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FB App For Birthdays

I need someone who can create an app that shows all friends birthdays – like the Birthday Calendar. When a user clicks on the photo of their friend they need to get a pop up page that is of my website shopfront.

Pretty basic. Need someone who is good and familiar with the Birthday Calendar app.
– need reminders – option to email them reminders on registration
– need pop up screen to be able to close after user sends their card through my website

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Help On Website Layout


I am looking for a technical artist/designer to help me create a skeleton/prototype for a website I want to make. You should be an expert in Dreamweaver layout. The design of the website will look alot like so expect design work like that.

I will provide you with art direction and photoshop mockups. You will have to turn those mockups into HTML pages. There will need to be basic linking of pages together etc but no real coding or making anything work. This is just to test the flow of the site. Later coders will be hired to make the site come to life.

Please bid and PM me your weekly wage. I would rather pay weekly…the project could go on for a few months. Also PM examples of your work.


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Need Html And Css For 9 Basic Webpages Designed As Wireframe

Hello everybody,

I have 9 webpages that are only design as wireframes. They are very basic web pages. I need someone to create html and css from these pages, but also work a little bit at the design. I need a clean design that looks professional. The html and css needs to be valid. The design needs to work in all major web browsers. If you are interested I can send you the wireframes by email.
I have a very limited budget, so I cant pay you more than 100$.

When you bid let me know how long it will take you to finish the project! I need it by Monday!

Thank you very much for your help!

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Need A Person To Update Videos (WordPress)

I need a person who can update video links in posts. There is a page which shows which posts you have to fix (its in the admin panel).

I will tell you how to collect links and replace them with old links in each post + add tags. Ill guide you through whole process.
Bid for 200 posts. Basic HTML skills needed. You must have Mozilla Firefox installed with Firebug plugin.

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Installation of Article Dashboard on GoDaddy

I just need Article Dashboard installed and working on my GoDaddy domain. Supposed to work with PHP 4 and MySql database. Prefer someone whose already set this up before. Also need basic instructions on how to place Google adsense link into it.

If this works out then I have a few more projects and would like to find a single person to handle them.


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Full Time Employee Needed – Basic HTML/CSS Editing/Design

Were looking for an employee that can work 30+ "Verifiable Hours" per week building websites and editing websites using HTML & CSS. You must be able to work with our current designs and style. This job pays 10 USD per hour, the minimum hours per week are 30 but if your work is good we can work you up to 40. This project is week by week.

Please be aware that your hours must be verifiable and you must be able to speak good English.

Please ask us if you have any other questions about this project/job.

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Need a basic HTML website redone

need this website – www(dot)quality-work-clothes(dot)com

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Register + insert links to a given list of 60 sites

The job is quite simple, you need to register and add a couple of links to a list of 60 websites I give you.

I will also send you screenshot for each site so you need exactly what to do and where to go.

On average I do in 2 minutes per site max, so assume 2 hours of work.

If satisfied will assign more jobs of the same kind on ongoing basis.

Bid if:

– you are quick enough to browse and input data
– you know basic html and what an anchor text is (youll need to add most of the links with the usual <a href…. tag)
– you can be a bit creative (some sites are like blog where you need to add a brief followup comment that should look natural)
– you can do the job today
– you are often online via msn or skype
– you may be available for other similar works in the next few days
– you accept $12-16 for each project

(those that made bid yesterday on similar project can bid again)

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