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French Articles Writer For A Blog

Nous recherchons des rédacteurs indépendants de langue française pour alimenter un blog dentreprise.

Nous vous proposons de rédiger 3 articles sur le thème de lemailing. Vous êtes libre de trouver les sujets darticle sur cette thématique (création, statistiques, notions de bases, ). Les articles doivent contenir un minimum de 300 mots.

Ces 3 articles constituent en un test. Selon les résultats il sera possible de prolonger ce mandat (x articles par semaines/mois).

Ces articles doivent être libres de droits, vous nous cédez votre droit dauteur en nous les livrant.

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500 Words Writer For Blog, Must Have Psychology Background

Required writer for 500 word article for blog, must have psychology background in relationships, co-dependency in relationships.
This is a ongoing project atleast 4 articles of 500 words each. No copyright issues.
Must have capability to discuss this with me on phone, Canada or US residence. Also must have ideas of own
All articles will be discussed over phone, I will call

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I Need A Content Writer For My Blog


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I need a content writer for my blog  

I need a content writer for my blog is project number 1008758
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$50 USD

Created: 04/02/2011 at 22:57 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

04/09/2011 at 22:57 EDT
(6d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



I have a new website that needs content writing on my blog. I need someone to update it at least once per week if not twice. I would like fresh content that will bring customers back time and time again.

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Ongoing Blog Writer On Meal Replacement Shake

Looking for someone to make regular blog posts to a blog. Approximately 5 posts a week or 20 a month is what I am looking for. Blog is focused on a meal replacement shake and I would like each post to pertain to this shake. I can provide lots of information to read and watch to get ideas on topics to write about.

Would like pictures or video included in posts. Knowledge of SEO is a plus.

01/28/2011 at 21:18 EST:

Must be familiar with wordpress.

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Need Writer For Blog

I need someone with perfect English skills who can write a total of 15 posts/articles. The general themes will be self-improvement, time management, positive psychology etc.
You may re-write but you must use a least 3 separate sources/articles and combine them. It is crucial that the blog contains unique content.
You will be paid $2 for each 600 word article.
If you want to bid you have to:
1. Show me atleast 2 reference articles
2. Be able to write the first article the day of the bid.

Further instructions will be given.

I look forward to doing business with you.

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Article Writer And Blog Expert

Affiliate marketing and will need blogs and articles

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I Need Some Writer Can Help Me Writer The Services Agreement

I am looking for some writer can help me to compose a services agreement in the right format. I already have every details listed out, you just have to put it together in good format.

Please PM me for more details. Include your sample of work in PM please

Budget: $30 – $50

Thank you.

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Writer For Blog

We need a Top writer for Blogs
to produce articles and posts for our jewelry blogs
Exp only
fee $7 for 500 words post+ image+ Video you sent with Article
You should know also to optimize your posts for SE
and Word Press
I like someone who worked with WordPress SEO plugins and Know to create
well written and optimized posts

This is ongoing!

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250 Blog Comments (Need Someone Who Knows What Theyre Doing)

Note: This is the 3rd time I have posted this project (have already picked 2 winners that did not do the project) – so if you cant handle the project, DONT TAKE IT! Please dont waste my time by taking the project and then not doing it – if you arent familiar with blo commenting then dont bid. If you are too busy, dont bid.

I need someone to do blog commenting for me, this is a really easy job so basically the lowest bid wins. I will show you how to very easily find blogs that allow commenting so that you can very easily find blogs to comment on. You will be doing 250 blog comments (on 250 different sites – again very easy when I show you how to find them). I want these spread out over 15-30 days – so you can do like 8-18 comments a day, just switch it up. For example do 11 one day, 14 the next day, 17 the next, 9 the next, 10 the next, 13 the next, 17 the next, 12 the next, etc etc – just mix it up.

You will be sending me a report every day (or every other day) giving me the links to the sites where you posted comments so that I can check to see that you did so and that they are there.

Again very easy work, just takes time to do, time which I dont have. I prefer that you know what you are doing and you already know how to do this so that I dont have to hold your hand. Which means you should have done blog commetns before and understand backlinks etc.

As it is a very easy project, as I said, lowest bidder basically wins this one. As long as you put *READ in your project bid or PM so that I know that you have read the project and can follow directions, as I need someone who can follow directions. Good luck biddin

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Writer For Blog Posts – $150

I need 500 posts to be posted on a WordPress blog.

Each should be minimum 50 words.

The writer should be proficient in navigating the WordPress admin.

All material will be provided. All you need do is select relevant content, reword the content and post. Thats all. Its a short and quick job.

The budget for all 500 is $150. Please bid only if you agree to this price.

Please submit samples of your writing along with your bid.

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Need A Blog Writer And Forum Marketer – Simple Job!

