Find A Exp’d Webdesighner To Built A Webdeigh 4 Webdesighner

i own a computer shop . now i have started my new business for buliding websites.i have certain companies who can develop websites for me.

okay i want pages like.
feedback/contact forms

i have my domain name of my own.the domain name is is inspired by the canucks team goalie roberto if a home page would be that"loungo saves goal, webuongo helps to acheive your goal" with goalie picture on frount page.

kindly send me the different templates so i have an idea.kidly use catchy colour.but looks professional.

well thats it for afterwards.

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Need Someone From Southern Chile

If youre a member currently located at Southern Chile and close proximity to there or at least Chilean territories, Please bid and contact, Would be great if youre from Osomo/ Puerto Montt/ Castro/ Lego Presidente Rios

If this project doesnt fall to your category, expertise just send a message via Project Clarification Board so that I can add it enabled you to bid on.

Thanks !

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Need Someone From Easter Island/ Cook Islands

If youre a member currently located at Easter island/ Cook islands or any Polynesian Islands (Mangaia, etc) Please bid and contact,

If this project doesnt fall to your category, expertise just sed a messege via Project Clariufication Board so that I can add it enabling you to bid on.

Thanks !

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Need An Explanatory Service Video!

I need a video made for an ad agency i am opening up. Basically the video will be explaining our services, which are search engine optimization, payperclick marketing, email marketing, etc. And it will be showing people how each thing works and how it will benefit them.

Here is an example video of what i want made, i really like how this video is delivered, i like the way the characters are drawn, the background, the flow, the colors, etc. Its a 3 minute long video and i want mine to be 3 minutes long as well.

Please place a bid only if you can do something exactly like this, i mean exact where the characters or drawings would look like that, the video will flow the same way, music, etc. I also like how clean the video is, no flaw in graphic or anything, its smooth looking and thats what i want.

Please also show your portfolio, or even better a video you have done like this.


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PowerPoint Expert Needed

Need help with existing powerpoint files.
Can pay on hourly basis, 15$ hour.

In the start I need help for around 3 hours.

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Need A Reliable Article Rewriter: Urgent


I am in need of a reliable article rewriter for a long term project. article lengths may range from 350-450 words. I need someone who know how to write in grammatically correct English. The rewrites must be unique and fully copyscape free. Someone with fast deliver will be preferred. But I am fed up with time wasters and non committed writers who will accept the project by saying he or she can do and then will vanish or will come up with excuses like power cut problems, family problems etc etc. So do not waste your and my time by bidding here if you can not commit seriously.

Rates: $1 per article(350-500 words)

No escrows and payment will only be released when the articles are received and checked.

Happy Bidding

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Segment Implementation.

I will provide the spec what i need.

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