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Need 500 Twitter Accounts, DO NOT Need Followers.

I need 1000 twitter accounts made from different IPs and should be atleast week old and not suspended. Payment will be made 3 days after the task completion to see if provided accounts are not suspended ones.

I buy new twitter accounts…. the Accounts DO NOT Need followers.

If you have existing twitter accounts that you want to sell, please see if your accounts meet the following criteria.

1- Has user pic
2- Has normal username
3- Has custom background
4- Has bio information
5- Is email verified

need 500 Twitter accounts delivered to me in a Notepad file in this format: username,password. I need the emails used sent back in a separate Notepad file.

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Need A Mould Made For Casting Urethane/rubber Part

I need a mould (mold) made for casting a urethane ribbed bowl. The bowl is roughly 24" to 30" in diameter and is tapered like a conical "V". I will send CAD drawings of what I need done. You must submit previous molds that you have made. After you show pictures of the finished mold I will pay 50% and when the mold arrives I will release the other 50%. You can see I have excellent feedback.

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Make Some Pic.

My name is Mark Taylor.
I have some pictures.
All you need to do just download these pictures. And make one big Picture.
That contain all my Pictures give back to me.
No miles stone allowed.

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Make Some Pic.

My name is Mark Taylor.
I have some pictures.
All you need to do just download these pictures. And make one big Picture.
That contain all my Pictures give back to me.
No miles stone allowed.

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Make Some Pic.

My name is Mark Taylor.
I have some pictures.
All you need to do just download these pictures. And make one big Picture.
That contain all my Pictures give back to me.
No miles stone allowed.

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Pictures Background Removal

Pictures that needs the background removed

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I Need Someone To Run A Softwere For Me On His Computer

I need someone to run an extractor softwere for me on his computer. You dont do anything. I will enter with teamviewer and start the extractor and several times a day I will let you know and enter to collect the data extracted. Basicaly you dont do nothing!!!!?? You need to have a strong internet connexion. You just leave the softwere running in the background and do your stuff.

PS: Preferably people from United States , Canada or near. But it works on every computer in the world as well.

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Facebook App For Color

I want a app top change the page color on my facebook page.and to be able to post pictures in the background like twitter does.

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Pictures 1234

Hey i need 10 pictures done in an hour..need a fast bid!

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Need Lots Of Short Similar Videos Created

I am looking for someone to create lots of small videos for me advertising my website. All the videos will be between 28-33 seconds long. We will start out by making one video advertising my site that is pretty general in nature. Once this video is made, the rest of the videos will follow the same basic template with only a few elements changed in each video. The videos can be done in slideshow format. There will be a little creative element and a little fading in and out of pictures. You may have to aquire stock photos to do the first video. All the same pictures can be used for the rest of the videos. For the rest of the videos all you will be doing is changing some text. There will be background music with the video you will have to provide. Basically everything in the video is the same, you just have to change some scrolling text within each video. I would like to have 50 videos made total. And of course as Ive already said, the other 49 after the first will be exactly like the first with only a few elements changed. This is more busy work then creative work, but the videos do need to look real nice.

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I Need Ecommerce Site Built

I need ecommerce site built with shopping cart. also needs updates done to another site like adding pictures and updating content.

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Fan Box Font Design

Need someone to style the fonts in a facebook fanbox that is displayed on a customers website. The fanbox on the customers site currently has the standard facebook styling. We have changed the background colour but need the fonts styles and colours changed . I believe this will need to be done dynamically as the facebook app seems to dynamically write inline styles, overriding our external css stylesheets on the customers website.

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Need Photoshop Expert To Cleanup 2 Pictures For Me(Simple)

Need to improve the quality of 2 images. Need to remove the background and need a couple of more picture formats for my images.

$5 both.

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Need An Explanatory Service Video!

I need a video made for an ad agency i am opening up. Basically the video will be explaining our services, which are search engine optimization, payperclick marketing, email marketing, etc. And it will be showing people how each thing works and how it will benefit them.

Here is an example video of what i want made, i really like how this video is delivered, i like the way the characters are drawn, the background, the flow, the colors, etc. Its a 3 minute long video and i want mine to be 3 minutes long as well.

Please place a bid only if you can do something exactly like this, i mean exact where the characters or drawings would look like that, the video will flow the same way, music, etc. I also like how clean the video is, no flaw in graphic or anything, its smooth looking and thats what i want.

Please also show your portfolio, or even better a video you have done like this.


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30 Website Top Logos And 4 Banner Ads

We require 30 website top logo banners. Twenty eight of these will be text only, to match 8 different themes (about three text only logos per color scheme style). Two logos will require some background images that you provide.

We also need and 4 banner and sidebar advertizements. Two are horizontal, and two are sidebox. We provide images for these.

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Need Articles Writer

S | Reviews

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Need articles writer  

Need articles writer is project number 703562
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $250-750

Created: 06/03/2010 at 12:12 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

08/02/2010 at 12:12 EDT
(59d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



We need a narive english person for writing articles, reviews of different types of products. For about 7-10 reviews per day.