I am looking for a skilled writer to create 10 original blog posts consisting of about 400-500 words and at least 10 forum posts consisting of about 200-250 words on different forums about the website youll need to market. The subject will relate to clothing brands and the content must be optimised for search engines and filled with the keywords based on the website Ill give to the selected bidder (this is for the blog post). Forum posts should be done on relevant forums only. Target market is Australia so it should be Australian forums.

You must be a talented writer with a professional attitude. I only want high quality work and if Im happy with the blogs there will be monthly ongoing work for the chosen bidder. Please show examples of work previously completed otherwise you will not be considered for this job.

Budget is $50 for this project and it should be done within 2 days. I will give sample of work needed to done to pre-selected bidders.

FILIPINO writers are preferred.

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Filipino Content Writer For My Blog

Hi all.

I am looking for a writer who is able to provide unique and quality webcontant from the Philippines.

New writer will be considered as well.

I need 20 articles and each article should be between 300 to 500 words.

Make sure the article is well researched, written in American English, interesting, informative and conversational

It should pass copy scape premium checking. Not spun or articles re-writes. No plagiarism please


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I Need Writer For One Blog About Lingerie.

Im looking for someone to create original articles for my blog about lingerie. Topics will include:

sheer babydoll
,sheer bras
,sheer chemise
,sheer lingere
,sheer lingerie
,sheer panties
,sheer underwear

No adults or porno on this blog, just about lingerie

1. Each article should be between 350 and 500 words
2. No less than 20
3. 100% Original content
4. Articles should be researched and meaningful
5. American English
6. Only women.

Im looking for someone that I can work with in a continuing partnership. Sometimes I will provide topics for articles that I would like to see written. Any articles written for me as part of this project will become my property and I will hold all rights to the article.

Articles will be checked for originality.

Thank you and I hope I can find someone to work with for the longterm.

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Need A Good SEO Based Blog Writer

I need a good SEO based blog writer who can use wordpress on my site. To start with I need 100 pages content about mobile sites each page from 300 to 500 words.

So quote me how much money you charge & time to write 1 page with 300 to 500 words. Need to be very good in English writing & able to present the content professionally.

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Need Very Simple WordPress THEME

I need a very simple wordpress theme. I have the HTML version but I want one built for my wordpress blog. Please bid only if you have experience in wordpress templates because I want this template highly optimized according to my needs. It is fairly straight forward, very simple no widgets just one sidebar and that is it.

I will show you the sample.

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I Need A Blog Writer – Fluent English 25+ Articles Per Week

Hi everybody,

I need a blog content writer who I can give 10-15 article subjects to per week, and they can provide articles/posts that are:
-unique (pass copyscape)
-free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes
-easy to read

Topics and niches will be varied from pet supplies to insurance, to travel and adult content descriptions.

I can pay you $1-2 per post, with posts varying from 250 to 1000 words.

Im also looking for technically savvy users, so I can give you blog log-in information, so you can publish the articles after youve written them.

Im looking to hire you for a 3 week trial, and if you do a good job, I would have you write me articles on a regular ongoing basis.

Copyright: I retain full ownership of all the articles with complete copyright to use, publish, etc. on any of our web sites of all work purchased from you.

When you submit your bid I would like you to attach samples of your finest work, and if youre a new writer who doesnt have any samples for me, write me an article on "5 ways to keep your pets happy."

Also your bid should be for 30 blog posts.

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need a writer for clothing & accessories related articles, small articles appx 250 words each. keyword will be used 2 to 3 time additionally. Appx 90 articles to be done in 10 days. If work done for us is good, assure you the long term work. willing to pay 1$ for each topic. no copy paste or rewriting r editing work. no advance or escrow unless small part of the wor is received. if your bid is upto 100$, sud be fine.

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need 30 articles on keywords related to wordpress

I need 30 articles on various keywords related to wordpress. The articles need to be original and copyscape checked. I need the articles by 27th May in any case so please dont bid if you cant finish off the work by then.

My budget for this project is between $75 and $90. I need several writers on a long term basis and this project could be the right platform for someone looking for a lot of long term work.

Thanks for bidding.

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Need a writer with experience in

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Technical Research Paper

I need a writer to create an outline for my technical research paper.

More information will be explain in PM.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

30 Articles Required

I need a writer for a 30 article project.
Only native english writer are invited for bidding.
You should be available on instant messenger.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Need Quality Writers

This is for 17 websites, I have yet to realize the magnitude of the number of articles required. Very possible long term runs. Topics and keywords are quite uncommon so experience and skills is a difference. And of course…

– should be unique
– have the keywords, and main keyword displayed not more than 1.9%
– spinnable and/or different versions already written
– etc. etc. offer me your features

So if you already have a good bid letter ready might as well send it. I will review every bid and I will choose according to quality:price ratio.


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blog writer special for dwyeager

I need writer for blog article of 500 word $2.00 each paid on batch of 10,good English 100% copyscape proof.

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