This person should read some information about this product (older reviews) with predefined keywords. Compare this info and write his own review (not copying text, not simple rewriting) with pictures and well text formating.

For example we start working with you. First we tell you that you`ll need to write some reviews about computer monitors for example. Give you list of models, and keywords.

Then you looking for information about each of this monitors and write your own revies using keywords.

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Need 12 Wedding Articles Written, Submitted And Approved

Project is to produce 12 articles of between 500-750 words with completely original content (which will be validated at CopyScape). These will all be about wedding flowers and written with the bride-to-be as the target reader. You have permission to use and reference any photo from our site, which will be shared with the selected Freelancer. Recommendations for photo use from iStockPhoto (and similar sites) as it may correspond to original text will be greatly appreciated. An example article will also be provided.

12 Wedding Flowers blogs/articles:

1 – Summer Wedding Flowers

2 – Blue Wedding Flowers – sub-groups of tiffany, dark, navy

3 – Purple Wedding Flowers – sub-groups of lilac, fushcia, periwinkle

4 – White Wedding Flowers

5 – Winter Wedding Flowers

6 – Pink Wedding Flowers

7 – Spring Wedding Flowers

8 – Red Wedding Flowers – sub-group of burgundy

9 – Yellow Wedding Flowers – sub-group of orange

10 – Turquoise Wedding Flowers – sub-group of teal

11 – Cheap Wedding Flowers – (Please rewrite this article and/or produce something similar):

12 – Rose Petal Wedding Guide – Article/guide to using fresh and freeze-dried rose petals at weddings.

Each article should be written with a bride-to-be as the target reader. Include:

· Pictures

· Descriptions

· Meanings

· Colors

· Relative Cost e.g. Cheap, Moderate, Expensive

· Season

· Month of the Year

· Suggested Combinations

· Any DIY tips

Keywords and phrases to incorporate. Do not overuse – the article needs to be "readable".:

artificial wedding flowers
blue wedding flowers
cheap wedding flowers
diy wedding flowers
do it yourself wedding flowers
online wedding flowers
orange wedding flowers
pink wedding flowers
purple wedding flowers
silk wedding flowers
spring wedding flowers
wedding flowers
wedding flowers cost
wedding flowers ideas
wedding flowers on a budget
wedding flowers pictures
wedding flowers prices
wholesale wedding flowers
winter wedding flowers

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100’s Of Products Pictures Need Editing

Im looking for an expert Graphic Designer who can edit product pictures for our website & catalog. We will have 100s of product pictures which will need editing, so this will be long term project.

Please download the image pack and take a look at the different files needed: (9MB)

Step 1: Is the raw image in JPEG format which you will receive from us
Step 2: Is the image in PSD format which youll have to submit to us
Step 3: File saved with white background 1500 x 1500 px
Step 4: File saved with white background 500 x 500 px
Step 5: File saved stone background 1500 x 1500 px
Step 6: Name the file accordingly to specifications (either product name or number for later reference)

YOUR BID: Youre bidding on editing 100 pictures or fraction thereof.
For example: If you bid $200 for 100 pictures thats $2 a picture. So if we submit 227 pictures the total for you comes up to $454. Please keep this in mind.

ALSO INCLUDE with your bid, the edited file "01_step_raw_image.jpg" by you according to our specifications above, so I can see what your expertise is. You may watermark it. As references see file "03_step_white_bg_1500x1500px.jpg" or prefered "wishable_outcome.jpg".


***File Format***
File should be in PSD & JPEGs as specified above.

***Rights & Files***
All rights for use and distribution will be in my name. Also all original files (i. e. PSD) have to be made available to me.

***Completion Time***
Please specify in your bid how long the completion time will based on a 100 pictures.

***Payment Terms***
50 % Down Payment, rest upon completion

***Payment methods***
PayPal or GAF Escrow

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Jewelry Pictures

Need jewelry photos for rings, pendants, and earings. Will pay for each jewelry photo that is approved. The jewelry needs to be for the U.S. market. They need to be diamond jewelry. Will pay $20 for each jewelry piece that is approved from us. Profit is unlimited but will only pay if we like the jewelry photos. Send photos in pm and will pay based if i like them.

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Product search website

Need a professional to create website with options to search for products, add product with images and videos, admin console with bulk editing. Detailed data flow diagram will be provided. Basic graphics needed (background and buttons only) as the site will be adjusted for a few different countries locally.
Please reference your previous projects when replying.

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Photo Work 1

Ive got some pictures that Im going to be using as promotional photos and album artwork. The pictures have already been taken I just need background work. Id like some of the pictures to feature a very grungy look. And then some to feature a more clean look. I dont have a SET idea for what the pictures need to look like, but if you were to ask questions I could definately give you a more detailed answer to what it is Im looking for. Also in the pictures I need the word "BEC1 or Blake Campbell" incorporated somewhere because those are the names I will be going under.

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Picture Researcher

We need a picture researcher to get pictures for us across the web.
We pay USD0.04 per picture so 5 pictures will give you USD0.20, 10 pix will give you USD0.40 and so on. We are looking at generic pictures of celebrities.
Pls only apply if you have experience in dealing with such matters.
Good luck.

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